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O&B Puckcast - A Philadelphia Flyers Podcast

A Philadelphia Flyers podcast for fans who want the perspective of locals who have followed the team for 35+ years. O&B Puckcast host Isaiah is joined by Philly podcast veteran Chef B and Dan Silver talking Flyers hockey and the NHL at large. Official Flyers podcast of . Follow the show on twitter: O&B Puckcast @oandbpuck


O&B Puckcast Episode #221 Flyers Pick 12th and More with The Draft Analyst
Isaiah, Chef and Dan begin the O&B Puckcast’s eighth season with special guest, Steve Kournianos of, as we review Steve’s top 15 rankings and speculate upon who could be available when the Flyers pick at 12th overall and later in the first round. From there, we weigh in on the significance of Sean Couturier’s new agent affiliation, how the Fedotov signing may influence the future of Matvei Michkov, rumors from and more!
85:55 5/10/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #220 Flyers Season Recap with Bill Meltzer
Isaiah, Chef and Dan are back with special guest, Bill Meltzer of, as we reflect upon the Flyers 2023-24 campaign and discuss what the team accomplished in their almost playoff season. We break down the Flyers anemic power play, examine the main themes emerging out of the team’s exit interviews and project what’s next for the club in the upcoming off season. We finish up the night with our Stanley Cup final picks and more in this comprehensive season ending show
102:13 4/23/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #219 Flyers Go Full Roadkill with Kevin Durso
Isaiah, Chef and Dan are back with Kevin Durso of as the Flyers playoff hopes have all but evaporated in the aftermath of an 8 game losing streak, where they’ve been outscored 42-18. We examine how and why things deteriorated, the likely front office response and take an early look at what changes are in store on and off the ice before next season. We also provide some reasons for optimism long term, discuss the acquisition of Oscar Eklind and more!
78:34 4/11/24
O&B Puckcast Special: The Arrival of Ivan Fedotov
Isaiah and Dan are back with a special episode breaking down the events surrounding the Flyers surprise acquisition of star KHL goaltender, Ivan Fedotov. We examine the implications of this sudden turn of fortune for the Flyers for the remainder of this season and going forward into next year. A quick, but informative and entertaining episode!
27:54 3/29/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #217 Nearly Gutted by the Gauntlet with Kevin Kurz
Isaiah, Chef and Dan are back with Kevin Kurz, Flyers beat writer from, to discuss the events that unfolded during the team’s make-or-break schedule gauntlet. Tonight’s show also delves deeply into the dynamic of John Tortorella benching captain Sean Couturier; the Flyers playoff odds and historical precedents; honoring Wayne Simmonds and more!  
58:54 3/28/24
O&B Puckcast Special: Top Trade Deadline Deals with Spector's Hockey
Isaiah goes one-on-one with Lyle Richardson of to recap the top NHL trade deadline deals, opine on the most improved clubs and speculate upon the Flyers playoff prospects. It's a fun episode we think you'll enjoy!
62:31 3/14/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #215 Flyers Playoff Drive with Jordan Hall
Isaiah and Chef are back with special guest Jordan Hall from as we put a final wrap on the Flyers trade deadline activity. We also discuss the team’s Florida road split, the injuries on defense, the Torts suspension, keeping Scott Laughton and more!
58:11 3/12/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #214 Flyers Wild Wednesday with Jason Myrtetus
We're back with Jason Myrtetus of the Flyers broadcast network, as we break down the Sean Walker trade to Colorado, the Nick Seeler re-signing and the implications of these deals for this season and beyond. We speculate upon any further moves the Flyers will make before the Friday deadline and delve into what the team could be looking at this summer. Further discussions cover Denver Barkey, Emil Andrae, Flyers playoff chances, the tough schedule ahead and more!  
79:46 3/7/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #213 Flyers Big Decisions with Russ Cohen
Isaiah. Chef and Dan are back with special guest Russ Cohen from to weigh in on trade deadline speculation involving the Flyers Sean Walker, Scott Laughton and others. We also touch on the NHL Stadium Series experience, Sean Couturier’s appointment as Flyers captain, the playoff chase and more!
66:11 2/21/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #212 Morgan Eat World -The Mittlestadt or Get Krebs
Isaiah and Chef welcome back Dan as the Flyers are on a 4 game winning streak, solidifying their hold on a playoff spot. We discuss recent game action and then explore some of the tough decisions the team’s front office will have to make regarding players such as Sean Walker and Scott Laughton, as the trade deadline looms. We also weigh in on the conjecture that the Flyers are scouting a pair of Buffalo Sabres pivots as trade targets, assess the schedule ahead and more!  
54:54 2/14/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #211 Flyers Trade Deadline Gauntlet with Dennis Bernstein
Isaiah and Chef are back with special guest Dennis Bernstein from to examine the Flyers prospects as a playoff contender and at the trade deadline. The trio also cover the Flyers similarities with the LA Kings process, the questions emerging in goal, the latest rumors as the trade deadline approaches, cap relief from the Carter Hart circumstances and more!
70:15 2/6/24
O&B Puckcast Special Flyers Choppy Waters with Anthony DiMarco
Isaiah goes one-on-one with Anthony DiMarco of as the Flyers are wading thru the choppy waters of a losing skid, the Owen Tippett injury and the ominous implications of Carter Hart’s leave of absence. The duo discuss the emergence of Samuel Ersson, roster maneuvers, trades that were or could be on the table, a Tippett contract extension and a message of hope.
64:39 1/25/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #209 Flyers On A Roll, Playoffs Are The Goal
Isaiah, Chef and Dan return with the Flyers having won 5 of their last 6 games. We put a wrap on the Drysdale - Gauthier trade aftermath, examine the Seeler - Walker trade / re-sign speculation, ponder the fate of Carter Hart this off season and try to figure out what young center could be acquired via trade. All that and game reviews in a jam packed episode!   
68:21 1/18/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #208 Gauthier Shock Trade with Kevin Durso
Isaiah, Chef and Dan are back with special guest Kevin Durso of with a comprehensive breakdown of the stunning Drysdale - Gauthier trade. Also, looking back at the Flyers first 40 games, the Penguins game downer, the schedule ahead, Gold for Team USA and more!    
84:19 1/10/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #207 Gauthier Goes For Gold, Flyers Can't Fold
Isaiah, Chef and Dan are back discussing Cutter Gauthier going for gold at the WJC; Oliver Bonk’s tough break; The Flyers rough stretch and what it may portend for their playoff chances; Which players need a reset; Trade options that might help the team at center and on the power play & more! 
54:10 1/4/24
O&B Puckcast Episode #206 Flyers At The WJC with The Draft Analyst
Isaiah and Chef are back with Steve Kournianos of , with a WJC primer, including an update on Flyer prospects Cutter Gauthier, Oliver Bonk, Alex Ciernik and draft eligibles; A look back at 2023 and the New Era of Orange; the latest with Flyers out west, Matvei Michkov & more!   
68:28 12/28/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #205 Are These The Real Flyers? Featuring Kevin Kurz
Isaiah, Chef and Dan are joined by Kevin Kurz of examining the Flyers recent play after their trip out west. Through one third of the season, the Flyers have surprised the entire league with their play as they currently sit in a playoff spot and seem to have recaptured a level competitiveness missing for most of the last decade. Looking ahead, the panel discuss what is - and what is not - sustainable while keeping the team's big picture goals in mind. Also: features on Cam York, Samuel Ersson, the young core and more!   
70:58 12/14/23
O&B Puckcast Special: Flyers On Trial with Anthony DiMarco
Isaiah goes one on one with Anthony DiMarco from and the Stick 2 Hockey podcast in this O&B Puckcast special episode. With 39 games remaining before the NHL Trade Deadline, the Flyers are in the unique position of competing for the post season while nearly half of the roster has an uncertain future with the club. The duo review over a dozen roster players and project what’s to come by the trade deadline, in the off season, and what may change in the interim. A real fun episode!  
67:41 12/6/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #203 Flyers At The Quarter Mark with Kevin Durso
Isaiah, Chef and Dan are back with special guest Kevin Durso from as the Flyers are at the quarter mark of the season. The crew discuss some of their impressions and how certain metrics are indicative of their surprising start. Most of tonight's show focuses on the team's efforts to balance maintaining a winning culture with short term success vs the longer term goal of building a Cup contender; John Tortorella's personnel and strategic decisions; Individual player perfomances, anticipated changes and more!
93:35 11/28/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #202 Sharks Tank - Flyers Frost Free with Russ Cohen
Isaiah and Chef are joined by guest panelist Jim Iacovone of as they host Russ Cohen of They examine the Flyers recent play at the beginning of their west coast trip; John Tortorella's personnel decisions; the Morgan Frost dilemma; how to fix the PP; Cutter Gauthier, Matvei Michkov and much more!   
67:16 11/9/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #201 Flyers Flotsam And Jetsam with Anthony DiMarco
Isaiah, Chef and Dan welcome Anthony DiMarco from as the Flyers have played above expectations during most of their 4-4-1 start to the season. We focus in on some of the game dynamics, and the early lineup and roster moves with players such as Sam Ersson, Emil Andrae and especially, Morgan Frost. We also break down Cutter Gauthier’s game and how it might project playing under Flyers coach John Tortorella.
59:40 11/1/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #200 The New Era Of Orange Begins with Jason Myrtetus
Isaiah and Chef are back with our 200th episode featuring special guest Jason Myrtetus - from the Flyers Broadcast network and Stick2Hockey pod -  examining the Flyers first 5 games in the New Era, Torts lineup choices, player breakdowns and more!  (Warning: Explicit tonight)    
76:39 10/23/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #199 Flyers Season Preview with Kevin Durso
Isaiah and Dan are back with our 2023-24 Flyers Season Preview with special guest Kevin Durso of We breakdown the final roster moves, set the lines, discuss the prospects and make our fearless forecasts about the Flyers season and the Stanley Cup playoffs - a packed episode!
93:27 10/10/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #198 Flyers Camp Battle Finale
Isaiah, Chef and Dan examine the final push for roster spots as the Flyers training camp draws to a close, and project the fate of Brink, Foerster, Andrae, Zamula et al. We'll also look at Michkov's hot start in the KHL and more! 
52:29 10/5/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #197 Flyers Training Camp Report with Anthony DiMarco
Isaiah and Dan welcome Anthony DiMarco of for a Flyers training camp update discussing the Devils debacle; Sens-Flyers rumors, including the possible utility of Mathieu Joseph; roster battles; the schedule ahead and more!
57:32 9/26/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #196 Flyers Training Camp Preview with Bill Meltzer
Isaiah and Chef are back as we welcome Bill Meltzer of, breaking down Flyers rookie camp highlights; previewing regular training camp and the team's mission this season; highlighting players in the spotlight; Matvei Michcov, the Babcock mess and more! 
77:32 9/19/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #195 The Calm Before Training Camp
Isaiah, Chef & Dan are back as we focus on #Flyers and Michkov’s KHL plight, front office and scouting changes, Frost’s contract, PTO possibilities and more! *Tonight's show was completed just hours before Morgan Frost signed a 2 yr, $2.1M AAV extension. He will be UFA eligible on July 1st, 2026
43:40 9/7/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #194 Flyers Focus with Spector's Hockey
Isaiah and guest panelist Kyle Warner are back tonight as we focus on the Flyers this time with Lyle Richardson of We assess the Philly off season, all the latest storylines, including Ivan Fedotov, Mass Rizzo, Matvei Michkov, Cutter Gauthier and more!
40:33 8/15/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #193 Around The League with Spector's Hockey
We’re joined by Lyle Richardson of discussing who’s in and who’s out for each team, the latest Flyers storylines and a giveaway!  
126:40 8/4/23
O&B Puckcast Episode #192 Flyers Off Season So Far with Anthony DiMarco
Isaiah, Chef and Dan are back with special guest Anthony DiMarco of to assess the Flyers off season thus far. Topics covered include: The DeAngelo buyout; Torts influence on Briere’s roster decisions; the Fedotov saga; Signing Alexei Kolosov; RFA’s signed and Morgan Frost negotiations; Team Canada legal wrangling; Rookies who could make the big club and more! 
77:25 7/18/23

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