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A New York Jew and an Italian from Long Island watch forgotten movies and tackle humanity's most pressing issues.


Season 2: In Review
The boys polish off season 2 with a controversial conversation about women and farm animals, an interview with a friend of the podcast and a deep analysis into cryptocurrency. Colin also compares anti-bullying culture with "snitches get stitches". Thanks for everything guys. See you in a few months!
93:37 5/16/21
After Hours
In this episode, the boys watch another great movie. This time, it's the Scorsese film, "After Hours" starring Griffin Dunne.
80:32 4/25/21
Broadway Danny Rose
The boys discuss the vaccine, the New Yorkers who lost it all and watch the 1984 Woody Allen classic, Broadway Danny Rose. Was he innocent?
72:15 4/18/21
The Leftovers Ep.2
In this episode, the boys lazily just chat. No movie, some bits all banter. Guest callers: Marcello, Justin, GrantMusic: Vignette- Jack Brandfield
85:39 4/11/21
Thank God for Jokes
In this intense episode, the boys interview Aaron Bissoondial of Damn Janis. Look out for their single releasing on April 2nd.Also, Zaq and Colin watch the disappointing Mike Birbiglia comedy special, Thank God for Jokes. 
63:16 3/28/21
Sex and the City
The boys become middle aged women in this episode where they watch Sarah Jessica Parker's Sex and the City. They also talk about nostalgic TV shows, Zaq's golf career and some interesting people Colin's been meeting around campus.
65:17 3/14/21
Ben Thomas Taylor
In this exclusive interview, Ben Taylor discusses his incredible new album, his controversial party and his relationships: past and future.The Bohemian by Ben Taylor drops on March 12th. Check it out! Email: admin@mygutpodcast.comInstagram: @mygutpodcast
77:35 3/7/21
The Red Balloon
Zaq tells stories of love lost and love gained, Colin gets passionate about copyright and the boys review the 1956 French short film, The Red Balloon starring Pascal Lamorisse. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe to us on YouTube! @MyGutPodcast
74:36 2/28/21
The Anthony Weiner Episode
After the outpour of support on our last episode, the boys dedicate a whole episode to the 2016 documentary, Weiner. Also, Colin tells stories of the times he's been punched in the face, and Zaq gives a controversial ZD's Top 5.Check out the video version on YouTube!Instagram: @mygutpodcastEmail us:
85:27 2/21/21
Season 2 hype! In this episode, Zaq shows off his various new impressions, Colin compares himself to OJ Simpson and the boys review the 2002 thriller, Phonebooth starring Colin Farrell.Also, THE GUT IS NOW ON VIDEO! Check out our shiny new YouTube account: My Gut Podcast.Don't forget to follow our Instagram and email us at
92:20 2/14/21
The 2020 Episode
The boys discuss some events that happened this year that you might not remember. Season 2 of My Gut Tells Me... comes out at the end of January. 
48:53 1/1/21
The Boss or Bitch Marathon
In this very special episode, the boys have 21 guests on the show to answer various "Boss or Bitch" questions. Guests: Aaron, Sydney, Avi, Joie, James, Justin, Sarah, Ben A, Gabby, Jeff, Ben T, Kevin, Brandon S, Jonah, Blake, Brandon R, Sabrina & Company, Grant, MaxNEW Instagram: @mygutpodcastEmail questions/ music to
127:58 12/13/20
Season 1: In Review
For the last official episode of Season 1, the boys reminisce on moments they thought were "unforgettable". Next week we have a "Boss or Bitch" marathon, so shoot us an email if you want to be featured as a call-in guest!Email music/questions to
45:44 12/6/20
The Leftovers Ep.1
In this episode, the boys just chat. No movie, no bit, all banter. We bake some leftover content from previous episodes in here too. Call-in Guest: Luca Scopetta-SternSend music/questions to
61:54 11/29/20
Colin has a sax lesson in Yonkers, Zaq sings the song he would perform at a Bat Mitzvah and the boys review the 1998 psychological thriller, Pi starring Sean Gullette.Music: Milo by The SaplingsSend music/questions to
72:35 11/22/20
Ballad of Buster Scruggs (ft. Duncan)
In our first episode with a full guest, Colin tells his "shit-gate" story, Zaq wants to visit Long John Silver's, Duncan reveals some potent advice he'd give his younger self, and the boys review the Netflix original Western compilation, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.Music: Saint Sulpice by LucaEmail music/questions to
99:05 11/15/20
Water to Wine
Zaq gives his top 5 numbers, Colin tells a middle school romantic tale and the boys review the 2004 short film, Water to Wine starring Harrison Ford and his son Malcom. Call-in Guest: Justin G.Music: What Am I by JMODEmail music/questions to
80:35 11/8/20
Colin goes on a 15 minute tangent about shit and piss, Zaq eats chips live and the boys review the 2001 comedy, Made starring Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn.Music: Turn Red by Avery Chapman Email music/questions to
105:30 11/1/20
The Blob
In this special Halloween episode, Colin discusses his controversial 2009 costume, Zaq shows off his various impressions and the boys review the 1958 horror classic, The Blob starring Steve McQueen.Music: Get Away by Brian O'Shea Email music/questions to
96:15 10/25/20
Evan Almighty
Colin explains Long Island town names, Zaq becomes Artie Lange and the boys watch the 2007 religious comedy, Evan Almighty starring Steve Carell.Music: Alive by Grim All DayEmail music/questions to
95:44 10/18/20
Murder, My Sweet
Colin talks for far too long, Zaq straight up falls asleep and the boys review the 1944 film noir classic, Murder, My Sweet starring Dick Powell.Go to www. for free delivery on any order over $35. Thanks InstaCart!Music: Undone by Maddy SeitlesEmail music/questions to
92:41 10/11/20
Dear Mr. Wonderful
Colin is found on Craigslist Missed Connections, Zaq hates fruits and the boys review the confusing 1982 drama, Dear Mr. Wonderful starring Joe Pesci. Go to www. for free delivery on any order over $35. Thanks InstaCart!Music: The Fairy by Paavo
106:22 10/4/20
Psycho (Remake)
The boys review the 1998 remake of Psycho starring Vince Vaughn, Colin has the wrong opinion about the Joker movie and Zaq would much rather have just watched Swingers. Music: Indecision by Mike Ramos
80:19 9/20/20
Mr. Mom
Zaq goes on a date, Colin rants about babies at the movie theater, and the boys review the 1983 classic, Mr. Mom starring Michael Keaton.Music: Skyler's View by Peter Schlamb & Electric Tinks
67:23 9/13/20

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