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Hub & Spoken: Data | Analytics | Chief Data Officer | CDO | Data Strategy

The Hub and Spoken podcast is a series of fascinating discussions with today's top data and business leaders from across the business world. The podcasts explore how to add most value to organisations through the use of data and analytics and how best to organise yourselves to achieve that value. It talks about defining and delivering a data strategy and the best way to return business value.


Applying skunkworks thinking to AI in the NHSX with Giuseppe Sollazzo 32:31 09/23/2021
How an AI team empowers an FMCG company with David Lepicier 31:01 09/16/2021
9 Lessons on Delivering a Data Strategy with Jason Foster 05:57 09/09/2021
The Role of Data in Business Transformation with Elyette Roux 31:19 09/02/2021
Create Scalable Systems in the World of E-commerce with Jérémie Jakubowicz 42:05 08/26/2021
Turning Banorte Financial Group into a data enhanced bank with Jose Murillo 38:59 08/19/2021
How Tinder Approaches Treating Data As A Product, with Murali Bhogavalli 37:08 08/12/2021
How Imposter Syndrome Impacts High Performance, with Tara Halliday 30:17 08/05/2021
Value charged analytics transformation, with Carlos Soares 38:52 07/29/2021
Getting buy in for investment in data, with Jason Foster 10:32 07/22/2021
Data Analytics in the World of Television, with Sarah Moore 31:50 07/15/2021
Building adaptable data platforms, with Jason Foster 13:36 07/08/2021
The Importance of Education and Mentorship in Data 27:31 07/01/2021
Getting value from machine learning at scale, with Sivan Metzger 30:33 06/24/2021
The Modern Chief Data Officer, with Jason Foster 19:33 06/17/2021
Applying The Spotify Model to your data strategy, with Jason Foster 10:56 06/10/2021
Using Data in the Public Sector, with Pye Nyunt 35:31 06/03/2021
Data is not the new oil, with Jason Foster 18:40 05/27/2021
Embedding data to drive the growth of Gousto, with Rob Barham 32:04 05/20/2021
Data - Art vs Science, with Jason Foster 08:56 05/13/2021
Using data to strengthen relationships with external stakeholders, with Viktor Kazinec 28:48 05/06/2021
The art of reflection: do look in the rearview mirror, with Jason Foster 13:04 04/29/2021
Understanding DataOps and its role in data strategy, with Rob Kellaway 32:09 04/22/2021
Data Means Business: the story behind the bestselling book for business leaders, with Jason Foster and Barry Green 20:47 04/15/2021
How to utilise DataOps to improve the performance of Data Teams 34:54 04/08/2021
Vanity, Sanity, Reality: Whats really important for your data strategy, with Jason Foster 10:43 04/01/2021
The importance of data and technology in finance transformation, with Grant Deans 37:02 03/25/2021
Building a data guided business: the change imperative, with Jason Foster 09:21 03/18/2021
Modelling financial unknowns during a crisis with Margarita Pineda-Ucero 28:28 03/11/2021
What’s the correct planning horizon for your data strategy? 09:20 03/04/2021