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Inside The Recording Studio

Unlock remarkable tips and tricks for improved recordings in your studio. Unusually great for beginners and professionals.


Eventide Split EQ: Is It Truly Possible To Create A Uniquely New Path In The EQ World? 30:32 12/03/2021
Chatting with Robert Anthony Navarro: Guitar Player, Producer, Composer, and More! 37:50 11/26/2021
Robert Anthony Navarro: The History of How He Made Music for TV Shows and Commercials 37:08 11/19/2021
How To Deal With Different Types Of Artists 29:36 11/12/2021
Separation 101: How To Create Separation Between Instruments In Your Mix 32:16 11/05/2021
What is Dolby Atmos And Will It Change The Music Industry Forever? 34:24 10/29/2021
OS Update: What Every Musician Needs To Know And Consider Before Making The Switch To A New OS 32:48 10/22/2021
Do You Need to Own Both Studio Monitors AND Headphones to Make a High Quality Mix? 37:44 10/15/2021
MIX ENGINEERING 101: Do You Need A Sound Or Style? 32:12 10/08/2021
How to Handle Workflow Differences When Working On Singles Vs. Albums 34:32 10/01/2021
Chatting With Steve Ouimette: Guitar Virtuoso, Producer, Composer, and More! 44:08 09/24/2021
Steve Ouimette: The Story of How One Guy Made Music for Video Games And TV Shows 45:08 09/17/2021
Why Do We Need to Know the Different Types of Pan Laws? 34:32 09/10/2021
Too Much Gear: How To Find The Right Tools For Your Productions 32:00 09/03/2021
How To Use Distortion Right - Multiple Quick Tips 36:00 08/27/2021
MainStage 101: How To Get Started With The Best Live Audio Software On The Market! 35:40 08/20/2021
Talking Recording Drums And Playing Live With Christopher Allis pt 2 39:07 08/13/2021
Talking Recording Drums And Playing Live With Christopher Allis 33:26 08/06/2021
Side-Chaining: What It Is and How To Use Side-Chaining In Your Mixes 28:08 07/30/2021
How to use reference mixes to help your mixing work 31:04 07/23/2021
Recording Advice: Why No Rules Is Bad Advice 34:48 07/16/2021
Myth Busting: Debunking Audio Myths Around The Studio 40:08 07/09/2021
Talkin About Stems And Multitracks - What's The Flippin Difference? 38:52 07/02/2021
Headphone Monitor Mix Solutions for Home and Pro Studios 46:28 06/25/2021
Loops: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly 44:44 06/18/2021
Live Sound vs. Recording Studio Sound with Special Guest Raymond Gronvall 50:44 06/11/2021
Top 5 Must Have Plugins For Writing, Tracking & Balance 38:28 06/04/2021
How to Build a Recording Rig from Scratch 44:10 05/28/2021
The EQ that Changed the World - API 550a 26:22 05/21/2021
Which is better, Passive or Active Pickups? 37:12 05/14/2021