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The Steady Stater

The Steady Stater, hosted by Brian Czech, is a podcast of the Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy, dedicated to exploring limits to growth and sustainable solutions. Czech and his guests discuss the principles of steady-state economics and how they apply to contemporary politics and policy. The Steady Stater airs every Monday at 8:00 a.m. EST. 


The Hills Are Alive and Steady: Forced Growth in Beverly Hills 35:17 02/14/2022
Chris Matthews Uncut: Hard-Limits Hardball (Part 2) 27:52 02/07/2022
Chris Matthews Uncut: Hard-Limits Hardball (Part 1) 24:51 01/31/2022
Beat it Bitcoin, Here Comes Beetcoin! (with Woody Tasch) 33:52 01/24/2022
The Atlas of Disappearing Places: A View From 2050 (with Christina Conklin) 32:44 01/17/2022
In Memoriam — Steady Staters Who Left Us in 2021 19:49 01/10/2022
Extinction as Shakespearean Tragedy – The Romeo Error (with Chris Haney) 34:19 12/20/2021
Wetlands, Kitchens, and Abalone: No Steady States in Sight (with Ann Vileisis) 31:25 12/13/2021
A Song for a Post-Growth Australia (with Michael Bayliss) 32:59 12/06/2021
Divesting from Doom, Investing in Education (with Stephen Mulkey) 33:02 11/29/2021
Shrink Globally, Act Locally (with Helena Norberg-Hodge) 35:47 11/22/2021
Sensible Scientists, Stable Planet (with Phoebe Barnard) 31:46 11/15/2021
Catching Up with CASSE and a Book Review Bonus (50th Episode Special) 33:15 11/08/2021
Sea-Level, Shorelines, and SLAMM (with Jonathan Clough) 35:47 11/01/2021
Policy Design for Degrowth (with Timothée Parrique) 38:48 10/25/2021
Observations of an Independent Sustainability Operator (with Sandy Irvine) 27:09 10/18/2021
Silent Sting (with Dave Goulson) 34:38 10/11/2021
Overpowered (with Richard Heinberg) 34:58 10/04/2021
Days of Possibility (with Laurel Hanscom) 35:54 09/27/2021
Two Peas in a Podcast (with Dave Rollo and Heather Reynolds) 29:31 05/24/2021
Roaming the Halls of History (with Adam Rome) 26:03 05/17/2021
Food Hubs for Thought (with Sabine O’Hara) 26:31 05/10/2021
The Population Balancing Act (with David Paxson) 29:11 05/03/2021
Backtracking the Ecological Footprint (with Bill Rees) 28:59 04/26/2021
Holey Bags, McMansions, and Other American Mysteries 18:27 04/19/2021
Rolling Out the Doughnut Economy (with Kate Raworth) 32:10 04/12/2021
What Herman Daly Really Thinks About Markets and Capitalism 30:18 04/05/2021
Why the CASSE Position Is So Important (with Madeline Baker) 11:30 03/29/2021
CASSE's Position on Economic Growth (with Rick Tibbetts) 16:44 03/22/2021
Exploring the European Degrowth Movement (with Timothée Parrique) 26:16 03/15/2021