Show cover of The Inside Story Podcast with April Adams Pertuis

The Inside Story Podcast with April Adams Pertuis

The INSIDE STORY takes you behind the curtain to bring you some of the biggest success stories of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and change makers.... the men & women who have walked through fire and come out on the other side brighter. How did they get there? What were some of their biggest hurdles? Be ready to hear it all. We’ll also be discussing the power of Story along the way, and how you can harness the power of your own journey to propel forward into new heights and fulfillment. Host April Pertuis will take you on a Storytelling journey through her own stories, too! As a career-long journalist and storyteller, April understands the story that is hiding inside of you. You’ll discover unique storytelling tips and mechanics that will empower you to tell you story in a whole new way. This is the Podcast that tells the Inside Story of people & brands who are sharing their story in important and powerful ways. They aren’t mechanical or scripted. They are unabashedly authentic and real. And they are generating massive success & fulfillment as a result! As you’ll discover, this is what makes a “Lightbeamer” The goal of the Inside Story is to inspire you to think about your own story, and learn to share it so it can shine a light for others.


What It Means to Step Into Your Brave EP: 093 46:32 06/29/2022
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From Burnout to True Transformation with Ashley Reed EP: 087 48:17 05/18/2022
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Reclaiming Joy in an Overworked World with Alyson DeMaso EP: 084 58:24 04/27/2022
How to Pull Stories from Other People EP: 083 34:29 04/20/2022
Community Q’s / April Answers! EP: 082 62:21 04/13/2022
Behind the Scenes of a Book Launch EP: 081 52:25 04/06/2022
Community Highlights - Make Kind Loud with Louisa Garrett Ep: 080 38:46 03/30/2022
How to use Storytelling in the Digital Age EP: 079 40:50 03/23/2022
Question The Drink with Kari Schwear EP: 078 51:55 03/16/2022
Author Spotlight - Courage through Grief with Deb Cummins Stellato EP: 077 48:54 03/09/2022
Leading From the Top in Network Marketing with Trisha Deming EP: 076 53:23 03/02/2022
Author Spotlight: Paving the Way with Pamela Meadows EP: 075 46:06 02/23/2022
Community Highlights - Your Empowered Spirit with Terri Ann Heiman EP: 074 47:02 02/16/2022
Story “Composting” EP: 073 16:44 02/09/2022
Creating a Story Bank EP: 072 31:32 02/02/2022
AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Elevating Women in Ministry with Becky Burroughs EP: 071 58:43 01/26/2022
Nowhere to Go with George Kalantzis EP: 070 42:57 01/19/2022
Being, Doing, Becoming EP: 069 22:52 01/12/2022
AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Ready to Bloom with Julia Barton EP: 068 43:49 01/05/2022
Healing Trauma Through Stories with Kelsey “O’tion” Eigler EP: 067 51:56 12/29/2021
What is Your WORD of the Year? EP: 066 35:16 12/22/2021
Welcome to 50: What I’m doing to embrace the aging experience EP: 065 42:30 12/15/2021
AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Fine to Fabulous with Sheryl Morley EP: 064 57:28 12/08/2021