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We love music. You love music. Let's talk about it. From current events, crazy show stories, what we're currently listening to, and anything else that is on our minds—there may even be a special guest on to answer all of your burning questions. The only way to know is to tune in weekly and find out.


IGP Album Review: Gorillaz - Plastic Beach
Whether or not the Gorillaz are "real", our music discussion podcast certainly is! It's time once again for us to open our doors to a crowd pick for our album review rotation. This week not only did we let the crowd pick, but we let them join the show.Listen in as Russ sits down with Lauren and John of Beer'd Al Podcast fame while we talk through the finer points of John's pick for our album review. John brought the third effort from Gorillaz to the table. Packed with special guests, the album "Plastic Beach" was a little different then fans of the band were expecting. How did the album fare with us? There's only one way to find out: listen to the lastest episode of the Infectious Groove Podcast!
49:59 11/28/2022
IGP Presents: A Totally Epic Cover Battle - Jolene
Jolene...Jolene....Jolene...Joleeeeeene! You know the song and we know you love it. Who did it better though? Was it the incredible woman who whote it, Dolly Parton? Is is possible that Jack White and his big sister Meg managed to make the better version? Join us as Michelle & Russ welcome Hillary from The Muck Podcast to talk through exactly that discussion. It's Season 7 Episode 7 of your favorite red headed bank tellers managers favorite show, the Infectious Groove Podcast!
57:26 11/21/2022
Our 3 Favorite Rap Albums of All Time featuring Brad of Album Concept Hour
Although much younger then many other genres, rap music already has a long and storied history. Much like any other genre, new artists are constantly breaking rules, setting new heights and exploring new sounds.During this episode, Russ is joined by Brad of the Album Concept Hour as they both list and explain their personal favorite rap albums of all time. Their picks cover almost 40 years of music history! Both Brad and Russ make sure to explain why these albums are their favorites and why YOU should listen tot them ASAP.It's Season 7, Episode 6 of your favorite copyrights lawers pool boys favorite podcast: The Infectious Groove Podcast!
55:04 11/14/2022
IGP Album Review: Maren Morris - Humble Quest
This week on your favorite music podcast, Michelle has chosen an album for us to review. Is this album considered country music? We cover that aspect along with our thoughts in general about the best songs, the stinkers and our overall rating. We're excited to welcome returning guest Aaron from the I Had To Say It Podcast to sit in with us for the whole discussion.Our Jammy Jams, your Feedback and more are all part of this fun episode! It's Season 7 Episode 5 of your favorite social media star's TikTok famous friends favorite podcast: the Infectious Groove Podcast
49:08 11/07/2022
IGP Presents: A Totally Epic Cover Battle - Last Kiss
We're got a fantastic match up this time out for the next in our series of Totally Epic Cover Battles. This time out, we're discussing a very sad song with two completely different versions that span over 30 years apart."Oh where oh where can my baby be?" sounds FAR different coming from J Frank Wilson than it does Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. Both versions reached high positions on the charts when they were released and both are remembered for different reasons.Join us as Dave from the Beer In Front Podcast sits down to talk through the battle with us. As always we share what we like about the original and what we like about the cover. Many points everywhere and in between are discussed too.It's Season 7 Episode 4 of your baby's favorite music podcast: infectious Groove Podcast.
54:42 10/31/2022
Lost In The Crowd? The Return of Live Events
Very soon after we started the Infectious Groove Podcast, one of the biggest parts of our lives were taken away: LIVE CONCERTS. This might seem like a small worry for many, but for us concerts were a way of life. We, like everyone else, took precaution and waited patiently for the live concert experience to return. It's been just about a year since that happened, so we figured it was time to talk about it. Fellow OddPods Media member Richie from the Super Media Bros Podcast joins us this week to talk through it all.What mandates were in place? What precautions went away? What is the experience like at venues of different sizes? What does the future hold?? We answer all of these questions and more on Season 7, Episode 3 of your favorite podcast: the Infectious Groove!
65:20 10/24/2022
IGP Album Review: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Release in 2010, "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire went on to massive critical and commercial success. Would you believe that we never got around to hearing the album? On top of that, would you believe that we never even got around to listening to Arcade all?? Well it's true!It's not just us either. This week we're joined by Dayton of the dockingbay77 podcast who is in the same boat as us. Dayton sat down to listen to and review this listener picked album choice without ever hearing one note of the bands music prior. Over the course of the episode, we think you'll hear some unique perspectives regarding not only the music, but our preconceptings prior to hearing the album.It's Season 7, Episode 2 of your favorite new SNL cast members, less famous cousins favorie music podcast: Infectious Groove Podcast!
52:59 10/17/2022
S7E01 - Season Premiere - Totally Epic Cover Battle
"When the rain's blowin' in your face...and the whole world is on your case..." that's how this modern day standard starts. Nearly unrivaled lyricist Bob Dylan first brought the song "Make You Feel My Love" to the world in the fall of 1997. Since it's release, the song has been covered hundreds of times.We figured, what better way to kick off our SEVENTH season of bringing you the Infectious Groove Podcast than with our first ever THREE WAY Totally Epic Cover Battle. In this episode, we'll discuss the original vs the first widely known cover from Garth Brooks. Then we'll discuss the well known version from Adele.We let all 3 versions duke it out and tell you which one we think is best and why. It's the return of Our Jammy Jams, it's the return of Feedback, it's the return of Michelle, the return of your brothers sisters uncles best friends favorite podcast: THE INFECTIOUS GROOVE PODCAST!
47:20 10/10/2022
Keeper At The Gates (Season 6 Finale)
Somehow, someway, we've made it through yet another season of pretty much everyone's favorite music podcast. If you're confused as to what podcast I'm referencing, it's this one. I just figured I'd put that out there. If you're just tuning it, first of all, thank you, second of all, you're in for quite the wild ride. We've made it through a mountain of musical guests, a plethora of guest hosts, a global pandemic, the birth of a kid, a life-changing move across the country, and so much more. You guys have had a front-row seat to it all, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Without you, we wouldn't be here, and let's be honest here, that would suck some serious ass. With that being said, let's get into it! We all have that elder family member that thinks their version of a song or an artist is the end all be all because let's be honest "they just don't make em' like they used to" (according to Uncle Bob). Or hell, maybe you're the elder that thinks little Jimmy should shut up about his Tik Tok songs because they sure in the hell didn't originate there. Perhaps your inner "Karen" starts to rear its ugly head when you see a tween rocking a Pink Floyd or Aerosmith shirt that you're certain came from a department store. If we're being honest here, most of us probably have at least a little bit of some of these types of things ingrained within ourselves, mostly because we tend to become protective over the things that we cherish in life. Others are simply just grouchy assholes that tend to behave this way with everything in their lives. We call this "gatekeeping" and it really can be found in all parts of one's life. This week, we're ending season 6 with a bang, and a special guest. Now that I am reading this, that last part is worded a little strangely, so before you ask, no we're not banging our special guest on the season 6 finale. If that's what you're looking for, perhaps you've stumbled upon the wrong podcast, or maybe the wrong platform entirely, but that's for you to decide. Typically I'd tell you right here, who's going to be on with us this week, but it's the season finale, so guess's a surprise. Join us as we try and bust through the gates, and tell the gatekeeper to get lost. It's the season 6 finale of Johnny Rzeznik's plastic surgeon's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
60:20 09/19/2022
IGP Crew Album Review: Pink Floyd - The Wall
First unleashed on the world in late 1979, Pink Floyd - The Wall is many things to many people. Shortly after the release of the album, the band toured with an unbelieveable stage show performing the album in it's entirety. After completion of the tour, the album was made into a motion picture by MGM in 1982. The album has been performed in it's entirety many times since, but today was focus solely on the studio record itself.Clocking in at 80 minutes with 26 songs in total, The Wall has sold an astrounding 33 million copies to date with no sign of slowing down. In this episode, the Infectious Groove Crew of Russ & Michelle welcomes Lauren from the Beer'd Al Podcast to talk through everything about the album.What songs do we love the most? What songs could we do without? Those answers and more await you in our roundtable discussion. It's Season 6, Episode 19 of Roger Water's favorite telephone operators music podcast; the Infectious Groove Podcast!
57:35 09/12/2022
IGP Presents: A Totally Epic Cover Battle - Smooth Criminal
Not many people have tried to cover the one and only, undisputed King of Pop Michael Jackson. Those that have usally find themselves trying to top something that is already perfect. A funny thing happened to the band Alien Ant Farm: they didn't set out to top Michael Jackson and they didn't even want to have their cover be the focal point of their career.Born from playing a few riffs at shows, the Alien Ant Farm cover of the Michael Jackson classic "Smooth Criminal" went on to be what they're best known for. It was an enormous hit for Michael Jackson himself, finding it's way into all of his tours after it's release.This week on the Infectious Groove Podcast, we welcome in KC and Aaron from The Itch Rocks Podcast to talk through both versions of this iconic song. What do we all like about the original? What do we like about the cover? Which one do each of us prefer and also, which version would we recomment to others to start with?It's Season 6, Episode 16 of your favorite outdated & irrelevant music magazine writers favorite podcast: the Infectious Groove Podcast!
59:42 09/05/2022
Get In Losers, We're Discussing Road Trip Songs!
This week's episode finds Michelle & Russ sitting down with Frankie & Garrett of The EverTrending Story Podcast to discuss road trip songs! We're talking about our favorites, who gets to control the music and what NOT to play in the car.The Beatles, Harvey Danger, Ludacris, Bruno Mars, Buckcherry, Ozzy Osbourne, Beastie Boys, The Outfield, MIA, Cardi B, Falco and more all get the nod. Listen in as we talk through one of the more important discussions in the history of music sharing: who gets to control the music on a playlist.What are you "must hear" songs? What are the ones you never want to hear? Do sad songs have a place on a road trip? We talk through all of those points and more! It's Season 6, Episode 17 of Regina George's favorite music podcast: the Infectious Groove Podcast.
48:55 08/29/2022
IGP Crew Album Review: City And Colour - Sometimes
The tripods back again, check it to wreck it, let's begin. Okay now that I've gotten that out of my system, let's get to it. It's just another mundane Monday so you know what that means. Another fan-freaking-tastic episode to brighten up your dreary work day. This week we're joined by Aaron from the "I HAD to say it" podcast. If you're just tuning in for the first time, first of all, thank you, but beyond that, we do a weekly rotation of brand-new and interesting guests that round out the tripod and fill our third chair. We also do a rotation of different series, and this happens to be one of them. Kyle was up in the rotation for choosing an album for us to dig into, and he did just that. This week we're keeping it Canadian with singer/songwriter/guitar player Dallas Green. If that name doesn't sound familiar straight away, perhaps you're more familiar with his stage name "City And Colour". Yeah, now you're with us, I thought that might help. City And Colour is not only brilliant as far as band names go, but it also started as Dallas Green's side project. While singing and playing guitar for the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire, Dallas decided to take a completely different direction, and in November of 2005, City And Colour took the industry by storm when "Sometimes" was officially released due to high demand. Up until this time, most of what made up the album was only ever heard at live shows and was downloaded via P2P sharing programs. To say that the official release was met with critical acclaim would be an understatement and by 2006 it was certified Gold in Canada. Push forward to 2007, and it would win a Juno Award for "Alternative Album Of The Year". In early 2009, the album was re-released and finally available in physical form for the first time in the US. We often talk about monster debut records here on the podcast, and I think we can all agree that this definitely fits into that category. Join us as we take a dip into this not-so-little side project of Dallas Green. Believe me, you're going to want to hear what Aaron HAD to say about the album. It's season 6, episode 16 of your favorite Canadian Border Patrol Agent's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
55:28 08/22/2022
IGP Presents: A Totally Epic Cover Battle - Land of Confusion
Our Totally Epic Cover Battle series, now a regular and beloved part of our program continues this week! We also welcome special guest Chris from the Dadnarok YouTube channel. Chris sits down with Russ & Michelle as they walk through a discussion about which version of the classic song "Land of Confusion" is better. Did Genesis get it right the first time in 1986 or did Disturbed improve what they set out to do in 2006?Feedback, Our Jammy Jams and a fun music discussion is all on display in this one. Throw in your earbuds, kick back and listen to the latest episode of your lawn guys, sisters, best friends favorite podcast: the Infectious Groove Podcast.
54:35 08/15/2022
The IGP Crew Watches - Elvis: That's The Way It Is
It's Monday, and we're back with a brand spanking new episode for your ears to swallow. Another new episode means another special guest that we add to the roster. This week we welcome fellow podcaster, and OddPods Network brethren, Sam from The 500 Section Lounge Podcast. We don't do a whole lot of movie reviewing here, because well you know it's a music podcast and all, but sometimes we run across a film that is music related, and just too good not to talk about. That's exactly where this film lands amongst music-related movies. "Elvis: That's Just The Way It Is" takes us all the way back to 1970, and isn't just your typical run-of-the-mill music documentary. After being re-edited in 2001, ETJTWIS let fans take an inside look at the process of just how much went into being the machine that was Elvis Presley. Rare behind-the-scenes footage laid the landscape to several iconic Las Vegas performances. You might think you know "The King Of Rock And Roll" but this film lets us see a side of Elvis that even his most die-hard fans had never seen before. It's intimate. It's candid, and it's vulnerable. But more importantly and simply put, it's a damn good film. It's season 6, episode 14 of your Granddad's favorite Las Vegas waitress', favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
61:43 08/08/2022
IGP Crew Album Review: Brand New - The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me
It's time for anotther IGP Crew Album Review and this time we've got two special treats. First up, it's Michelle's turn to join the crew and it's her turn to pick the album for review. On top of that, we have long time listener and fellow podcaster Seth joining us from Queer Defense Squad while we break this album down.Under discussion this week is The Devil And God Are Raginig Inside Me from the band Brand New. The album was released in late 2006 as a follow up to their massively successful Deja Entendu album. In this episode, we discuss the pressure of a follow up, the songs themselves as well as the inspriration for them. There's even more than a few concert stories shared throughout the discussion.Sit back, buckle up and listen to ourlatest episode . It's your inner emo kid's older brothers favorite music podcast: the Infectious Groove Podcast.
64:16 08/01/2022
Pretty Weird, Isn't It Al?
Hopefully, ya'll are getting used to the new format. If not, too bad! Just kidding, but seriously though we hope you're picking up what we're laying down. This week we caught up with John from The Beer'd Al Podcast, to talk about none other than Weird Al, who would have guessed? There is about a 99% chance that you've at least heard the name "Weird Al", and thanks to MTV more like a 100% chance that you've heard at least one of his songs, and seen at least one of his brilliant music videos. Having had his foot in the music industry's door since the early 80s, it's kind of strange that he's not basically a household name at this point. Hell, if you're under the age of 30, and are reading this right now, there is a chance that you have no clue who I am even talking about here, which is even crazier. Beyond the music, and being an insanely talented singer, songwriter, and musician. Weird Al is also a screenwriter, actor, author, and TV host among many other things. The guy has put out 14 studio albums going all the way back to the early 80s and has been nominated for multiple Grammys (winning 5 of them in various categories), yet it still feels like he simply hasn't gotten the recognition that he very well should have. It would appear that after all these years, not only the music industry, but the general public as well have decided to box "Weird Al" in as that guy who just makes those silly parody songs. Nothing more. Nothing less. Even if that is the case, it hasn't seemed to have slowed him down, and his core fanbase has been there all along the way. Join us as we get weird, and talk about Al, all while wondering when this guy is going to finally get his flowers. It's season 6, episode 12 of your favorite local polka band's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
62:27 07/25/2022
IGP Presents: A Totally Epic Cover Battle - Lady Marmalade
We're back on track but certainly not back to "normal"! This week, we're up to our old shenanigans as we bring back our Totally Epic Cover Battle.This series has already featured some iconic originals going head to head with extremely popular covers. This week is no different. The sheer power and groove of LaBelle goes head to head with the modern take from Christina, Pink, Lil Kim, Mya and Missy Elliot. That's right, it's the battle of Lady Marmalade.Listen to our debate then decide for yourself who you choose as the better version of this funky classic. As Season 6 continues, sit down and listen to the latest episode from your favorite bilingual songwriters favorite music podcast!
41:20 07/18/2022
All The News That's Fit To Print - An IGP Update
This week's update has so much going on! We called in a pinch hitter to assist with the first half of the episode, then in the second half we have an update for you.We may even be over sharing here, but the three of us care deeply about what we do every week, so we wanted to give you the best and most up to date news possible. Long time listeners will be familiar with some of what we share. Newer listers may learn a few things. We think everyone will at least have something to take away."Life gets in the way" has been something we've never spoken about before, but it's certainly time to do that now. Make sure to listen to the first half of the episode for the usual feedback and Our Jammy Jams, then stick around in the second half for an update from the IGP crew and how things will happen going forward.It's Season 6, Episode 10 of your favorite 3 best friends who are separate in distance but as close as ever in our hearts favorite podcast.
30:51 07/11/2022
The Age Old Rockle Debacle
This argument seems to be as old as time (or at least as old as "Rock" music), and well if you're as old as time, maybe it's your fault that we're having to debate this, to begin with. Hell, we can't even agree as a species as to where Rock 'N' Roll as a whole began. That right there should tell you something. With that being said, it seems like every couple of years when one of our beloved Rock legends plays his final note, we have a bunch of people shaking their fists at the sky claiming "Maaaaan Rock is dead", or "Maaaaaaan you know they just really don't make 'em like they used to". The scenario plays out time and time again, and almost always with the same results to be had. Those results being you and I sitting here time and time again intensely debating whether or not "Rock" is in fact dead. it? Is the Rock music that we've all grown accustomed to and have grown up knowing and loving actually dead? Has the Rock we once knew morphed into some kid in his mom's basement screaming into an autotuned mic because no one is swiping right on his tinder profile? Has Rock turned into some guy with an acoustic guitar under a bridge belting out ballads about infamous serial killers? Or, hear me out here for a second. I know I'm just the intern that writes these things but just lend me your ear for a second. What if, the "Rock" music we're all used to has just evolved and changed with a music industry that refused to get ahead of the internet, and is now scrambling to continuously stay relevant. So come shake your fist with us as we discuss this age-old testament that folks just can't seem to leave alone. Evolution is natural, so I'll leave you with this, what if Rock isn't dead, and you're just old? It's season 6, episode 9 of your favorite neighborhood watch block captain's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
48:00 07/04/2022
IGP Crew Album Review: Amigo The Devil - Everything Is Fine
We've come around once again to one of our favorite segments of the podcast, where we let you the listener choose an album, any album, and then we take a crack at listening, reviewing, and then telling you all what we think of it as a whole. This week we were tasked with taking on not only an album that we had never heard before but also an artist that we had never heard of. A master of "Murderfolk" (which we had also not heard of until taking a stab at this album), a crooner from the dark side, straight from the mind of Danny Kiranos. If you haven't figured out who I'm talking about yet, it sounds like you might need to brush up on a little bit of Amigo The Devil. Amigo The Devil is no stranger to darkness, serial killers, or country music. In October 2018 Danny Kiranos, better known by his stage name Amigo The Devil released his first full-length album titled "Everything Is Fine". Recruiting Ross Robinson for production and Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine for drums. A pretty big deal for an outlaw country guy putting together his first full-length project. "Everything Is Fine" and Amigo The Devil are both unique listening experiences in the least and if you had to liken them to something you're more familiar with, think along the lines of if Johnny Cash and Orville Peck had a little music baby and sang about even deeper and darker stuff than they already do. Sound strange? Sound appealing? It certainly does and that is because it is. I would love to keep writing about this Amigo, but unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot of info floating around out there about him, so perhaps the easiest way to get to know him is to listen to this album. It's season 6, episode 8 of your favorite local exterminator's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
49:57 06/27/2022
IGP Presents: A Totally Epic Cover Battle - Hurt
It's not often that you come across a song that seemingly transcends time and space when performed by two different artists. It's even more interesting when those two artists are on the complete opposite ends of the musical spectrum. You might be wondering what the hell I am even talking about, and before you swerve off the road in a podcast rage, let me explain. In 1994 Trent Reznor and his band Nine Inch Nails would release The Downward Spiral (also known to NIN fans as Halo 8). The final track on the album would tell a dark weathered story about drug addiction and self-harm. Trent doesn't divulge much information about the reasoning behind the writing of his songs, as he wants to leave it up to the interpretation of the listener, but it's rumored that this song was written in retrospect. But when listening it certainly seems that Trent was writing about something he knew a little something about from being thrust into superstardom and getting buried within the darkness that is the music industry. Whether it's an autobiographical tale or just a story about a friend of a friend, it certainly hits home for those that can relate to it. Fast forward to 2002, and the last person you'd ever expect to find himself near a Nine Inch Nails track would lend his iconic vocals to his own version of the song, helped along (or hindered) by Rick Rubin lending his production skills to the reworked track. People at first were quite skeptical because your average Johnny Cash fan has not a clue who Trent Reznor or the Nine Inch Nails are. Hell, Trent Reznor was even skeptical about Johnny Cash covering his work because of the potential for it to add a gimmicky value. It turns out that Rick Rubin might have figured out something that no one else had at the time. This version of the song felt like a window into Johnny Cash's past where he also struggled with many of the same things that Trent had throughout the years, just for much, much longer. A true retrospective view on a tattered and torn life in the music industry. Johnny Cash's version of this already iconic song would eventually be considered one of his greatest works. Its accompanying video, featuring images from Cash's life and directed by Mark Romanek, was named the best video of the year by the Grammy Awards and CMA Awards, and the best video of all time by NME in July 2011. Hurt (Cash's Version) would go on to sell 2,148,000 downloads in the United States as of March 2017. To say that it made a huge impact, would I think be putting it quite lightly. When all is said and done there are just some covers that hit the nail on the head, and this happens to be one of them. It's season 6, episode 7 of your (yes, you the listeners) favorite music podcast. Hell, maybe it's even your favorite weekly podcast to listen to overall. If that's the case, we're not sure what else to say besides THANK YOU. Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
50:58 06/20/2022
Truth Runs Marathons - The Michael Jackson Special
**SPECIAL EPISODE ALERT** This episode is a special solo effort from Russ being released on June13th for a very specifc reason. All information and messaging within this episode is approved and endorsed by Kyle & Michelle, but the topic is sensitive enough to where we thought it was best to be handled as a solo, informational piece.Over the course of this episode, we hope you learn something new regarding the news stories that reguarly surround Michael Jackson. We also hope that you take the time to reflect on some of the questions raised during this episode. This special episode contains a fact based discussion along with mentions of several resources where you can find out more information. Listener feedback is very important to us so our regular format will return next week. We will have your feedback from our Songs of Summer episode along with Our Jammy Jams per usual. For now, please just listen to the facts within this episode and make sure to share it out with others so the truth can run marathons.
21:12 06/13/2022
Suns Out Buns Out
Well now that spring has sprung and we've moved on to 85-degree temps with 70% humidity, things are starting to stick to one another, so we thought it would be fitting to talk about our favorite summer songs that go along with our favorite summer activities. Summer is not only a season but also a mental state. It could be 40 degrees and rainy but when you throw on that specific song, you're immediately transported to a sunny beach or maybe a backyard barbecue. I know for me, sometimes (depending on the song) it only takes a second to put me right back in the backyard, grill going HAM, cold beer in hand, with my buns out. Hey, not those kinds of buns pervert, don't you grill your buns before you slap your favorite kind of meat in them? Sheesh! This week we're talking about the top songs that we either hear the most during summer or make us think of that savory summer sun. If you're still thinking of my buns, for one, stop. For two, get your own! There is even a bit of story time this week, which is always something we know you guys look forward to. Whether you're at the local neighborhood cookout or down at the beach catching a wave, or maybe you've even had the unfortunate experience of coming home to find Grandma in the backyard by the pool tanning her hide. Regardless of any of that, there are songs that represent our summertime experiences, and we're here to talk about them. Join us as we sip these margaritas and slip into something more swimmable. In the meantime, we'll leave you to get that vision of Grandma out of your head. It's season 6, episode 5 of your favorite drunken uncle's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
47:56 06/06/2022
IGP Crew Album Review: INXS - Kick
Season 6 is rolling and we're back with another one of our famous or well if you're Michelle, "infamous" album reviews. This week Russ decided to throw a hail mary and pick something he thought for sure everyone would love. Hailing from Australia is a little band that you might have heard about at some point in your music listening career. Shoving their way into the music industry all the way back in 1977. Initially known for their new wave/pop style, the band later developed a harder pub rock style that included funk and dance elements. It wasn't until 1984 that INXS would finally snag a number-one hit in Australia with "Original Sin", and the band would later achieve substantial international success in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s with the hit albums like "Kick". The band's sixth studio album would kick the music industry's door in (no pun intended) and is still the band's most successful studio album to date. Exploding onto the music scene in October of 1987, and initially rejected by Atlantic Records for being too far off from their traditional rock base, but "Kick" lauched the band into worldwide popularity and put them on a brand new level within the industry. The album peaked at No. 1 in Australia, No. 3 on the US Billboard 200, No. 9 in the UK and No. 15 in Austria. In the US, the album spent a total of 79 weeks on the Billboard 200, staying 22 consecutive weeks in the top 10. Just two months after it's initial release the album would reach platinum status with the RIAA in the US. By the end of 1989, it was certified quadruple platinum, having sold in excess of four million units in the United States alone. "Kick" remains the band's best-selling album in Canada, earning a diamond certification from the CRIA, for shipments of one million copies. "Kick" would go on to be certified six times platinum by the RIAA and peaked at number three on the Billboard 200. Having your sixth studio album perform as well as "Kick" has, is somewhat of a modern day miracle. It's almost like these guys knew exactly what they were doing at the time, even if the record label didn't understand (thanks Grandpa). To say that "Kick" was a smash it, would be a severe understatement. This timeless album was on fire, and still is when you drop (gently set) the needle on it today. Join us as we jump on the Michael Hutchence bandwagon, and take one hell of a ride. It's season 6, episode 4 of your favorite Aussie's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
45:15 05/30/2022
IGP Presents: A Totally Epic Cover Battle - Sympathy For The Devil
As we continue to Humpty Dance our way into season 6, your favorite musical tripod has decided to do something a little different and add a new themed episode into the rotation of episodes you've grown to know and love. Covers, covers, covers, and we're not talking karaoke. You love em', you hate em', and so do we. It seems like covers go back as far as your favorite songs do. Artists have been covering one another's work since the very beginning, and like most things in life, some do it way better than others. So every time one of these episodes rolls around we're going to be taking a particular song done by an artist and then talking about one of the more famous covers that another band has done of that particular song. We're anticipating that the highlight of each of these episodes will be Michelle realizing that a particular song that she knows and loves was in fact a cover of another band's work.This week we're taking a listen to a band that has been around since your grandparents were in diapers. Okay, maybe not that long, but they've been around for a really long god damn time, and that may or may not be a good thing. Did you guess The Rolling Stones? If not, shame on you. Once upon a time, they recorded this little god damn jam that you may or may not know called "Sympathy For The Devil", and some years later Axl Rose had a giant raging music boner, and decided that he and whatever rotating lineup of band members he had in Guns N' Roses at the time would grab that song by the balls and give it the Axl twist and that's exactly what they did. But did they do a good job? That's what we're here to talk about. But this is where the talking stops, go listen for yourself, and then come back and listen to our banter. I bet you won't regret any of those decisions. It's season 6, episode 3 of your favorite son's, vice principal's sister's, favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
46:57 05/23/2022
Battle Of The Bulge: 1984 vs 1991
DISCLAIMER: Before diving headfirst into this episode, it is recommended that you go back and listen to the episodes that we dedicated solely to 1984 and 1991. But hey, if you want to be confused, and listen to this episode first, by all means, you do you. After reading the title of this episode, you might be thinking "hey I thought this was a music podcast", and you are correct, it most certainly is. Truth be told music in the mid-80s/early 90s was on fire, and there is no denying that. You could even go as far as to say that music was BULGING with talent and hits. See what I did there? Yes, that's right, Slash's favorite skinny jeans weren't the only thing with a big ol' bulge back in the day. With so much talent packed into just a few short years in the music industry, it was suggested by our listeners that we do a little comparison between the two, to see who we thought should come out on top. The lists of albums that came out during these two time periods is something truly to be wreckoned with, and the fact that we had to choose one over the other made us (Russ and Kyle) quite sad. Michelle didn't seem to care all that much, and as you'll come to find out, she has her a tribe of her own out there somewhere, so it is what it is. So what do you guys think? Which bulge was better? You might just come to realize that bigger isn't necesarily what you should be concerend with, and that longevity could very well be the key to it all. Come take another ride down the greatest musical rabbit hole out there, and see if you can come away with a clear cut winner. it's season 6, episode 2 of your favorite record store employee's, tattoo artist's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
52:06 05/16/2022
IGP Crew Album Review: The Weeknd - Kiss Land
AND WE'RE BACK! Man, that seemed like the longest between-season break ever, but lucky for you, we're back and better than ever. This season (season 6 a.k.a season 3 or 4 if you ask Michelle) is going to be another killer ride. We're starting this one off strong with our critically acclaimed album review series that you've all mostly grown to love.This time it's Kyle who went the extra mile and plugged us in with something that many of you might not have tuned into before hearing this. We all know of The Weeknd, I mean how could you not? He's been in the musical air supply for quite some time now, but what you hear now and where it all began are wildly different. The Weeknd was releasing music long before he had a major label record deal, and many of those projects are what put him on the map to begin with. Considered to be his first major-label release, Kiss Land turned it up a notch when it came to production, writing, art direction, and the overall concept of a project. Working with new producers and refusing to allow himself to be boxed into a specific sound and style. He even chose an album title that he thought would initially throw his fans off when they learned about its upcoming release. The Weeknd is no stranger when it comes to putting together a good concept album, and Kiss Land is no different. Meant to represent the trials and tribulations of life on the road, Kiss Land is full of sexual obsession, betrayal, addiction, and big-ticket trust issues and it's a weirdly exhilarating experience, that isn't for the faint of heart. Initially met with generally positive reviews, Kiss Land would debut at number two on the US Billboard 200 with 95,000 copies sold in its first week, and would go on to be certified gold by 2019. That may seem underwhelming compared to the numbers that he currently does, but you have to remember that this is considered to be his "debut album", and reaching number 2 on the Billboard 200 with your first major-label offering is nothing short of impressive.Okay enough of the small talk, Kyle is telling me to tell you all that I should just let the album speak for itself, so that's what I am going to do. It's season 6, episode 1 of Amber Heard's legal team's, personal assistant's dog walker's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
50:40 05/09/2022
Dumpster Fyre
DISCLAIMER: This episode contains potential spoilers that involve two separate documentaries about the events that unfolded at a particular music festival (that never actually happened). It is advised that you go and check out "Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened" on Netflix and "Fyre Fraud" on Hulu. By doing so, it will loop you into this entire episode so you're not sitting there confused like Michelle is half of the time.Somehow, someway, and still unbeknownst to Michelle, we've made it through 5 whole seasons of this podcast. We say thank you A LOT, but we really truly mean it. Without you guys, this podcast would just be three music nerds arguing about random music shit while drinking in a dimly but colorfully lit basement with one of the most extensive record collections you've ever seen. You guys are the reason we've been able to take this show to the next level, and for that, we will be forever grateful.While we're on the subject of being grateful, we imagine that those who attended the biggest music festival farce in history are also probably forever grateful that they made it out of that whole ordeal alive. Calling it a perpetual dumpster fire would be putting it lightly, and would never really do the events that actually unfolded before everyone's eyes, any real justice. A story that when told, seems like that of a mockumentary of sorts. Perhaps the best mockumentary you could ever imagine watching, but unfortunately for literally everyone involved "The Fyre Festival" wasn't part of any fake documentary for everyone to mock. It was a very real idea, that had very real consequences.What do you get when you mix a fraudster with the right connections, a lot of money that belongs to other people, and an idea that would (in reality) take years to actually come to fruition?The brainchild of master swindler and self-proclaimed "entrepreneur" Billy McFarland, The Fyre Festival was supposed to be the world's most elite and luxurious music festival that anyone had ever seen. Set to take place in the Bahamas, The Fyre Festival was supposed to have it all and then some, but the events that would unfold would tell a very, very different story.This week we're talking about the biggest music festival dumpster fyre of all time, and it's a doozie if we've ever heard of one. A music festival with no actual music? Check. FEMA tents sold as private luxury villas? Check. No electricity or running water? Check. Cheese sandwiches instead of the gourmet food you were promised? Check. Continuing to defraud the same people who put their money and trust into you? Check. We watched all hell break loose, and if you're listening to this, chances are you also watched all hell break loose at the greatest but also the worst music festival that never was.This leaves us with one lingering question. Just how far would you go to make sure that everyone had clean drinking water? It's the season 5 finale of Billy McFarland's cell mate's ex-wife's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
60:27 04/18/2022
IGP Crew Album Review: The Lone Bellow - Then Came The Morning
From time to time here at Infectious Groove, we run across a particular artist or group that puts so much time and effort into a project that you can't help but fall in love with it. When time and effort are a top priority it becomes obvious just how far a carefully crafted album can take you. Couple that with mastering the art of live performance, and you have an undeniable package that most artists only dream of. These guys might have cut their teeth in NYC, but what you're hearing here doesn't sound like anything else coming out of the empire state. The Lone Bellow put the pedal to the metal when it came to putting together their sophomore effort "Then Came The Morning". A carefully crafted, and well thought out project that represents not only who The Lone Bellow are, but also the direction in which they're headed. A continuation perhaps, of the sound we've come to know from their first record, but with subtle differences in production due to their working with Aaron Dessner. Even with the changes in production, make no mistake as this is still very much an album that is owned entirely by The Lone Bellow, and boy do they put in the work to let you know it. Each song has a way of unfolding itself around the voices of Zach, Kanene, and Brian. It's hard not to get lost in the melodic flow and gracious harmonies that appear throughout this project and the way that each of these three accompany one another, yet hold their own entirely is something that simply cannot be explained and is better left to be deciphered by ear. This album is packed with both simplicity and sophistication, with matched undertones of soulful lonliness with a bit of sorrow sprinkled throughout. To be completely honest, we could go on forever about this album but when all is said and done, you just have to listen to it to understand. So hey, why don't you do just that and join us as we listen and dig into one hell of an album that more people should absolutely be aware of. It's season 5, episode 14 of your last Uber Eats driver's mother-in-law's favorite music podcast. LET'S GO!!! Keep up with all of the music we talk about in each episode by listening to the Infectious Groove Podcast Companion Songs playlist, exclusively on Spotify. Infectious Groove Podcast, part of the OddPods Media Network.
50:50 04/11/2022