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On any given week, there is a plethora of movies being released. Bruce Purkey, Eric Holmes, and Greg Srisavasdi spotlight some of the more indie driven features that may slip through the cracks. Once in a while, they will cover a big studio movie, but their Giallo hearts aims at providing listeners with some value added choices that might be a little bit off the beaten path! For questions and comments, please email!


The Sadness (2021) Move Review 25:24 05/15/2022
Find Your Film 115: Top Gun: Maverick, The Innocents, Our Father, Pleasure 83:13 05/12/2022
Find Your Film 114: Shepherd, Hit The Road, Happening, Easy A 60:30 05/05/2022
Find Your Film 113: Hatching, Memory, The Northman, The Scary of Sixty-First 67:47 04/28/2022
Find Your Film 112: The Duke (Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren) and Petite Maman (Dir. Céline Sciama) 36:43 04/21/2022
Find Your Film 111: Dual, Paris 13th District, The Girl and the Spider, and Minamata 77:15 04/14/2022
Find Your Film 110: Alaskan Nets, Cow, Metal Lords And The Films of Mattie Do 74:56 04/07/2022
Find Your Film 109: You Won't Be Alone, Gagarine, The Contractor, The Bubble 88:28 04/01/2022
Find Your Film 108: Mothering Sunday, Stunt Rock, You Are Not My Mother, Hangover Square 82:41 03/24/2022
Find Your Film 107: Babette's Feast, The Outfit, Windfall, Panama, Frontier(S) 58:32 03/18/2022
Find Your Film 106: Gold, Ultrasound, All My Friends Hate Me, Inside, Vampire's Kiss 67:55 03/10/2022
Find Your Film 105: The Long Walk, Huda's Salon, Gleaming the Cube, Fear and Desire 57:20 03/04/2022
Find Your Film 104: Studio 666, The Burning Sea, The Last Mark, Gasoline Alley, Silent Running 98:46 02/24/2022
Find Your Film 103: The Cursed, Ted K, A Banquet, Kimi, Spencer 74:59 02/17/2022
Find Your Film 102: Catch The Fair One, Here Before, Cosmic Dawn, I Blame Society 91:08 02/10/2022
Find Your Film Episode 101: Last Looks, Air Doll, Encanto, Eternals, A Separation 64:51 02/03/2022
Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes, Rifkin's Festival, Clean, The House, The Empty Man 76:24 01/27/2022
Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom, A Hero, The Find Your Film Awards 102:33 01/20/2022
Belle, Italian Studies, Hotel Poseidon, and The Tragedy of Macbeth 67:45 01/13/2022
The Lost Daughter, Vicious Fun, Los Punks: We Are All We Have, The Book of Bobba Fett 71:37 01/07/2022
Munich: The Edge of War, Mill of the Stone Women, Just Mercy, Four Flies on Grey Velvet, The Naked City 79:34 12/31/2021
Drive My Car, The Power of the Dog, Don't Look Up, The Matrix Resurrections 114:04 12/23/2021
The Novice, President, Mother/Android, Schemes in Antiques, Topkapi 90:53 12/17/2021
Being The Ricardos, National Champions, Agnes, To What Remains, Single All The Way 85:01 12/10/2021
Beast (Jessie Buckley), The Trip (Noomi Rapace), Daimajin, Belly, Biokids 46:56 12/03/2021
Brooke Shields Spotlight: A Castle For Christmas and Pretty Baby 29:52 11/26/2021
Writing With Fire, Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn, Black Friday, Ghostbusters: Afterlife 54:39 11/25/2021
India Sweets And Spices, The Feast, Zeros and Ones, tick tick . . . BOOM! 89:17 11/18/2021
Hive, Red Notice, Julia, Finch, The Fast And The Furious 69:00 11/12/2021
Jim Cummings And PJ McCabe Reflect On Giallo And L.A. Noir Stylings of THE BETA TEST 30:48 11/05/2021