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Discover the Secrets of Deep Tech Success with Christian SoschnerDiscover the strategies and mindsets that transform cutting-edge deep tech ideas into thriving businesses. Christian Soschner delves into the world of deep tech, exploring how entrepreneurs and investors build value and navigate the unique challenges of breakthrough industries.Each episode features candid conversations with top investors, industry disruptors, and insightful book reviews – dissecting the strategies behind success, observed through my lens, shaped by 35+ years of building organizations and insights from ultrarunning, chess, and martial arts.Expect:Investor Insights: Learn from experts who fund innovation, identifying opportunities and mitigating risk.Entrepreneurial Journeys: Go behind-the-scenes with founders turning deep tech concepts into impactful companies.Relevant Book Reviews: Discover actionable wisdom from biographies, strategy guides, and thought-provoking reads.Focus on Impact: Understand the business models, investment strategies, and market trends that fuel deep tech's potential for real-world impact.Whether you're building the next big thing, investing in it, or keen on understanding this transformative space, this podcast is your guide to success in the world of deep tech.Join the community and shape the conversation:


EP 128: Squire Servance - Beyond Profit: Venture Capital’s Key Role in Solving Health Disparities
🚀 Investing with Impact: Squire Servance on Health Equity & Venture CapitalUnlock the power of venture capital to address health disparities and drive positive social change.  In this insightful episode, we speak with Squire Servance, founder of health equity fund Syridex Bio.  Discover his unique approach to investing in companies tackling underserved health needs, proving that profitability and purpose can coexist.🎙️ What's in the Episode:1️⃣ Investing in Overlooked Markets: Learn how health disparities create massive untapped opportunities for innovation and investment.2️⃣ The Power of Diversity:  Squire Servance explains why investing in diverse founders and solutions yields better outcomes for both society and investors.3️⃣ Data-Driven Impact:  Discover how Servance evaluates companies to ensure they drive both health equity progress and financial returns.👨‍💼 About Squire Servance:Squire Servance is a visionary VC on a mission to accelerate health equity while generating transformative returns. His commitment to investing in solutions for underserved populations offers a powerful blueprint for venture capital that creates a healthier, more equitable world.🎥  Watch this episode to gain valuable insights into how venture capital can be a force for good. Squire Servance's perspective is essential for impact-driven investors and anyone interested in the intersection of health and innovation.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTHost: Christian Soschner📌 Quotes:(00:08:10) "The love just kind of grew, grew from there."(00:39:02) "Accelerating health equity, while generating returns, transforms lives and society."(00:57:45) "You can do good and do well by directing capitalism towards health equity."(01:17:35) "We're leaving money on the table by not investing in diverse founders."(01:25:46) "Everyone has blind spots; that's why diverse teams perform better."(01:45:29) "There's no shortcut for success."⏰ Timestamps:(00:00:00) Introduction(00:02:42) The Genesis of a Life Sciences Revolution(00:08:48) Blueprint to Venture Capital: Squire's Journey(00:15:11) Igniting Change: The Genesis of a Health Equity Fund Amidst COVID(00:27:09) Venture Capital's Role in Bridging Health Disparities: A New Focus(00:28:58) Market Volatility: A Contrarian VC's Perspective(00:33:52) Health Equity as a Massive Global Market(00:48:00) The Evolution of Biotech Funding: From Genentech to Today(00:54:45) Tackling Health Equity: The Need for Collective Action(00:56:48) Harnessing Capitalism for Health Equity(01:03:30) The Role of Social Media and AI in Advancing Biotech Ventures(01:10:18) The Digital Footprint: How Online Presence Shapes VC Decisions(01:16:26) The Underrepresentation Crisis in VC Funding(01:24:54) Investing with a Broader Vision:(01:29:32) Investing in Health Equity(01:42:18) Expanding the Scope of Health Equity Investment(01:44:54) Success is Not a Shortcut: The Power of ConsistencySupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
113:05 4/19/24
MM21: Mastering Venture Capital in a Volatile Market: Insights from a Life Science Investor
Venture capital funding is drying up, but is this a crisis or an opportunity?  Squire Servance, founder of Syridex Bio,, explains the "denominator problem," why savvy investors are targeting overlooked assets, and how his fund addresses health disparities.Link to full episodeSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
09:11 4/12/24
MM20: Alarming Disparities Exposed: A VC's Take on Health Equity - Squire Servance, Syridex Bio
Witness the raw truth as Squire Servance, founder of Syridex Bio, a healthcare impact investor, sheds light on the glaring health disparities in the US.In this exclusive clip (full episode coming this week!), Squire dives deep into the root causes –  from social determinants to systemic issues – and why a concerted effort across sectors is crucial for achieving true health equity.This conversation matters to investors and C-level executives seeking to understand the hidden market potential and the social responsibility of addressing these disparities.  Stay tuned!Link to full episodeSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
10:17 4/8/24
#127: Tim Cook's Apple: Leadership, Profit, Privacy, & Changing the World (Book Review)
Ever wondered how Apple became a trillion-dollar empire, even after the loss of Steve Jobs? This Tim Cook biography summary reveals the operational genius and the ethical leadership strategies that redefined the company. Discover secrets of Apple's growth, innovation, and Cook's unwavering commitment to privacy.Problems This Solves:Feeling overwhelmed by market volatility? Discover Cook's calculated risk-taking and long-term vision that secured Apple's success.Struggling to build the right team? Learn how Cook fostered a culture of collaboration, cross-functional thinking, and relentless focus on excellence.Unsure how to navigate ethics in a profit-driven world? Get inspired by Cook's unwavering commitment to privacy, diversity, and sustainability.Why Listen:Gain insights normally reserved for Apple insiders. Understand the strategies behind their most iconic (and risky) product launches.Learn from a master of operational efficiency. Break down how Cook perfected the global supply chain, fueling Apple's growth.Become a more values-driven leader. Discover how Cook built a company that's both massively profitable AND a force for good.Link to the BookTimestamps:(00:00) Intro to the Tim Cook: The Genius Who Took Apple to the Next Level by Leander Kahney(02:35) The Author: Leander Kahney(06:21) TLDR: Book Overview(09:04) The Introduction Chapter(14:21) Chapter 1: The Death of Steve Jobs(18:35) Chapter 2: A Worldview Shaped by the Deep South(23:50) Chapter 3: Learning the Trade at Big Blue(29:00) Chapter 4: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity to Join a Near-Bankrupt Company(34:00) Chapter 5: Saving Apple Through Outsourcing(38:45) Chapter 6: Stepping into Steve Jobs' Shoes(44:30) Chapter 7: Finding his Feet with Hot New Products(48:15) Chapter 8: A Greener Apple(51:02) Chapter 9: Cook Fights the Law and Wins(54:35) Chapter 10: Doubling Down on Diversity(59:00) Chapter 11: Robot Cars and the Future of Apple(01:02:00) Chapter 12: Apple's Best CEO(01:06:00) Key Takeaways and ReflectionReady to unlock the secrets of visionary leadership? Dive into this revealing book summary!Did you enjoy the episode? Then you might enjoy these too:Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
71:11 4/2/24
EP 126: Owen Reynolds is Changing the Game: Risk, Returns, & the Future of Tech
🚀 Navigating the Future: Owen Reynolds' Blueprint for Venture Capital Success!Join us in this riveting episode as we explore the visionary mind of Owen Reynolds, a leading figure at Teklas Ventures, renowned for his strategic foresight in the venture capital arena. Delve into how Owen's innovative approach is not just navigating, but pioneering new pathways for startups to scale from groundbreaking ideas to global phenomena.🎙️ What's in the Episode:1️⃣ The Hardware Revolution: Owen discusses the critical role of hardware in catapulting technological advancements beyond current limitations.2️⃣ Sustainable Energy for an Addicted World: Insights into the quest for cleaner, more sustainable energy sources to fuel our future.3️⃣ Europe's Hidden Gems: Unveiling the untapped potential within Europe's tech landscape and the unique opportunities it presents.👨‍💼 About Owen Reynolds:With a profound background in venture capital and a keen eye on industrial and energy sectors, Owen Reynolds stands at the helm of Teklas Ventures, steering investments towards automation, robotics, and sustainable energy solutions. His passion for marrying innovation with sustainability drives his mission to foster startups that not only succeed financially but also contribute positively to society. Owen's philosophy revolves around embracing risk for monumental returns, setting a new benchmark in venture capital.🎥 Immerse yourself in this enlightening episode to journey into the future of venture capital with Owen Reynolds. Discover the strategies shaping the next wave of startup success and innovation with Teklas Ventures.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTHost: Christian Soschner📌 Quotes:(00:07:45) "If I could do this for the rest of my life, it would be incredible."(00:17:11) "I invest in people that scare me a little bit."(00:43:03) "We can't get big capital flows without doing above market returns."(00:52:06) "Expecting market returns demands a mature set of founders and asset managers."(01:10:03) "Creative destruction is part of a healthy ecosystem, revitalizing it for future cycles."(01:24:33) "Every investment opportunity has its own risks and return profile, requiring a calculated approach."⏰ Timestamps:(00:07:45) The Genesis of a Venture Capitalist's Passion(00:11:50) Envisioning the Future of Startups(00:17:11) Owen Reynolds on Seeking Founders Who Challenge Him(00:25:15) Discussing Modern Portfolio Theory in Venture Capital(00:42:04) Measuring Success in Venture Investment: Returns, Impact, Technology(00:43:03) Prioritizing Returns in Venture Capital for Sustainable Impact(00:43:49) Navigating ESG: Beyond Compliance to Genuine Impact(00:50:24) Investing in Down Markets: Overcoming Fear with Strategic Capital Allocation(00:59:16) Navigating Investment Strategies(01:10:03) Creative Destruction in the Venture Ecosystem(01:13:27) Navigating Venture Capital in a Shifting Market: Strategies for the Future(01:22:21) Envisioning the Venture Landscape: A Mature, Grounded Future for Startups(01:24:33) "Every investment opportunity has its own risks and return profile, requiring a calculated approach."(01:25:45) Exploring the Limits of Software in Technological Advancements(01:27:57) Envisioning a Future Shaped by Diverse Energy Sources and Sustainable InnovationSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
93:29 3/5/24
EP125 - Dan Bowyer: Revolutionizing Ventures: Dan Bowyer's Blueprint for Disruptive Success
🚀 Revolutionizing the Game: Dan Bowyer's Vision for the Future of Venture Capital!In this compelling episode, join us as we unravel the insights and strategies of Dan Bowyer, a pioneering force in the venture capital world with SuperSeed VC. Discover how his unique approach is not just reshaping, but revolutionizing how startups navigate the journey from conception to global impact.🎙️ What's in the Episode:1️⃣ Disrupting Traditional Enterprises: Dan shares his mission to challenge the status quo, focusing on startups that enhance productivity and efficiency.2️⃣ The SuperSeed Approach: Learn about SuperSeed VC's innovative strategy in investing early in technical founders, transforming how the world works.3️⃣ Building Impactful Businesses: Insights into how Dan Bowyer and SuperSeed VC are fostering companies that prioritize both profitability and positive societal impact.👨‍💼 About Dan Bowyer:With over 20 years of entrepreneurial and investing experience, Dan Bowyer is a co-founder and partner at SuperSeed VC, focusing on B2B, European AI-first startups. His passion lies in aiding technical founders to navigate the early stages of their journey, ensuring they not only achieve financial success but also make a meaningful impact in their sectors and beyond. Dan's philosophy is centered around making money and doing good, setting a new standard in the venture capital ecosystem.🎥 Tune in to this insightful episode to delve into the visionary world of venture capital with Dan Bowyer. Discover the future of startup success and innovation with SuperSeed VC.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTHost: Christian Soschner📌 Quotes:(00:06:18) "My passion is reflecting to founders the realities of raising capital."(00:20:55) "I discovered a thousand ways not to build a lightbulb."(00:36:52) "I just want to mess with enterprise, to truly disrupt the productivity and efficiency."(01:02:49) "We care that it transforms sectors, not about the sector itself."(01:04:24) "We use client engagement as a diligence process to gauge market pull."(01:22:37) "Solve problems. If you're not solving problems every board meeting, it's wrong."(01:32:02) "Make money and do good. Whether you're a founder or investor, improve the world."⏰ Timestamps:(00:03:00) The Genesis of a Venture Capitalist: Dan Bowyer's Diverse Path(00:10:31) Tech Transformation: From Pop Star to Tech Savant(00:18:57) The Paradox of Success and the Joy of Building(00:21:17) Navigating Failures: The Pathway to Innovation(00:27:16) Europe's Reluctance to Risk and Its Global Impact(00:32:56) Harnessing European Talent and Innovation for Global Leadership(00:40:01) Bridging the Gap: Venture Capital and Societal Change(00:46:24) Defining True Entrepreneurship: Disruption and Transformation(00:51:49) Transforming Enterprise: Beyond Destruction to Innovation(00:59:23) The Evolution of Industry Giants: A Look Ahead(01:04:24) Validating Market Pull Through Founder Diligence(01:09:55) Deep Tech: Defining the Future Beyond Traditional Business Models(01:14:11) Betting on World-Class Teams to Solve AI Challenges(01:22:37) The Core Role of a Board: Problem Solving for GrowthDive into this transformative discussion on venture capital, innovation, and making a positive impact. Remember to like, comment, and share to help grow our show and bring more insightful content like this to our community.Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
94:58 2/19/24
#124: From Zero to Billion: How Venture Capital Shapes Our World | 'The Power Law' Review
Venture capital is the lifeblood of innovation, transforming bold ideas into groundbreaking realities. Yet, navigating this high-stakes world is fraught with challenges that only the daring overcome. "The Power Law" by Sebastian Mallaby reveals the untold stories of the mavericks who dared to invest in the improbable, shaping our world with technologies once deemed impossible.Why This Summary is a Must-Watch:Decipher the DNA of Venture Success: Understand the principles that have propelled companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook to astronomical heights.Learn from the Masters: Insights from legendary investors and firms like Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz.Navigate the Highs and Lows: Real-life tales of venture capital hits and misses, including the meteoric rise of unicorns and the cautionary tales of Theranos and WeWork.Purchase "The Power Law" now and embark on a journey to mastering the art of venture capital🎙️ Here's what you'll discover in this summary:The Architect Behind 'The Power Law': A look into Sebastian Mallaby's background and how his insights offer a unique perspective on the VC world.Decoding "The Power Law": Explore the main concepts that govern venture capital success and failure.Quick Guide: The 7 Key Takeaways from the book for those short on time.Chapter Summaries: A detailed walkthrough of each chapter, highlighting crucial lessons, from the origins of VC to the latest trends shaping the future of technology and investment.Personal Reflection: My personal journey through the lens of Venture Capital and how "The Power Law" has reshaped my understanding of what it takes to succeed.Don't miss out on this essential guide that could very well dictate the success of your next big venture or investment. Click to watch the episode now and step into the world of Venture Capital as you've never seen it before.⏰ Timestamps:(00:00) Opening words(02:00) Sebastian Mallaby’s background (05:00) Main Concepts in “The Power Law”(08:33) Too long did not listen: The 7 Key Takeaways from the book(14:30) Chapter: Introduction(18:55) Chapter 1: Arthur Rock and Liberation Capital(23:01) Chapter 2: Finance without Finance(26:05) Chapter 3: The Genentech story(30:00) Chapter 4: The Whispering of Apple(34:04) Chapter 5: Silicon Valley’s culture of open collaboration and mutual support – Metcalfe’s Law(37:36) Chapter 6: Chance favors only the prepared mind combined with character and discipline(40:45) Chapter 7: Softbank’s 100 Million for everybody(44:00) Chapter 8: How to Build a Startup in a Saturated Market(47:20) Chapter 9: How Y-Combinator Redefined Early-Stage Investing(51:00) Chapter 10: The Rise of the Chinese Dragon(54:10) Chapter 11: Redefining Global Communication(57:20) Chapter 12: The Principle of Incremental Margins in Growth Investing(01:01:34) Chapter 13: Community fostered by Sequoia Capital(01:04:50) Chapter 14: What would Success in Venture be Without Failures Like Theranos or Wework?(01:08:25) Chapter: Conclusion by Mallaby(01:11:30) My conclusionSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
77:18 2/8/24
EP 123 - Navigating the New Era of European Innovation with David Dana
🚀 Europe's Tech Transformation: David Dana's Vision for the Future!In this episode, join me, Christian Soschner, for an enlightening conversation with David Dana, a leading figure in the European tech investment landscape. Discover how his strategic approach at the European Investment Fund (EIF) is driving innovation and shaping the future of technology in Europe.🎙️ What's in the Episode:1️⃣ Europe's Growing Tech Influence: David Dana discusses Europe's evolving role in the global tech market and its potential to become a key player.2️⃣ The Art of Risk and Reward: Explore how embracing risk is essential for significant returns in the European investment scene.3️⃣ Quantum Tech Revolution: Insights into the burgeoning field of quantum technologies and its global impact.4️⃣ Collaborative Tech Transfer: Understanding the importance of openness in tech transfer to enhance ecosystem value.5️⃣ Beyond Investing: Learn about EIF's strategic approach to deploying capital for broader market growth.👨‍💼 About David Dana:David Dana, Head of VC Investments at EIF, is a mastermind in disruptive tech and innovation. With over a decade of experience at EIF and a profound understanding of various tech sectors, David is at the forefront of supporting Europe's tech sovereignty. His expertise in AI, Blockchain, Space, and Quantum Technologies, among others, is driving Europe's tech revolution.🎥 Don't miss this insightful episode where we delve into the strategies and visions shaping Europe's tech future with David Dana. Tune in now to uncover the transformative power of European innovation.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTHost: Christian Soschner📌 Quotes:(00:06:42) "Europe has a role to play in the global market."(00:27:34) "If you don't take the risk, you will not get the rewards."(00:34:50) "Quantum technologies are at the beginning of something potentially huge."(00:46:25) "Opening to other shareholders helps to value and support the ecosystem more effectively."(01:04:16) "We need to generate returns; it's not just about deploying, it's about investing."(01:20:30) “Europe has the capacity, knowledge, and brains to innovate and change the world.”(01:27:51) "We need to empower others by trusting them, giving them autonomy and responsibility."⏰ Timestamps:(00:03:00) Discovering the European Investment Fund: David Dana's Journey(00:06:10) The Evolution of the European Tech Market: Insights from David Dana(00:17:46) Navigating Risk in Alternative Investments: David Dana's Perspective(00:21:05) The Exit Market Challenge: Europe vs. US in Venture Capital(00:31:45) Cultural Shift for European Innovation: Breaking National Barriers(00:34:50) Quantum Technologies: The Potential for Revolutionary Impact(00:45:50) Early Stage Funding and Tech Transfer in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities(00:48:32) Balancing Global Expansion and European Growth: Strategies for Tech Companies(00:59:30) Convincing Success: The Key to Gaining EIF Support(01:06:11) Navigating the Investment Process: EIF's Rigorous Due Diligence Approach(01:12:50) EIF's Rigorous Investment Process: Ensuring Quality and Due Diligence(01:24:32) Evolving Role of EIF: Focusing on Specialized Strategies in Europe(01:25:31) Empowering Teams for Decision-Making(01:38:15) Navigating Investment Successes and Failures(01:40:17) Confronting the Future with a Brave Initiative(01:50:19) Fostering a Supportive Ecosystem for InnovationSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
113:30 1/29/24
EP 122: Change-Makers of 2023: Discovering New Paths in Health, Technology, and Climate
Ready to make 2024 your best year ever? If so, this episode is tailor-made for you. We've hand-picked the five most impactful, insightful, and exhilarating pieces of advice from various episodes of 2023, each poised to help you navigate the coming year with greater clarity and confidence.First and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to every speaker who graced my show. Each conversation was a journey, each insight a treasure. As I set out to select the five most inspiring, impactful, and insightful clips from different episodes for this special 'Best of 2023' compilation, I realized how every moment was invaluable. Grateful for every guest, I turned to ChatGPT to impartially choose five episodes that offer guidance, wisdom, and foresight to navigate 2024 with clarity and purpose.🔥 Are you ready to embrace 2024 with the wisdom of the past year? Dive into this meticulously curated episode that brings together the brilliance of thought leaders from diverse fields. This isn't just another podcast episode; it's a guidebook for your journey through 2024 and beyond.In this episode, discover:The transformative tale of a biotech entrepreneur's Christmas Eve breakthrough.Insightful perspectives on the evolving landscape of mental health.Innovative economic strategies transforming New Jersey's growth.Urgent messages from the frontlines of climate change.The promising potential of climate tech in creating a greener future.Speaker in this episode: Philipp BaaskeMatias SerebrinskyKara MooreKimberley MinerYair ReemEach segment is more than just a story; it's a beacon of knowledge and inspiration to guide you through the year. And to enrich your experience, we've included timestamps for each featured clip, allowing you to delve into the sections that resonate most with you.⏰ Timestamps:(02:50) "The Christmas Eve Breakthrough: Nanotemper's Leap to Success" – Discover how a single crucial experiment on Christmas Eve catalyzed a biotech startup's journey to triumph.(09:26) "Redefining Mental Health: A New Era with AI and Psychedelics" – Explore Matias Serebrinsky's vision of the future of mental health treatment.(18:02) "New Jersey's Economic Revolution: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities" – Unveil Kara Moore's insights on New Jersey's innovative strategies for economic growth.(24:04) "Climate Urgency: A Scientist's Warning from Everest to NASA" – Delve into Dr. Kimberley R. Miner's compelling narrative on the immediate threats of climate change.(30:11) "Green Gold Rush: Yair Reem's Vision for Climate Tech" – Learn about the massive potential in climate technology with Yair Reem's forward-thinking approach.Join us on this enlightening journey as we explore, learn, and grow together. If this episode sparks curiosity, resonates with you, or inspires change, please like, comment, and share. Your engagement helps us continue bringing transformative conversations to light.👉 Follow us for more insightful episodes:, while this podcast is a treasure trove of knowledge, it is not a substitute for professional advice. It's a companion in your quest for personal and professional growth.We can't wait to have you on this jSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
36:40 1/16/24
SP 15: 2024 Vision: Amplifying Deep Tech Voices – Insights from Investors and Entrepreneurs on 'Beginner's Mind'
Dive into the future with 'Beginner’s Mind' as I unveil the 2024 vision, a groundbreaking journey through the world of deep tech. In this special episode, join me for a riveting exploration into the minds of tech giants like Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Elon Musk. Discover exclusive insights that are shaping the future of technology and investment.We're not just talking about trends; we're discussing real impact and growth. As we expand and professionalize our content, each conversation becomes a beacon for entrepreneurs and investors seeking a deeper understanding of the evolving digital landscape. From invaluable book reviews to compelling dialogues with leading figures, this episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for our ambitious audience.Expect more than just interviews - get ready for a series of engaging, SEO-optimized discussions that not only resonate with your aspirations but also provide practical insights for your professional journey. Be part of a thought-provoking experience that connects you with the heart of innovation and investment in 2024.Don't forget to support us with a like, comment, or a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, and subscribe on YouTube. Your engagement is our driving force in bringing more impactful content to the forefront of the deep tech world. Tune in to 'Beginner’s Mind' and transform the way you perceive the future of technology and business.Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
05:03 1/10/24
EP 121 - Matías Peire: How Can Latin America Revolutionize Global Biotech?
In this episode, we dive into a groundbreaking conversation with Matías Peire, a trailblazer in the biotech venture capital space. Discover how his innovative approach at GRIDX is reshaping the future of biotech in Latin America.🎙️ What's in the Episode:1️⃣ Bridging Science and Business: Matías discusses the unique challenges and opportunities in connecting Latin American scientific talent with global markets.2️⃣ The GRIDX Approach: Discover how GRIDX is pioneering a new model for venture capitalism in biotech, focusing on nurturing startups right from the idea stage.3️⃣ Latin America's Untapped Potential: Insights into the rich biodiversity and scientific talent in Latin America and how they can revolutionize biotech globally.👨‍💼 About Matías Peire:Matías Peire, a visionary in the venture capital world, has a unique approach to investing in biotech startups. With a background in business administration and finance, and a deep passion for technology and science, Matías is leading GRIDX to transform scientific ideas into successful, impactful businesses. His journey is a testament to the power of visionary leadership in the biotech sector.🎥 Don't miss this insightful episode where we delve into the world of biotech venture capitalism with Matías Peire. Tune in now to discover the future of biotech innovation in Latin America.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTChristian SoschnerMatías Peire📌 Quotes:(00:06:32) "We want to transform how scientists create companies in Latin America."(00:34:35) "Scientists should become entrepreneurs and own their companies, licensing technology from universities."(00:48:07) "The only reason to become an entrepreneur is if you feel you'll regret not doing it."(00:57:50) "It's your responsibility to find a way to bring scientific alternatives to the table."(01:13:32) "You have a huge pool of talent, and almost none are working in the private sector."(01:32:43) "You need flexibility, ambition, and a soul in the game to succeed."(01:37:23) "Ambition to transform science into impact in Latin America."⏰ Timestamps:00:03:55) Climate Change and Venture Capital: Insights from Washington D.C.(00:05:43) Expanding Horizons: GRIDX's Growth Strategy in Latin America(00:18:03) Creating a Venture Capital Fund with a Company Builder Model in LATAM(00:26:49) Building Confidence in Latin American Science for Global Competitiveness(00:35:46) Bridging the Gap: Scientists and the Private Sector in LATAM(00:42:05) Professionalizing University Participation in Venture Capital Processes(00:51:54) Navigating the Storm: Impact as a Connector in Business and Science(00:58:50) The Responsibility of Transforming Production with Science(01:07:57) Achieving Success in Latin America: The Journey of Raising Funds Abroad(01:14:32) Leveraging Latin America's Talent Pool and Biodiversity for Global Impact(01:20:49) Latin American Projects: Showcasing Competitive Science on the Global Stage(01:33:03) Essential Qualities for Success: Learners, Builders, and Ambitious Minds(00:37:00) Keep pushing, it's going to be okay. Follow what you feel and keep pushing.(01:37:23) Ambition to transform science into impact in Latin America.Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
106:36 1/6/24
MM 19: Merry Christmas from Christian Soschner: Uniting Deep Tech with Timeless Wisdom
📢 About This Memorable MomentThis festive season, I reflect on the journey we've shared through the 'Beginner’s Mind' podcast and our collective mission in the deep tech world.📘 Inspiration Behind the Message:Drawing from the insights in Sebastian Mallaby’s 'The Power Law', I discuss how we’ve aimed to nurture connections within the deep tech ecosystem. My message intertwines the philosophies of my Christian and Buddhist heritage, emphasizing the importance of kindness and mutual respect.🥋 Philosophy and Martial Arts:Explore how teachings from Jesus Christ, Viktor Frankl, and the principles of martial arts like Bujinkan have influenced my approach to life and business. These philosophies guide us to not take things personally, to ask questions, and to separate people from problems.📊 Applying Philosophies to Business:Discover five simple yet impactful actions that can elevate startups, scale-ups, and public companies. These include active listening, understanding perspectives, creating win-win negotiations, and more.🙏 A Universal Message:As we celebrate this festive season, let's embrace the spirit of the Golden Rule - a philosophy of kindness and mutual respect that transcends cultures and beliefs.📌 Join the Conversation:I invite you to watch, reflect, and share your thoughts on how these philosophies resonate with you in your personal and professional life.Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
05:34 12/25/23
MM 18: Revolutionizing Mental Health: The Promise of Psychedelic Therapy with Matias Serebrinsky
Dive into a groundbreaking discussion with Matias Serebrinsky from Psymed Ventures, as we uncover the astonishing potential of psychedelic therapy in mental health. In this exclusive clip, Matias reveals groundbreaking clinical trial results for MDMA in treating PTSD, showing unprecedented remission rates and long-term healing. He also discusses the shift from traditional symptom management to actual healing, marking a paradigm shift in psychiatric treatment.Discover how these therapies are not only changing lives but also reshaping our approach to mental health care. Don't miss Matias's insights into this revolutionary field. Watch the full episode for more in-depth analysis and discussions on the future of mental health treatments.Full EpisodeSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
06:48 12/14/23
EP 120: Matias Serebrinsky: Shaping the Future of Mental Health: AI, Psychedelics, and Beyond
Did you know that the intersection of mental health and cutting-edge technology is paving the way for revolutionary therapies that could redefine our approach to mental health and wellness?Imagine a future where AI and novel therapies like psychedelics work together to unlock new realms of mental health treatment. Matias Serebrinsky and Psymed Ventures are at the forefront of this innovation, not just envisioning it—they're actively shaping it.Tune in to explore the new horizons of mental health!🎙️ What's in the Episode:1️⃣ Mental Health Reimagined: He discusses the urgent need for innovative solutions in a world where mental health issues are a growing concern.2️⃣ The Investment in Innovation: Discover how Psymed Ventures is not just a fund—it's a visionary platform that brings together groundbreaking research and entrepreneurial spirit to transform mental health care.3️⃣ The Revolutionary Potential of Psychedelics: He shares insights into the promising future of psychedelic therapy, AI's role in personalized care, and how these could drastically improve outcomes for patients worldwide.👨‍💼 About Matias Serebrinsky:He isn't just an investor; he's a catalyst for change. A passion has marked his journey from Argentina to Silicon Valley for disruptive technologies. As the force behind Psymed Ventures, Matias leverages his expertise in AI and his entrepreneurial background to champion a new era of mental health treatments that prioritize healing and holistic care. His philosophy is simple yet profound: invest in solutions that heal the mind and uplift humanity.🎥 Don't miss this compelling episode where we delve into the future of mental health. Tune in now to understand how to join this mental health revolution.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTChristian SoschnerMatias Serebrinsky📌 Quotes:(00:06:29) I'm keeping my Nvidia shares because Jensen is a once-in-a-generation type of founder, and you never want to bet against someone like that.(00:20:10) Mental health disorders are rapidly becoming the largest burden of disease for society, more costly than cancer and cardiovascular disease.(00:52:51) Psychedelics like iboga are being explored for opioid use disorder, showing significant effectiveness in initial studies.(01:07:13) Psychedelics can alleviate the lack of therapy supply. Comparing 40 hours of psychedelic therapy to 150 hours of traditional therapy shows where the equation makes more sense.(01:18:34) Some universities have streamlined the process, incentivizing professors to out-license or spin-out companies.⏰ Timestamps:(00:02:15) Insights on Nvidia and Investment Strategy(00:05:53) Visionary Leadership: Nvidia's Strategic Shift to AI(00:09:00) Matias’ Journey from Argentina to Psymed Ventures(00:17:32) Veritas Health: A $2 Billion Success in Metabolic Dysfunction Treatment(00:19:37) Reducing Mental Health Stigma and Addressing Growing Needs in Society(00:33:56) Exploring Innovative Business Models in Mental Health Investment(00:41:43) Interventional Psychiatry: Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment with Psychedelics(00:48:41) The Therapeutic Mystery of Psychedelics in Mental Health(00:52:51) Exploring Psychedelics for Addiction Treatment: Beyond Traditional Methods(01:06:41) Psychedelic Therapy: A New Paradigm in Mental Health(01:15:24) Innovating Mental Health Treatment: Neurostimulation at Home(01:17:25) Exploring Global Investment Opportunities in Mental Health Innovations(01:26:54) IST Austria's Role in AdvSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
89:03 12/11/23
#119: Kara Moore - Innovating the Future: New Jersey's Bold Leap with NJEDA
Did you know that New Jersey is rapidly emerging as a powerhouse of innovation, especially in the life sciences and technology sectors?Join us in this enlightening episode with Kara Moore from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA), as she unveils the state's strategic initiatives and opportunities for businesses and investors.🎙️ What's in the Episode:1️⃣ Financial Incentives for Growth: Kara discusses New Jersey's unique financial advantages for businesses, including converting net operating losses into non-dilutive capital.2️⃣ Biomanufacturing and Industry Trends: Learn about New Jersey's focus on staying ahead in biomanufacturing through state-of-the-art facilities and training programs.3️⃣ Helix Innovation Hub: Discover the significant investment in the Helix Innovation Hub, aimed at propelling health and life sciences R&D.4️⃣ Diverse Talent Pool: Explore why New Jersey's dense and diverse population makes it an ideal location for companies seeking skilled talent.5️⃣ Sci Tech City and Digital Health: Uncover the role of Sci Tech City in advancing digital health and A.I., marking New Jersey as a hub for technological growth.👩‍💼 About Kara Moore:Kara Moore is a visionary leader at NJEDA, driving New Jersey's growth and positioning it as a key player in the global innovation market. Her focus on collaboration, innovation, and sustainable growth is shaping the state's future in business and technology.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTHost:📌 Quotes:(00:16:33) "It's like having free money. Our unique program allows companies to sell off their New Jersey net operating losses for non-dilutive capital."(00:25:17) "We're keeping on top of trends, developing programs like our biomanufacturing Pathways, and building facilities like the first simulated clean room in the state."(00:33:57) "We're building an Innovation Hub in New Brunswick, New Jersey – a $731 million investment in health and life sciences, dubbed Helix."(00:50:44) "We have about 445,000 life science workers in New Jersey. We're the most densely populated and fourth most diverse state in the country." (01:03:19) "Sci Tech City in Jersey City, just outside New York, will feature an eight-story incubation center focused on digital health and A.I. innovations."(01:04:33) "We partner with Hacks, a hard tech accelerator focusing on climate tech, offering significant funding and support for innovative companies in New Jersey."⏰ Timestamps:(00:03:43) The Journey from Academia to Economic Development(00:07:43) How AI Transforms PR Work(00:09:43) Pioneering Life Sciences Growth in New Jersey(00:16:58) Transforming Tax Credits into Capital: How Companies Benefit(00:25:17) Bridging Trends and Training: New Jersey's Strategic Approach in Life Sciences(00:30:43) Shaping the Future Workforce: Collaborative Training in Biomanufacturing(00:33:57) Helix: A $731 Million Leap in Health and Life Sciences Innovation(00:44:18) Empowering Investors: New Jersey's Angel Tax Credit Program(00:50:44) New Jersey's Talent Magnet: Attracting Life Science Workers(00:56:52) Bridging Cultures: The Impact of Workforce Exchange Between Europe and the U.S.(01:02:14) Envisioning the Future: Life Science Innovations and Developments in New Jersey(01:04:02) Building the Hospital of the Future: Sheba Medical Center's Vision(01:06:58) Strategic Innovation Centers: Fostering Collaboration in TechSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
72:00 11/25/23
SP 14: Defying the Odds: Zuckerberg's Blueprint for Startup Resilience and Growth
Navigating the startup landscape is fraught with challenges that can make or break the boldest of visions. In this entrepreneurial climate, it's the audacious, the resilient, who rise to the top. Dive into this exclusive clip to discover the strategies that made Facebook a global phenomenon.In a rare and revealing conversation, Mark Zuckerberg, the visionary founder and CEO behind Facebook, talks with Sam Altman, the respected president of Y Combinator and co-chairman of OpenAI, about the pivotal moments and decisions that shaped Facebook's destiny. From its inception in a college dorm to becoming a tech titan, Zuckerberg's insights are a treasure trove for aspiring entrepreneurs.By watching, you'll delve into (01:41) Early Days of Facebook - Explore Zuckerberg's initial foray into what would become a global phenomenon.(04:03) Decision to Not Sell Facebook - Uncover the resolve behind rejecting a billion-dollar buyout.(07:07) Advice for Building Products - Gain foundational tips from a tech titan on product development.(10:48) Learning and Innovation Culture at Facebook - Get an insider look at fostering creativity and progress.(13:21) Hiring Philosophy - Learn Zuckerberg's strategy for assembling a team that disrupts and innovates.(16:05) Risk-Taking and Decision Making - Understand the calculated risks and decisions that shape the future of tech.This episode is a beacon for entrepreneurs searching for guidance and inspiration. For a deeper exploration into the strategies that craft empires and the minds that envision them, watch the full interview for a comprehensive dive into the world of high-impact entrepreneurship: Watch the Full Interview HereStep into the arena armed with knowledge and ready to make your mark.If the insights shared here strike a chord with you, take a moment to subscribe, like, comment, and share. Each interaction from you helps to elevate our conversation, bringing more profound insights and inspiring stories like this to light.Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
19:00 11/12/23
MM 17: Daniel Vitt: Munich's Biotech Surge: The Untold Story Behind Europe's Innovation Hub
Munich, Bavaria - a picturesque city known for its rich history and Oktoberfest. But did you know it's also the epicenter of Europe's biotech revolution? Dive into this captivating conversation with Dr. Daniel Vitt, the driving force behind Immunic Therapeutics, as he unravels the secrets of Munich's meteoric rise in the biotech realm.1️⃣ Munich's Meteoric Rise:Discover how Munich transformed into one of Europe's most dynamic biotech ecosystems, and the role of visionary political decisions in its ascent.2️⃣ Inside Immunic's Journey:From its inception to its transformative stages, journey with Dr. Vitt as he shares the challenges and triumphs of leading a biotech giant. Learn about Immunic's groundbreaking developments and its innovative approach to treating diseases like multiple sclerosis.3️⃣ About Dr. Daniel Vitt:Dr. Daniel Vitt, CEO of Immunic Therapeutics, is a biotech luminary with a rich legacy, including co-founding 4SC AG. His insights offer a rare glimpse into the intricacies of the global biotech landscape, from Europe to the US.Full Episode📢 Engage with Us:If this narrative resonates with you, please subscribe, like, comment, and share. Your support amplifies our voice, bringing more such enlightening tales to the forefront.🎉 Dive In:Embark on this enlightening journey into the world of biotech innovation. Let's explore the stories of those shaping our tomorrow.Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
15:33 10/31/23
MM 16: 🔥 Philipp Baaske: Unlocking the Cure: The Race Against Time in Cancer Research
Every year, 18 million souls are diagnosed with cancer - that's akin to the entire population of the Netherlands. But what if there was a way to release a cancer medication just a month earlier? Imagine the countless lives saved. Dive into this riveting conversation with Philipp Baaske, the visionary behind NanoTemper, as he unveils the power of perseverance, innovation, and the audacious ambition to treat every ailment known to humanity.1️⃣ The Stark Reality:Grasp the magnitude of the global cancer crisis and the urgency of finding a cure.2️⃣ What Awaits Inside:Journey with Philipp Baaske from NanoTemper's humble beginnings to its groundbreaking contributions in biotech.Discover the transformative tools reshaping drug discovery and their potential in the fight against cancer.3️⃣ About Philipp Baaske:Philipp Baaske, co-founder and CEO of NanoTemper, is on a mission to arm scientists with cutting-edge tools, accelerating medical marvels. His story is a beacon of hope, belief, and relentless pursuit of a world where every disease is treatable.Full episode📢 Engage with Us:If this narrative resonates with you, please subscribe, like, comment, and share. Your support amplifies our voice, bringing more such enlightening tales to the forefront.🎉 Dive In:Embark on this enlightening journey into the world of biotech innovation. Let's explore the stories of those shaping our tomorrow.Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
10:00 10/26/23
#118: Ash Ravikumar - Beyond the Collider: CERN's Blueprint for Startup Breakthroughs
🎯 Empowering Entrepreneurs with Ash Ravikumar!Join us for an enlightening conversation with Ash Ravikumar as he delves deep into the world of tech transfer, the essence of entrepreneurship, and the pivotal role of academics in innovation.🚀 Main Points:1️⃣ Optimizing Entrepreneurial Time: Ash's unique approach to maximizing time and processes to uplift entrepreneurs and startups.2️⃣ The Heart of Tech Transfer: The indispensable role of academics and the trust dynamics in the tech transfer landscape.3️⃣ Global Technological Race: Ash's insights on Europe's fragmented approach and the need for a unified front to rival tech giants like the USA and China.👤 About Ash Ravikumar:A visionary with a keen sense of innovation, Ash Ravikumar has been at the forefront of tech transfer, emphasizing the importance of academics and trust. With a passion for optimizing processes, he champions the cause of entrepreneurs, ensuring they have the tools and support to succeed.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTHost:🗣️ Top Quotes from Ash Ravikumar:(00:03:15) "Life is beautiful; if our only complaint is about the weather, then life is truly good."(00:57:26) "Success is not by chance; it's designed."(01:12:16) "You won't compete with a large, unified country moving at a fast pace."(01:55:59) "You're good at what you do. Seek experts outside of your realm; you don't have to understand everything."(02:01:13) "Our only hope for addressing challenges, from climate change to poverty, lies in science."⏰ Timestamps:(00:03:15) Life's Beauty: Embracing Challenges and Weather(00:09:56) The Serendipity of Tech Transfer and Global Impact(00:14:23) Optimizing Time for Entrepreneurial Success(00:20:50) Navigating IP Challenges in Startups(00:25:38) Standardizing Agreements for Efficiency(00:33:42) Building Trust and Serving Academics(00:36:25) Academics' Service Level and Politics(00:37:47) The Ugly Side of Equity in Startups(00:48:32) European University Access vs. U.S. Student Debt(00:54:15) The Power of Alumni Networks and Global Impact(01:00:20) Leveraging Technology in Large Companies vs. Startups(01:08:22) The Ecosystem: Europe's Technological Landscape vs. the US(01:10:53) "Europe needs to beat the USA and China in technological advances."(01:12:02) The Dilemma of Localized Photonics Centers(01:18:13) The Global Mindset: From Europe to the U.S. and Beyond(01:24:02) Patent System's Evolution: From Mechanics to Modernity(01:31:10) AI in Business Planning: Efficiency vs. Insight(01:35:29) Optimizing Superconducting Material Combinations(01:40:44) Embracing AI: Beyond Fear and Biases(01:45:39) Technological Biases: Unintended Consequences of Regulation(01:54:08) The Dynamics of Billion-Dollar Valuations in Energy Sector(01:57:05) Embracing Humility: Knowing When to Seek Help(02:01:57) Science as Art: Celebrating Unsung Scientific Heroes📣 Seeking tools to manage the entrepreneurial chaos? Dive into the world of innovation with Ash Ravikumar and discover how to optimize your processes for success.Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
123:54 10/20/23
MM15: Alexander Valtingojer - Unlocking the Metaverse's Potential: The Crypto-Fintech Fusion Entrepreneurs Need to Know!
🔥 The Metaverse is more than just a digital realm; it's a goldmine waiting to be tapped. But how can entrepreneurs and investors navigate this new frontier without getting lost?1️⃣ The Problem Amplified:Are you struggling to understand the convergence of crypto and fintech in the Metaverse?Feeling overwhelmed by the rapid technological advancements and unsure how to capitalize on them?Concerned about missing out on the next big opportunity in the digital economy?2️⃣ What You'll Get in This Clip:Insights into the fusion of crypto and fintech within the Metaverse and its implications for businesses.Strategies to leverage these technologies for maximum profit and growth.Expert advice from Alexander Valtingojer, a pioneer in the field, to guide your entrepreneurial journey.3️⃣ About Alexander Valtingojer:Alexander Valtingojer is the CEO of the crypto fintech Coinpanion. From his school days, he was deeply involved with cryptocurrencies, leading him to work on various projects in this domain. He developed a Bitcoin PayPal marketplace and later, during his studies, actively traded cryptocurrencies. Alexander even worked on his own ICO and spoke at the C³ Crypto Conference in Berlin. Full EpisodeSubsequently, he founded a sole proprietorship for software services. For the past four years, he has delved deep into the financial markets and was a trader on Coinpanion's previous version. Today, Coinpanion has grown into a thriving company with 30+ employees, aiming to assist everyone in entering the crypto market with smart portfolios.📢 Engage with Us!:If you found this content valuable, please subscribe, like, comment, and share. Your support helps us bring more insightful content and attract thought leaders to share their expertise.🎉 Enjoy the Clip:We hope you find this video enlightening and beneficial. Dive deep into the world of the Metaverse and discover the opportunities that await!Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
10:52 10/12/23
SP 13: Christian Soschner - Why Top Entrepreneurs Don't Have a Plan B - And You Shouldn't Either!
Ever find yourself constantly contemplating a fallback? That nagging thought of a Plan B might just be what's holding you back from true entrepreneurial success. Many top achievers know that to excel truly, you need an all-in mindset.In this episode, you'll discover the seven core principles from the groundbreaking book "Burn the Boats" that have transformed the journeys of countless entrepreneurs. Dive deep into a mindset shift that could redefine your path to success and understand why having a safety net might be your biggest setback.The insights are based on the book "Burn the Boats" by Matt Higgins, a battle-hardened entrepreneur with a track record of success. [Get the book here:]Your narrator, Christian Soschner, isn't just an avid reader but a seasoned executive coach with over 30 years of experience. As the host of the 'Beginner's Mind Podcast' and with a vast network spanning life sciences, biotech, and deep tech, Christian brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. His mission? To share transformative business wisdom with  you.Don't miss out on these game-changing strategies. Listen to the full episode now and embark on an unyielding path to your entrepreneurial triumph!Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
05:41 10/6/23
#117: Jon Chee - Disrupt, Ask, Innovate: Inside Jon Chee's Mindset
🎯 Challenging the Biotech Status Quo with Jon Chee of Excedr! Dive into a transformative conversation with Jon Chee, the CEO and Co-founder of Excedr, as he shares his journey from the wet labs of UC Berkeley to revolutionizing the way life science startups access mission-critical equipment.🚀 Main Points:1️⃣ The Excedr Mission: Discover how Excedr is bridging the gap between life sciences and financial services, offering founder-friendly equipment leases to accelerate high-impact research.2️⃣ The Power of Leasing: Uncover the benefits of leasing over purchasing, from improved cash flow to accelerated research timelines.3️⃣ The Vision for the Future: Jon's long-term vision for Excedr and how it aims to improve health outcomes globally.👤About Jon Chee:With over a decade in the life sciences industry, Jon Chee co-founded Excedr to alleviate the financial burdens faced by early-stage life science companies. His academic background in Molecular Toxicology from UC Berkeley and his passion for entrepreneurship drive his mission to support groundbreaking research.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTHost:Speaker🗣️ Top Quotes from Jon Chee:(00:12:45) "Entrepreneurship started when I wanted to alleviate obstacles impeding our lab's ability to research."(00:28:41) "I enjoy challenging the status quo and constantly asking, 'Why?'"(00:56:34) "Having a mission you truly believe in makes facing rejection worthwhile."(01:09:03) "Finding win-win situations is more than just business; it's about living a life worth remembering."(01:45:58) "Over time, challenges net out and head in the right direction. As long as our North Star is clear, we'll be just fine."⏰ Timestamps:(00:02:26) The Art of Starting a Podcast: Joe Rogan and Lex Fridman(00:06:31) Conversations Over Drinks: The Essence of Podcasting(00:13:13) From Gaming to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Building(00:15:35) The Art of Game Theory in Poker(00:16:28) Disrupting Predictable Strategies(00:19:39) Poker's Parallels to Business and Investing(00:28:41) Challenging the Status Quo: The Power of Asking Why(00:29:56) Growing the Pie: Value for All Stakeholders(00:38:22) Expanding Horizons: Serving the US Research Community(00:42:03) Navigating Europe's Complex Landscape(00:43:51) The Entrepreneurial Shift: Berkeley vs. Stanford(00:51:56) Bridging the Gap: Science Meets Finance(00:54:22) "Embracing the Village Mentality in Science"(00:56:34) "Mission-Driven Persistence Amidst Rejection"(01:04:48) "Defining Value in Stakeholder-Centric Deals"(01:07:05) Building for a 100-Year Journey(01:08:39) Living Life with Win-Win Situations(01:14:42) Demystifying Entrepreneurship in Science(01:20:53) Improving Health Outcomes: A North Star(01:21:52) The Digital Revolution: Global Accessibility and Connection(01:29:40) Navigating Financial Challenges in Startup Ecosystems(01:34:36) Deep Dive into Lab Equipment Financing(01:37:01) Distributed Bio: A Success Story(01:44:36) The Future of Venture Capital in Silicon Valley(01:48:18) Europe's Unique Science Funding Landscape(01:49:43) U.S. Ecosystems Beyond Silicon Valley(01:56:45) Nurturing Biotech Leaders with📣  Looking to extend your cash runway and get the equipment your lab needs? Excedr offers flexible leasing solutions tailored to your needs. Dive into a world of efficiency and innovation. Reach out to us today at the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
122:11 10/2/23
MM 14: Prof. Alexander Wurzer - Why Most Digital Innovators Fail at Patenting Their Tech
The digital age has brought forth a plethora of opportunities, but with it comes a maze of complexities, especially when it comes to patenting digital innovations. Many tech-savvy entrepreneurs find themselves lost, patenting solutions that are either meaningless or purely artificial. But what if the problem isn't with the technology, but with the approach?🔹 Discover the Misconceptions: Understand why starting with technology can lead you astray and how a customer-centric approach is the key.🔹 The AI Paradox: Dive into the intricacies of patenting AI and why mentioning the tech might not always be the best strategy.🔹 Real-world Examples: Learn from a groundbreaking patent involving salmon and lasers, illustrating the essence of unique patenting.Meet Prof. Alexander Wurzer, a luminary in IP management and a professor at CEIPI, University of Strasbourg. With a rich tapestry of over 200 publications and a revolutionary method in IP design, he unravels the enigma of intellectual property in the digital realm.📢 If this resonates with you or sparks your curiosity, hit that subscribe button and dive deeper into the world of digital patenting with us. Your support amplifies our mission to bring more insights like these to the forefront.This episode was recorded in December 2020. Full episode: 👉 Don't miss out on this game-changing conversation. Click below to watch the full episode or listen to the entire podcast.🎉 Special thanks to our sponsors for making this episode possible.Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
07:43 9/25/23
SP 12: Andrew Huberman - 🚨 The Silent Crisis: Why 70% of the U.S. and Europe are Vitamin D Deficient 🚨
Are you part of the 70%? Vitamin D deficiency is a silent crisis affecting both the U.S. and Europe. The lack of this essential nutrient can lead to severe mental health issues, including depression and anxiety, due to its role in serotonin production. Physical health is also at risk, with increased chances of respiratory issues and even cancer. In this eye-opening episode, we delve into the Huberman Lab Podcast, where Dr. Andrew Huberman and his guest Dr. Rhonda Patrick, discuss the alarming rates and severe health consequences of Vitamin D deficiency.Who are Dr. Andrew Huberman and Dr. Rhonda Patrick?Dr. Andrew Huberman is a renowned neuroscientist and professor at Stanford University. His guest, Dr. Rhonda Patrick, is an expert in nutritional health. Together, they unpack the science behind Vitamin D, its crucial role in our body, and why you should be concerned about your Vitamin D levels.Who Needs to Watch This?If you care about your mental and physical health, this episode is a must-watch. Whether you're in the U.S. or Europe, young or old, the information here is vital for everyone.What You'll Learn:The science behind Vitamin D and its production in our bodyHow Vitamin D affects your mood and immune systemThe relationship between skin color and Vitamin D productionPractical tips for proper Vitamin D supplementationTimestamps:(01:22) Introduction to Vitamin D's Importance(01:46) Vitamin D and Skin Color(03:17) Vitamin D Deficiency in the Population(04:49) Vitamin D and Gene Regulation(04:59) Vitamin D and Serotonin(07:15) Importance of Testing Vitamin D Levels(07:27) Vitamin D Supplementation DosageTake Control of Your HealthDon't be part of the statistics. Consult your physician or pharmacy today to get your Vitamin D levels checked. Your health is in your hands.🎧 Don't forget to leave us a review and share this episode with your network!🎧 Subscribe for more exclusive content from industry leaders.🎧 Special thanks to our sponsors. Check out the companies that make this podcast possible!Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
08:49 9/20/23
#116: Yair Reem - From Net Zero to Gigatons: The Extantia Capital Blueprint for Climate Tech Investing
Did you know that the fight against climate change is shaping up to be the biggest business opportunity since the rise of the internet? Imagine a multi-trillion-dollar market waiting to be tapped! Yair Reem and his €300M venture capital firm, Extantia Capital, are not just imagining it—they're building it. Tune in to discover how you can be part of this green gold rush!🎙️ What's in the Episode:1️⃣ The Urgency of Climate Change: Yair discusses why climate change is not just an environmental issue but a ticking time bomb that affects every sector of the economy.2️⃣ The Role of Venture Capital: Learn how Extantia Capital is more than just a fund—it's a €300M platform that unites mission-driven entrepreneurs, scientists, and business leaders to advance the transition to a greener future.3️⃣ The Multi-Trillion Dollar Opportunity: Yair shares insights into how the fight against climate change creates unprecedented business opportunities, potentially even 100x bigger than the internet revolution.👨‍💼 About Yair Reem:Yair Reem is more than an investor; he's a builder. From childhood Legos to Electrical Engineering and co-founding Extantia Capital, his path is fueled by a drive to make impact. With experience on both sides of investment, he knows what makes a firm succeed. His motto, "Do well by doing good," shows his belief that profit and impact can coexist.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTHost:Speaker📌 Quotes:(21:10) "The technologies we have today can only take us halfway to net zero emissions. There's a lot of technology that still needs to be developed and scaled to make it ready for the mass market."(23:38) "To bridge the 50% gap in fighting climate change, we need to deploy capital to motivate scientists to develop new solutions and companies to scale those solutions."(57:58) "When we look at the intersection of public and private sectors, we see that regulators are essential for both basic research and for making certain industries profitable where they currently aren't. But the key question remains: How do we ensure that these profits are reinvested to drive down costs and improve processes, rather than being siphoned off for other uses?"(1:07:08) "The worst time to raise money is when you need it; the best time is when you don't."(1:36:32) "We don't just take a good team and build a good product with them; we take a good team with a good product and help make that an excellent business."(2:01:12) "My wish is that we will see much more peace in the future, thanks to ubiquitous and cheap energy."⏰ Timestamps:(03:30) Yair Reem's Journey: Electrical Engineering to Climate Tech(09:33) Urgency of Climate Change(21:10) Tech Gap: Net Zero Emissions by 2050(22:06) Tech Innovation in Climate Change(23:38) Bridging the 50% Gap(30:36) Sustainability, Growth, Social Justice(40:38) Short-Term Sacrifice for Long-Term Gain(42:31) Role of Regulation in Climate Solutions(48:47) Financial Returns in Climate Investments(59:01) Airline Profits: Bankruptcy to Flourishing(1:03:34) The Tim Cook Effect(1:13:02) VC Ecosystems: Secret Sauce(1:19:57) Art of Syndication in High-Stakes(1:28:35) Retrofitting the Future(1:39:40) Uninvestable Cap Tables(1:40:56) Negotiating Equity with Universities(1:47:44) Double-Edged Sword of Secondary Investments(2:01:05) Future of Energy: Ubiquitous, Free AccessSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
122:30 9/14/23
MM 13: Samantha Dale Strasser - Revolutionizing Drug Discovery: The Startup That's Changing the Game
"Are you tired of the long, winding road of drug discovery, full of dead-ends and costly detours? Do you wish there was a more efficient way to navigate the complex landscape of pharmaceutical R&D?In this episode, we bring you the solution that promises to be the 'Google Maps' for drug discovery. Samantha Dale Strasser, PhD, CSO and co-founder of Pepper Bio, shares her revolutionary approach to drug discovery that's already making waves in the healthcare industry.👉 Don't miss out on this game-changing conversation. Click below to watch the full episode or listen to the entire podcast.🎉 Special thanks to our sponsors for making this episode possible.Join my newsletterChristian SoschnerSamantha Dale StrasserSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
07:25 8/30/23
SP 11: Unlocking the Investor's Dilemma: Buffett & Munger's Wisdom from Berkshire Hathaway 2023 Meeting
In this special episode, we bring you exclusive insights from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, straight from the Berkshire Hathaway 2023 Shareholder Meeting. They tackle the age-old investor's dilemma: How to balance short-term profits with long-term sustainability. Whether you're a retail investor or running a multi-billion dollar fund, this episode is packed with wisdom you won't want to miss.🎧 Don't forget to leave us a review and share this episode with your network!🎧 Subscribe for more exclusive content from industry leaders.🎧 Special thanks to our sponsors. Check out the companies that make this podcast possible!Support the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
19:25 8/28/23
#115: Daniel Vitt - Pioneering Patient Care: Dr. Daniel Vitt on the Future of Medicine
Is revolutionizing patient care through biotechnology an ambitious dream, or is it the future of medicine? Dr. Daniel Vitt, a leading figure in the biotech world, challenges the status quo and brings a fresh perspective to these questions.Dr. Daniel Vitt is the CEO of Immunic Therapeutics, a company at the forefront of developing groundbreaking treatments for chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. With a background in molecular biology and a passion for innovation, he is steering Immunic towards a future where patients have more effective and safer treatment options.In this episode, we delve into:• The visionary approach of Immunic Therapeutics in treating multiple sclerosis and leaky gut.• The challenges and triumphs of bridging European and American biotech markets.• The role of serendipity in scientific discovery and innovation.• The future of Immunic: clinical trials, stock prices, and global expansion.• Daniel’s three key lessons for anyone daring to start their own company in the biotech industry.• Don't miss out on this insightful conversation. Subscribe to our channel and join us in exploring the future of biotech with Dr. Daniel Vitt.💡 LINKS TO MORE CONTENTYoutube Christian Soschner: Today’s speaker is Dr. Daniel Vitt: 📖 Memorable Quotes:(00:02:23) "Every morning, when I go to work, I enjoy being part of an industry that improves patients' lives." (00:05:26) "Understanding the key and lock principle in biology is our path to curing diseases." (00:24:49) "Serendipity means you're searching for a needle in a haystack, but you find something unexpected and even more valuable." (01:13:23) "If you are early and have a big vision, you can succeed easily." (01:32:35) "Expect the unexpected and be prepared. Adaptability is key in our rapidly changing industry." ⏰ Timestamps:(00:01:15) Unveiling the Future of Patient Care(00:05:26) Decoding the Key-Lock Principle in Biology(00:11:16) The Dynamic Dance of New Technologies in Healthcare(00:16:54) Misconceptions: Multiple Sclerosis vs. Parkinson's(00:17:41) Exploring the Link: MS, Parkinson's, and Neurodegeneration(00:24:15) The Power of Serendipity in Scientific Discovery(00:35:07) Addressing Celiac Disease: A New Approach(00:39:10) The Challenges of Multicenter Multinational Studies(00:48:49) A Potential Game-Changer: Restoring the Gut(00:50:38) Western Lifestyle's Impact on Gut Health(00:52:18) The Balance of Lifestyle and Disease(01:02:12) The True Cost of Drug Development(01:08:31) Unveiling a Multi-Billion Opportunity: The Market Potential(01:12:40) The Bavarian Biotech Boom: A Tale of Visionary Politics(01:22:31) Crossing the Atlantic: European Biotech’s Path to U.S. Success(01:23:51) Navigating the Global Biotech Landscape: Daniel Vitt's Perspective(01:26:41) The Next Leap: Interim Analysis of a Pivotal Phase Two Study(01:32:35) Adaptability in Biotech: Learning from Biontech's Success StorySupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
95:33 8/15/23
MM 12: Marco Schmidt - The Future of Drug Discovery: Biotx's Predictive AI Approach
Ever wondered how AI is revolutionizing drug discovery? Dive into this insightful conversation with Marco Schmidt, the brilliant mind behind As the CSO, Marco has been at the forefront of leveraging AI and genetics to predict drug success. In this clip, he shares his journey from data interpretation to predictive statistics, the inception of, and the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on drug development. Discover the future of medicine and the role of AI in shaping it. If you find this intriguing, don't forget to like, comment, subscribe, and share.Let's drive the conversation forward!Full episodeJoin my newsletterCheck out the sponsors to support the showFull EpisodeChristian SoschnerMarco SchmidtSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
06:32 8/8/23
SP 10: Warren Buffett's Wisdom on Emotional Discipline: Highlights from the 2023 Berkshire Hathaway Meeting
Ever feel like your emotions are driving your investment decisions? You're not alone. It's a wild ride in the investment world, and it's all too easy to let our emotions take the wheel. But here's a secret from two of the greatest investors of our time, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.In this clip from the 2023 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting, they spill the beans on how they keep their emotions in check. They've made their fair share of bad investment decisions, but they've never let their emotions dictate their choices.This is a game-changer, folks. The market is a roller coaster, and if we let fear and greed take over, we're in for a bumpy ride. But Buffett and Munger remind us to stay cool, calm, and collected.Investing isn't about making a quick buck or panicking when things go south. It's about making smart choices based on solid research and sticking to your guns, even when the market is doing somersaults.So the next time you feel your heart racing or your palms sweating over your investments, take a deep breath and channel your inner Buffett. Keep those emotions in check, stay disciplined, and keep your eyes on the prize.Check out the clip to hear it straight from Buffett and Munger. And don't forget to share it with your fellow investors. The more we learn, the better we can navigate the wild world of investing.YoutubeSupport the showJoin the Podcast Newsletter: Link
06:04 8/6/23

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