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Covering everything from current industry issues and trends, to answering questions and offering advice to gearheads across the nation, Stacey brings a lifetime of automotive knowledge and expertise to the Podcast listener. With Stacey’s unique life experience, and deep pool of friends, the program is fun, informative, inspiring and like nothing else on the air.


MouseBlocker and Project Tips
Matt Swift from MouseBlocker is in the shop to talk about how to keep rodents, varmints, and all other kinds of critters out of your shop, and most importantly out of your project. Then Stacey answers some listener questions about what not to do on a project, touch up paints, the cost of building a project and an update on the HAIRY HAULER.
26:10 9/20/23
Dixie Chopper
Eli Kean from Dixie Chopper stops by the studio to talk with Stacey about the world’s fastest lawn mower, Stacey’s Cornwell Tools mower box project, setting the Guinness World Record for the most grass cut in 24hrs and mower… er… more! Then it's back into the mailbag to answer questions about when to use the original frame for a project, should someone keep their vintage corvette or sell it, and what to do about soft floors.
22:44 9/14/23
Original vs Aftermarket Parts
Stacey answers listener questions dealing with when to use original or aftermarket parts, how to stay motivated toward your project, thoughts on Dodge ditching the HEMI, and cat back exhaust upgrades.
21:10 8/23/23
Aston Martin DB5 + First Car Recommendations + Q&A
Larry Collins swings by the shop to show Stacey his ’65 Aston Martin DB5. Then it’s off to the mail bag to answer some listener questions about rust preventive paints, helping your daughter pick out her first car, and what to do with the dreaded Ford 6.8L V-10 engine.
22:44 8/9/23
Matt Graves - American Powertrain
Matt Graves swings by the shop to chat with Stacey about the new products American Powertrain has coming in 2023, his Cadillac “Chicken Coupe”, what is a “hot rod”, making it through the pandemic, and the future of the industry. *Picture of the Chicken Coupe from MotorTrend; dually from American Powertrain
20:06 7/26/23
Fatman Fabrication
Tim Tullo from Fatman Fabrication swings by the shop and sits down with Stacey for a conversation that covers everything from their shared love of WW2 & Civil War history, the state of the aftermarket and what sets Fatman Fabrication apart from other companies.
22:23 7/12/23
Real Hours in a Project
Stacey discusses why it’s so important to really think about time when starting a project, making sure you properly understand how many hours it could take to complete, so you don’t get frustrated and end up walking away from it. Then it’s back into the mailbag for listener questions about what to do when you get an aftermarket part that doesn’t quite fit.
23:30 6/28/23
Collectible Cars
Stacey dives into how the 80’s cult classic “Better Off Dead” got him thinking about how some things turn into collectibles and others do not. Then, he answers a listener question about what skills are need when starting out in the garage. Finally, he talks about his upcoming Henry J project and an update on the fan favorite project “Heavy Metal”.
24:38 6/14/23
Cornwell Tool Rally LIVE
On this episode, Stacey hits the road and travels to Las Vegas for the Cornwell rally. Recorded live, Stacey interviews various members of the Cornwell team. Topics range from favorite car, weirdest food eaten, favorite tunes to jam while driving and most importantly the age old Texas vs. California battle… Which is better: IN-N-OUT or WHATABURGER?
26:06 5/31/23
Car Flipping
Stacey breaks down the ins and outs of car flipping and the difference between the enthusiast mindset and the flipper mindset. Then, Stacey shares a Jeepster tale about when he was out with his Dad and brothers and how they showed a bunch of lifted 4x4 trucks that size DOES matter.
18:58 5/17/23
The Jeepster Show!
Like the old Pimp My Ride meme says… “Yo dawg, we heard you like Jeepsters. So we did an interview with the Jeepster man about Jeepsters …” Stacey sits down with Mark Vilbert from Jeepster Man and you guessed it, digs into all things Jeepster. From Mark’s early days starting the company with his son, to merging with Just Jeepers, to favorite builds and beyond. It’s the ultimate Jeepster deep dive!
24:57 5/3/23
Garret's Rod Shop 1933 Ford P-33 Roadster
Stacey sits down with Karl Schulman from Garret’s Rod Shop to discuss the history of the shop, the changes in industry trends and most importantly, their most recent project, the out of sight 1933 P-33 roadster which will be featured on an upcoming episode of GEARZ. Then it’s into the mailbag for listener questions about wiring harnesses and upgrading your suspension for proper towing.
23:37 4/19/23
When to Walk Away
Like Kenny Rogers sang in “The Gambler”… You got to know when to hold ‘em. Know when to fold em. Know when to walk away and know when to run.  The same goes for projects. Stacey gets into how if that dream project keeps getting away, and when it might be time to start looking for something else. Then we hop on the GEARZ bus for a visit to the LIONS museum in Long Beach, California.  And finally, Stacey wraps everything up with the differences between Concourse & Thoroughbred restorations and a quick update on the CHEETAH project!
21:57 4/5/23
Grand National Roadster Show
Fresh off a trip to Pomona, CA, Stacey shares his experience at the Grand National Roadster Show that featured COPPERHEAD in it’s Keep On Truckin' exhibit. Then he cracks open the mailbag to answer a listener question from Chet about whether he should add twin turbos to his ’93 GMC Sierra, or go all out and do a V8 LS swap. After that, it’s tale time about longtime friend of the show, Von Hot Rod.
19:22 3/7/23
Ken Block Tribute & Riley's Rebuilds Interview
Stacey pays tribute to the recently passed Ken Block. Then he sits down for a conversation with a very entrepreneurial 17 year old, who has started her own carburetor rebuild company with four of her friends - RILEY’S REBUILDS. After that, Stacey wraps things up with a couple of listener questions about a ’73 Cougar suspension kit and the status of those pesky little COPPERHEAD die-casts. *Ken Block photo from his Facebook page
21:26 2/21/23
Stacey's Earliest Influences & Sgt. Rock vs. Disney
Stacey shares some of his earliest vehicle influences and how a Boy’s Life ad for the DUNE-BUG led him to building his first GO-KART, replacing the 5hp Briggs & Stratton with a 350 Kawasaki motorcycle engine and finally a 440 Ski-Do Bombardier engine. After that, Stacey answers a listener question about aftermarket vs OEM panels for a ’75 Camaro.  Finally, a tale about how Sgt. Rock’s trip to the House of Mouse didn’t go quite as planned when the Disney suits got an eyeful of Sgt. Rock’s big .50 cal replicas.
22:53 2/7/23
Podcast Guest Requests and Stacey's Friends in the Industry
Stacey discusses the status of potential guests for GEARZ and the podcast. He also has some advice for listener Kurt who wrote in inquiring about a disc brake kit for the 14-inch rims he has on his ’64 Sunliner. Then finally its a tale about the time Stacey was almost in the Romeo video featuring Dolly Parton and Billy Ray Cyrus.
20:46 1/24/23
Shop Safety and Listener Questions
Stacey sends out his well wishes to Jay Leno and explains the importance of shop safety, especially while working alone. Then after shaking out out the mailbag, Stacey answers listener questions about header paint, selling a Dodge Dart Swinger, and an Air Ride system for a ’22 F-350.
19:29 1/10/23
Bullitt Remake?
Stacey digs into the announcement of the new BULLITT film starring Bradley Cooper, directed by Steven Spielberg. Specifically what made the original film’s chase scene so iconic and why it is important to movie car history. Then it's into the mailbag with a listener question about the COPPERHEAD nitrous gauges.
17:47 12/22/22
Engines vs. Motors
It’s an engine jambaroo on this episode. Stacey digs in to explain agnostic engines, the difference between an engine & motor and finally an update of the Evel Knievel incident from Stacey's youth.
20:15 12/21/22
Dune Buggies, Boogie Vans, and Bumper Mods
Today’s show opens up with a tale about Stacey and his brother venturing into the wilds of Idaho in a search for a $100 dune buggy. Then it’s off to the mailbag to answer some van questions about engine and bumper swaps.
20:11 12/18/22
SEMA & Copperhead Updates
Stacey breaks down his recent trip to the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, how it's bouncing back post COVID, and their plans for a possible SEMA Fest in 2023. COPPERHEAD is back! With its return to the GEARZ shop, Stacey goes over its inclusion in the upcoming 2023 Grand National Roadster Show’s Top 10 Influential Trucks, and on an upcoming GEARZ, how to tell a original from a replica.
18:39 12/14/22
Top 10 Car Movie Poll
On this episode we're off to the movies as Stacey goes over a recent poll ranking its top 10 car movies. Some make sense but others don’t; either way grab five bags of popcorn because it’s MOVIE TIME! Stacey also shares some of his favorite rock music growing up. Finally, he says goodbye to “The Killer” - the one and only Jerry Lee Lewis.
23:54 12/11/22
Super Bee and the Man in Black
Stacey answers a listener question about possibly changing his 2011 RAM 1500 into a Super Bee. After that, it’s firsts time. From Stacey’s first guitar, his first paying gigs, and the first time meeting Johnny Cash.
19:19 10/30/22
The Right Project for You
Stacey opens this episode with a question from Brandon, a listener who is trying to figure out where to start on his first project: a ’73 Olds Omega. This opens up the larger topic of making sure something is the right project for you. Even though that classic muscle car you saw out in the field may look tempting, you might be better off starting with something from the '90s - '00s. 
19:37 10/23/22
Buyer Beware of Speculations
Stacey explains why it’s up you to do your research on a potential purchase and not just listen to a seller’s “speculations” on who may have owned the vehicle in the past. Then it's a quick dive into the mailbag to answer listener questions about x-pipes and door VIN tags.
18:23 9/20/22
Test Drives and Auto Industry Opportunities
“Be prepared...” It’s not just the Scout’s motto; it applies to the car person too! On this episode, Stacey helps you do just that when dealing with test drives. Whether you’re taking the keys or handing them over, there is a lot you need to know and consider to protect yourself and your project. After that, Stacey goes through the automotive opportunities for someone who is just starting out.
20:15 9/6/22
Right Tools, Right Project!
On this episode of Tales of a Gearhead, Stacey walks through the question “What types of tools do you really need?” Then he has some advice to a younger listener about the best ways to look into apprenticeships. And finally, a question that’s probably unanswerable, “What is the BEST V8 engine of all time?”
19:17 8/23/22
Avoiding SCAMS Online
On this episode, Stacey discusses online automotive scamming and the things you need to look out for so you don’t lose any of your hard earned cash. Then, it’s into the mailbag for some advice on fixing a control arm that doesn’t involve using EPOXY and swapping a HEMI Magnum with a HELLEPHANT crate engine.
20:33 8/9/22
Auto Clone Legal Issues
Stacey digs into the legal issues of auto clones, tributes, replicas and how a Copperhead that made it into the MECUM auction wasn’t THE Copperhead. Then it’s mailbag time with a simple starter question and the safety criteria you need to consider if you’re thinking about installing a vehicle lift in your shop. Tales of a Gearhead is presented by Cornwell Tools.
20:36 7/26/22