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Learn about the career paths of BIPOC beauty professionals from corporate to creatives and entrepreneurs. Find out how they've overcome challenges and found success.


EPISODE REMIX: Ron Robinson How A Hero Ingredient and Focusing on Consumer Needs Helped Him Build a Beauty Brand 35:50 06/03/2022
EPISODE REMIX: Dixie Lincoln-Nichols: Why She's A Disruptor in the Beauty, Wellness & Self-Care Space 40:07 05/27/2022
Abigail Opiah: Cultivating Conversations and E-Commerce Solutions Around Black Women's Hair 32:54 05/19/2022
Jamella Bailey: How Hair Loss Transformed Her Into a Passionate Beauty Entrepreneur 34:53 05/12/2022
Briggitta Hardin: Building a Brand at the Intersection of Beauty, Wellness, and CBD 31:01 04/28/2022
Rahama Wright: Building a Social Impact Beauty Business and Redefining Success 65:01 04/22/2022
Amanda Flores: From Beauty Editorial to Brands—Never Underestimate the Importance of Storytellers 39:38 04/14/2022
Taliah Waajid: Her Mane Moves from Textured Hair Stylist to Brand Owner and Creator of the World Natural Hair Show 47:01 04/08/2022
Patricia Reynoso: Cultivating a Beauty Career Through a Strong Network, Adaptable Skills and Using Culture and Authenticity as Superpowers!! 53:15 04/01/2022
EPISODE REMIX: Dr. Edward E. Dickerson: Wrinkle Relaxers, Fillers & Understanding the Cultural and Clinical Needs of BIPOC Patients 38:28 03/25/2022
EPISODE REMIX: Jazmin Alvarez: Why She's Committed to Curating an Inclusive 44:55 03/18/2022
EPISODE REMIX: Eunice Cofie-Obeng Focusing on Skin of Color—From Creating Products to Training Aestheticians 38:55 03/11/2022
EPISODE REMIX: Kim Roxie: Taking the Leap From Brick and Mortar to E-Commerce and New Platforms With Crazy Faith 48:22 03/04/2022
EPISODE REMIX: Ni'Kita Wilson: The Building Blocks of a Beauty + STEM Career 39:14 02/24/2022
BONUS EPISODE: 35 Tips for Breaking into and Succeeding in Corporate and STEM Roles, Pivoting Your Career, Following Your Passion and Making it as a Beauty Entrepreneur!! 36:43 02/18/2022
Rochelle Graham-Campbell, Finding Her Winning Formula: Authenticity, Community, and Staying Close to Her Roots 63:28 02/11/2022
St. Clair Detrick-Jules: The Importance of Chronicling Our Hair and Heritage 36:59 02/03/2022
Sam Fine: How to Have a Legendary Career as a Black Makeup Artist! (And Why It's Harder Today) 73:29 01/27/2022
Miko Branch: Scaling the Miss Jessie's Brand and Leading With Love 46:08 01/20/2022
Chrissy Cabrera— Feet First: Building a Beauty Brand by Exploiting a Niche 57:51 01/13/2022
Megan Young Gamble: From Project Management to Packaging: Creating a Successful Beauty Brand is all in the Details 57:20 01/06/2022
Shirley Billot: Creating a Beauty Brand From Her Roots with Bananas and Caribbean Pharmacopia 44:16 12/16/2021
Keren Davy: Blazing a Career Path in Beauty With Faith and Fearlessness 36:29 12/09/2021
Kim-Van Dang:Turn a Passion into Profitable Beauty Businesses Part 1 45:29 12/02/2021
Kim-Van Dang: Turning a Passion into Profitable Beauty Businesses Part 2 55:33 12/02/2021
Jolorie Williams: Lesson From A Leader on the Corporate Side of Beauty 44:20 11/23/2021
Trae Bodge: Finding Power in the Pivot 41:35 11/18/2021
Denise and Janice Tunnell: How They Shifted Their Careers From Accounting to Makeup Artistry, The Skills You Need to Find Success in Film &n Television, and Why It's Important to Put in the Work 57:32 06/10/2021
Janell M. Hickman-Kirby: How She Pivoted Her Career From PR to Beauty Editorial to E-Commerce Editor and Brand Strategist 49:39 06/03/2021
Ginger King: How Working Behind the Counter Made Her a Better Cosmetic Chemist, the Difference Between Working in Contract Manufacturing and Product Development, and Why Launching a Beauty Line is Lik 30:42 05/27/2021