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Everyone Has A Voice: Comeback Stories. Hope For A Better Tomorrow.

Do you feel like a failure? Do you feel like God can no longer use you because of your past? Friend, you are in the right place! Join me as I share my own personal comeback story from adultery as a Christian woman and interview countless other 'underdogs' like myself who are now thriving after their own personal failures, trauma, addictions, and abuse. There is absolutely hope, healing, and redemption after huge failure! Join me for your weekly dose of Hope where you too can be one different choice away from a better tomorrow!As a Relationship Recovery Strategist, Christy Neal is an advocate for women who feel tainted and cast out after adultery. Christy is the voice of hope and healing she desperately needed but never found over a decade ago after her own affair. She is the author of 'Don’t Ever Tell' and the podcast host of 'Everyone Has A Voice' and the founder of Choose Different Media.Learn more at


From Hip To Highway To Empty Nest with Christy Neal & Producer Jimmy
Christy shares full circle moments with Producer Jimmy about the first year of empty nest and the payoffs of intentional co-parenting. Just because you have failed in your past does not make you a failure as a parent. Raising a thriving, emotionally healthy child after failure or divorce is possible! 
23:07 5/26/23
Shootin' The Bull Part 2: The Worst First Date Ever
Producer Jimmy unpacks his worst first date ever!  As a 53 year old Bachelor who has never been married, Jimmy has had many first dates... but this one takes the cake! If laughter is the best medicine, get ready fro a dose of happy!
20:00 5/19/23
Joy Unspeakable with Stephanie Winslow
Author, Speaker, and John Maxwell Coach, Stephanie Winslow retursn to share about her newest book release, 'Joy Unspeakable: Regardless of Your Circumstances'. We discuss how God has use the pain of losing her brother and her mother to allow Stephanie to put into practice what she talks about and teaches on a daily basis. "We all have something that we are suffering through at some point in our life. Pain is a common denominator." - Stephanie Winslow To Learn more about Stephanie, visit:   To connect with Stephanie: FB: @Stephanie.Winslow.50 Instagram: @mama.wins YouTube: @StephanieWinslowCupOfHope   Joy Unspeakable is an Amazon Best Seller: Joy Unspeakable: Regardless of Your Circumstances    
22:43 5/12/23
Widow Rebranded with Shelly Hood
Shelly Hood of Widow Rebranded joins us to unpack the sudden loss of her husband, and how becoming a widow at 35 changed her life forever. From diagnosis to death was a total of 49 days. “The reality was he was gone, but I was not.” - Shelly Hood . This experience birthed a new mission in Shelly to create a community that would re-brand being a widow/widower.  How to connect with Shelly: Shelly Hood or Widow Re-Branded on Facebook - send me a DM that you heard me here, and I’ll send you link to join our FREE weekly zoom hangout sessions! 
26:46 5/5/23
How To Hear God with Sterling Harris
What an honor to 'Kingdom Kick-it' with former NFL Player and former federal prisoner, Sterling Harris. Sterling tried all life had to offer and found no peace and fulfillment, until God moved him from being a lukewarm and religious Christian, to hearing God's voice and being on Fire for Jesus! Sterling shares how he learned to hear from God and how we can begin recognizing God's voice in our own lives. For Sterling's book, 'How To Hear God: 10 Ways God Speaks' at: Sterling Harris Ministries Email: Always Remember Jese Loves You and So Do We! - Sterling Harris Ministries  
26:49 4/28/23
How We Beat Cancer with Marion Pyle
Author, Speaker and Health Advocate, Marion Pyle joins us to share why she wrote her book, Healed, Healthy and Whole: How We Beat Cancer with Integrative Therapies and Essential Healing Strategies. "Most of us have no idea that there might be different healing options available besides the conventional chemo and radiation approaches."    You can find Marion's book on Amazon or at:
29:03 4/21/23
Shootin' The Bull, Daddy-O & The Outlaws with Christy Neal & Producer Jimmy
Producer Jimmy and Christy 'Shoot the Bull' in a tribute to Daddy-O & The Outlaws. Never take your parents for granted. If you are blessed to still have your Dad here on earth, take the time to call him and just 'Shoot the Bull.'
16:12 4/14/23
Suicide, Grief Coaching, & Care Boxes with Crystal Partney
Crystal Partney is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Suicide Grief Coach, and the Host of ‘You Are Loved’ podcast. She is also the Founder of Scattering Hope and Owl & Thistle. The day before Crystal’s 32nd birthday, would be the day that changed her life forever. Little did Crystal know, she would receive the devastating news that her sister, Gina had taken her life that morning. Shortly after her sister's suicide, Crystal felt compelled to begin healing right away. “I knew somewhere deep in my spirit that if I didn’t decide that I was going to heal, that I never would.” - Crystal Partney Crystal’s mission through Scattered Hope is to help others heal after the loss of a loved one to suicide, and to help prevent suicide through Owl & Thistle. You can order an online care-box that helps those who have lost a loved one to suicide at . To order an online care-box to someone you feel needs to be loved and seen go to: 
22:09 4/7/23
Snoring: The Potential Not-So-Silent Killer with Laing Rikkers
This episode can save lives! Laing Rikkers joins us to share her passion around Sleep Apnea. Laing is a leader in the field of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), an often hidden - and potentially fatal - medical condition. After her sister died of undiagnosed OSA, Laing sought solace from nature and creativity, and wrote Morning Leaves, a book of poetry to help others navigate grief. Her mission now is to save lives by encouraging people to recognize the symptoms of OSA and take better care of themselves and their loved ones.  Laing's website is: Her new book Morning Leaves: Reflections on Loss, Grief, and Connection is available for pre-order here: Her book releases May 16, 2023.   Visit Choose Different Media @  
23:25 3/31/23
Alcohol FREE with Rose Ann Forte'
Alcohol Free Coach and Best-Selling Author, Rose Ann Forte' shares how she went from addiction to freedom! Her unique coaching approach empowers others to choose freedom from addiction in a manner that's simple, healing, and healthy.  Rose Ann's Website: Rose Ann's Book 'The Plans He Has For Me: A 12-Week Daily Devotional for Freedom from Alcohol'  
21:52 3/21/23
Mistakes, Mowers, & Memorable Moments: The 100th Episode
Christy & Producer Jimmy share some of the most memorable highlights covering 99 episodes of 'Everyone Has A Voice.' Some of the most encouraging, entertaining and downright funny moments await you in The 100th Episode!
20:19 3/14/23
Taking Control of Your Health Before It Controls You with Brigitte Cutshall
Brigitte knows what it's like to go from a survivor to thriver. Between beating cancer twice with her intentional approach to health, Brigitte found out she had a rare brain tumor. She had to learn to listen to her instincts and body. Now a recognized expert in health and wellness, Brigitte shares her journey about how she took control of her health. Brigitte encourages us to kepp moving no matter what!  Brigitte's Books are available at:  
19:42 3/7/23
Building Resilience In Our Kids: Why Failure Is A Good Thing with TedX Speaker, Dr. Kate Lund
sfdgsdgsdg Dr. Kate Lund, a licensed clinical psychologist, peak performance coach, best-selling author and Tedx Speaker, joins us to discuss why failure is a good thing for our kids. WIth a specialized training in medical psychology, she uses a strength and evidenced-based approach to help parents and children build resilience so they can thrive in school, sports, and life. During Kate's childhood, she faced and eventually overcame a difficult childhood illness. she learned at an early age to believe in the possibility that exists on the other side of challenges. Dr. Kate's best-selling book, 'Bounce: Help Your Child Build Resilience and Thrive,' is available on Amazon and on Dr. Kate's website at: Dr. Kate Lund's TEDx Talk 'Finding Ordinary Within the Extraordinary: The Superpower Children Need' is available on Youtube at:  
17:09 2/28/23
God Is Still In The Miracle Business with Paul Renfroe
Paul Renfroe, Author of 'Nobody Sees This You' joins us to discuss how he was born with a life threatening heart defect. Eight times throughout Paul's life, doctors pronounced that he had a fatal condition. Instead of bitterness through these health issues, he chose joy and God delivered him each time.  'Nobody Sees This You' is the 1st book in a 9 book series called 'Unseen.' You can learn more about Paul and his book series at:  
22:10 2/21/23
Pez Dispensers, Jimmy Buffet, & Smoothies with Kevin Burke
"Don't start a business unless you have a heart for failure." - Kevin Burke. My brilliant, entrepreneurial husband joins me in the studio to discuss the ups and downs of business and finances. Kevin reflects on the differences in attempting to do it all himself versus working unto the Lord and living life Biblically.
25:19 2/14/23
Girls with Guitars with Krista Francis
The musically talented Krista Francis shares her love for God and worship and how she was led to founding Girls With Guitars. We discuss how her connection to Garth Brooks and holy-ghost-imagination brought her to Nashville where she has taught nearly 1000 girls to play guitar.   
25:31 2/7/23
The Social Media Vacay with Gabi Brown
Gabi Brown is a beautiful, young lady with a heart for Jesus. She has a knack for sharing her faith and design on instagram and other social media. In this episode she shares how social media can be used for both bad and for good, and encourages people to use it for the good and for taking a break from it to engage with people directly.
23:21 1/31/23
I Was Adopted Twice with Pastor Patricia Douglas
Author, Pastor Patricia Douglas discusses her adoption story and how her adopted Mom encouraged her to find her biological Mother. Pastor Patricia shares words of healing that released her biological Mother. “I never was angry at you. I never held anything against you.” 
20:55 1/24/23
The Howling Parasite with Sharmyn Smith
Sharmyn Smith of CS3 Farms returns to discuss parasites and more herbal remedies. Do you have chronic pain? Could it possibly be a parasite?
17:47 1/17/23
Another Path To Healing with Sharmyn Smith
Sharmyn Smith of CS3 Farms shares her passion for herbalism, health and healing. Have you tried all things medical and still don't have healing or answers? This episode is for you. There are many paths to the top of the mountain of health!
23:54 1/10/23
Saying Goodbye To Sassy with Christy Neal & Producer Jimmy
Losing a fur baby can be devastating. Producer Jimmy shares about the recent loss of his lil' buddy, Sassy the Kitty.
23:51 1/3/23
Freedom From Porn: Part 2 with Neil Getzlow
Neil Getzlow continues to share how he overcame a 40 year addiction to porn and reclaim intimacy in his marriage. "Do you want to turbocharge your sex life with your partner? Stop looking at porn."
24:46 12/6/22
Freedom From Porn: Part 1 with Neil Getzlow
Be inspired as Neil Getzlow shares how a life without porn is possible even after a 40 year addiction.
25:39 11/29/22
Overcoming Guilt and Shame with Christy Neal
Freedom from guilt and shame is possible. Christy Neal shares 5 wisdom nuggets to overcoming guilt and shame.
21:20 11/22/22
You're Either With Me or You're My Enemy with Max Williams
Max, a Senior in high school discusses his political stance, backlash from those views, and how one professor made a huge impact on his life. Max encourages youth to use their voice, and his story proves learning from others with differing opinions and beliefs is possible.
24:48 11/15/22
Encountering Jesus: Part 2 with Karen Keeley
Karen Keeley returns to discuss how Jesus has stamped on her heart His ever-present love in her life. She also sings and showcases her voiceover talent!
22:07 11/8/22
Encountering Jesus: Part 1 with Karen Keeley
The talented Karen Keeley shares her story of encountering Jesus for the first time and the wisdom she's learned since that monumental day.
19:19 11/1/22
Positive Affirmations with Our #1 Fan with Christy Neal & Producer Jimmy
Warning! This episode contains white-noise and may make you sleepy. Christy and Producer Jimmy go rogue on positive affirmations with their #1 fan.
12:35 10/25/22
Name Calling & the Lost Art of Debating with Christy Neal & Producer Jimmy
Are you completely over labeling and name calling in today's culture? Christy and Jimmy discuss an unfortunate occurance proving many have forgotten it's ok to have a different opinion.
16:22 10/18/22
How to Cultivate Open Communication with Your Kids with Christy Neal
Would you like to cultivate a relationship of open communication with your kids? Christy shares 5 keys to creating a safe atmosphere of communication with your tweens and teens. It is possible!
19:13 10/11/22

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