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039 – Alexx Michael
Alexx Michael, author of “Looking Inside – The Most Incredible Story in Automotive History” joins to share how he first learned about the DeLorean, KISS, finding and buying an iconic DeLorean photo library, attending DCS, and more. VIN page: 10227 Source
82:19 10/7/23
038 – DCS 2023 Wrap Up
Chris Miles and Todd Bustillo join the show to talk about DCS 2023, what we saw, what we liked, the DeLorean community, and the fun and importance of attending DeLorean events. Source
37:47 8/14/23
037 – Mike McElhattan
Mike shares his DeLorean journey from seeing his older brother ‘buy’ a DeLorean as a kid, to working at the DeLorean Midwest auto shop – and then buying it, and a little bit of tech stuff. And, be sure to visit DeLorean Nation Source
63:09 3/12/23
036 – Kat DeLorean
John DeLorean’s daughter, Kat DeLorean, joins me to talk about her father, her life as a DeLorean, her passions, and her plans for the “DeLorean Legacy Project“… Source
90:54 7/30/22
035 – Ed Raffenetti
Ed chronicles his DCS attendance, some of the DeLorean upgrades he’s come up with, and driving his DeLorean on the Indianapolis 500 track! VIN page: Source
64:32 1/25/22
034 – Zach DeLorean
Zach shares his memories of his childhood with his dad, John DeLorean, and he talks about how his DCS experience has changed his outlook on the DeLorean community. Source
64:47 9/8/21
033 – Brandon Fayette
Brandon talks about a DeLorean scam, 5 angle drives, changing the rear tire size, the hardest clutch ever, the 3D models he’s creating for the DeLorean community, taillights, and his backup battery system. VIN page: Brandon Fayette’s 3D Model DeLorean Parts Source
73:03 9/23/20
032 – Tech Talk
Ryan Foster and Chris Miles join Dave Tavres to talk about some simple fixes, and some technical and mechanical updates to the DeLorean, including air conditioning, suspension, solid state relays, and more. DeLorean RPM Relay article Dave McKeen’s relays DeLorean RPM Relay Core for Solid State Conversion – Suspension … Source
60:18 5/13/20
031 – Call in show
A first for DeLorean Talk, this episode was live-streamed, with co-hosts Shawn Knight, President of the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club, and Steve Concotelli, Producer/Director of OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine, as well as several real-time callers. Source
110:14 4/5/20
030 – Justin Sookraj
Justin has run Wells Auto, in Milton, Ontario Canada since 2014, and specializes in DeLorean repair. He bought his first DeLorean in 1997 but returned it shortly thereafter. He bought his second DeLorean in 2009. VIN page: Source
59:23 3/27/20
029 – Ken Koncelik
Creator of DCS, the DeLorean Car Show, Ken Koncelik joins DeLorean Talk to talk about 20 years of the show, his favorite DCS stories, getting cancer – and treating it, visiting with John DeLorean, and supporting the DeLorean community. DeLorean Car Show Photos DeLorean Car Show 1998 – Cincinnati, OH … Source
68:38 1/20/20
028 – John DeLorean
Thanks to Darryl Tinnerstet, this special episode of DeLorean Talk features John DeLorean, talking to a church group on June 6, 1987. Darryl attended this talk with one other DeLorean owner, and saved the tape for all these years. John talks about his life growing up, his time in jail, … Source
79:34 11/28/19
027 – Shawn Ian “Chili” Kerkhoff
Shawn shares the story of working on, and being animated in an episode of American Dad (“Delorean Story-An” Season 4, Episode 16), stories of his time as an owner, and the accident that led to selling his DeLorean. VIN page: View the Google photo album: DeLorean Talk – 027 – … Source
64:56 11/7/19
026 – Christian Dietrich
Christian has done a lot of work to his DeLorean. Aside from synthetic oil and a lot of DPI parts, it’s also his long-distance daily driver. VIN page: Source
68:11 10/4/19
025 – Jordan Livingston
After meeting Jordan at the DeLorean Convention and Show 2018, it was time to talk about his ownership, and the DeLorean Documentary he's been working on for many years, "DeLorean - Living the Dream." Source
39:37 9/6/19
024 – Clint Wolff
Clint had his parents start a savings account to buy his DeLorean when he was 8! He finally got it at 21, and after 10 years, his professional experience as a mechanic has served him, his DeLorean, and the DeLorean community, very well. Source
65:39 7/5/19
023 – Toby Peterson
Toby Peterson of DeLorean Service Northwest and DeLorean Parts Northwest joins the show and shares his DeLorean story, and to talk about some of the parts he’s popularized and perfected over the years. VIN page: Doing it Right: DeLorean Right Hand Drive Conversion Parts Front Shock Tower Brace Wings-B-Cool™ Cooling … Source
66:11 1/31/19
022 – Mark Woudsma
Mark Woudsma tells the story of buying the exact same DeLorean he saw as a kid in a 1984 magazine article, and the work he's done to restore it. Source
52:29 11/24/18
021 – Mike Persyn
Mike Persyn shares his DeLorean story, and Dave Tavres talks about their odd connection over finding Mike's stolen (and destroyed) DeLorean. Source
47:14 10/20/18
020 – Ryan Foster
Ryan Foster talks about his first DeLorean, his recent DeLorean purchase, driving it across the Country, some of the work he's done to the car, and future projects. Source
68:37 9/24/18
019 – DCS 2018 Wrap Up
Chris Miles, Nate Gill, Ryan Foster, and Harley Droba join Dave Tavres to do a wrap up of DeLorean Convention & Show 2018 #DCS2018 Source
50:52 8/28/18
018 – Col Bennett
Col is a perfectionist that may have met his match - a DeLorean. His lifelong dream of owning a DeLorean finally came true, and he's been having a great time making an already perfect car even more perfect. Source
66:01 7/4/18
017 – Gez Medinger
Gez had his DeLorean shipped from a bog in Michigan, USA to Essex, UK. And after several years of ownership, recently released a fantastic video about DeLoreans. Source
61:34 6/4/18
016 – Shawn Knight
Shawn is the President of the Pacific Northwest DeLorean Club - a very active DeLorean group in Seattle. We chat about getting his car, the large number of club events in the Northwest, and more. Source
66:29 2/6/18
015 – Dara Sloan
Dara and I talk about her cross-Country trips in her DeLorean, some mechanical issues, and an upcoming event with the DeLorean Motor Club Utah. Source
55:58 1/8/18
014 – Chris Miles
Chris talks about wanting a DeLorean as a kid; shares memories of a good friend who passed away; we talk about his help working on Dave’s car; and how to pick up chicks with a DeLorean. VIN page: 16409 Source
49:44 12/4/17
013 – Mark Manweiler
Mark talks about restoring  VIN #03864, including repairing the sagging roof, and "boxing in" the lower control arms; almost buying a Bricklin; his visit to DMC Texas; and his interest in the DeLorean since he was a kid. Source
60:51 10/5/17
012 – Steve Concotelli
Steve and I talk about filmmaking and the details of shooting and editing his movie "OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine", his DeLorean experiences, and the his experiences wit promoting the film. Source
56:44 9/21/17
011 – Jay Shetlin
Jay shares the tragic story about the demise of his wonderful DeLorean #06341, as well as how he started with the car and his passion for the car, and the beginnings of the DeLorean Motor Club Utah group. Source
51:40 9/7/17
010 – Justin Webb
Justin talks about shipping his DeLorean cross-country, his first experience with the car in public, engine modifications, and sharing the DeLorean with others. Source
86:52 8/25/17