Show cover of Everyone Has A Voice: Comeback Stories, Your Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Everyone Has A Voice: Comeback Stories, Your Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Do you feel like a failure? Do you feel like God can no longer use you because of your past? Friend, you are in the right place! Join me as I share my own personal comeback story from adultery as a Christian woman and interview countless other 'underdogs' like myself who are now thriving after their own personal failures, trauma, addictions, and abuse. There is absolutely hope, healing, and redemption after huge failure! Join me for your weekly dose of Hope where you too can be one different choice away from a better tomorrow! Christy Neal is an advocate for women who feel tainted and cast out after adultery. Christy is the voice of hope and healing she desperately needed but never found over a decade ago after her own affair. She is the author of 'Don’t Ever Tell' and the podcast host of 'Everyone Has A Voice' and the founder of Choose Different Media. Learn more at


Season 8 - Episode 80 - The Dirty Dozen: 12 Warning Signs That You May Be Susceptible To An Affair with Christy & Producer Jimmy
Christy & Producer Jimmy discuss twelve warning signs that you may be susceptible to bad habits that can lead to the slippery slope of adultery. “Never say never.” - Christy Neal, Author, Speaker & Founder of Choose Different Media  
25:59 04/21/2022
Season 8 - Episode 79 - Zoe's Story with Linda Zelnik
Linda Zelnik tells us about the sweet story of Zoe proving that miracles still happen today. “We had just gotten home from a trip to Mexico over Mother’s Day, because I could not spend one more Mother’s day with everyone celebrating.” - Linda Zelnik, Author of ‘Burnout To BOOM’, International Speaker & Your Thinking Partner  
22:49 04/21/2022
Season 8 - Episode 78 - Adoption Support 101 with Dana Horne
Dana Horne tackles the crucial need for support and education before and throughout the adoption process. “We are 50% genetics and 50% experience. Your biological families’ decisions aren’t who you are.” - Dana Horne, Licensed Clinical Social Worker Specializing in Adoption  
24:45 04/21/2022
Season 8 - Episode 77 - MindLeaps: Dancing Toward Academics with Rebecca Davis
Rebecca Davis shares how her passion for dance and academics fashioned a program that serves Rwandan children helping them discover a mind-body connection that fuels their hopes for a better future. “It’s hard for youth to see that ‘better tomorrow’ unless they feel that they have the support of today.” - Rebecca Davis, Founder & Executive Director of MindLeaps  
22:36 04/21/2022
Season 8 - Episode 76 - Building Confident Teens with Maggie Kavanaugh
Does the culture have a grip on your teen? Maggie Kavanaugh updates us on The Godfident conferences that equip tweens and teens to live a life they don’t have to recover from. “Our kids cannot see us as perfect because then they try to live up to a standard that is unrealistic, and then their world crumbles.” - Maggie Kavanaugh, Biblical Coach, Counselor & Co-founder of Moving Forward Ministries  
30:14 04/21/2022
Season 8 - Episode 75 - Burnout To BOOM with Linda Zelnik
Do you have trouble saying ‘No’? Linda Zelnik unpacks what burnout is, what it looks like, what it feels like, and how to turn your burnout into a bounce-back. “We cannot self-care ourselves out of burnout. If we could, we wouldn’t be burned out.” - Linda Zelnik, Author, International Speaker & Your Thinking Partner  
19:28 04/21/2022
Season 8 - Episode 74 - Seeking My Biological Dad: Part 2 with Ron Phillips Hill
Ron Phillips Hill continues to walk us through the rest of the story as he discovers his biological father. “If I were to die tonight, I would be the happiest man.” - Ron Phillips Hill, Songwriter & Marketing Ninja 
21:51 04/21/2022
Season 8 - Episode 73 - Seeking My Biological Dad: Part 1 with Ron Phillips Hill
Ron Phillips Hill walks us through his abandonment, his adoption and finally the discovery of his biological father. “There was always a sense of conflict in my heart.” - Ron Phillips Hill, Songwriter & Marketing Ninja   
18:10 04/21/2022
Season 8 - Episode 72 - In With The Outcasts with Cheryl & NEDY
Inspirational Pop-Artist, NEDY & Drummer, Cheryl Hill explain how being bullied birthed a mission in their hearts to share God’s love with teens and tweens who experience bullying. Hear their anti-bullying anthem, ‘Made To Be’. “God didn’t create us different on accident. He does everything on purpose with a purpose.” - NEDY
22:04 04/21/2022
Season 8 - Episode 71 - From Unbelief To Evangelism with Monica Schmelter
Monica Schmelter shares how a God-moment at the age of 13 changed the course of her life forever. “I knew that Jesus was what I wanted, and I knew that was what I had been looking for my entire 13 year old life.” - Monica Schmelter, The Host of Christian Television Network’s daily show ‘Bridges’ & Author of ‘Messy To Meaningful’   
26:47 04/21/2022
Season 7 - Episode 70 - Cancelling Cancel Culture with Producer Jimmy
Producer Jimmy and Christy discuss the trending 'cancel culture' and how dangerous it can be. How can future generations learn from the past if we keep erasing it? 
22:22 09/10/2021
Season 7 - Episode 69 - Finding Freedom From Constant Comparison with Richella Parham
Born with a very large birthmark, Richella found herself from a very young age in a pattern of constant comparison. "Sometimes what we hold as 'our truths' may not be true at all,"  Author of Mythical Me and Podcast Host of Friends In Formation.
27:48 09/10/2021
Season 7 - Episode 68 - CEO Stay-At-Home Mom with Janell Marie
Learn how author, speaker and entrepreneur, Janell Marie turned the job she hated into an opportunity for financial freedom. "I began to beg God; If you will get me through this, I will find a way to help others out of their desperation," Janell Marie, Author of Kaleidoscope. 
24:53 09/10/2021
Season 7 - Episode 67 - Grief Camp with Tom Schaefer
Tom lost both parents before the age of 10. He discusses making the shift of being owned by his story, to owning his story, and serving at a grief camp. “It wasn’t until 5 years ago that I started sharing my story. I felt like I had to have it all together. I had to fulfill this image that I created. Telling this story did not fit in with that,” Tom Schaefer, Grief Warrior.
22:45 09/10/2021
Season 7 - Episode 66 - Hope For Families of Addicts with Stephanie Winslow
After losing her brother to addiction, author, speaker, and blogger, Stephanie Winslow decides to turn her pain into purpose by creating hope for families of addicts. "God knew better than I did, even though I didn't like the outcome I was seeing," Stephanie Winslow, Author of Ascent To Hope.  
20:39 09/10/2021
Season 7 - Episode 65 - Conquering Sexual Sin: Part 2 with Neil & Amy Getzlow
Neil shares how the culture seduced him and defines where his addiction to porn began. This is an encouraging, empowering conversation about porn, sex addiction, the shame cycle, and how overcoming is possible! “Our culture is accelerating into the darkness faster than I think we could ever imagine,” Neil Getzlow, Author of Unmasked.
28:04 09/10/2021
Season 7 - Episode 64 - Conquering Sexual Sin: Part 1 with Neil & Amy Getzlow
As an atheist for over 50 years, Neil would have never imagined that he would be sharing his testimony of how Jesus set him free from a 40-year bondage to porn addiction. Neil walks us through his miraculous journey of overcoming sexual sin to now enjoying complete freedom. “If you fill yourself up with garbage, that is what you are going to put out into the world,” Neil Getzlow, Author of Unmasked.  
25:40 09/10/2021
Season 7 - Episode 63 - Recognizing Porn Addiction & How to Fight For Love with Rosie MaKinney
Millions of women are struggling in porn affected relationships. Rosie exposes the traumatic impact porn has on the brain and teaches wives how to fight for their marriage. "Instead of fighting against your husband, you need to fight with your husband," Rosie MaKinny, Author of Fight For Love and Podcast Host of Fight For Love.   
24:08 09/10/2021
Season 7 - Episode 62 - Paralyzed by Bullying with Ava Knott
Are you dismissing your child’s bullying situation as teenage drama? Ava Knott, a 15-year-old advocate against bullying, shares how she was physically paralyzed by conversion disorder brought on by bullying. Her biggest regret is not telling someone sooner. “I thought I was doing the right thing by keeping it to myself,” Ava Knott.
21:02 09/10/2021
Season 7 - Episode 61 - "Make A Difference" - Melisa's Story with Bernard Salandy
Bernard Salandy, a formal Correctional Officer of over 31 years, gives an emotional account of losing his oldest daughter to a tragic accident. “When you are in a silent mode, and you want to hear the words of Jesus...You will hear it.” - Bernard Salanday  
24:12 09/10/2021
Season 6 - Episode 60 - Bloom In The Dark - Part 2 with Paula Wallace
Paula continues to share how God has turned her traumatic, abusive past into an international ministry. “What did you need to know the most when you were hurting the worst?” - Paula Wallace, President of Bloom In The Dark, Television Producer, Author and Speaker
27:01 04/30/2021
Season 6 - Episode 59 - Bloom In The Dark - Part 1 with Paula Wallace
Paula tells of her traumatic childhood experience of being raised in a cult with an abusive environment.  She explains how every abused child has an egocentric worldview which causes them to believe the abuse is their fault. “My purity wasn’t about what was done to me.” - Paula Wallace, President of Bloom In The Dark, Television Producer, Author and Speaker
28:31 04/30/2021
Season 6 - Episode 58 - Losing To Gain: The Truth About Gastric Bypass with Jenny Loftis
Jenny gives a voice to those who struggle with being obese, and how the public treats you as an overweight individual. After losing 88 lbs, Jenny realized just how invisible she was before her surgery. “It’s not about the weight you lose, but the life you gain.” - Jenny Loftis, Advocate Against Weight Discrimination 
17:32 04/30/2021
Season 6 - Episode 57 - Sex, Drugs & Rock N’ Roll…But God - Part 2 with Maggie Kavanaugh
Maggie continues to share how God redeemed her destructive lifestyle and is now using her past pain to help teens live a life they will not have to recover from. “God is very resourceful. He never wastes a pain.” - Maggie Kavanaugh
22:18 04/30/2021
Season 6 - Episode 56 - Sex, Drugs & Rock N’ Roll…But God - Part 1 with Maggie Kavanaugh
Maggie opens up about her very dysfunctional childhood that led to a destructive lifestyle of drug addiction, sexual immorality, relationship addiction, and co-dependence. But God. Maggie is now a Biblical Coach & Counselor, and Co-founder of Moving Forward Ministries. 
17:45 04/30/2021
Season 6 - Episode 55 - Don’t Leave Yet with Cortney Donelson
After learning about her husband’s affairs and secret life, Cortney was able to walk through the pain of infidelity to the other side into complete healing and forgiveness.  Cortney Donelson, Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur, shares how she heard from God, “Don’t Leave Yet”.
24:27 04/30/2021
Season 6 - Episode 54 - Healing Is On The Way with Clay Callahan
Clay Callahan, Owner of Convergent Concierge Physical Therapy, explains how his job loss in 2020 turned into a new business venture that brings healing therapy to people in their homes. “For every single day that you are in bed, it takes one week for your body to recover from that one day in bed. Exercise is medicine.” - Clay Callahan.
21:11 04/30/2021
Season 6 - Episode 53 - Suicide: Hope Is Here with Greg Horn
Greg Horn speaks to his own experience with losing his business, his marriage, and his home within a 24 hour period that left him suicidal. He is now passionate about saving others from taking their own lives. “God will make a way where there seems to be no way.” - Greg Horn, Executive Director of ‘HOPE is Here’ Ministries in Lexington, KY.
19:27 04/30/2021
Season 6 - Episode 52 - Pick’n and Kick’n Cancer with Ava Paige
At the young age of 16, Ava Paige has literally sang herself through the battle of Leukemia. Hear Ava’s wisdom, and how she discovered her lifeline of hope by singing with Kelly Clarkson. “Use your circumstances in life to push your dream.” - Ava Paige, Singer, Songwriter & Founder of Pick’n & Kick’n Cancer with Ava Paige.
23:45 04/30/2021
Season 6 - Episode 51 - CoVid POSITIVE with Producer Jimmy
Christy & Producer Jimmy discuss why this season took over a year to produce. Through the pandemic, tornados, injuries, and sold studios…we share positives despite the ’storms’ of 2020.
18:09 04/30/2021