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I Am The Law is a show about law jobs. We profile recent and seasoned law school graduates in different jobs to help listeners learn about the legal profession.


Litigating Brain Injuries Against Huge Insurance Companies as a Solo [AZ] 27:30 08/24/2020
Real Estate Litigation and Transactions (FL): Times Are Changing [Law Firm] 33:08 08/17/2020
County Prosecutor (Iowa): How Prosecution Can Be Like a Mathematical Formula 26:08 08/10/2020
Doc Review Hell: A Culture of Fear But Not Totally Awful 64:12 08/03/2020
In-House Counsel at a Software Company (DC) 24:04 07/27/2020
Sports & Entertainment Law (CA): Making a Solo Firm Work Against the Odds 31:41 07/20/2020
In-House Counsel at the City of Detroit [Government] (Michigan) 21:32 05/13/2019
Criminal Defense: A Lawyer for Tourists Who Got Out of Hand (FL) 21:14 05/06/2019
International Human Rights Lawyer at the United Nations (NYC) 29:19 04/29/2019
State Public Defender: The Complexities of Criminal Defense (Montana) 29:34 04/22/2019
IRS Tax Lawyer (DC): From Tax Strategist to the Government 22:29 04/15/2019
Plaintiff's Personal Injury (NYC): A Radically Changed Business [Small Firm] 19:33 06/06/2016
Federal Criminal Defense: Representing Indigent Clients as a [Public Defender] (NJ) 21:21 05/23/2016
Business Immigration (OR): Helping Companies Bring Foreign Nationals To The U.S. [Mid-Size Firm] 24:37 05/16/2016
Estate Planning and Probate (SC): Counseling on Legal Services and Otherwise [Solo Practice] 23:50 05/08/2016
A Look Into Our Archives 13:29 04/12/2016
Appellate Lawyer (VA): Telling A Court They Got It Wrong [Small Firm] 26:34 04/03/2016
Criminal Defense (OK): The Business Side of Being a Lawyer [Solo] 29:48 03/20/2016
Education Law (IN): Helping Schools Work With Families, Regulations, And More 16:36 03/01/2016
Federal Government Transactions (WA): Affordable Housing Deals and Counsel 17:19 02/22/2016
Criminal Justice Advocacy From Within The L.A. Mayor's Office (CA) 21:54 02/15/2016
Workers' Compensation (TX): Helping Injured Workers Fight Insurance Companies 21:08 02/07/2016
Business Law (PA): Litigation and Transactions for Commercial Lenders (Law Firm) 14:13 12/14/2015
In-House Counsel (CO): Where Prioritization Outweighs Perfection 20:27 11/23/2015
Public Finance (NY): New York City Biglaw 17:33 11/09/2015
Tax Attorney (MS): Helping Low-Income Individuals Fight the IRS 26:41 10/26/2015
Environmental Advocacy (FL/NY): Staying Afloat to Pursue Your Passion 23:22 10/19/2015
Employment Litigation (RI): Defending Management in Adverse Actions [Small Firm] 22:37 10/13/2015
Federal Pro Se Clerk: Helping Judges Dispose of Cases 18:52 10/05/2015
Consumer Bankruptcy (AZ): Relieving Drowning Individuals with a Fresh Start [Small Firm] 28:31 08/17/2015