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Looking for life-improvement tips and random info.? Jeff and Amy McLennan chat about simple ways you can build a better life, covering a wide variety of topics so there’s sure to be something for just about everyone.  InfoQuench is proudly hosted out of Saint John, New Brunswick – Canada. Credits - Intro/Outro Music... Episodes released since Apr 2021: 'The Joker' - Hip Hop - Royalty Free Music Vodovoz Music Productions - Germany Episodes released 2019 - Apr 2021: 'Get Your Groove On' by Ron Gelinas Chillout Lounge Music promoted by Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License


Hurkle-Durkle Responsibly - Episode #141
Chances are if you're not hurkle-durkling yourself, then you at least know a hurkle-durkler. Join Jeff and Amy as they explore this fine art, with a smattering of 'household stand-offs' discussion thrown in for good measure. Thanks for listening!
32:52 2/13/24
Burn More Calories Rucking - Episode #140
Learn about one of the biggest fitness trends in 2024... rucking. Amy and Jeff cover what it is, the many health benefits, and how to get started - with of course lots of laughs along the way. Happy rucking!
32:59 1/31/24
Blue Zone Tips and Ikigai - Episode #139
Join Jeff and Amy as they "sweep" through the Blue Zone, chatting about the concept of Ikigai and tips to live a long life. Thanks for listening!
35:31 1/17/24
TikTok Talk - Episode #138
Pick up some interesting TikTok tidbits during this first episode of the new year and may 2024 be a year with nary a night of sleeping upon a bent ear. Thanks for listening!
33:10 1/3/24
Japandi - Episode #137
Never heard of Japandi? Want to hear more about Japandi? Don't want to know anything at all about Japandi? Whatever your 'Japandi' situation may be, this episode is for you. Thanks for listening!
30:58 12/12/23
Money Talks - Episode #136
Money may talk but Jeff and Amy spend much of this episode talking about everything but the intended topic. A few good show recommendations are also thrown into the mix. Thanks for coming along for the ride!
29:26 11/26/23
On Fire - Episode #135
Meditating on alternate uses for a fire extinguisher, tools vs. toys, and covering other items that are equally unrelated. Thanks for listening!
29:21 10/15/23
Record Keeping - Episode #134
Jeff's organizing strategy for his vinyl collection is, well, unique. This episode is for all the birds out there circling empty feeders. Thanks for listening!
27:29 9/16/23
The Good Knife - Episode #133
Jeff and Amy relive the Marc Maron drama, chat about where you should store the "good" knife, and cover other life tips. Thanks for listening!
27:40 9/5/23
Get Happier with the Swedish Philosophy of Lagom - Episode #132
Jeff and Amy chat about how to find contentment following the Swedish philosophy of Lagom, where just enough is just right. Be like Goldilocks, friends. (Bonus: Find out how Jeff ticked off Marc Maron.)
29:45 9/13/22
What's the Metaverse and Why Should I Care? - Episode #131
Do you know about the metaverse? Do you not know about the metaverse? Do you care what it is? Do you not care what it is? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then you should check out this episode. Thanks for listening!
29:58 8/2/22
Easy Ways to Exercise More - #130
Sometimes find it hard to get motivated to exercise? Jeff and Amy cover ways to make getting into the habit of moving your body a little bit easier. (Warning: This episode really went off the rails.) Stay healthy and thanks for listening!
29:45 7/6/22
How to Have More Charisma - Episode #129
Ever meet someone and immediately pick up that they have the 'It' factor? Jeff and Amy chat about ways you can add a little more charisma to your game and up your own 'It' factor. Thanks for listening!                                                                               
31:04 6/15/22
Surrounded by Idiots - Episode #128
Jeff and Amy chat about Thomas Erikson's book, 'Surrounded by Idiots'. Have a listen to discover which colour you might be in terms of behaviour and learn how to work with those who may view things from a different perspective. Thanks for listening!
31:50 5/31/22
5 Secrets to Self-Discipline - Episode #127
Turns out the McLennans could use a little work in the self-discipline department. Amy and Jeff chat about ways to develop positive habits, Jeff's impending midlife crisis, and the ongoing battle with the neighbourhood's barking beast. Thanks for listening!
31:15 5/10/22
Meal Planning Tips - Episode #126
Regular meals fell by the wayside as the McLennan clan rode the COVID train, but Jeff and Amy are able to stifle any lingering coughs long enough to chat about tips for meal planning. Lots of inspiration from Anthony Bourdain for this episode and Jeff's random tip is truly mind-blowing. Bon appetit!
30:03 4/24/22
16 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life - Episode #125
The temperatures are climbing and spring is in the air. It's a great time to do some housecleaning, but Jeff and Amy chat about how you can clean up other aspects of your life. Happy Spring! 
31:06 4/3/22
17 Stoic Practices to Add Calm to Your Life - Part 2 - Episode #124
The conversation around Stoicism continues in this episode as Amy and Jeff cover the remainder of the list of practices you can use to add a little more calm to your daily life, including premeditatio malorum. Jeff's random tip is more of a rant in this episode - not stoic at all. Thanks for listening!
30:00 3/16/22
17 Stoic Practices to Add Calm to Your Life - Part 1 - Episode #123
Jeff and Amy chat about the philosophy of Stoicism, with tips you can put into practice in daily life. Also included on the list of topics in this episode are a few show recommendations, Wordle, and of course Jeff's random tip. Thanks for listening!
29:41 2/20/22
Life-Changing Advice, Sort Of - Episode #122
Setting the bar high with the title of this one, right? Join Jeff and Amy for a few stories and lots of laughs as they hunker down during a blizzard. Don't miss the surprising advice Jeff would give his teenage self, with a little Shakespeare thrown in for good measure. Thanks for listening!
28:56 1/30/22
Winter Hacks from Canadians - Episode #121
It's January and the snow is piling up in Saint John, NB, so what better time to share a few winter tips? Amy and Jeff are representing Canadians for this one, so have a listen and a few laughs. Stay safe and warm, friends!
30:09 1/15/22
Tips for Change, Hope, and Happiness - Episode #120
Happy New Year!  2021 was another challenging year, so hopefully this episode helps you get into a positive mindset for 2022. Amy and Jeff cover some tips for making changes and increasing your hope and happiness, with many sidebars along the way (including a quick chat about Yellowstone - no spoilers).  
30:42 1/2/22
How to Be More Zen - Episode #119
Looking to add a little more calm to your life? Join Jeff and Amy as they discuss ways to be more Zen, or perhaps just more Jeff-like. Keep Calm and Carry On Listening!
31:07 12/20/21
14 Unique Christmas Traditions - Episode #118
Get in the spirit of the season with Amy and Jeff as they cover unique traditions you can add to your holidays this year.  This episode's random tip is courtesy of Jeff and brought more than a few laughs. Happy Holidays!
30:19 11/28/21
5 Keys to Mastering the Art of Persuasion - Episode #117
The art of persuasion hasn't really changed in over 2,000 years and this episode covers the keys to mastering that art. Jeff and Amy also give a few show recommendations and don't miss the random tip for coffee. Hopefully you've been persuaded to listen... (see what we did there?)
31:46 11/21/21
Hygge Comfort Tips from Danish Culture - Episode #116
Ever heard of hygge? Well you have now. Join Jeff and Amy as they cover ways you can add a little more comfy, cozy hygge vibe into your own life and fall in love with fall Scandinavian style. All the laughs are left in for this episode and don't miss the random tip on how to escape a dog attack. Happy Autumn!
29:17 10/4/21
Get Happier with a 'Don't Want' List - Episode #115
Did you ever make a 'Don't Want' list? Join Jeff and Amy as they chat about this concept and other ways to find more happiness and contentment in your life (with tangents that include the frustrations of buying school supplies and camping on your car roof). Thanks for listening and have a happy day!
29:34 9/14/21
18 Ways To Relax - Episode #114
Need a little more relaxation time in your life? This episode is for you! Jeff and Amy chat about various ways you can destress to get a little more of a vacation vibe going in your everyday life. Listen, relax, and have a few laughs along the way!
31:07 8/22/21
How Not To Get Murdered - Part 2 - Episode #113
Jeff and Amy finish their discussion on how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, in a variety of scenarios. Don't miss the tip on the two items you should always keep on your nightstand, plus Jeff's story of how he almost had six innocent casualties on a run from the liquor store - lots of laughs in this one. Thanks for listening!
28:01 8/1/21
How Not To Get Murdered - Part 1 - Episode #112
Jeff talks about being locked in a stranger's camper trailer and Amy recounts a recent scary experience that inspired this topic. This episode is full of helpful tips to help you minimize the risk of getting assaulted, mugged, or murdered (Tip #1: Don't be a Jeff). Be sure to stay tuned for part 2!
28:59 7/26/21

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