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Join JT, host of the Consequence of Habit Podcast, as he explores how habits relate to happiness and success or lack thereof. Each Tuesday, JT pulls the curtains back on his own habits, good and bad, and talks to others who have made massive changes in their lives by changing their habits.


CoH Episode 86: The Return of Heavyweight MMA Fighter, Patrick Brady 78:41 07/19/2022
CoH Episode 85: Future of CoH and the Podcast with JT Frank 12:00 07/13/2022
CoH Episode 84: Scientist, Author and Broadcaster, Professor Adam Hart 61:21 07/05/2022
CoH Episode 83: Retired Navy SEAL and founder and Managing Director of One More Wave, Alex West 54:17 06/28/2022
CoH Episode 82: Sober Sis Founder Jenn Kautsch 92:26 06/21/2022
CoH Episode 81: Coyote Collective Co-Founder and Brand Director, Connor Koch 91:08 06/14/2022
CoH Episode 80: Former Professional Cyclist and Current Endurance Sports Agent, Patrick Lemieux 54:16 06/08/2022
CoH Episode 79: Team Intermarche-Wanty-Gobert Performance Manager Aike Visbeek - Reloaded 76:00 05/31/2022
CoH Episode 78: Danielle Cook Kawash and Mike Salemi from First In Wellness 59:48 05/17/2022
CoH Episode 77: Retired Firefighter, Podcast Host and Nonprofit Founder, John Vargo 92:00 05/10/2022
CoH Episode 76: Rob Sievewright - Reloaded 59:43 05/03/2022
CoH Episode75: Consequence of Habit Founder, USAF Veteran, JT Frank 47:45 04/26/2022
CoH Episode 74: Founder of Lions Guide, USMC Veteran, and Podcast Host, Dale Walls 96:26 04/19/2022
CoH Episode 73: Servant Leadership Advocate, Active Duty Army Officer, Life Tactician, Tony Nash 54:10 04/12/2022
CoH Episode 72: TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Cultivator of Creativity, Van Lai-Dumone 52:00 04/05/2022
CoH Episode 71: Celebrity Chef, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Robert Irvine 65:57 03/29/2022
CoH Episode 70: Former NFL Wide Receiver, Mountaineer and Entrepreneur, Mark Pattison 44:25 03/22/2022
CoH Episode 69: USMC Veteran, Adventurer, and Author, Akshay Nanavati Nanavati 64:47 03/15/2022
CoH Episode 68: Licensed Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, Wes Jones 60:33 03/08/2022
CoH Episode 67: Few Will Hunt Co-Founders, Drew Beech and Joey Bowen 30:37 03/01/2022
CoH Episode 66: Mountaineer, Ultra Runner, and US Army Green Beret, Jason Howell 67:46 02/24/2022
CoH Episode 65: Olympian and US Air Force World Class Athlete, Kelly Curtis 41:42 02/18/2022
CoH Episode 64: From Addict to Heavyweight MMA Contender, Patrick Brady 96:03 02/09/2022
CoH Episode 63: United States Army Green Beret, Author, and Amputee, W01 Nick Lavery 62:03 01/17/2022
CoH Episode 62: Mental Health Advocate, Veteran, and Retired Police Sergeant: Michael Sugrue 61:16 01/04/2022
CoH Episode 61:Entrepreneur, USMC Veteran and Achalasia Survivor, Jeff Harris 84:36 12/22/2021
CoH Episode 60: Athlete and Survivor, SaraMae Hollandsworth. 52:06 12/16/2021
CoH Episode 59: Addict to Ultra Runner, Brandon Sethre 57:17 12/06/2021
CoH Episode 58: Marine Combat Veteran and Movement RX Founder, Dr. Theresa Larson 63:18 11/30/2021
CoH Episode 57: #7 Ranked UFC Heavyweight, Chris Daukaus 48:05 11/23/2021