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Are you Celiac? Are you new to gluten-free or have been gluten-free for years? Still not sure what to do or where to eat out when you are outside the comfort zone of your hometown? Then you are in the right place! Learn how to find safe, delicous food when you travel, how to pack your bags, where to find safe food for Celiacs, and the best gluten-free friendly foods and vacation spots in the world. Travel Gluten Free is the podcast you want on your podcast player if you love to travel and lead a gluten-free lifestyle. Join Travel Gluten Free's host Elikqitie as she gives insights on how to enjoy your gluten-free lifestyle at home and on your next vacation adventure. Learn the ins and outs of how to successfully navigate a gluten-filled world as a gluten-free traveler with less hassle and more fun and enjoyment! Elikqitie explores the fun side of gluten-free with people who produce amazing gluten-free food and the best advice from her experiences traveling around the world.


The Advantages of Camping in State Parks Gluten Free 19:39 10/20/2021
Rerun: Tips on Camping Gluten-Free 21:05 10/13/2021
Rerun Gluten Free Halloween Candy 24:58 10/06/2021
Traveling Responsibly and Embracing Conscious Travel by Stephen Bailey 13:52 09/29/2021
Living in Africa as a Digital Nomad with Stephen Bailey of Kated Travel Podcast 38:56 09/22/2021
Gluten-Free African Safari Eco-Travel  46:18 09/15/2021
Take Your Next Gluten-Free Vacation with Ellen from Gluten-Free Vacations! 26:51 09/08/2021
AIP Specialty Gluten-Free Cruise for Celiacs with Rita Perez of Rita Ventures 38:14 09/01/2021
Adventure Travel with a Touch of Luxury with Robin Cline of Cline & Co. 37:43 08/25/2021
How to Cruise Gluten-Free 24:55 08/18/2021
The Big Four of Rome 32:32 08/11/2021
Celebrating 30 Years of Gluten-Free Goodness with Jerry Bigam of Kinnickinnick Gluten Free Foods 39:52 08/09/2021
Dedicated Gluten-Free Bed & Breakfast The Inn Berlin in Baltimore, Maryland 41:18 07/28/2021
Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago Trail with Jonathan Bengel Part II 37:48 07/21/2021
Pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago Trail with Jonathan Bengel Part I 32:18 07/14/2021
Taking a Trip Back in Time Visiting Stonehenge 16:06 07/07/2021
How to Fly Gluten Free 22:34 06/30/2021
New Find Me Gluten Free App Features with Jason Elmore 37:24 06/23/2021
Using Medical Cannabis to Reduce Auto-Immune Inflammation with Tim Pickett of Utah Therapeutic Center 50:27 06/16/2021
Grab a Vegan and Gluten Free Lunch at The Spudd Hutt 22:01 06/09/2021
Fun Things to Do and Gluten Free Restaurants in Steamboat Springs, Colorado 14:42 06/04/2021
Visiting Devil’s Tower NM and Crazy Horse Memorial 24:30 06/02/2021
The BEST Gluten Free Italian Restaurant in the US and Fun Things to Do in Sedona 18:09 05/20/2021
Explore the Culture and Gluten Free Restaurants of Santa Fe New Mexico with John Biethan 45:02 05/08/2021
EU COVID Travel Update 09:43 04/30/2021
Living Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and Dairy-Free with Dr. Rhoberta Shaler 40:26 04/28/2021
Gluten Free Road Trips and Gluten Free Breweries with Gluten Free Dave 25:28 04/23/2021
Best Gluten Free Bakeries and Restaurants in London with Matt Bzedyl of Gluten Free Street Gang 38:10 04/07/2021
Adventure Bound Inside Our National Parks with Rob Roy from Adventure Bound Podcast 39:32 03/31/2021
National Parks are Open for COVID Travel 19:55 03/24/2021