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Private Practice Survival Guide

Brandon Seigel, President of Wellness Works Management Partners, is an internationally known private practice consultant with over fifteen years of executive leadership experience. Seigel's book "The Private Practice Survival Guide" takes private practice entrepreneurs on a journey to unlocking key strategies for surviving―and thriving―in today’s business environment. Now Brandon Seigel goes beyond the book and brings the same great tips, tricks, and anecdotes to improve your private practice in this companion podcast.


Breaking Down Your Business Entity Structure And Compliance Strategy with World Renowned Entrepreneur, Aaron Scott Young 54:38 09/06/2021
The Journey In Making Your Money Matter with Aaron Freedman 41:36 08/02/2021
Understanding Your Financial Strategy When Approaching Real Estate For Your Private Practice 44:34 07/05/2021
Optimizing A “Go-Giver Mindset” To Recharge Your Private Practice with Bob Burg 39:17 06/07/2021
Crafting Your Compensation Strategy: Understanding The Variables That Impact Your Employee Reimbursement Decisions 46:02 05/03/2021
Discovering How To Create A Revolutionary Service Experience with Horst Schulze 59:39 04/05/2021
Protecting Your PHI: Unpacking The Most Common HIPAA Breaches 34:48 03/01/2021
Tapping Into Play As A Strategy For Optimizing Employee Engagement with Jeff Harry 57:21 02/01/2021
Digital Marketing That Makes An Impact In 2021 40:17 01/04/2021
Transcending Your Comfort Zone As A Private Practice Entrepreneur with Sarah Putt, OTR/L 59:18 12/07/2020
Building A Strategic Plan For 2021: Secrets To Strategizing For The Future! 31:42 11/02/2020
Innovating Our Learning Process To Streamline Success with Peter Murphy 51:55 10/05/2020
Mastering Your Soft Skills As A Purpose-Driven Leader: Utilizing Communication To Create Positive Change In Everything You Do! 38:36 09/07/2020
Preventing Private Practice Burnout with Erika Del Pozo 42:09 08/03/2020
The Secret To Conquering Your Biggest Private Practice Nightmare: The Insurance Game 33:36 07/06/2020
Swinging Into Success with The King Of Swings, Alexander Lopiccolo 42:45 06/01/2020
The Telehealth Frontier: Strategies For Boosting Your Virtual Care Practice 43:45 05/04/2020
Deconstructing Your Billing Process: Strategies To Optimize Your Bottom Line! 43:10 04/06/2020
Tapping Into Intrinsic Motivation To Scale Your Private Practice! with Brian Hartz 35:56 03/02/2020
Optimizing Your Efficiency As A Small Business 37:35 02/03/2020
Publishing Your Voice To Unlock Customer Growth with Alison Jones 32:12 01/06/2020
XPN Holiday Show 2019 44:27 12/24/2019
Making Your Metrics Matter: Strategies For Using Analytics For Building A Better Business Model 25:54 12/02/2019
Redefining A Home Health Business Model with Nate Forman 30:53 11/04/2019
Breaking Down The Resume: Identifying The Role A Resume Plays In Picking Top Talent! 36:47 10/07/2019
Why Is Recruitment So Frustrating?: Strategies For 21st Century Recruitment That Sticks 40:58 09/02/2019
Define Your Scale: Does Size Matter? 35:48 08/05/2019
The Power Of Self-Awareness: Understanding Yourself As A Vehicle For Change 41:04 07/01/2019
Breaking Down The Entrepreneur’s Journey & Strategies For Overcoming Adversity 37:55 06/03/2019
Defining Your Purpose & Why 32:20 05/06/2019