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The Universe is a fascinating place. Mankind is evolving. Isn’t it time for mankind to know the truth about its place in the universe? At Alien Agenda we plan to investigate the truth about man’s role in the universe. Is there an Alien presence on planet Earth? Is the an ‘Alien Agenda’ ? And if so, what is it? We believe mankind is not only ready for the truth, but that only through public disclosure will humanity evolve into a more spiritual species worthy of collaborating with extraterrestrial entities. Question: Should we only trust our governments to work with ETs? Will that be in mankind’s best interest?At the Alien Agenda podcast we will discuss information related to disclosure and allow the public to come to their own conclusions. Isn’t it time to finally learn the truth? The truth might set you free but first it must be discovered. Follow us as we work together to discover the truth and build a better society on planet Earth.


Astronomical Revelations
Tony Teora talks about the recent Congressional hearings on UAPs and how the coverup will most likely continue. Investigative author Jim Marrs is analyzed as to what he said in his novel 'Alien Agenda' about the ET situation on Earth.  Ingo Swann worked as a remote viewer for the Stanford Research Institute who allegedly discovered alien bases on the moon for a secretive UAP related agency just outside Washington DC at a underground research facility.  Teora discusses Ingo Swann in relation to the ET coverup. Enjoy!
67:33 8/14/23
AI Analysis of Hunter Biden Laptop- Exclusive
CodeMonkeyZ creates an AI program called 'Marvin" to analyze a mysterious laptop sent in the mail. Tony Teora and Ron Watkins talk to the AI to see what's really going on with this laptop's data analysis.  Please enjoy this short segment originally aired on the NerveCenter.   Warning Note: This is fictional comedy, so any relation to truthful events, or truthful data like: laptop passwords, emails, criminal activity, illegal images are only coincidental if found later to be true.
10:22 2/19/23
UFO Shootdown: An Ohio Train Wreck- Special Guest is CodeMonkeyZ
The US recently shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon, and then later shot down 3 other UAPs.  One science teacher believes the US shot down a $12 science balloon with a $400,000 missile. What is going on in America? Was this a distraction from the most toxic train wreck in US history? One that spewed poisonous phosgene gas in East Palestine Ohio? Phosgene is chemical weapon banned but used in WW1. Topics include the recently shot down UAPs, the Ohio chemical train wreck, Hunter Biden's laptop, free speech and AI. Special guest CodeMonkeyZ joins from an undisclosed location. Laugh and learn as science fiction author Tony Teora and Ron Watkins discuss UFOs and current world events.
99:58 2/18/23
The CIA UFO Documents, Naga Aliens & Politics- Special Guest Ron Watkins
Ron Watkins joins Alien Agenda's host Tony Teora to discuss the Nagas, an alleged serpent alien race. Topics also include German UFOs, remote viewing, consciousness studies and Twitter politics. Ron talks about his desire to buy land near Area 51 Groom Lake for a  'secret project'. The two discuss issues of freedom of speech, his failed Congressional campaign, and how the J6 Committee was looking to serve him.  Laugh and learn as these two discuss the Alien Agenda, politics and life. 
57:51 12/20/22
Disclosure Exposure- A Lying UAP (UFO) Investigation
Tony Teora and Haze Robinson discuss the latest on government disclosure of aliens and ET craft. Both agree that the US government is lying about what they know and are mostly just looking for money. Haze speculates that a false flag alien invasion might be on the books.  Enjoy as both investigators are back in action trying to figure out a complicated mess. Laugh and learn as the two try to put their years of various knowledge into discussing the possible alien (or human) agenda facing planet Earth.
114:18 9/3/22
Plandemic Director Mikki Willis Interview: No Selling Out. Speaking the Truth
NerveCenter hosts Ron Watkins and Tony Teora interview Plandemic movie director Mikki Willis about his new book: Plandemic: 100% censored. 0% debunked.  Mikki talks about his Forest Gump like experiences and how it motivated him in creating the world's most viral truth telling movie watched by over 1 billion people. The team discusses how to fight against tyranny and Mikki explains how to fight Covid tyranny and get back to nature and start truly living. Enjoy a fascinating discussion on the cost of fighting for truth topics from a caring and intelligent individual who has stories that will uplift (and even surprise) everyone.  You can follow Mikki on Gettr and Telegram here:
120:05 1/5/22
Dr. Zelenko Interview: How to Thwart Totalitarian Tyranny
NerveCenter hosts Ron Watkins and Tony Teora interview world renowned Dr. Zelenko on the origin of COVID-19, the dangers of current experimental vaccines, VAIDS, safety of intimate contact with vaccinated partners, and what you can do if you took the vaccine. Dr. Zelenko is a data driven evidence based doctor who many say has saved millions of lives through his protocols.  He's had many world leaders use his treatments including  President Donald Trump. Dr. Zelenko discusses the potential reasons behind the insane mandates--and the conclusions should shock everyone into fighting the tyranny that is being unleashed unto this world.   For information on Dr. Zelenko please see the links below:
75:51 12/27/21
Geomagnetic Haze
Haze Robinson and Tony Teora talk about the potential dangers of the upcoming reversal of the magnetic poles.  Did the last one wipe out the Neanderthals?  Included are discussions on population, COVID-19, the congressional run of Ron Watkins and of course--UFOs. Learn and laugh as the two try to unravel the questions of the universe.  
115:26 11/1/21
Covid 1984- Afghan War is Peace?
Tony Teora and Ron Watkins do a special Alien Agenda news episode on the Orwellian aspects of Covid 19 and the recent statement from mRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone regarding 'Antibody Dependent Enhancement' issues. They discuss the fiasco of having stranded Americans in Kabul, the loss of billions of dollars of military equipment and America's role in Afghanistan's drug trade.  Ron discusses concepts for a Digital Bill of Rights to protect American's online free speech along with election integrity laws. Ron  and Tony also discuss the issue of Julian Assange and how his statement on UFO disclosure might be the real reason for his incarceration. Warning: This episode is mostly on Covid and politics. 
69:58 8/26/21
Alien Leaks- Investigation Updates
Alien Agenda host Tony Teora and co-host Ron Watkins have special guest Haze Robinson, (lead singer of the San Diego band Electromagnetic) back to discuss various updates on the search for truth regarding alien disclosure. Ron discusses some strange alien craft like patents. Haze discusses some old hard to find Japan UFO cases. Both Haze and Ron discuss their various social media bans.  Listen, laugh and learn as the three discuss their ongoing research and some recent items in the news. Special Note: Haze will be singing with his band on August 20, at 7 pm at FAST TIMES in San Diego along with MIND CELL.  Some of his music can be heard at the end of the podcast.  Enjoy the show!
103:04 7/25/21
Praying Medic- The Dave Hayes Interview
Is there a conflict between God and Disclosure? How will people of faith react if humanity makes contact with aliens? Is it possible to heal with prayer and did Dave help Ron Watkins heal through prayer? What is going on with the election audits?  Alien Agenda is honored to have Dave Hayes as a special guest to discuss this and more. 
114:35 7/15/21
Above Majestic- The Jordan Sather Interview
Special guest Jordan Sather, the co-producer of the hit documentary 'Above Majestic' talks with Tony Teora and Ron Watkins.  Jordan explains how he researched the documentary, his journey and education in ufology and current events.  Ron Watkins gives updates on some new  UFO and hidden technology documents discovered in Japan (that will be posted on Alien Leaks).  Listen and laugh (or just laugh) as the three discuss ufology, currents events while trying to discover the truth of what's going on in the world. 
104:52 7/7/21
UAP, AlienLeaks & Dr.Gravity (Podkletnov)
Has a scientist actually created artificial gravity? Did the government's latest UFO report hide the truth? What does AlienLeaks have in its hands for the next drop of docs ?  These topics and more are discussed with special guest 'Backpack',  who has the handle 'Disclosure Backpack' on Twitter.   Hosts Tony Teora and Ron Watkins talk to Haze and Backpack about this and much more!
74:04 6/28/21
CIA, Aliens & Fauci Fever
Want to transcend space and time? Want to travel to your past or future? Would you like an Out Of Body (OBE) experience?  Hosts Tony Teora and Ron Watkins, along with special guest Haze Robinson of the band Electromagnetic, discuss the CIAs interest in the Monroe Institute's mental techniques for Out Of Body (OBE) experiences.  Ron reviews some of the files received on the  AlienLeaks project. Enjoy as the team discuss aliens, telepathy and Dr. Fauci's lack of seeing into the future on the consequences of the Wuhan gain of function research.  As a bonus, a song from the Electromagnetic band is included for free at the end of the podcast. Laugh, learn or just laugh as the three discuss these topics.
118:18 6/15/21
Alien Leaks
Tony Teora and Ron Watkins discuss the new AlienLeaks website with guests Chad McKinney and Haze Robinson.  Based on a similar format as WikiLeaks, the team discuss the potential for AlienLeaks to expose information to the public about extraterrestrial biological entities, extraterrestrial technologies and humanity’s interaction with non-human intelligences. Listen, laugh and enjoy as the team discuss the possibilities and ramifications of such potential disclosures.  
88:23 5/26/21
CE5: Alien Contact
Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE5) is a Dr. Steven Greer extraterrestrial contact film watched by millions of people. Is it true that we  we are racing against the clock to thwart a hoaxed “alien invasion” ?  Crazy Curious Minds host Tony Teora and guests Haze Robinson and Chad McKinney discuss the movie, some personal CE5 moments and the implications. Laugh and learn (or just laugh) as the three try to discover the truth behind CE5.
86:57 5/9/21
Disclosure Disinformation
Disclosure or disinformation? Haze, the lead singer from the San Diego band Electromagnetic is back to discuss the truth (or lack thereof) behind the government's recent “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" (UAP), disclosure efforts. Tony Teora and Haze Robinson discuss how they believe people can actually get at the truth on UFOs and the alien presence on planet Earth.  Are the recent disclosures just a PsyOp on the US public?  Learn and laugh while Haze and Tony try to put their brains together to figure out something that is out of this world!
82:00 4/19/21
QAnon- Ron Watkins Interview
Who is Q in QAnon? And does it really matter? Ron Watkins is claimed to be Q in the new HBO series Into the Storm. Science Fiction author Tony Teora interviews Ron Watkins about his relationship (if any) to Q, the ramifications of the whole QAnon movement, free speech, the recent election, the cancel culture and the future of America and the world. When Ron is asked who really controls the world, the answer may shock some, even for a science fiction author the answer is literally out of this world! Enjoy this rare glimpse into an intelligent IT admin who vehemently believes in free speech who managed the most controversial online platform in the history of the internet—the site for the Q drops.
82:52 4/8/21
The Phenomenon movie is Phenomenal !!
Tony and Chad discuss 'The Phenomenon'', an explosive new documentary directed by James Fox on the cover up of alien life and alien visitation. Spoiler Alert: The discussion focuses on the political and societal consequences related to various disclosures in the movie.  The movie is rated as A plus by both hosts and is highly recommended for anyone interested in well done documentaries. 
49:55 12/6/20
UFOs and Alien Abduction Attempt- The Haze Interview
Tony and Chad interview special guest, Haze, the lead singer from the San Diego band ElectoMagnetic to discuss various UFO sightings in San Diego county and in particular a frightening close encounter event that forever changed Haze's life. For the first time publicly Haze discusses this unbelievable encounter that includes multiple witnesses and strange events. 
94:10 10/11/20
Paranormal Presidential Election
Does the US presidential election mean much in 2020? Is there a better system than the electoral college? Chad ran for San Diego mayor, and Tony ran for California state assembly (2x). Laugh as Tony and Chad explain their political experiences (blunders) and how this has shaped their views on life and what we can do to make the world a better place.
32:17 10/1/20
Race Relations in America- Stopping the Divisions
What are the important issues facing race relations in America? Do races scientifically exist? And if not, why all the fuss in the US? Should we defund the police? How can we all get along and evolve together as better individuals and become a moral and ethical society. Chad and Tony are pleased to have our first guest, Shophar, (author of Sacred Orgasmic Living), as our guest to discuss these important issues.  
69:10 9/23/20
Alien Agenda
Is there an alien agenda? Were the Sumerians connected or part of an ancient alien culture? What happened to Phil Schneider who said there was an alien agenda and soon mysteriously committed suicide? Why is it almost impossible for anyone to get to the the truth of an alien agenda on planet Earth? These and other topics discussed.  
61:46 9/23/20
Secret Government
Is there a deep state or secret government controlling things behind the scenes? Should governments keep secrets? What are some recently discovered secrets that question the ethics and morality of our governments? MK Ultra and other secret fiascos are discussed in this episode. 
48:30 9/23/20
Educated Enslavement
Why did some of the richest and successful people in the world like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison drop out of college? Are people in college being trained to be worker slaves? Is it better to be a plumber than studying in college for 15 years? What are the benefits of getting degrees with little job potential? When does education become political indoctrination? These and other topics discussed. 
56:50 9/23/20
Free Money for All
What is money? How do we protect ourselves financially? Will inflation destroy the American way of living? Should the government forgive student loans? How is it possible for a student to borrow a half a million dollars in student loans? These and other topics are discussed.
51:12 9/23/20
Geoengineering and Climate Change
Is the ozone layer deletion a big issue? Will the planet continue to get hotter each year in the next century with catastrophic results? Is there a secret United Nations program to try and save the planet by spraying the sun with reflective aerosols? Or is this just some conspiracy non-sense? Tony and Chad try to rationally explain the climate challenges facing planet Earth.  
43:26 9/22/20
Telepathy and the Cosmic Consciousness
Tony Teora and Chad McKinney discuss their beliefs on telepathy and the cosmic consciousness. They explain the history and science behind these forces and why some people can use these powerful methods of communication to be more connected and advance the lives of themselves and others.  
47:04 9/22/20
The Risks of Travelling at WarpSpeed
So how safe will be the new 'WarpSpeed' Covid-19 vaccination? Were Americans every given unsafe vaccinations? Is the truth of vaccinations really being withheld by Big Pharma? Why is the MMR not being used in Japan? These and other topics will be discussed by hosts Tony Teora and Chad McKinney.  
56:13 9/22/20
What Is Reality?
Can we change reality or is it fixed? Do people's minds have hidden powers over reality? What are some hidden realities of this world? Hosts Tony Teora and Chad have an excited discussion over reality, the hidden forces behind life and whether we are living in an ideal reality and what we can do to make our reality more meaningful.  
67:10 9/22/20

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