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The Agile Digital Transformation podcast is focused on topics such as digital transformation case studies and best practices. We explore technology and tools to support digitalization and aim towards actionable, real-world advice and insights.


Tim Brackney - Overcoming tech deficits in financial services
Tim Brackney is the CEO of Springline Advisory, a financial and business advisory firm dedicated to reshaping the accounting and advisory landscape.In this episode, we talk about overcoming technology deficits in the financial services sector. We discuss why this sector often lags behind in technology adoption, the paradox of talent deficit, the impact of AI, and how accounting firms can catch up on innovation.Links &
20:33 6/13/24
Jen Swanson - How to implement digitization with low investment and high return
Jen Swanson is the founder and CEO of Tuckpoint Advisory Group, a collective of digital transformation experts that are helping world class organizations with their transformation initiatives.In this episode, we discuss how to get a high return with a low investment from digital transformation initiatives. We highlight the importance of such conversations in the current volatile era, the differences between digitally native and legacy firms, and strategies for not only achieving but also sustaining success with digital transformation.Links &
25:29 6/6/24
Edward Tsinovoi - The Next Wave of Internet Infrastructure
Edward Tsinovoi is the co-founder and CEO of IO River, the first comprehensive platform designed for managing multiple edge platforms.In this episode, we talk about the next wave of internet infrastructure, focusing on the essential role of content delivery networks and how they have been evolving. We discuss why this evolution is important for the Open Web, and break down the concepts of Multi-CDN-as-a-service and the impact of Hyper Cloud vendors.Links &
19:59 5/30/24
Eric Siegel & Greg Kihlstrom - Leveraging agile to unlock the full potential of AI
Eric Siegel is a former Columbia professor, leading ML consultant & author of The AI Playbook, and Greg Kihlstrom is a CX and marketing technology transformation consultant, author & keynote speaker, as well as the host of The Agile Brand.In this episode, Eric and Greg return to the podcast to discuss how tapping into agile principles would enable businesses and organizations to get more value out of AI and machine learning initiatives.Links &
33:46 5/23/24
Wessel van der Pal - Streamline digital transformation with a headless CMS platform
Wessel van der Pal is the co-founder and tech lead at the design and development agency take it_.In this episode, we discuss headless content management systems and how they can help businesses streamline all of their digital transformation and digital strategy efforts. We focus more on the business aspects of headless CMS rather than on the technical implementation, discussing the benefits and challenges of going headless, as well as why non-developers at a company should care about headless.Links &
23:26 5/16/24
Rick Yvanovich - Discovering your mission
Rick Yvanovich holds numerous credentials and qualifications in business management, and he's also the founder of the professional services firm TRG International, as well as the author of Business as Unusual: How To Thrive In The New Renaissance.In our second conversation, Rick turns the tables on Tim and interviews him about his own personal and professional development. We talk about discovering your life's mission and purpose, overcoming imposter syndrome, the importance of letting go in order to grow, and how positively transformative mistakes can sometimes be.Links &
47:12 5/9/24
Jonathan Gottfried - Developer Education
Jonathan Gottfried is the co-founder of Major League Hacking, as well as the podcast host of the State of Developer Education podcast.In this episode, we discuss the importance of developer education in today's highly volatile digital world. We talk about the evolution of developer education, the impact of (generative) AI, as well as the role of hackathons and the lessons Jon has learned from founding and running MLH.Links &
20:51 4/25/24
Kimberly Eubank - Ready for Change
Kimberly Eubank is a keynote speaker, advisor, coach and leading expert on digital transformation, as well as the Chief Digital Information Officer at Big Ass Fans.In this episode, we talk about the importance of embracing and planning for change, focusing on Kimberly’s Ready for Change framework and how it can help companies and organizations succeed in the highly competitive digital world.Links &
27:07 4/18/24
Stephany Lapierre - How AI is turning uncertainty into opportunity in the supply chain
Stephany Lapierre is the founder and CEO of the leading supplier data foundation platform TealBook.In this episode, we discuss how the innovation in artificial intelligence can be leveraged to turn uncertainty into opportunity in the supply chain sector. We talk about the opportunities AI brings to procurement & the supply chain, as well as the challenges and key considerations for effective implementation. One of the key points that we highlight is the importance of responsible data management.Links &
25:51 4/11/24
Matthew Kleiman - Leveraging AI & LLM without falling for the hype
Matthew Kleiman is the co-founder and CEO of Cumulus Digital Systems as well as the author of the recently released book Work Done Right.In our second conversation with Matthew, we talk about making use of artificial intelligence, and in particular large language models, without falling for the hype surrounding these technologies. We revisit the concept of the "splashy technology syndrome", discuss how to identify those solutions that bring real value, and take a look at some examples of how Cumulus leverages AI.Links &
19:20 4/4/24
Anton Skornyakov - The Art of Slicing Work
Anton Skornyakov is a holder of the esteemed certified Scrum Trainer certification, co-founder and managing director of Agile Coach and author of The Art of Slicing Work: How to Navigate Unpredictable Projects.In this episode, Anton breaks down the concept of slicing work and how it can benefit businesses and organizations. He shares numerous tips and insights from his just released book, along with tangible examples of slicing work in action.Links &
34:47 3/28/24
Greg Brooks - AI and the future of SEO
Greg Brooks is the Chief Marketing Officer at the data-driven SEO and link building agency SearchTides.In this episode, we talk about the future of search engine marketing and optimization in a digital landscape driven by artificial intelligence. We take a look at the state of SEO before the public release of ChatGPT in November 2022, what has changed since then, and how marketers can best prepare for the future of SEO.Links &
29:40 3/21/24
Franz Karlsberger - Navigating the Challenges of Building a Business on Open Source
Franz Karlsberger is the CEO of the developer focused open-source application delivery and hosting platform this episode, we talk about navigating the challenges of building a successful business based on open-source technologies, with Franz sharing his first-hand experiences of leading as well as his tips for making sense of the abundant landscape of different open-source software solutions.Links &
19:27 3/14/24
Nikola Mrkšić - Winning back trust in the time of AI
Nikola Mrkšić is one of the masterminds behind Apple's digital assistant Siri, as well as the CEO and co-founder of PolyAI.In this episode, we speak about winning (back) trust in the age of artificial intelligence. We discuss the importance of trust for effective customer relationships, as well as look at the bigger picture with regards to the overabundance and hyper-refinement of AI-generated content where there are not yet well enough established standards and regulations.Links &
20:34 2/29/24
Andrej Safundzic - Managing the APPocalypse
Andrej Safundzic is the CEO and co-founder of Lumos, an advanced SaaS management and identity governance platform.In this episode, we discuss the APPocalypse, that is, the overabundance of digital tools and applications. We start with some history and how we got to this sprawl of apps, before moving on to discussing the impacts it has on both businesses and individuals. We also talk about the important lessons from product management and kaizen, as well as the key role of company culture in navigating the APPocalypse.Links &
20:13 2/22/24
Eric Siegel - Are we headed towards an AI winter?
Eric Siegel is a former Columbia professor, leading ML consultant and author of The AI Playbook: Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment, which has just recently been released.In this episode, we talk about whether or not we're headed towards an AI winter and what implications this would have for the future of innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning. We discuss the law of human-like autonomy and why it is important for these kinds of conversations, and conclude with a look into the future of AI innovation & development.Links &
22:51 2/15/24
Cody Schneider - Navigating career pivots through volatility
Cody Schneider is the co-founder of the AI SEO content engine DraftHorse AI, and of an advanced AI writer engine for podcasters, Swell AI.In this episode, we talk about how to navigate career pivots through disruption and volatility, and Cody shares some of his personal experience with needing to make a sudden shift in his career.Links &
19:46 2/8/24
Lisa Carlin - How to design successful strategies & build internal communities for change
Lisa Carlin is a strategy execution specialist and scale up mentor, as well as co-founder of FutureBuilders Group, a network of Organizational Development specialists.In this episode, we talk about designing successful strategies and building internal communities to drive change with significant benefits and as little upheaval as possible to the people. Lisa also shares a couple of her favorite success stories from her work which showcase her unique approach to strategizing and helping her clients.Links &
32:17 1/25/24
Jack Skeels - Reinventing management through unmanaging
Jack Skeels is an award-winning executive, frequent keynote speaker and published thought leader, the CEO & founder of AgencyAgile, and the author of the recently published book Unmanaged.In this episode, we break down the concept of unmanaging, exploring how it differs from traditional management approaches and in what ways it resembles the agile approach to project management. We talk about the meeting shadow and how it affects productivity, the cost of overmanaging, i.e. manager tax, and explain both what unmanaging is and isn't.Links &
31:07 1/18/24
Matthew Kleiman - Work done right through systems thinking
Matthew Kleiman is the co-founder and CEO of Cumulus Digital Systems as well as the author of the recently released book Work Done Right.In this episode, we talk about some of the key lessons and takeaways from Matthew's book, covering topics such as systems thinking and how it differs from systems engineering, the issues with having to do rework when work wasn't done right, and the Splashy Technology Syndrome and its consequences.Links &
17:57 1/11/24
Amir Haramaty - Evolution of speech technology in transforming enterprise operations
Amir Haramaty is the CEO and co-founder of aiOla, an AI speech technology that helps businesses streamline inspections.In this episode, we discuss how the evolution in AI speech technology is transforming enterprise operations. We talk about the real-life applications of benefits of streamlined speech technology, and Amir shares the story of aiOla as well as some success stories of how it compares to existing off-the-shelf solutions.Links &
24:45 12/28/23
Eric Holtzclaw - Making Sense of the Modern-Day Marketing Maze
Eric Holtzclaw is the founding partner and chief strategist of the full-service B2B marketing firm Liger.In this episode, we explore the modern-day marketing maze and how to best navigate it.   We focus particularly on content marketing; on the core values, mission and vision of a brand; and on the abundance of MarTech available, as well as the changes in job roles and in the skills required for these new roles.Links &
31:15 12/21/23
Alex Chabot-Leclerc - Unlocking the potential of AI in R&D
Alex Chabot-Leclerc is the Vice President of Digital Transformation Solutions at Enthought, a science-focused digital transformation consultancy.In this episode, we discuss how the field of research and development (R&D) can tap into the power of new AI technologies in order to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. We focus primarily on how R&D jobs will be impacted, and how organizations can support their people to become digitally enabled and future-forward.Links &
23:56 12/14/23
Oliver Davies - The business case for test-driven software development & automated testing
Oliver Davies is a software developer and consultant with 16 years of professional Drupal development experience, including working on for the Drupal Association and being an Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert.In this episode, we make the business case for test-driven development (TDD) and automated software testing, exploring  why non-developers should care about a proper testing process, how developers can help them do so, as well as what kind of role generative AI tools might play in TDD.Links &
33:05 12/7/23
Emily Yorgey - Intentional UX in the age of persuasive & manipulative tech
Emily Yorgey is a UX/UI designer at Modulous, a modern technology platform which aids in streamlining construction projects.In this episode, we dive into the importance of intentional UX design in the current digital age which is dominated by persuasive and manipulative tech, drawing key insights from Emily's great article "How to build intentional UX in an era of persuasive technology" which has been published both by UX Collective as well as by Fast Company.Links &
24:20 11/30/23
Greg Kihlstrom - Continuous improvement of AI & customer experience
Greg Kihlstrom is a customer experience and marketing technology transformation consultant, author, and keynote speaker, as well as the host of The Agile Brand podcast.In this episode, we talk about continuous improvement of AI and customer experience. We break down the concept of AI maturity and discuss how agility goes hand in hand with continuous improvement. We also speak about the need for responsible AI adoption, which Greg wrote about in a recent CMSWire article.Links &
29:28 11/16/23
Jan Pilhar - Unlocking the power of AI for enterprise-wide transformation
Jan Pilhar is the Executive Director at IBM iX DACH and Co-Leader of their Digital Advisory Practice DACH.In this episode, we talk about unlocking the power of AI for business-wide transformation, focusing more on the possibilities & challenges for larger enterprises versus small/medium businesses.One of the key points in the discussion is also the question of "buy vs. build" when implementing AI models and what the best practices for enterprises will be in that regard.  We close with tips on how to drive a more holistic rather than siloed AI transformation, as well as a few more general tips for streamlining your AI strategy.Links &
25:35 11/9/23
Nick Petroski - The impact of generative AI & LLM on the digital agency business model
Nick Petroski is the founder of Promethean Research, a boutique consultancy which helps digital agencies grow more reliably with higher margins and simpler operations.In this episode, we discuss how generative AI and large language models are impacting digital agencies. We cover why and how the decline in agency growth started and how the explosion of generative AI since last year's public release of ChatGPT 3.5 further affected digital agencies and their strategies for the future.Links &
26:42 11/2/23
Matt Ellis - Digital transformation lessons we can learn from the 1972 Beetle
Matt Ellis is Senior Manager of the CIO Advisory Practice at BearingPoint, an independent multinational management and technology consulting firm.In this episode, we talk about the 1972 Volkswagen Beetle and what modern-day digital   transformation lessons we can learn from it, focusing on exponential growth and the costs of remaining on outdated legacy technology.Links &
24:26 10/26/23
Richard "RJ" Kedziora - Digital Health
Richard "RJ" Kedziora is the co-founder of Estenda Solutions, a leading company specializing in custom software and data analysis for healthcare and medical companies.In this episode, we discuss the topic of digital health, starting by defining the term, then then covering topics such as regulated software development for healthcare, the current and future impact of AI, and concluding with examples of Estenda’s client work.Links &
21:48 10/19/23