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Episode 9 - Featuring Jeff Fielding - Chief of Staff, City of Toronto - Covid and the Future of Government
In this episode of Corporate Wayfinding, Jeff Fielding, Chief of Staff of the City of Toronto discusses the future of government, in a post-Covid world. How can government effectively react to widespread business closures? What is likely to happen to our taxes? What is the role of the public sector in tomorrow's world? What do leaders need to be future-ready? What are the future parameters of trust and confidence in our government? What is the role of media in in helping governments transform?Tune in and find out.
51:36 1/12/21
Episode 8 - A special Holiday Edition of Corporate Wayfinding featuring Santa Claus Himself!
Santa is always asked to speak to the kids, but in this episode of Corporate Wayfinding, the merry elf contacted Dr. Gedeon and asked to address the work-worn grown-ups, who have toiled so hard to get through the trials of 2020.Tune in to this short but unique episode and take home a piece of Santa magic.
14:57 12/18/20
Episode 7 featuring Mike Colledge, President Ipsos Public Affairs - Canada, Canadians and Covid
In episode 7 of Corporate Wayfinding, Mike Colledge, President of Ipsos Public Affairs shares his considerable insight into the Canadian experience and mindset through this Covid crisis. What is happening to Canadian social cohesion? What trends are rising at the Canadian kitchen table? What challenges are we facing in retail, arts and travel sectors? Are Canadian politics polarizing? What does a Canadian recovery look like, and when can it be expected?Tune in and find out more.
60:01 12/7/20
Episode 6 featuring Kevin Edwards, CEO, Skip the Dishes - Leadership Lessons through the Covid Challenge
In this episode of Corporate Wayfinding, Kevin Edwards, CEO of Skip the Dishes shares his story as well as his insights and experiences on corporate transformation. What has a career of mergers and acquisitions taught him? How does empathy play a central role in transformative leadership? What is the role of leadership trust in furthering transformation? How does the "Founder Culture" affect the trajectory of a corporation? What do leaders need to know as they look to navigate transformation in their organizations?Tune in a find out.
63:35 11/22/20
Episode 5 featuring David Paterson, VP Strategy and Environmental Affairs, GM Canada - GM and the Future of Canada's Automotive Manufacturing Sector
In this episode of Corporate Wayfinding, David Paterson, Vice-President Strategy and Environmental Affairs discusses the future of GM's automotive initiatives.What opportunities does the current pandemic disruption present to GM, as it looks to the future? How are GM's environmental programs and innovative designs being accelerated as part of the pause ushered in by Covid? What does the future of manufacturing look like in Canada, and what can corporations do to better prepare? How can future-focused, environmentally friendly initiatives out of the automotive sector stimulate the economy and enhance the lives of Canadians? What can the world learn from the incredible transformation being undertaken in Canadian manufacturers?Tune in and find out.
51:34 11/9/20
Episode 4 featuring Katherine Hay, CEO, Kids Help Phone - Mental Health Care in Covid Times
Katherine Hay, President and CEO of Kids Help Phone joins Dr. Gedeon and shares her insights about mental health care in the wake of this disruptive pandemic.What is the state of mental health care in today's disrupted environment? What trends are arising among Canada's youth regarding trauma, suicide, racism, and abuse? What intersectionalities are making themselves more prevalent in the wake of the pandemic? How do we increase capacity for our rising mental health care needs? What were Kids Help Phone's secret weapons to achieve their iconic corporate transformation in response to our current environment? What does the new world of philanthropic leadership look like? Tune in and find out.
60:57 11/1/20
Episode 3 featuring Lee-Anne McAlear, International Innovation Expert - Corporate Innovation in Covid Times
In this episode, international innovation and creativity expert Lee-Anne McAlear discusses the complexities facing business, in today's Covid environment. What are the categories of complexity facing organizations and how can they be addressed? What is the new role of leadership wisdom? What organizational and cultural prominence is held by a leader's personal character? What types of reasoning are best suited to innovation? What is the new paradigm of leadership balance that leads to long-term performance and excellence? Tune in and find out.
59:54 10/17/20
Episode 2 featuring Dr. Peter Constantinou, International Political Acuity and Stakeholder Relations Expert - Political Acuity in Covid Times
In this episode, Dr. Peter Constantinou (an international authority on political acuity and stakeholder relations) tackles difficult questions regarding the role of corporations, businesses and other institutions in a post-Covid world. Is political acuity innate or is it developable? Is political acuity the new competitive advantage in a post-Covid marketplace? How do organizations drive customer loyalty and employee retention after Covid? Is the new competitive advantage "like-ability? Does a lack of general political acuity lead to revolution? Tune in and find out.
59:05 10/6/20
Episode 1 featuring Dr. Trevin Stratton, Chief Economist and VP Policy, Canadian Chamber of Commerce - The Economy of Change
Dr. Trevin Stratton, Chief Economist and VP Policy of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce shares his insights on business and transformation in and after Covid. What does economic recovery look like? How has Covid affected the need for digitization? Considering the debt of most major world governments, is there a new budding monetary convention? How do we revitalize business in a time of shifting consumer behaviour? Is the business world globalizing or contracting post-Covid? Tune in to find out.
59:29 9/17/20