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The Conservative Business Journal podcast is hosted by John Di Lemme - speaker, author, capitalism strategist, conservative political commentator, and founder of the Conservative Business Journal. Featuring the Who's Who in the Conservative Movement based on their commitment to stand strong and never cower down to the liberal left. John is a fierce fighter of Conservative values that are the foundation of America.


Clay Clark's ReAwaken Tour - John Di Lemme LIVE 16:54 09/26/2021
Thank You to the Thousands of Patriots 15:15 09/26/2021
Whistleblower Army Wife Exposes How Husband was Forced Out of Military Over Covid Tests & Vaccine 23:42 09/25/2021
Angel Warrior Network Interviews John Di Lemme 77:11 09/23/2021
John Di Lemme is Interviewed by Professor Toto 62:07 09/22/2021
Trump vs Pence - Professor Toto Exposes the Truth 91:21 09/21/2021
Dr Linda Lee Tarver Unleashes about Election Integrity, Following the Bible, and Never Backing Down! 32:27 09/20/2021
How to Survive a Mass Shooting by Navy Seal Jason Redman 33:30 09/20/2021
10 Deadly Side Effects of the Covid Vaccine (Not a Vaccine) 103:52 09/20/2021
Pizza Ladies Prove It...We The People! 28:51 09/19/2021
Whistleblower Nurse Exposes Truth about Ventilators 04:18 09/18/2021
Mama Bears Fight Mask Mandates 73:09 09/18/2021
Whistleblower Nurse Exposes Why Covid Patients are Dying in Hospitals 95:11 09/17/2021
"Nazis are Not Welcome Here!" Pastor Artur Pawlowski LIVE 68:41 09/16/2021
Vaccine Patents Fraud EXPOSED 43:51 09/15/2021
Clay Clark Special Guest on the CBJ Real News Podcast Show 38:04 09/15/2021
Dr Olga Ravasi Exposes the Corruption in America and How we Must Fight to Save our Country!  43:56 09/14/2021
We The People are Media... 47:39 09/14/2021
Working Out with Thomas Jefferson... 26:29 09/09/2021
Deadly CDC Covid Treatment Protocol 68:16 09/08/2021
God's Way Not Biden's Way... 78:37 09/08/2021
Georgia Governor...Kandiss Taylor Believes She's the Best Choice! 65:22 09/07/2021
We The People Fight Back for America 37:55 09/06/2021
Vaccinated People are Shedding Spike Proteins onto Others 53:25 09/04/2021
Vietnam Veterans Expose the Truth about America 37:49 09/03/2021
Horrors of Communism and Socialism and how the 2020 Election was Stolen from President Trump! 33:18 09/03/2021
Freedom, Finding Faith, and Why He Left Socialism! 33:12 09/03/2021
COVID-19 Fraud Exposed by Medical Doctor 69:42 09/03/2021
Truth about Masks and The Gene Therapy "Vaccine"!  36:55 09/02/2021
Constitutional Lawyer Christy McLaughlin Unleashes about the Indoctrination of the Youth in America by the Left! 26:16 09/02/2021