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Private Practice Survival Guide

Brandon Seigel, President of Wellness Works Management Partners, is an internationally known private practice consultant with over fifteen years of executive leadership experience. Seigel's book "The Private Practice Survival Guide" takes private practice entrepreneurs on a journey to unlocking key strategies for surviving―and thriving―in today’s business environment. Now Brandon Seigel goes beyond the book and brings the same great tips, tricks, and anecdotes to improve your private practice in this companion podcast.


Motivation With Metrics In Order To Move The Needle!
Brandon breaks down the motivation behind metrics and how to create a story that ultimately moves the needle. Brandon builds a strategy around using metrics with patients, employees, and even insurance companies to optimize your trajectory.
44:08 12/05/2022
Choosing The Right Personality Test To Build A Cohesive Team
In this episode, Brandon will break down the role of utilizing a personality test to build a cohesive team. He will highlight 3 common personality tests that many organizations utilize, and share real feedback from each test and the impact it would have on Brandon if he were to hire or manage himself as a team player based on the results of each test.
49:20 11/07/2022
Breaking Down Your Financial Profit & Loss Statement: Secrets To Budgeting For An Upcoming Year
This episode will breakdown the essential data points in your profit and loss statement. It will give you industry standards on notable metrics connected to your profit and loss statement. It will also share strategies on how to build a budget based on your profit and loss.
40:12 10/03/2022
Crafting Your Employee Benefits Package As A “Mom & Pop” Size Private Practice
In this episode, we uncover creative strategies to develop a benefit package that is valued, creates retention, and stands out from the traditional approach to employer sponsored benefits.
45:48 09/05/2022
The ABC’s Of A Medical Billing Audit
In this episode, Brandon uncovers the different types of medical billing audits to be prepared for as a private practice. In addition, Brandon brings strategies and checklists for preparing to do a self audit of your documentation and medical billing processes.
39:35 08/01/2022
Strategies For Creating Your Private Practice Marketing Plan
In this episode, Brandon breaks down the reason for creating a private practice marketing roadmap and the key ingredients to executing a successful marketing strategy. Topics covered include sections in your marketing plan, KPI and accountability, how to calculate your patient acquisition cost to develop a marketing budget, and so much more!
33:48 07/04/2022
Private Practice Marketing: Search Marketing vs. Disruptive Marketing
This information packed episode breaks down 7 strategies to optimize your disruptive marketing approach. In addition, Brandon Seigel will uncover 10 strategies to optimize your search marketing approach. If you are struggling to attract new clients, this is a must listen episode.
40:01 06/06/2022
Everything EMR: How To Pick Your Ideal EMR/EHR Software Solution
One of the most essential tools in today’s private practice is the practice management software also known as an EMR. This episode breaks down essential strategies to keep in mind when making a change of EMRs and what to look for in your next system.
37:58 05/02/2022
The Secret To Implementing An Effective Cancellation Policy
In this episode, Brandon breaks down the impact that cancellations are having on private practice’s stability in today’s environment. Brandon brings strategic objectives in implementing a policy that makes an impact and what it takes to hold patients more accountable in such an ever changing world.
35:24 04/04/2022
Recruiting For Retention: Strategies In Prioritizing Your Employee Roadmap
In this episode, Brandon expresses his passion about the challenges of employee retention and emphasis on recruitment for retention. Brandon breaks down key statistics impacting retention, the importance of optimizing your interview and on-boarding processes, and the strategic approach that is necessary in prioritizing your employee roadmap.
42:49 03/07/2022
3 Books That Can Transform Your Private Practice Entrepreneurial Journey
In this episode, Brandon brings great motivation and strategies through presenting 3 of his favorite books for 2022 and the key takeaways he has seen personal benefit from on his own entrepreneurial journey.
40:42 02/07/2022
Best Revenue Cycle Management Strategies When Kicking Off A New Year!
In this episode, Brandon introduces 10 strategies to optimize your medical billing and revenue cycle management infrastructure at the beginning of a new year. From optimizing your communication to strategies around revenue cycle management metrics, this episode will optimize your medical billing approach to increase cash flow and better your bottom line.
37:08 01/03/2022
Integrating Diversity & Inclusion Education To Transform Your Private Practice Impact with Chris Singleton
In this spotlight interview, Brandon interviews best selling author, motivational speaker, and purpose driven entrepreneur, Chris Singleton. Brandon & Chris look at how purpose driven entrepreneurship can be a vehicle for spreading love, empowering inclusion, and educating on diversity to change the world in a positive way.
44:01 12/06/2021
Strategic Budgeting, Planning, & Executing For The Year Ahead!
In this episode, Brandon breaks down the “ABCs” of budgeting for the year ahead. He will define “the why”, “the metrics”, and your “strategic action requirements” so that you can optimize your trajectory in your practice and implement accountability in the year ahead.
37:02 11/01/2021
Organize 365: The Art Of Organizing Your Life, Your Business, Your Trajectory With World Renowned Organizer, Lisa Woodruff
In this spotlight episode, Brandon interviews CEO of Organize 365, Lisa Woodruff. Lisa is a trailblazer entrepreneur who has been featured in Fast Company, US News and World Report, along with many other publications. Together, Brandon and Lisa will uncover many new strategies related to unlocking your private practice efficiencies and productivity.https://organize365.com
47:20 10/04/2021
Breaking Down Your Business Entity Structure And Compliance Strategy with World Renowned Entrepreneur, Aaron Scott Young
In this episode, Brandon collaborates with one of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, Aaron Scott Young. Their collaboration topics include entrepreneurship, small business compliance, entity structure, and building strategy around tomorrow’s goals instead of today’s pain points.
54:38 09/06/2021
The Journey In Making Your Money Matter with Aaron Freedman
In this spotlight interview, Brandon interviews Financial Advisor and Entrepreneur, Aaron Freedman. Together they break down strategies and concepts behind how we invest in our future and the alignment of making your money work for you to achieve greater purpose in life. Aaron's contact info:208-364-0564aaronfreedman@financialguide.com
41:36 08/02/2021
Understanding Your Financial Strategy When Approaching Real Estate For Your Private Practice
In this strategy packed episode, Brandon breaks down core principles when evaluating the real estate needs for your practice inclusive of purchasing property, renting property, zoning regulations, lease negotiations, and much more! Brandon’s goal is to transform your vision on building assets beyond your service delivery.
44:34 07/05/2021
Optimizing A “Go-Giver Mindset” To Recharge Your Private Practice with Bob Burg
In this spotlight episode, Brandon interviews Bob Burg, a best selling author and leadership icon in which together their conversation unpacks the concept behind the “Go Giver” Book Series and key principles in optimizing your entrepreneurial impact.
39:17 06/07/2021
Crafting Your Compensation Strategy: Understanding The Variables That Impact Your Employee Reimbursement Decisions
In this episode, Brandon passionately breaks down how compensation strategy impacts the purpose of your business. From bonus structures to classification regulations, Brandon will unlock new perspectives, inspiration, and strategy around your compensation approach.
46:02 05/03/2021
Discovering How To Create A Revolutionary Service Experience with Horst Schulze
In this spotlight episode, Brandon interviews one of original founders of Ritz Carlton, Horst Schulze. Brandon and Horst will explore the role of service in healthcare and how we can restore a standard of excellence in our service delivery while unlocking greater growth within a private practice.http://www.wellnessworksmp.com
59:39 04/05/2021
Protecting Your PHI: Unpacking The Most Common HIPAA Breaches
In this episode, Brandon goes into the background on HIPAA legislature, the most common breaches, the potential financial risk, and strategies for protecting your organization. This episode is a must listen to ensure you are taking every measure to protect your practice.
34:48 03/01/2021
Tapping Into Play As A Strategy For Optimizing Employee Engagement with Jeff Harry
In this spotlight interview, Brandon interviews top HR Influencer, Jeff Harry and together they explore the role of play in the workplace and how to unlock employee engagement as a strategy for optimizing private practice growth.
57:21 02/01/2021
Digital Marketing That Makes An Impact In 2021
In this episode, Brandon breaks down common barriers that private practices are facing when crafting digital marketing strategies. Brandon will unpack common misnomers as well introduce principles related to developing a strategy that delivers consistent return on investment results. As the pandemic continues, 2021 is a year of opportunity for those who embrace strategy and tactics as a cornerstone for growth. Join Brandon as he invests his knowledge in growing your private practice growth strategy in 2021.
40:17 01/04/2021
Transcending Your Comfort Zone As A Private Practice Entrepreneur with Sarah Putt, OTR/L
In this spotlight interview episode, Brandon and Sarah explore how entrepreneurs can make the jump from solo-preneur to group practice-preneur. This is a motivation packed episode filled with new perspectives and strategies to fulfilling a big purpose and following a rhythm to success.
59:18 12/07/2020
Building A Strategic Plan For 2021: Secrets To Strategizing For The Future!
In this episode, Brandon Seigel breaks down why we utilize a strategic plan and the key components to building a strategic plan in an ever-changing environment. In addition, Brandon explains how to co-create with your staff in optimizing the strategic intervention experience.
31:42 11/02/2020
Innovating Our Learning Process To Streamline Success with Peter Murphy
In this spotlight interview, Brandon breaks down some essential principles in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship through his spotlight interview of Peter Murphy, co-founder of Pocket Prep. This is a fun and engaging story-telling based learning experience where they touch on tapping into entrepreneurial spirit, algorithmic learning, and more!
51:55 10/05/2020
Mastering Your Soft Skills As A Purpose-Driven Leader: Utilizing Communication To Create Positive Change In Everything You Do!
In this episode, Brandon taps into one of his favorite topics…communication! From building your communication instrument as a purpose driven leader to overcoming conflict, this episode will unlock the master communicator in you!
38:36 09/07/2020
Preventing Private Practice Burnout with Erika Del Pozo
In this episode, Brandon interviews Erika Del Pozo who is an Occupational Therapist and entrepreneur. Erika has tapped into both her Occupational Therapy and entrepreneur spirit to change the world. Erika is helping healthcare professionals identify strategies to prevent burnout while tapping into your inner purpose. This empowering episode will look at strategies for creating an environment that overcomes the most common stressors while aligning with your private practice objectives and ultimately the art of rejuvenation.
42:09 08/03/2020
The Secret To Conquering Your Biggest Private Practice Nightmare: The Insurance Game
In this episode, Brandon engages in a strategic conversation with his Chief Billing Manager, Reney Depuy where they banter, collaborate, and ultimately unlock new perspectives on how to solve the insurance puzzle as a private practice owner. This episode will break down why 3rd party billing companies can create challenges in the billing process, identify the variables of solving the insurance barriers, and inspire new strategies for success in the insurance
33:36 07/06/2020