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Delivering real project management insights from experts and industry leaders from around the world. The podcast is sponsored by Cora Systems providers of enterprise project and portfolio management solutions and services to government agencies and large-scale global organizations. To see how Cora can help your organization visit


Episode 164: "How to outsmart a narcissist in a high-conflict situation" with Rebecca Zung
Today, we are thrilled to have Rebecca Zung, a renowned conflict resolution specialist and bestselling author, as our guest. Rebecca has written extensively on corporate and social themes, including her latest USA Today bestseller, "SLAY the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win." In this episode, we dive into "How to Outsmart a Narcissist in a High-Conflict Situation." Join us as Rebecca shares her journey to becoming an expert in conflict resolution. She defines what a narcissist is and reveals the keys to negotiating effectively with them. Learn how to handle narcissists who don’t respond to logic and discover practical strategies to prevent and minimize bullying in the workplace. Rebecca also discusses the most important piece of advice she has received in her career and how it has shaped her approach to conflict resolution. Whether you're managing complex projects or navigating personal relationships, Rebecca’s insights will equip you with the tools to succeed. Tune in to Project Management Paradise and gain valuable knowledge from Rebecca Zung on outsmarting narcissists and mastering high-conflict negotiations. Follow Rebecca on: YouTube  Instagram  Rebecca's new book "SLAY the Bully: How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and Win" can be found here   BONUS! Access a complimentary guidebook, Empowering Strategy Realization Using OKRs, at
28:14 5/31/24
Episode 163: "Digital Transformation in Aerospace & Defence" with Nils Herzberg
Join us as we explore digital transformation in aerospace and defense with Nils Herzberg, a seasoned business leader with over 35 years of experience, primarily at SAP. Key Points: Defining Digital Transformation: Nils explains what digital transformation means for aerospace and defense, highlighting its importance for modernization and efficiency. The Why Behind It: Discover the strategic reasons driving organizations to embark on digital transformation programs, as explained by Nils. Avoiding Pitfalls: Nils shares common pitfalls to watch out for during a digital transformation journey and offers practical advice to navigate them successfully. Tips for Success: Learn three actionable tips for planning and executing a digital transformation program, based on Nils's extensive experience. Sectoral Differences: Understand how digital transformation varies across industries and gain insights into its unique challenges in aerospace and defense compared to other sectors. PPM & ERP Systems: Nils explains the importance of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) alongside Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, especially for CEOs unfamiliar with PPM. Real-Time Data in A&D: Explore the significance of near real-time data for progress tracking in aerospace and defense, and how it enhances decision-making. Career Advice: Nils shares the most valuable advice he's received and how it shaped his career, offering insights for professionals at all levels.
29:20 5/3/24
Episode 161: "How to create more motivated teams" with Dr. Randy Ross
In this episode of Project Management Paradise, host Aaron Murphy engages in a deep dive with Dr. Randy Ross, CEO of Remarkable and bestselling author, exploring the essence of corporate culture, employee engagement, and navigating challenging times in the workplace. Dr. Ross shares invaluable insights on fostering positive work environments, enhancing employee happiness, and addressing toxic elements within organizations.   Key Highlights: ●      00:23 - Introduction and background to the guest Dr. Randy Ross ●      04:52 - The Silent Killer ●      07:17 - Navigating VUCA ●      12:48 - Investing in People ●      15:28 - Building Relationally Rich Environments ●      16:12 - Creating a Relationally Rich Environment ●      16:30 - Embracing Feedback ●      21:59 - Axiology in Practice ●      23:01 - Passion, Strengths, and Problem-Solving ●      30:13 - Purpose-Driven Business   This episode serves as an engaging discussion on the importance of renewable energy and how it can positively impact individuals, communities, and the environment.    Learn More About Dr. Randy Ross here Explore Dr. Randy Ross' authored works here
35:55 2/23/24
Episode 160: 'The power of empathy in leadership" with Neal Frick
In this episode of the Project Management Paradise podcast, host Aaron Murphy is joined by Neal Frick, a leadership guru and author, to explore the topic of empathetic leadership. Neil shares insights into the definition of empathetic leadership, common misconceptions, and the keys to successful implementation. He emphasizes transparency, trust, active listening, and logical decision-making as crucial elements. Neil also discusses the return on investment (ROI) of empathetic leadership, highlighting its impact on effort, productivity, and customer relations. Key Highlights: ●      00:23 - Introduction to Neal Frick and Empathy in leadership ●      00:57 - Neal’s Background and Journey to Empathy to Leadership ●      02:33 - Empathetic Leadership ●      07:50 - Trust and Listening in Empathetic Leadership ●      08:14 - Empathy and Sympathy, Underlining the Need for Setting Boundaries ●      09:23 - Emotional Connections Affected Decision-Making ●      10:13 - Explores Return on Investment (ROI) in Empathetic Leadership ●      11:10 - Empathetic Leadership Boosts Effort and Productivity ●      11:50 - Empathetic Leadership on Customer Satisfaction, Marketing, and Sales ●      12:47 - ROI to the Keys of Success: Trust and Listening ●      15:22 - Field of Empathetic Leadership   Learn More About Neal Frick here   Bonus Learn the keys to effective “change management” by accessing a complimentary copy at
23:56 1/26/24
"Developing Cross-functional Teams" with Paul Gill | Unlocking Project Success with Professor John McGrath
In this episode, we're joined by Paul Gill, who has spent over eight years at PayPal as a program manager.   Paul shares his experiences and tips for successfully developing cross-functional teams and managing company strategy.  Key Highlights:  Introduction to Paul Gill and program management within business operations   Why good ideas require good execution   Definition of cross-functional teams  Definition of Agile and adaptability in project management   How effective diverse, cross-functional teams can be a competitive advantage   Why is corporate culture and collaboration important to successful project execution Connect with Paul on LinkedIn here Bonus Access a complimentary guidebook, Empowering Strategy Realization Using OKRs, at  
37:41 1/9/24
"Successful Change Transformation & Acquisition in A&D" with Lauren C. Ayers | Unlocking Project Success with Professor John McGrath
In this episode, we're joined by Lauren C. Ayers, former director of program analysis and business transformation for the deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Navy.   Lauren shares her experiences and learnings for successful change transformation, in particular in the area of acquisition and procurement.      Key Highlights:  Introduction to Lauren C. Ayers and business transformation in mega projects  Strategic advice for efficient procurement and maintenance of military hardware   How best to work in a team environment   Skills for negotiating, contract management and future planning  How to navigate DCMA and GovCon processes   Tips for how to effectively communicate with multiple stakeholders    Bonus Learn how software can combat 8 headaches keeping PMOs in the aerospace & defense sector awake at night by accessing a complimentary copy at 
37:22 12/4/23
"Successful Change and Transformation" with Hardeep Kaur | Unlocking Project Success with Professor John McGrath
This episode of The Project Management Paradise Podcast is the part of a unique limited series called "Unlocking Project Success with Professor John McGrath”. In this episode, we're joined by Hardeep Kaur, a Global Director – Operational Excellence, Strategy, Transformation, Change Management and Communications, at Merck, with over 25 years’ experience in Pharmaceutical Operations and General Management.  Hardeep shares her experience and advice for successful change and transformation, in particular in the area of strategy execution.   Key Highlights:  Introduction to Hardeep Kaur and change management  The difference between change and transformation  Misconceptions about the role of the project sponsor and their importance to project success   Tips for improving stakeholder communication  3 lessons learned for successful execution of change  Agility and how to make your organization change ready  Connect with Hardeep on LinkedIn here Bonus Learn the keys to effective “digital transformation” by accessing a complimentary guidebook at   
28:21 11/21/23
"Project Fatigue in Complex Projects" with Carl Bernie | Unlocking Project Success with Professor John McGrath
This episode of The Project Management Paradise Podcast is the part of a unique limited series called "Unlocking Project Success with Professor John McGrath”. In this episode, we're joined by Carl Bernie, an Operations Director with DPS Group with extensive KAM, project management and commercial experience on global semi-conductor mega construction projects.    Carl shares his experience in dealing with project fatigue in complex projects. He discusses his journey into the world of project management, which began in the 1990s, and today entails managing multi-year projects with budgets of billions of euro.     Carl explores how large, complex projects differ from more traditional projects, including initiation, execution, delivery and project close-out.      Key Highlights:  ●      Introduction to Carl Bernie and mega projects  ●      Agile, iterative approaches to project execution  ●      Diversity in project teams and creating a team dynamic   ●      Traits for a good project manager  ●      Essence, experience and pitfalls of project fatigue   ●      Effects of global events – including supply chain stresses, Brexit, Covid, remote working – on project management capabilities     Connect with Carl on LinkedIn here
57:52 11/7/23
Episode 159: "How to prepare users for change management” with Pamela Ann Sinclair
In this episode, we're joined by Pamela Ann Sinclair, a training specialist for Cora Systems and change management expert, who shares her expertise in change management preparation. Pamela discusses her journey into the world of change management, highlighting its increasing relevance in project management over the past decade. She emphasizes the pivotal role of change management in successful project execution and provides a practical checklist of industry best-practices to ensure smooth transitions. Pamela also explores common pitfalls in change management based on her extensive experience, offering insights on how to avoid them. Key Highlights: ●      00:58 - Introduction to Pam Sinclair and Change Management ●      02:30 - Change Management: A Marketing Buzzword ●      05:36 - Pam on the Basics of Change Management ●      08:13 - The Two Biggest Pitfalls ●      14:58 - Pam’s Key Learning Experience ●      17:38 - Importance of Change on People Connect with Pamela on LinkedIn here Bonus Learn the keys to effective change management by accessing a complimentary copy at
20:35 10/27/23
Episode 158: "How is renewable energy changing our world?” with Jeremiah Bros
In this episode, Aaron Murphy hosts Jeremiah Broz, the CEO and founder of Energy Advantage Roof and Solar, to delve into how renewable energy is reshaping our world. Jeremiah's commitment to sustainability and renewable energy is transforming both the industry and the communities he serves.   Key Highlights: ●      00:54 - Introduction to Jeremiah Broz and Renewable Energy ●      01:07 - Jeremiah's Background and Journey to Renewable Energy ●      02:00 - The Birth of Energy Advantage ●      05:30 - The Long-Term Worth of Switching to Solar ●      09:57 - Metrics for Comparing Energy Sources ●      12:08 - The Transition from Fossil Fuels to Renewables ●      13:52 - Addressing Fears and Concerns about Solar Adoption ●      16:29 - Monetary Benefits and Incentives of Solar Energy ●      17:00 - Controlling Energy Costs and Time-of-Use Rates ●      18:58 - Empowerment and Core Values ●      19:23 - Navigating Energy Banking and Net Metering ●      20:39 - Connecting with Energy Advantage This episode serves as an engaging discussion on the importance of renewable energy and how it can positively impact individuals, communities, and the environment. Learn More About Jeremiah Broz here or visit his website: Bonus Find out how grid modernization can facilitate decarbonizing of the energy sector by accessing a complimentary copy at 
25:11 10/6/23
Episode 157: "Leadership Skills the Military can teach us" with Pat D'Amico
In this episode, Aaron Murphy discusses leadership skills with guest Pat D'Amico, a leadership expert and CEO of About-Face Development. Pat's military background informs his insights on leadership. He talks about how important it is for leaders to deal with their own stress, become more self-aware, and learn how to coach. They also talk about how important mentorship is, what the most common reasons are for people to quit their jobs, and why leaders need to keep learning. The conversation touches on the effects of tools for learning from a distance, and it ends by pointing out that coaching and hiring skills are important leadership skills. Pat's contact information is given so that you can get in touch with him. Listen to the episode to learn more! Important Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction 00:23 - Who Is Our Guest For Today? 05:12 - Being Aware Of Your Emotion 06:09 - Having A Mentor Is Important 07:06 - Why Are People Leaving Their Jobs? 07:56 - Manager's Role in Job Losses 08:30 - Lack Of Development 08:53 - How To Retain People 13:01 - The Importance Of Keeping Good Managers 16:35 - The Adaption Of Asynchronous E-Learning   18:26 - Top Three Leadership Skills Most People And Organizations Lack    Learn More About Pat D'Amico   Bonus Learn the keys to effective “digital transformation” by accessing a complimentary guidebook at
23:03 8/25/23
Episode 156: "Trends in the Banking Industry" with Brian Jackson
In this episode, Brian Jackson, Director of Project Management and Third Party Governance at Centennial Bank, shares his 47-year journey in the banking industry, witnessing the incredible transformation from manual operations to today's digital marvels. He discusses the importance of contractual compliance in the banking sector and how Centennial Bank adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling remote work. They explore the impact of digital transformation on modern banks, including real-time payments like FedNow. Tune in for valuable insights and inspiring stories. Important Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction 00:23 – Brian’s background 02:30 - Banking Through the Decades 06:15 - Banking's Unstoppable Technological Journey 08:20 - Time-Saving, Compliance Crucial, Pandemic Impact 11:10 - Revolutionizing the Post-COVID Workplace 15:01 - Reach Out To Brian!   Connect with Brian on LinkedIn here Or email Brian at   Bonus Learn the keys to effective “digital transformation” by accessing a complimentary guidebook at 
16:18 7/28/23
Episode 155: "The Future of AI" with Dr. Barry Devereux
In this episode of the Project Management Paradise podcast, Aaron Murphy interviews Dr. Barry Devereux, an expert in artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. Dr. Devereux discusses his background in cognitive science and his research on natural language processing. He explains that AI has become a hot topic due to the development of chatbots like ChatGPT, which are intuitive and easy to use. Deep learning, a type of machine learning that uses neural network models, has greatly contributed to the success of AI systems. Dr. Devereux predicts that AI will become increasingly integrated into everyday life and professional work, with applications in areas like synthetic media generation. He also highlights the advantages of AI, including increased productivity and economic efficiency. Learn more by listening to this episode! Important Timestamps: ●      00:00 - Introduction ●      00:27 - Who Is Dr. Barry Devereux? ●      03:23 - Why Is AI Such A Hot Topic Nowadays? ●      08:18 - What Is Natural Language Processing? ●      12:26 - AI In The Next Five Years ●      15:00 - The Advantages Of AI ●      18:30 - The Disadvantages Of AI   Learn More About Dr. Barry Devereaux Bonus Learn about the magic of digital twins by accessing a complimentary guidebook at  
27:07 6/30/23
Episode 154: "Overcoming Challenges in the Defence Industry" with Jessica Rivard
Today, we are talking with Jessica Rivard, a senior business analyst at Cora Systems, and previously she worked at Fincantieri Marine Group, where she spent over 15 years working in the defense sector in a range of roles, including senior corporate applications manager and both as a business and systems analyst. We discuss the increasing concern over cybersecurity threats from actors like China and North Korea, the importance of competitiveness and innovation in the defense space, and the use of AI in areas such as virtual reality simulations and data analysis. Jessica also highlights the significance of adhering to earned value management techniques and the challenges faced by the industry, including the longer product life cycles caused by factors like knowledge loss and resource demand. Overall, the podcast emphasizes the need for organizations to stay updated, comply with regulations, and leverage technological advancements to address industry challenges effectively. Important Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction 03:28 - The critical trend in the aerospace and defense industry 05:47 - The process on Cybersecurity 07:17 - Strengthening Cybersecurity 07:59 - AI in Aerospace 11:29 - Importance of getting more information 11:51 - Earned Value Management 15:01 - The product life cycle analysis 21:29 - Management is key Connect with Jessica Rivard Email: Bonus Jessica explores this topic in more detail in her guide at
25:35 5/26/23
Episode 153: "Mental Toughness for Leaders" with LaRae Quy
Today, we are talking with LaRae Quy, an undercover counterintelligence agent for the FBI for 24 years, and now she’s an author. In this episode, we will discuss mental toughness and how it can be developed over time. We will also look at some examples of mental toughness. We will get to know LaRae’s thoughts on resilience and how to gain good values. Is it truly necessary to have a good understanding of oneself? This and more questions will be answered as we go along with the episode! 00:00 - Introduction00:21 - Who is LaRae Quy? 03:54 - Mental toughness is something you develop 05:18 - Tips on developing mental toughness 08:08 - What is resilience? 10:39 - Values in mental toughness13:39 - Source of good values 15:32 - Responding to failure 20:56 - Mental toughness is the same for men and women 22:40 - The importance of self-awareness25:15 - How to be self-aware?   Connect with LaRae Quy LinkedIn: LaRae Quy Website: Twitter: @LaRaeQuy   Bonus Access a complimentary guidebook, Empowering Strategy Realization Using OKRs, at
31:50 4/28/23
Episode 152: "The Power of Diversity in the Modern Workplace" with Patti Viri-Cruz
In this episode, we speak with Patti Viri-Cruz, the Director of PT Portfolio, Design, and Construction at Genentech. Patti is a project management professional who has built processes and programs from the ground up, putting the business's needs first. In this episode, we'll talk about diversity and how it's important for running a group or team. How does Patti get the most out of what each team member's strength? Is it through inspiration? We'll also find out what is project management's role in the biotech sector and how the Cora software solution has helped to streamline a global corporation like Genentech and its sister companies around the world. Important Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction01:01 - Who is Patti Viri-Cruz? 01:38 - Diversity in a nutshell 02:48 - Patti’s fun experiment with Aaron 06:56 - Maximizing team performance10:11 - The importance of leading by example 12:15 - Pandemic and post-pandemic comparison 15:57 - Project management in biotech24:00 - How did Cora Systems help Genentech?  Connect with Patti Viri-Cruz here Bonus Learn how to accelerate your product development by downloading a complimentary guidebook at
27:55 3/24/23
Episode 151: "Leadership in Uncertain Times" with Declan Ryan
The Project Foundry, founded by Declan Ryan, helps business and technology leaders deliver business-driven technology change and realize value by bridging strategy and execution. He is also the CEO and today, he is our guest for this episode. Today, we are going to talk to him about the ways in which the company makes its clients’ lives better. Was Declan surprised by how companies managed their strategies? Did he notice a recurring set of fears? What impact do certain issues have on government and business? Also, where does leadership in a company reside? How do businesses actually put their strategies into action?  In this episode, we will also learn how an individual can assist the leadership team of a company with the goals that they have set for themselves. Is it really as simple as outlining a route that can lead to success? Learn more as you listen to this episode. Important Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction00:14 - Introducing Declan Ryan 00:47 - Declan Ryan’s story 02:55 - How does The Project Foundry improve client lives? 04:08 - How do certain issues affect business and government?05:34 - Helping business leaders with their strategy 10:55 - Where does the leadership in a company reside?14:17 - How do businesses execute their strategies?  Connect with Declan Ryan here Bonus Learn the keys to effective “digital transformation” by accessing a complimentary guidebook at
19:16 2/24/23
Episode 150: "Trends in the Aerospace & Defence Industry" with Josh Lee
Josh Lee is the co-founder of Rev Technologies, a company that specializes in SAP implementation and technology strategy for heavy manufacturing and project-centric firms. In this episode, we discuss the major trends affecting the aerospace and defense industries, as well as how these trends impact the line of business. In addition, we will find out whether or not the industry will experience the impending shifts that we have been speculating about. What kinds of issues could come up in the future, and how he thinks we should handle them? Lastly, we will talk about how adjusting to new circumstances can be the most effective strategy for companies. Important Timestamps: 00:00 - Introducing Josh Lee 00:48 - Who is Josh Lee and what does he do? 02:50 - The major trends affecting the aerospace and defense industry 11:04 - Will there be a future change in the industry? 14:51 - How will this change look from an executive perspective and how will it help? 15:34 - What is their plan for resolving future problems that may emerge? 18:17 - How does working in pharma differ from working in aerospace? 20:00 - The power of adaptation 21:27 - Where can we find Josh Lee? Connect with Joshua Lee here Reach out to Josh through email: *Bonus* Learn about the magic of digital twins by accessing a complimentary guidebook at 
23:27 1/20/23
Episode 149: "Emerging trends in AI" with Ron Schmelzer and Kathleen Walch
Ron Schmelzer and Kathleen Walch are the managing partners of Cognilytica, an AI research and advisory firm. Ron is also a judge for the South by Southwest Innovation Awards and started and runs the Tech Breakfast. Kathleen is a serial entrepreneur, an expert in AI and machine learning, a savvy marketer, and a tech industry connector. The birth of Cognilytica is when they both realized that the world is taking a huge leap in technology as AI is becoming more popular. The drive for them to create these podcast episodes came when they realized that people were still surprisingly thirsty for knowledge. In this episode, they debunk the idea that technology is really the problem; in fact, it’s the challenge of getting people to understand technology. Ron also stated that the world of AI has a much higher overlap than people might have thought. Together, they describe the phases and actions they take whenever they run into a technological issue, outlining the procedure for resolving such issues. Listen to this episode to learn more! Show Notes Connect with Ron Schmelzer here Connect with Kathleen Walsh here Check out Cognilytica Check us out the AI Today Podcast here *Bonus* Learn the keys to effective “digital transformation” by accessing a complimentary guidebook at
24:44 11/30/22
Episode 148: “5 Tips To Accelerate Digital Transformation” with Jeff Hopkins
Jeff Hopkins is Honeywell's global program management office leader and is responsible for their end-to-end project solutions processes. He also serves as the program management office leader for Honeywell Integrated. Prior to joining Honeywell, Jeff held R&D roles at Procter & Gamble Company across multiple regions and business segments. He is the industry leader in enterprise-wide digitally enabled work process transformation. In this episode, Jeff Hopkins is going to discuss: “5 Tips To Accelerate Digital Transformation”. Show Notes Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn here *Bonuses* Learn the keys to effective “digital transformation” by accessing a complimentary guidebook at  Join Jeff Hopkins at Project Controls Expo’s case studies zone in London, UK, on November 16th. Learn more about the event at
29:50 11/11/22
Episode 147: “Keys to Effective Project Prioritization in Biopharma” with Joe Stalder
Joe Stalder has over 10 years of experience managing drug development projects in a variety of company sizes and cultures, including Pfizer, Roche, and AstraZeneca. Joe is a regular speaker at biopharma project and portfolio management conferences and he’s the author of an upcoming book on managing drug development projects. In this episode, Joe Stalder is going to discuss: “Keys to Effective Project Prioritization in Biopharma”. Learn the keys to effective “project prioritization in biopharma” by accessing a complimentary guidebook by Joe Stalder at Tune in to a bonus webinar by Joe Stalder on “project prioritization in biopharma” by visiting
26:34 10/24/22
Episode 146: “Why Cost Indices Are Important for Project Management” with Dr Alexia Nalewaik
Dr. Alexia Nalewaik has over 25 years of experience in audit, estimating, and cost/risk management. She is a Fellow of the RICS, AACE International, the Guild of Project Controls, and ICEC. Alexia is a member of the Governing Council for the RICS, representing the US Market Seat. She is also a Past President of AACE International, and Past Chair of the International Cost Engineering Council. She has published two books, on performance audit and reporting. In this episode, Dr Alexia Nalewaik is going to discuss: “Why Cost Indices Are Important for Project Management”. *Bonus* This year’s Project Controls Expo USA takes place in Washington D.C. at the Nationals Park, between October 4-6th. Cora will be at Stand 37 and they have 10 tickets to give away. Enter now  
21:45 9/23/22
Episode 145: “How To Improve Forecasting By 98%” with Kris Sprague
This is Project Management Paradise episode 145. Kris Sprague is the Head of Program and Project Planning at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. He is an executive-level professional with extensive experience building and leading project management organizations and PMOs that assist business leaders in achieving their strategy. In 2021, he was recognized by the PMO Global Alliance (PMOGA) as one of the Top 4 PMO Leaders in the Americas and one of the world’s top sixteen. Kris has over a dozen professional certifications from organizations such as the Project Management Institute (PMI), the PMOGA, and Prosci. In this episode, Kris is going to discuss: “How to Improve Forecasting by 98% in Life Sciences”. Show Notes Connect with Kris on LinkedIn here *Bonus* Learn how to accelerate your product development by accessing a complimentary guidebook at
33:19 9/2/22
Episode 144: “Is Your Manager Causing You To Leave?” with Michael Calkins
This is Project Management Paradise episode 144. Michael Calkins is Senior VP of Professional Services at Cora Systems. Michael has over 30 years of consulting experience in the public and private sectors. He has previously worked with global brands such as NetSuite, Teracore, IBM, and Dell. In this episode, Michael is going to discuss: “Is Your Manager Causing You To Leave?” Show Notes Connect with Michael on LinkedIn here Bonus Access a complimentary guidebook, Empowering Strategy Realization Using OKRs, at
23:13 7/29/22
Episode 143: “How to Lead a Strategy Realization Office in Life Sciences” with Sachin Raje
Sachin Raje is Director, Strategy Realization Office, MRL Global Medical and Scientific Affairs at Merck. He is an expert in mentoring on Project Management, complex program management, setting up PMOs, and establishing and managing Strategy Realization Offices. He has deep sector-wide experience, with a solid record of delivering value to a number of companies in the Life Sciences, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail, and Manufacturing industries. In this episode, Sachin Raje discusses: “How to Lead a Strategy Realization Office in Life Sciences”. Show Notes Connect with Sachin on LinkedIn here *Bonus* Project Management Paradise is brought to you by Cora Systems. Learn why Cora has been named in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Strategic Portfolio Management by accessing a complimentary copy at
32:04 6/24/22
#142: “Performance-based Hiring” with Lou Adler
Lou Adler is “The Sherlock Holmes of Recruitment”, CEO, and founder of The Adler Group, a consulting and training firm that uses his performance-based hiring℠ system for finding and hiring exceptional talent.  Lou has over 1.4 million followers on Linkedin. His articles and research have also been featured in Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Bloomberg, SHRM, and The Wall Street Journal. Lou is the author of ‘The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired’ and the Amazon top-10 best-seller, ‘Hire With Your Head - Performance-Based Hiring to Build Outstanding Diverse Teams’. In this episode, Lou Adler is going to discuss: “The key to performance-based hiring”. Show Notes Learn more about the Lou Adler Group at Connect with Lou on LinkedIn here Follow Lou on Twitter here here Get "The Essential Guide for Hiring & Getting Hired" on Amazon Bonus Project Management Paradise is brought to you by Cora Systems. Learn why Cora was recently recognized in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Strategic Portfolio Management by accessing a complimentary copy of the report at
30:14 5/27/22
Episode 141: “How To Create A High-Performing Team” with Nils Vinje
Nills Vinje is a Leadership Coach, 3X Top 25 Customer Success Influencer, Speaker and Consultant. He is the only certified coach in the field of customer service who is exclusively focused on the growth and development of CS professionals and the author of the best-selling book the 30-Day Leadership Playbook. In this episode, Nils Vinje is going to discuss: “How To Create A High-Performing Team”. Show Notes Connect with Nils on LinkedIn *Bonus* Learn about best-practice OKRs by downloading a complimentary guidebook at  
34:22 4/22/22
Episode 140: “How to Optimize Product Development in Life Sciences” with Norbert Leinfellner
Norbert Leinfellner is Head of PMO at Element Science, a medical devices company in the Bay Area, California, and a regular speaker at industry conferences. Norbert worked previously in senior program management roles with companies like Siemens, Carl Zeiss Meditec, and Fresenius Medical Care. He has particular expertise in program management, global organizational planning, cross-functional relationship management, sustaining and value engineering, and all phases of product development in multiple clinical spaces. Show Notes Connect with Norbert on LinkedIn *Bonus* This podcast is brought to you by Cora Systems. Get complimentary access to their guide "Pharma Project Management in the "New Normal" at Like what you heard? We would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave a review via your podcast app or on Spotify. Your guest suggestions are welcome - email  
34:26 3/25/22
Episode 139: “Digital Transformation In Engineering And Construction“ with Paul Wilkinson
Paul Wilkinson is a leading authority on the use of construction collaboration technology platforms. He has been working in construction industry marketing and public relations since 1987, with some of the sector’s best-known names in professional services and information technology. Paul is a regular speaker at academic institutions and industry events. As an author, he has written numerous articles, book chapters, and a book about construction collaboration technologies.   Show Notes Read more of Paul's thoughts on his blog at Follow Paul on Twitter Connect with Paul on LinkedIn *Bonus* This podcast is brought to you by Cora Systems. Get complimentary access to their guide "Cora for Engineering - Connecting strategy with execution" at Like what you heard? We would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to leave a review here in your podcast app or on Spotify. Your guest suggestions are welcome - email
20:09 2/18/22
Episode 138: “Governance of Public Sector Projects” with Gerry Galvin
This is Project Management Paradise episode 138. Gerry Galvin spent more than 20 years in Ireland’s Department of Environment, Community & Local Government, responsible for technical oversight to support the development and implementation of policies, strategies and the investment program for the water sector in the country. Gerry joined Irish Water, the national water utility, on its establishment in 2013, in the role of Chief Technical Officer where he served for seven years. Gerry now works as a consultant water utilities expert for Cora Systems. In this episode, Gerry is going to discuss: “Governance of Public Sector Projects”.  
20:41 1/21/22

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