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The Lisa Fischer Said Podcast

Lisa Fischer has always had aspirations she’d be somebody. And she was. In high school, she peaked early and reached the pinnacle of her career when she won Most Talkative for her high school yearbook. That accolade is hard to beat, but she’s been trying to win the public’s approval ever since with her almost 35 years as a broadcaster and journalist. Lisa is currently the editor-at-large of AY About You magazine, a podcaster, a TV pitchman and a future YouTube sensation.


Lisa talks with another successful Intermittent Faster 60:31 12/07/2021
Lisa talks to the “straight shooting scientist” Dr. Anthony Jay 62:13 11/30/2021
Lisa Talks Migraine Relief with a Headache Expert 58:06 11/23/2021
Lisa Talks Maintaining Good Mental Health During the Holidays 60:15 11/16/2021
Lisa Talks with Keith McDonald about his intermittent fasting success 68:53 11/09/2021
Lisa Talks Thyroid Health 57:35 11/02/2021
Lisa talks What to Watch/Listen to this Fall with Streaming Expert Natalie Sanderson 62:01 10/26/2021
Lisa Talks with the Mother of Intermittent Fasting Gin Stephens 66:08 10/19/2021
Lisa Talks About the Food Lies We Are Told 62:56 10/12/2021
Lisa Talks Intermittent Fasting 60:58 10/05/2021
Lisa Talks the Science of Intermittent Fasting 63:35 09/28/2021
Lisa Talks with the Man Behind Minimalism, Joshua Becker 59:53 09/21/2021
Lisa talks Essential Oils with the Guru of Essential Oils 58:07 09/14/2021
Lisa Talks Children’s Health 57:37 09/07/2021
Lisa talks Intermittent Fasting 54:56 08/31/2021
Lisa Talks Getting Organized  55:52 08/24/2021
Lisa Talks Health and Fitness 59:07 08/17/2021
Lisa Talks Intermittent Fasting 53:39 08/10/2021
Lisa talks Women’s Health 58:42 08/03/2021
Lisa talks Financial Success with Two Financial Leaders 58:25 07/27/2021
Lisa gets interviewed by former professional golfer and confidence and success coach Christina Lecuyer 55:19 07/20/2021
Lisa talks Addiction with an LCSW 48:51 07/13/2021
Lisa talks Intermittent Fasting with a Former Personal Trainer 58:46 07/06/2021
Lisa and Friends Talk #FREEBRITNEY 38:33 07/04/2021
Lisa talks amazing health with a leading chiropractor 54:26 06/29/2021
Lisa talks Enneagram 64:22 06/22/2021
Lisa talks Fun with Science for Kids 34:15 06/15/2021
Lisa talks What to Watch/Listen to this Summer with Streaming Expert Natalie Sanderson 61:10 06/08/2021
Lisa talks Intermittent Fasting 58:41 06/01/2021
Lisa talks Dyslexia 30:18 05/25/2021