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Comedy Ventriloquist Steve Hewlett drops his dummy for Chats with his favourite Comedy & Variety Performers from Theatre, Comedy Clubs, Cruise Ships, Circus, Radio and Television.


Keith Harris - A Tribute - Eyes & Teeth The Specials - Season 16, Episode 4, Part 1
Keith Harris was one of the most successful ventriloquists in Great Britain's show business history.With record sold out summer seasons at Blackpool's Grand Theatre and pantomimes Keith's Saturday Night TV Show was watched by millions of families in the 1980's and after Orville's Song written by Bobby Crush was released in 1982 it shot Orville into many hearts of children and adults selling a whopping 400.000 copies.Keith worked through the declining decade of variety into the 1990's and then re invented himself for a new audience in Universities and Top Holiday centres across the UK.  With his new adult show 'Duck Off' Keith enjoyed booking through popular demand and even worked top tv shows starring alongside Harry Hill, Little Britain's Matt & David, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Peter Kay and Ricky Gervais.I also talk about my connection with Keith and our time meeting and working together on my first nationwide TV show in 1993.He was a legend until the end, but the end came way too soon.Let's celebrate The Life & Career of Keith Harris - Ventriloquist.
91:52 3/27/24
Roy Hudd OBE - Eyes & Teeth - The Specials - Part 2
Welcome to Part 2 of my tribute to Roy Hudd OBE. In this episode I play more clips from Roy's career and include interviews with Chris Emmett, Debbie Hudd, Jimmy Cricket, Rick Wakeman and Mike Craig.My main goal as well as spreading the word of Roy's amazing work and books out there is to make you aware of and upcoming events to raise funds for this project. Your help to share and donate is greatly appreciated.Hope you enjoy the show.
112:56 2/6/24
Roy Hudd OBE - Eyes and Teeth - The Specials - Season 16 - Edition 2 - Part One
Roy Hudd, OBE was a comedian, actor, presenter, radio host, author and authority on the history of music hall entertainment. Roy was a Butlin's Clacton Redcoat but made his name on Radio in many guises including Workers' Playtime, BBC Radio 2's satirical series The News Huddlines which ran from 1975 to 2001.Roy Hudd broke into television in the mid-1960s in sketch series such as The Illustrated Weekly Hudd and The Roy Hudd Show. More TV followed with Lipstick on Your Collar, Common As Muck, a drama about a group of refuse collectors, alongside Edward Woodward, One Foot in the Grave. He appeared as the undertaker Archie Shuttleworth in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street. He also starred in dramas The Quest, New Tricks, Casualty, The Last Detective, Missing, Ashes to Ashes, Just William, Call the Midwife, Midsomer Murders, Law & Order: UK and Holby City. Benidorm and Broadchurch. Stage appearances include many pantomime and variety performances. Lionel Bart's musical Oliver! Bud Flanagan in Underneath the Arches, Hard Times, The Wizard of Oz, Goodnight Mister Tom, A Woman of No Importance.This episode features Debbie Hudd plus more who adored Roy Hudd OBE.
98:29 1/17/24
Dave Evans - Eyes & Teeth - The Specials - Episode 1
Dave Evans was a World Class Entertainer. Truly gifted in music, comedy and impressions which wowed the Cabaret Clubs across the UK and Australia. He astounded audiences for thirty years at sea and impressed us on television when variety was at its height. On this Tribute Season, I talk with friends and colleagues of those no longer with us and I have chosen five of the greatest I worked with to end Eyes & Teeth on.Today you can enjoy clips of Dave Evans he sent me over the years and sadly as they were on CD they have started to fade and the quality isn't what I'd hoped it to be but you will enjoy his jokes and voices and vocals along the way.Today's Special Guests are Roy Yates, Al Brown, Paul Shepherd, Jack Sharpe, Debbie Lee James, Johnny Mans, Joe Pasquale and Lee Carroll. The Specials are slightly longer on these tributes so brace yourself for 2 hours of anecdotes, interviews, live sets and vocals from one of the greatest entertainers the UK have ever seen. Dave Evans
117:02 12/1/23
Jay Osmond - A new Osmond Musical - Eyes & Teeth - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Season 15 - Edition 18
Welcome to the last Episode of Eyes & Teeth Theo Worlds Greatest variety Show Season 15.When I think about the Variety in the World and hosting a show that is based around variety there is one family that comes to mind and that is a family who have lived and breathed Variety for over 60 years. Think of the most successful and famous show business family in the world and you will instantly think of the Osmonds.In 2016 my career I felt was made by one phonecall during a shopping trip in Eastbourne with my wife Nina I answered the phone to Tony Denton a Tour Promotor who wanted to ask if I would join The Osmonds on Tour this coming Xmas 2016.Not only that but Jimmy Osmond wanted to talk to me later this day about joining him and his brothers in Branson Missouri for a stint at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre.I couldn’t be more happy to accept the job. That Christmas was an incredible experience working not only in America, but with The Osmonds and a full incredible cast of talented people and I got to enjoy crazy golf every other day.Christmas Parties, thanksgiving get togethers and road trips as well as visiting all the other Christmas shows on the strip in Branson just added to the memories of my time with these amazing peopleIn recent years Jay Osmond alongside a talented group of people including Jay’s wife Karen have written and produced an incredible Musical dedicated to the Osmonds and their fans. Today we talk about the musical and its inspirations, its stars, its success and its futureI could not end Eyes & Teeth without closing in style and today I welcome to EYES AND TEETH the worlds greatest variety show, the worlds greatest variety family the osmonds when I talk to Jay Osmond.
48:09 7/11/23
Jimmy Tamley is Back! Part 2! Ventriloquest! The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes and Teeth - Season 15 - edition 17
In part two Jimmy & I discuss the world of ventriloquists and its future as well as talking about the great vents out there today making the art look easy. It clearly isn't when you realise how many of us are left out there. Gary Wilner to Terry Fator, Darci Lynne to Jeff Dunham, Paul Zerdin to Ray Alan, listen in to a chat about what will be a book by Steve Hewlett and ventriloquists worldwide...YouTube soundbite clips from: Ronn Lucas (MDA Telethon), (,Gary Wilner (ventg99), Paul Levent (Jack Sharpe), Senor Wences (The Ed Sullivan Show).Welcome Jimmy Tamley to Eyes, Lips and Teeth.
54:02 6/11/23
Jimmy Tamley is Back! - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 16
Jimmy Tamley was my inspiration to become a vent act, to be part of showbusiness. He sparked that interest in me but not just to have an act on stage but he is part of me loving the vents before us, he showed me archives of vents and connected me with vent magazines and figure makers worldwide, I have alot to thank him for.In the next two episodes Jim & I chat as we always do about the world of ventriloquism and he wanted to focus on subjects throughout my book Ventriloquest out in the near future so we talk and talk and talk without moving our lips. Welcome back Jimmy Tamley
72:31 6/9/23
Sharon Hewlett - The World's Greatest (Mum) Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 15
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth - my MUM Sharon HewlettThis episode in this final special season I talk relaxed to my mum about her growing up in London and me taking on showbusiness which she says has impacted her life in a fun way.There are special little notes from my Lola & Larissa, her own mum Lilian, our nan as well as Shane Ritchie,  Paul Ross, Marti Pellow and his band Wet Wet Wet, Joanna Lumley, Mr Motivator, The Nolans, Mica Paris, Joe Mangle aka Mark Little, Tony Slattery, Carmel McSharry and most of these were recorded in 1995 across London in time for a mothers day. I created silly celebrity memories for mum over the years.She loves "celebrity" so I try and bring as much of that to her as i can through my work.Overall I just wanted to thank her and my dad Terry for their part in allowing me to follow my dream.
53:18 6/6/23
Jay Johnson - Confused? You won't be - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 14
Welcome to Eyes and Teeth Jay JohnsonJay Johnson is an International Success story in the art of ventriloquism highly respected in the land of Sitcom, stage performance, the acting world and the art of Ventriloquism. He was certainly on my Top 10 list greatest vents of all time so you can imagine how happy I am to have him guest on my podcast.Jay has been seen on TV drama’s such as an episode of Mrs. Columbo,The Love Boat, Gimme a Break!, Simon & Simon, The Facts of Life, Empty Nest (reuniting him with his father from Soap, Richard Mulligan), and Dave's World.Jay Johnson: The Two & Only! written and performed by Jay Johnson, opened on Broadway to rave reviews at the Helen Hayes Theatre on September 28, 2006. The show deconstructs and demonstrates Johnson's lifelong obsession with the art of ventriloquism. The show is a Valentine, not only to the art, but also to his mentor and friend Arthur Sieving, who created Johnson's first professional puppet. The show is aided and abetted by a cast of ventriloquated characters, including his Soap alter ego, Bob. Johnson won the 2007 Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event for the show. He is the only ventriloquist to ever be nominated and win an American Theatre Wing Tony Award or an Ovation Award.The original Bob puppet featured on Soap was inducted into the Smithsonian Institute's collections of pop culture icons in May 2007. He currently uses a replica Bob for Jay Johnson: The Two & Only! Welcome to Eyes & Teeth Jay Johnson
53:52 5/19/23
John Cushing - The Thursford Spectacular - Eyes & Teeth - The Worlds Greatest Variety Show - Season 15 - Edition 13
Welcome to Eyes and Teeth and The World’s Greatest Variety ShowOn my last tour date in Norfolk I swung by one of my favourite venues called The Thursford Collection. In the spring to Summer it showcases fairground attractions and steam engines of the highest calibre but in October its turned into a rehearsal space for the Thursford’s Christmas Spectacular which has attracted over 5.8 million visitors to date and is the largest Christmas show in the country.I have had the pleasure of hosting this show in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2019 and it boasts on its website a cast of 120 professional singers, dancers and musicians – most of whom are straight out of the West End. The three-hour performance delivers an extravaganza of non-stop singing, dancing, music, humour and variety. It’s a fast moving celebration of the festive season featuring an eclectic mix of both seasonal and year-round favourites, with famous and much-loved chart toppers being performed alongside traditional carols. The website also notes that the finale of the show includes a fly over of white doves across the auditorium. So do not look up with your mouths open, lucky its not based in Eastbourne otherwise there would be a flyover of seagulls, and you wouldn’t want them swooping down to grab your sausage roll.It's almost difficult to explain the feeling of being at Thursford as a punter and as a performer. You have to see it to believe it and although it sells out or nearly sells out annually still so many people know nothing about it. You can’t say that of people in the industry. Andrew Lloyd Webber knows about it and its all down to one man and his incredible team of creatives.John Cushing is the show’s Producer, its brainchild, from choir to spectacular John joins me to discuss the process of getting a show like this on the stage as we go behind the scenes in his office where a carpet covered in CD’s is turned into one of the greatest shows to ever grace the stage in the UK. Welcome to Thursford, Welcome to Eyes & Teeth John Cushing. 
71:13 5/5/23
Bobby Davro - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 12
Bobby Davro is an absolute legend in the world of British Variety and Television from the 1980’s onwards. I first met Bobby at the Wimbledon theatre when I was 16 and visiting puppeteer Simon Buckley who I had just recorded a TV show with in 1993 and he invited me to see his pantomime starring Bobby Davro. Bobby was gracious and always has been to me.We have since worked many variety shows or charity events together and he has me in tears of laughter each time and he is one of the best impressionists out there.Bobby tells me of his big break on TV where he ended his act with an impression of Elton John on the piano and this shot him to the title of a household name landing his own TV Series.We talk of his collaboration with ventriloquist Ray Alan as well as many more including his friendship with an icon of his in Gilbert O Sullivan and this includes Bobby’s latest TV spot on BBC’s Celebrity MastermindWe talk about Dave Evans, Frankie Vaughan, Bob Monkhouse, Les Dennis, Peter Kay & Sir Ken Dodd.One of my favourite subjects today was taking advice about daughters and Bobby explains it so well. I have to say I laughed a lot and I welled up on occasions, Bobby really does talk from the heart. He has been there and done it. His stage skills and advice is well worth taking in especially where learning routines and memory comes into it. This is something I struggle with.It has taken me 2 years to tie Bobby down for this interview but it was well worth the wait. Welcome to the World’s Greatest Variety Show Bobby Davro 
74:42 4/25/23
Kevin Dean - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 11
Welcome to Eyes and Teeth Kevin DeanKevin and I became acquainted within the GOWR, the Grand Order of Water Rats, which is a Showbusiness charity over 130 years old which included members including Danny Kaye, Charles Chaplin, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, Tommy Cooper, Charlie Chester, Les Dawson, Keith Harris, and those still with us today such as Rick Wakeman, Alfie Boe, The Hairy Bikers, Steve Hewlett, WHO? Well it is a who’s who in the order, we look out for our fellow entertainers who have fallen on hard times and are involved in the Royal Variety Charity as well as countless nominated charities including childrens charities.Its an entertainers way of giving back which is always great for us.I digress, Kevin Dean and I have performed on many of these benefit shows, we are planning our own for the Rats in the near future but we got even closer during the lockdown years.We recorded songs, and jingles, sketches and so much more and you can hear Kevin’s magic during this podcast as he is the producer of our very own Eyes and Teeth jingles and the theme tune itself, all from the head of KD productions.So now it’s time for you to get to know the man behind the music and Two Metre Peter, welcome to Eyes & Teeth Kevin Dean
66:12 4/21/23
Des King & Cherry - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes and Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 10
Desmondo & Cherry KingWelcome to Eyes & Teeth a lovely couple who I keep bumping into even into their retirement but who retires in this business? Hardly any of us, if showbusiness is in your blood then you will always want to share your talent and Des King with Cherry have entertained millions world wide up to just a few weeks ago. Des and Cherry tell me of their meeting and seasons they have performed in as well as great talents we have shared the stage with.It's rare I get to record an actual podcast backstage, but this was just that and even with another act in the room so now and again you will hear magician and ventriloquist Sam Jones in the background now and again. We were performing in Peacehaven in a variety show and we had the best audience in.The London Palladium pops up as well as Andy Eastwood, Jan Hunt, The City Varieties in Leeds, Hilary O Neil, Matt Daniel Baker, Keith Harris, David Nixon, Sir Ken Dodd, it really is a good old chat with friends before a show and a great example of why I wanted to start this podcast.I remember talking the much missed Phil Butler just a few short years ago about his podcast The Green Room where he took the same idea but across comedy clubs. He was there first and I just loved the idea so I guess along with Ricky Gervais, Debbie McGee, Louis Theroux and a few more I have been inspired and eyes and teeth was born.Most importantly Des shares with us his diagnoses of Prostate cancer and the latest news with that which is a very much needed listen too for young and old men alikeWelcome todays guests Des King & Cherry
46:13 4/18/23
Ian Freeman - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes and Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 9
Eyes & Teeth would not be here without the Royal Variety Performance, or TV Talent Shows and they were inspirations not just for a budding young ventriloquist wannabe in Basingstoke in 1987 but for 1000’s of comedy, variety and musical acts for nearly a century.Today’s guest is not only related to Lord Bernard Delfont and Lew Grade but he himself has made a huge impact behind the scenes keeping the cogs of showbusiness agencies thriving and the Royal variety charity and Brinsworth House the success they are today.Today we talk about Des O Connor, Arthur Worsley plus more ventriloquists, Freddie Starr and much more.I am blessed to share laughter and drinks with todays guest within the Grand Order of Water Rats in several lodges we frequent throughout each year getting together. My time in the Rats and performances in Brinsworth House means I have an opportunity to give back to the business I have chosen to get me through my lifetime.Because of that I am thankful to todays guest for looking out for us entertainers by showcasing us on the Command Performance or placing certain members of the business in a safe haven via the Royal Variety Charity.Welcome to Eyes & Teeth The World’s Greatest Variety Show Ian Freeman.
43:31 4/13/23
Mark (Elvis) Goddard - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 8
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth Mark Goddard who for me was one of my earliest colleagues, we were both resident entertainers in 1994 at an Isle of Wight holiday park. I was 18.Mark has such a passion for this business from working holiday parks to playing Elvis on stage. He worked on the famous Trisha show with all those dysfunctional people, and he has worked with his favourite band MUD which was a dream come true and speaks highly of other loves including Richard Digance.His knowledge of Elvis and the business is vast as you get to hear so welcome the man himself, is it Elvis Goddard Presley or Mark Elvis Goddard?
93:21 4/7/23
Mama G aka Robert Pearce - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 7
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth Robert Pearce a pantomime Dame and performer of poems and stories and a wonderful new way of entertaining families in festivals and theatres across the land.In this edition of Eyes & Teeth I talk to Robert about our time together touring with Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee and we talk of our fondness of meeting the late and very great Roy Hudd.We also talk about the wonderful Dame Edna Everage – Barry Humphries and west country comedian the adorable Andy Ford. Listen to the passion of a performer who gives his all to make the world a happier place.Welcome Robert Pearce
81:29 4/4/23
Harry Hill - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 6
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth The Worlds Greatest Variety Show, Season 15 edition 6 with the one and only Harry Hill.Harry is about to embark on a new UK Tour with his new musical Tony Blair the Rock Opera. So today we catch up and talk about his work as a stand up comedian, musical producer, admirer of ventriloquists and their dummies, Sean Lock and much more. Harry’s success on television brought him awards and millions of fans but it was his decision to end the TV show that made him a household name as the schedule was gruelling and besides he is now able to tour his Stand Up show, write more books, collaborate with Steve Brown on exciting projects as well as be at home with his family instead of watching 12 hours of TV dramas and soaps for little comedy nuggets. Until I read his biography FIGHT I didn’t know how much hands on harry was in putting together these clips but that is the main reason he wanted more freedom after a good 10 years on ITV. My wife Nina & I loved the show so much we went along to one of the recordings to see the magic happen and he had us in hysterics as usual.One thing Harry does have as well as his successful career is that he has his charm laid back nature and I was delighted he agreed to our chat on Eyes & Teeth and its just in time to mention that the Tony Blair Rock Opera is now on sale at the Leicester Square Theatre and is on from April 15th to my 21st before going on a National Tour.Oh while I’m here my theatre Tour Ventriloquest – A Life in the Day of Arthur Lager continues April to August and can be seen in Hunstanton, Southampton, Hastings, Bungay Norfolk, Saddleworth, Verwood Dorset, Eastbourne, Chelmsford, Stafford, Axminster, Shanklin IOW, Ivybridge, Bromyard midlands, Haverhill Suffolk, Paighton and Ilfracombe in DEVON.Got to for dates.Now its time for a special edition of Eyes & Teeth with Harry Hill
46:24 3/31/23
Gary Lovini - The Worlds Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 5
Welcome to the World’s greatest variety show – Season 15 in Eyes & teeth when I talk to Gary Lovini.Gary is a true showman and he had a full on career in the UK then moved to Florida, USA to start all over and he has made an astounding success out of it.Gary talks About his early years in Talent Competitions, Butlins, inventing a new style of performing with a violin. The local talent shows spread across the midlands and then around the UK and then TV biggest TV Talent show where it went crazy for Gary.Gary’s career went from Cabaret clubs to every major TV show on at the time in the late 1980’s from Des O Connor to Wogan, What’s My Line to Summertime Special and the Childrens Royal variety.We also talk about our mutual friendship within the Grand Order of Water rats that we are proud members of.From the QE2 Cunard ship to HM Queen Elizabeth 2 in person and the moment Gary blanked Englebert Humperdinck. He made up for it of course.I once had dinner on LBC radio with Vanessa Mae who I guess was a mix of Classical Pop and made an impact in her style moving about like no other but that was in the 90’s and Gary was there first in the 1980’s. Welcome to the Show the incredible performer Gary Lovini
80:12 3/28/23
Dene Michael - The Worlds Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 4
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth Dene Michael who is a member of Black Lace from the 1980’s, yes you remember the Agadoo, The Music Man and Superman, these are ingrained into my mind from an early age and of course a huge part of my early work, they were the first dances I nailed as a teenager in barry Island or Whitecliff Bay holiday park.It's Dene who along with new member Craig Harper is keeping the memory of those Holiday Classic dances Live and Well on the Holiday circuit, across Festivals, 80’s weekends and wherever you feel the need to push a pineapple. I really am in my element here talking to someone who was part of my learning the business as an entertainer and Dene has a great story. Colin Gibb (Original Black Lace) Gordon King (Original Black Lace)Dene Michael & Craig Harper (Black Lace Conga Party)From song writing to making Christmas hits with Corrie's Bruce Jones and Benidorm’s Crissy Rock and having the honour of a Spitting Image puppet made of him and Alan Barton featured on Top of the Pops, talking of Eurovision, 321 with ted Rogers, and where you can see Black Lace LIVE in 2023 enjoy this edition of Eyes & Teeth, The Worlds Greatest Variety Show with Dene Michaels. 
49:09 3/24/23
Tank Sherman - The Worlds Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 3
Today I catch up with another mate, a comedy colleague I first worked with 20 years ago at Jethro’s club and when I saw him work, I thought where has this guy come from? He was hilarious and even Jethro was standing at the back of his club in tears of laughter.Since then, we have crossed paths and Tank is just a naturally funny bloke and good egg to be around.Tank tells me how he got his stage name, how he got into the business at a late stage in his life as well as talking about Cruises, theatres including Babbacombe, Trevor George and Jethro.We begin talking about our hobby collecting things, he with his Army military clothing memorabilia which is incredible to see then we compare my collection of shotglasses to his actual glasses and that’s where we kick off Welcome to Eyes & Teeth in Season 15, edition 3 Tank Sherman
63:17 3/15/23
Tonya Traylor - The Worlds Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 2
Welcome to Eyes and Teeth the wonderful personality of Tonya Traylor Tonya is a singer come ventriloquist come ventriloquist and puppet collector but its more than just a little side hobby. Tonya’s passion for protecting music hall characters who have worked with ventriloquists for decades and maybe even a century ago. Her collection went from one to over 500 figures which is the largest of all time of independent collection of figures from the vent world and you can hear how dedicated and passionate Tonya is about savouring their authenticity and memories which is why she is my very welcome guest on The Greatest Variety Show in the WorldWelcome Tonya Traylor
58:02 3/11/23
Alan Fletcher - The World's Greatest Variety Show - Eyes & Teeth - Season 15 - Edition 1
Alan FletcherWelcome back to Eyes & Teeth the Final Season… The Worlds Greatest Variety ShowToday I talk to one of the longest running much loved Soap characters who for 39 years has been one of Neighbours familiar faces Dr Karl Kennedy.Alan Fletcher actor, musician, singer, photographer, pantomime performer is one of the most hardest working people on stage and in television and this begun way before he joined the hit soap series. We talk about his time working with Arthur Lowe and Bill Oddie, joining his rock band The Waiting Room, Pantomime and his time coming to an end in Neighbours in 2022 and upcoming UK tours as well as the news that Neighbours is back and saved on Amazon Freevee.  Alan is now touring the UK in a Celebration of Neighbours alongside fellow cast members Susan Kennedy, Toadfish, Plain Jane, and Paul Robinson please check the certain dates for the cast members but this is a show not to be missed for the neighbours fans out there, you can see this at the London Palladium March 13th& 14th The Brighton centre on 18th, Mayflower Southampton on 19th, Forum in Bath on 22nd. You can also see Alan tour his new album The Point across the UK in March and June & July he is touring his One man show The Dr Will see you now… Go to for dates and tickets.Welcome to Eyes & Teeth Alan FletcherClips from, Neighbours BBC One, Channel 5, Fremantle in Australia. It was created by television executive Reg Watson. The Seven Network.You Tube, The Waiting Room and the Point by Alan Fletcher.
39:30 3/3/23
Mike Doyle - The Return - That's Right - That's Showbiz - Eyes & Teeth - Season 14 - Edition Final 12
Mike Doyle returns as we talk about my return to pantomime in Snow White at The New Theatre Cardiff where he looked after me more than I looked after Arthur Lager. This was a labour of love recording in his dressing room and updating Eyes & Teeth on his fresh news including the Beautiful song Forever in Wales written by Lloyd Davies.Enjoy this episode as we get closer to my final season...Welcome Mike Doyle
85:00 1/20/23
Jimmy Carlo - That's Showbiz - Eyes & Teeth - Season 14 - Edition 11
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth – that’s showbiz the penultimate episode of season 14.Today I talk to an award winning Comedy Magician renowned on the Magic and Cabaret circuit.We talk about Sir Ken Dodd, Blackpool Magic, Sumo wrestling, Bob Monkhouse, The Magic Castle in Los Angeles and we chat about Jimmy’s love of working as a drummer in a band as a teenager and the present day. The hedgehog anecdote is one of my favourites but it is nice to catch up with one of the friendliest most down to earth of entertainers who has loved his work at sea and on land and to prove its in his veins he returns as Santa Claus Christmas 2023 so watch this space.In the meantime welcome todays guest Jimmy Carlo
53:49 1/18/23
Sian Reeves - That's Showbiz - Eyes & Teeth - Season 14 - Edition 10
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth – That’s Showbiz the huge talents of actress Sian Reeves.I have just completed a fantastic contract in the capital city of Wales and it was a star studded Pantomime with Sports Star Gareth Thomas, Award winning Pop Star Ian ‘H’ Watkins, Comedy and Vocal sensation Mike Doyle, Jazz performer Denquar Chupak amongst others and todays guest is just incredible to watch. Sian is constantly on television and if not in EastEnders, Coronation Street or Emmerdale, she is in the next drama Cutting It, Northern Lights, Hope Springs, Lunch Monkey and many many more.She has appeared in movies her latest sharing the screen with Pauline Collins and Joan Collins but most recently she starred with me in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the New Theatre Cardiff for the past 6 weeks.To watch Sian work closely throughout rehearsals and the full 4 week run was truly a gift. I have worked with actresses in pantomime and great ones and Sian is up there as possibly my favourite. She is so down to earth, fun and honest off stage and delivers the ultimate professional performance from wings to centre stage giving 110% every time. There were no mistakes, no late entrances, even up to the last show she was in her space going over her lines to perform them to the max. I loved watching her play Queen Lucretia even if every time she shouted for Muddles she was leaving as I was entering so we never really had dialogue until we chatted about crisps towards the end of the story but I clocked this ladies talent and respect her true honour to her art.She is absolutely brilliant so please welcome to the show Sian Reeves.
68:10 1/10/23
Denquar Chupak - That's Showbiz - Eyes & Teeth - Season 14 - Edition 9
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth – That’s ShowbizToday I invite a cast member from my current Snow White pantomime in Cardiff to join me and share her journey and what a journey she is having. Not just the journey through the woods being chased by a Henchman who is also an icon of Rugby (Gareth Thomas) and a wicked Queen played by one of the UK’s greatest actresses Sian Reeves and saved by Muddles who walks about the palace grounds with his hand up an old man along the way bumping into 7 performers with 2 sets of legs each… btw the Way Mike Doyle had visitors to Snow White and the 7 Dwarves this week and they met him after to tell him they really loved the gnomes in the show!!!Anyway this journey is about Denquars life in Hong Kong growing up transporting to Bristol and catapulting her into the World of Jazz and songwriting as well as starring in Qdos & Crossroads pantomimes. We talk about those shows which include Diversity, Count Arthur Strong, Mike Doyle and her all time favourite inspirations in music and her thoughts on working alongside a ventriloquist for 6 weeks in the Capitol of Wales…Welcome Denquar Chupak
61:30 1/5/23
Mark Porter - Eyes & Teeth - That's Showbiz - Season 14 - Edition 8
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth – That’s Showbiz season 14.Today I talk with a fellow Water Rat and Big Band leader Mark Porter. Mark has been around this business from a very early age starting in Wales and taking an interest in Crooners and their music he sat back and learnt from the best by watching live on stage Andy Williams, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, and what he must of learned at that time he soaked up and now delivers class throughout his touring with his own show as well as the Glenn Miller Orchestra and many more.Mark has a wealth of humour and knowledge of music and showbusiness and has some great anecdotes about collecting autographs throughout his time on the road and I now know where the term “never meet your heroes” originated.There are also little nuggets about Princess Diana and The Queen MotherIt’s a fascinating insight to another brother water rat and great entertainer.Welcome Mark Porter
54:19 1/3/23
Renato Pires - Eyes & Teeth - That's Showbiz - Season 14 - Edition 7
Welcome to Eyes & Teeth – That’s Showbiz Renato Pires Today a success story in the making from a young man from Portugal who has faced so many hurdles and heartbreaks along the way but it has never stopped him giving up his goals and dreams. He has such a positive outlook on life and business and wants the best for everyone he works with. He seems to use his sad past to make others lives better and at the end of the day just wants to entertain the public with his gift and he passes that gift onto so many to make their dreams comes true.Renato and I hooked up about 10 years ago for a few projects including making a short film and we even drop off and pick up our kids at the same school gate.It’s interesting when you get to know someone more by having a chat on a podcast and it proves that everyone has a story. Today’s episode shows this guy’s positivity and drive that started with him looking after his father suffering from cancer and then came the news that his mum had left him to it and left the family home.The Circus has entered his life which to me seems to be a family created out of passion and misfortune, but I am so inspired our chat today that I would love nothing more than his Circus Story in Sussex to a massive success it deserves to be.Welcome to Eyes & Teeth Renato Pires.
56:56 1/2/23
Pete Cutler - That's Showbiz - Eyes & Teeth - Season 14 - Edition 6
Pete CutlerWelcome to Eyes & Teeth and today is Christmas Eve 2022 so Merry Christmas to all in these crazy times we’re experiencing. It started with Brexit, then Covid years and the crazy news just doesn’t stop which is why a little light relief in your ears is created through the medium of showbusiness as I continue my last few seasons of this podcast delving into the minds and careers of talented individuals and take little nuggets from their entertainment world so the future generation can look back and listen to how a comedian gets to the Comedy Store, or how that singer got the Royal Albert Hall or that comedy actor got to the sitcom or TV Presenter reached the heights of Television Success, it really is an insight and tuition for young budding performers in all genres so sit back and enjoy this next episode with an all round nice guy as well as an all round entertainer the unique talents of Pete Cutler.We had a few things in common working at the London Palladium back in the mid-nineties as Ushers, we knew the same people in that theatre and so we get to reminisce about those days as well as the days we cruised the seven seas on Cunard Welcome Pete Cutler
62:28 12/24/22
Dean Winters - That's Showbiz - Eyes & Teeth - Season 14 - Edition 5
Dean WintersWelcome to Eyes & Teeth, That’s Showbiz and where better to take you than Torquay and talk  about Babbacombe and its very successful summer season still going strong after many decades and one of the last surviving variety theatres running annual shows with casts of many talented folk which thanks to its Producer at Matpro Ltd Colin Matthews and his wonderful team have launched quite a few great names in variety and musicals in recent years.Deano has been on the circuit for a few decades and knows his stuff, he has some great anecdotes and shares with us his heroes and stories of working hard in showbusiness, in pantomime, Benidorm, television, radio to co writing and starring in his own stage play with his pal the brilliant Steve Laister.Dean is also a keen runner and talks about raising coins for many charities whilst travelling the world to complete marathons. Now thats dedicationMost of all he has the best laugh in the business since Barbara WindsorWelcome to Eyes & Teeth Season 14 Dean Winters
69:39 12/22/22

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