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Your official source to be a GMAT insider. Brought to you from the makers of the GMAT exam, Inside the GMAT features experts that will share tips on taking the exam, prep, and how to maximize your GMAT experience. This bi-weekly show will give you insights on everything you need to know for your graduate business school journey. If you want the inside scoop on the GMAT and graduate business school success strategies, this podcast is for you.


Could You Win the GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship?
Our UK host, Nalisha Patel, gets to know one of this year's inspiring GMAT Talent and Opportunity Scholarship winners, Renata Agostinelli. Renata talks about her unique career journey in tech, her involvement with the Lean In organization, her passion for D&I, plus gives tips on how you too can be successful in your application - and in your life goals.  Resources:  Scholarship Information Lean In Forte Foundation  
29:30 10/5/23
Reduce Exam Anxiety and Get the Results You Want
Host Eric Chambers is joined by Charles Bibilos, Founder of GMAT Ninja, where they do things a bit differently by tackling your test anxiety head on. Charles talks all things assessment anxiety, from how it can manifest in an exam environment to how to overcome it, with a lively discussion about how GMAT Focus Edition helps reduce your chances of experiencing anxiety on test day. Tune in to get over your testing jitters! References:  GMAT Ninja How GMAT™ Focus Edition Reduces Test Anxiety
44:03 9/7/23
Your Guide to the GMAT Focus Edition
In this episode, we’re joined by Manish Dharia, Director of Product Marketing at GMAC. Manish talks all things GMAT Focus Edition, covering   how and why we made the decision to bring you the latest evolution of the GMAT;  what the changes to each section, scoring and score report are;   the many benefits these changes add to your testing experience and ultimately your b-school experience and career;  the difference between GMAT Focus Edition and other test options; and   important dates coming up that you won’t want to miss.   Tune in now and don’t forget to register for GMAT Focus Edition on August 29th.   Episode resources:   GMAT Focus Edition Prep Store  GMAT Focus Edition Registration  GMAT Focus Edition General Information 
22:15 8/25/23
What Do Test Prep Tutors Really Think of GMAT Focus?
Are you interested in GMAT Focus, but haven't spoken to a professional tutor about whether it's the right test for you? This episode has got you covered - our guest, Hailey Cusimano, Director of Tutoring at Menlo Coaching, shares her insights on the test and helps you decide if it's ultimately right for you. As an added bonus, our host, Eric Chambers, a former admissions consultant, weighs in on the value the exam brings to both schools and candidates. 
20:44 8/10/23
From Army to B-School - One Man’s Epic Journey
In this episode, our UK-based host, Nalisha Patel, has a riveting chat with Sunil Kandola, Vice President of Coin Systems Strategy at Onyx by JP  Morgan. You'll hear all about Sunil's fascinating career path – from the British Army to studying an MBA at the prestigious Saïd Business School at Oxford University to landing his role at JP Morgan. Sunil drops useful tips along the way on how to ace the GMAT,  tell your personal story and land your dream role, plus much more.  Resources:  Series of creative storytelling workshops by Simeon Courtie Onyx by JPMorgan
35:12 7/27/23
Overcome Imposter-Syndrome and Craft Your Story
In this episode we're joined by Alexis Jeffries, Head of Business Product Marketing at Glassdoor. Amongst other impressive endeavors, Alexis is paving the way in her thriving tech career and is the Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. Learn from Alexis how you can overcome imposter syndrome and create the career path that is right for you while staying true to your authentic self. Oh, and she even throws in spectacular GMAT advice. This is not one to be missed! 
33:10 7/13/23
Could an Early-Career MBA Be Right for You?
In this episode, Zach chats with Baylor University - Hankamer School of Business Clinical Professor, Dr. Erik Davidson, alongside HSB alum and Walt Disney Company's Strategic Sourcing Specialist, Corrie Tebay, on everything you need to know about the Early-Career MBA. Corrie gives incredible insight into pursuing the right program and career fit for you in her truly inspirational career path. This is a great listen for anyone interested in pursuing an MBA earlier on in their career and are searching for options in the US. Listen now.   This episode was originally recorded in 2022. 
28:07 6/29/23
Your Guide to GMAT Focus Prep - in Under 10 Minutes
In this episode, guest host Zach Fernebok interviews Ana Kyper, Senior Director of Product Management, GME Prep and Readiness. In just under 10 minutes, Ana will walk you through the 6-week GMAT Focus™ Exam prep journey - including the practice needed, your time commitment, and tips to maximize your GMAT Focus exam success. Episode resources:  Official GMAT Focus PREP resources  Download the app: GMAT Official Practice   
08:25 6/15/23
GMAC CEO Joy Jones' Path to Success
To kickoff Season 3, we are joined by our very own CEO, Joy Jones, as she navigates us through the decision behind the new GMAT Focus Edition and shares with us her thoughts on the future of education. She talks about her personal education story, from her own experience studying for the GMAT and her career-defining experience at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Listen now! 
17:27 6/1/23
New Season of Inside the GMAT
We're back for a new season! Join us on June 1st, bi-weekly, for Season 3 of Inside the GMAT, your official source on all things GMAT and related products. We'll cover all things GMAT Focus, from regular updates and how to prepare to expert opinions on the GMAT's evolution.  We'll also cover relevant, trending topics in education across the globe with leading experts and chat with previous test takers who've launched incredible careers since starting their graduate management education journey.  All this and much more will be available on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple,, or wherever you get your podcasts! 
00:52 5/24/23
Navigating The Business School Admissions Process
We are joining by Rodrigo Malta, Managing Director from the University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, to discuss the big questions that surround the b-school admissions process. Listen for tips on how to strengthen your application and learn the one question you should ask yourself before going to business school. Listen now!
23:17 9/26/22
What is Business Fundamentals?
Are you ready to start your business graduate program, but need to level up your core business knowledge before you enter the classroom? Business Fundamentals is for you! In this episode, we invite Ana Kyper and Brian Carlidge to discuss what Business Fundamentals is and how the courses offered can help you succeed in your business school program. Business Fundamentals Reviewer Bio Page
11:03 8/15/22
REPLAY: 6 Steps to Requesting a Testing Accommodation
Inside the GMAT Replay: Did you know that GMAC offers accommodations for test-takers with disabilities? In this episode, Kailin Burns invites Jason Northup, the Senior Manager for Test Accommodations at GMAC to discuss how you can apply for testing accommodations on your GMAT or Executive Assessment, what testing accommodations GMAC offers, and options you have as a test taker to maximize your test-taking experience. Download the 6 Steps to Applying for a Testing Accommodation
20:32 11/1/21
Should I Retake the GMAT?
We are back from a break! In this episode, we invited Stacey Koprince of Manhattan Prep to discuss retaking the GMAT exam. We discuss how schools retakes, does retaking the GMAT look bad, and most importantly, how to know when you should retake the GMAT. Stacey gives you all of the insights of retaking the GMAT so you can create a plan to raise your GMAT score. *GMAT policies have been updated since this article was published. The 16-day waiting period now applies across exam formats – test center and online. Now, if you switch formats, the 16-day waiting period does apply.
18:37 10/18/21
SPECIAL EPISODE: Part 3: MBA Interview Strategy With LBS & INSEAD
MBA interviews can be the most nerve-wracking part of your whole application. But there’s plenty you can do to prepare, and put your best foot forward. In the third and final episode of this three-part mini-series, BusinessBecause writer Bethany Garner asks admissions directors from two top programs to offer up tips and tricks for making your interview count. David Simpson, admissions director for the MBA at London business School, and Virginie Fougea, global director of admissions at INSEAD, reveal what to wear, how to get across your personal brand, how to handle virtual interviews and more.
31:56 10/4/21
SPECIAL EPISODE: Part 1: What Makes A Strong MBA Candidate?
What makes a strong MBA candidate? In the first episode of this three-part mini-series, BusinessBecause writer Bethany Garner speaks with Eric Askins—Executive Director of Admissions for the full-time MBA program at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business—to find out. Eric will take you through everything an MBA admissions team is looking for when they take a look at your profile, from work experience, to career goals, to academic performance. Plus, hear Eric’s insights on what Berkeley Haas wants most in its MBA recruits. Learn More about what makes a strong MBA candidate here
29:16 9/6/21
Where Do You See Yourself in 4 Weeks?
Did you know that you can prepare for the Executive Assessment in just 4 weeks? Sarabeth Dobbs, the Product Development Manager for Assessments joins the show to tell you about the new 4-week study planner for the Executive Assessment. Sarabeth lets you know what to expect, how to prep, and gives some advice about the Executive Assessment. Download the 4 Week Study Planner Get Executive Assessment Official Prep
14:34 8/23/21
The Value of The GMAT Exam - Part 2
On our last episode, we had a great panel of admissions professionals from three business schools tell you how they use the GMAT exam in the admissions process. We discussed the advantages of taking the GMAT exam even as some programs may be test-optional this year. This week, we continue that conversation, this time gaining the perspectives of a panel of top-rated business school admissions consultants.  Admissions consultants Linda Abraham from Accepted and Joe Mashek from Merchant join the show to discuss all the questions you want to know about the GMAT exam and getting into the world’s top MBA and business master’s programs.
20:19 8/9/21
The Benefits of Taking the GMAT Exam in a Test Optional World
Why should you take the GMAT exam when it is not required for admission to business school? This week our guests Imran Kanga from Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, Bruce Delmonico from Yale School of Management, and Jessica Krom from Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University all join the show to explain how the GMAT is used for admissions and break down why taking the GMAT exam when it is not required, benefits you for the admission process. 
37:51 7/26/21
Mastering the Verbal Reasoning Section
Ana Kyper, the Senior Director of GME Prep and Readiness, joins the show to discuss the GMAT's verbal reasoning section. Ana breaks down each question type and gives you tips on approaching and preparing for sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension. Get started with verbal reasoning practice with the GMAT Official Practice Questions 1
14:17 7/12/21
REPLAY: Exploring GMAT Advanced Questions
Enjoy this replay of our GMAT Advanced Questions episode. Are you ready to take your GMAT Exam prep to the next level? Are you looking for harder questions as you prep for the GMAT? Learn about the GMAT Official Advanced Prep. Join Pam Brown the Director of Product Management of the Assessments at GMAC as she discusses what Advanced Prep is, who can benefit from it, and all the features Advanced prep has to guide you to success. To get started, for your exam prep, download the 12 Exclusive GMAT Questions today! 
20:19 6/28/21
Help Business Schools Discover You with GMASS
Business schools are looking for the best candidate for their program: You. In this episode, Christa Johnson-Perkins the Product Director, Marketing Solutions at GMAC Connect joins the show to tell you about the Graduate Management Admission Search Service, better known as GMASS. Learn how you can utilize this free service, and enroll to have schools search for you to join their program. Get started with GMASS here.
17:05 6/14/21
What to Expect at the MBA Tour
Do you want to connect at a personal level with business school representatives and staff members that would provide you access and interaction with the actual decision-makers in the business school admission process? You can by being a part of the MBA Tour. Danielle Boland the Managing Director of The MBA Tour, to tell you how the MBA Tour works, what to expect, and how to stand out for these virtual events. Interested in joining an event with The MBA Tour to explore your business school options? Find an event in your region.
19:21 5/31/21
Everything You Wanted to Know About the GMAT IR Section
This week we discuss preparing for the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section of the GMAT exam. Chris D'Ambrosio the Product Manager for Assessments at GMAC joins the show to discuss tips and tricks and how you can make a study plan to prepare for the IR section.  Chris discusses the structure, the types of questions, and what the IR is.
19:41 5/17/21
The Soft Skills Assessment
This week Ana Kyper, Senior Director of GMAT prep joins the show to discuss a new assessment called Soft Skills. GMAC’s Soft Skills Assessment is an online assessment that provides you the opportunity to enhance your application to a graduate management program.  Ana discusses what the Soft Skills Assessment measures, and how you can take it. 
10:34 5/3/21
The GMAT Official Guide
Prep is a very important part of the GMAT exam, and did you know that over 80% of test-takers who scored over a 700 on their GMAT exam used GMAT Official prep products in their GMAT preparation plan? To help you get a little more insight on prep for your GMAT exam, Shaifali Gupta the Product Management Senior Manager for the GMAT Prep is here to discuss the GMAT Official Guide and what's new in the 2022 edition
19:39 4/19/21
Prepping for the Executive Assessment
The Executive Assessment is a 90 minute, 40 question assessment that evaluates your business school readiness. But how do you prep for it? Manish Dharia, Director of Product Management at GMAC returns to the show to discuss prep options, how to prepare, and what to expect on your assessment day.  Check out the Free Executive Assessment Questions Sampler to test yourself and see what areas you need to focus on for your prep.
14:28 4/5/21
Tailor Your GMAT Prep
GMAT exam prep is essential to your success on the exam. But did you know you can tailor your prep to match your personal study style and exam score goals? Ana Kyper, Senior Director of GMAT prep joins the show to discuss what GMAT prep options candidates have, what resources are available, and how you can tailor your prep to accomplish your goals. We want you to be at your best on test day, and Ana is here to help you out. Visit: 5 Ways to Tailor Your Prep
14:02 3/22/21
Specializing Your MBA
Getting an MBA is not a one-size-fits-all degree. You can tailor your MBA to fit your needs, your preferences, and your goals. Part-time, full-time, online, as well as focusing on a particular area of study, are all topics we discuss with our guest Nita Swinsick, the Assistant Dean, Recruitment and Admissions, Executive and Specialized Degree Programs at Georgetown University McDonough School of Business. Nita gives us insights on specializing your MBA, discuss taking the GMAT exam even if it is not required, and answer the question “why should I get my MBA?” Find your best-fit MBA program with this guide
17:44 3/8/21
The Anatomy of the GMAT
You may be wondering how the exam is structured, how to prepare for it, what the testing experience is like for both the online and the test center GMAT exams, and what enhancements have been made to the GMAT online exam. To help guide you through the GMAT experience, this week Anjali McKenzie, the Senior Product Manager for the GMAT, will tell us everything we need to know about the GMAT exam. Trying to decide if you should take the online or the test center GMAT exam? Download this guide to see how they compare.
19:16 2/22/21

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