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Critical Value is a podcast from the Urban Institute that explores issues of significance for research, policy, and people. We talk with experts and highlight the best available data and evidence to elevate the debate on topics that matter.


How to Build Vaccine Confidence 24:12 07/07/2022
How Community Development Can Promote Equity 26:19 06/01/2022
How the Safety Net Can Better Serve Young People 23:26 03/08/2022
Policy Lessons from Abroad to Inform Pandemic Recovery 26:45 01/26/2022
How Apprenticeships Can Help Diversify the Tech Workforce 22:58 11/18/2021
The Books, Podcasts, and TV Shows That Are Getting Us through the Pandemic 18:14 09/01/2021
How Do Effective School Principals Drive Impact in Education? 19:52 07/14/2021
Lifting Millions of Kids Out of Poverty 20:26 05/06/2021
Public Leadership in the Time of COVID 23:29 03/31/2021
Teaching Kids How to Give 21:30 02/24/2021
How to Make Research More Inclusive 19:06 02/01/2021
Native Communities and COVID-19 22:59 12/17/2020
How Technology Can Improve Government 21:44 12/03/2020
Why Representation Matters in Research 19:40 11/16/2020
How the Federal Government Can Support Opportunity For All 26:43 10/29/2020
What Does COVID-19 Mean for the Future of Latino Entrepreneurship? 22:15 10/15/2020
Better Supporting Working Families with Kids in the Time of COVID 21:51 10/07/2020
Why Charitable Giving and Philanthropy Matters Today 25:05 09/14/2020
Why Closing the Digital Divide Matters 22:52 07/09/2020
What We’re Reading (and Watching) to Help Reflect on Race, Power and Privilege 23:36 06/25/2020
How Can We Alleviate Food Insecurity During the Pandemic? 22:24 05/22/2020
How Can We Address Historic Unemployment Rates? 24:56 05/07/2020
Empowering the Next Generation through Higher Education 23:04 04/22/2020
How Can We Minimize Coronavirus Risks in Prisons and in Jails? 22:22 04/14/2020
How Will the Coronavirus Spending Bill Provide Support During the Pandemic? 19:15 03/31/2020
How Can We Alleviate Economic Insecurity During The Pandemic? 18:47 03/20/2020
How can we address housing insecurity during the pandemic? 19:40 03/19/2020
Can the Research Process Be Hacked? 18:06 03/05/2020
Sin Taxes Are Sweeping the States! 18:23 02/12/2020
How America Spends through the Tax Code 17:30 01/29/2020