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Top Level Podcast is a weekly podcast by Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Famer and Pro Tour Champion Patrick Chapin with Michael J Flores. Top Level Podcast focuses on competitive, Constructed, tournament Magic: The Gathering strategy, tactics, deck lists, and mindset. We appear weekly on


A Little Historic, a Lot of Modern 63:35 06/14/2021
The Most Powerful Cards in Modern Horizons 2 61:01 06/07/2021
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer Seems Amazing 57:49 05/31/2021
Tainted Pact and More (and More!) This Week 50:05 05/24/2021
Breaking Clever Lumimancer in Modern 47:40 05/17/2021
Portable Hole, Prosperous Innkeeper & Modern Horizons II! 47:04 05/10/2021
Blade Historian is Just Incredible 54:22 05/03/2021
Lots of ways to be a Prismari Command guy... 56:15 04/26/2021
Gnarled Professor, learns, Lessons, and more Strixhaven 56:24 04/19/2021
Expressive Iteration Will be Good in VINTAGE 77:07 04/12/2021
Going Deep into the Strixhaven Previews 57:36 04/05/2021
Village Rites is Our Official Strixhaven Preview 50:02 03/25/2021
Patrick's Sweet Mono-Blue Snow Deck! 52:06 03/22/2021
Egon, God of Death in Historic 53:14 03/15/2021
Pick a Side on Reidane, God of the Worthy 51:27 03/08/2021
Witherbloom Command is Overrated for Standard 67:45 03/01/2021
Tibalt, Cosmic Imposter... We Hardly Knew Ya 54:17 02/17/2021
Uro is About to Be Banned (again) 50:13 02/15/2021
Goldspan Dragon is Showing Up Everywhere 64:42 02/08/2021
I've Become a Runeforge Champion Guy 55:22 02/01/2021
Kaldheim Serra Angel Variants 48:26 01/25/2021
Let's Take a Ride on The Omenkeel! 50:43 01/18/2021
Valki, God of Lies (and tons more Kaldheim) 69:45 01/11/2021
It's Kaldheim Spoiler Season! 55:53 01/04/2021
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Kaldheim 48:45 12/28/2020
The Rest of the Historic Decks 52:40 12/21/2020
What's So Exciting About Yasharn, Implacable Earth? 51:26 12/14/2020
More Innovations in Modern Decks 44:27 12/07/2020
Feasting Troll King Snacks on Standard 66:08 11/30/2020
What You Need to Know About the 2019 MOCS Decks 51:08 11/23/2020