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Slam the Gavel is a podcast to discuss Family Court Issues, Support Court, Support-contempt conferences and hearings and Child Services issues. Advice on how parents can cope with these issues along with Parental Alienation. Based off the book, Dismantling Family Court Corruption, Why Taking The Kids Was Not Enough. This book can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Apple and Smashwords.dismantlingfamilycourtcorruption.comPodcast music provided by


Meghan Walsh Speaks Out On The Advocacy Of Her Children And The Kidnapping Of Her Infant Daughter
   Slam the Gavel welcomes Meghan Walsh to the show. Meghan spoke freely of the corruption in Indian River, Florida. On June 7th, 2022, DCF/CHS absconded with her five day-old infant while still nursing her. Meghan has stated that none of this is in the, "Best Interest of the Child." Police are aiding and abetting CPS in the trafficking of our children, our precious future and generations.    Meghan has been an advocate prior to her children ever being taken away. She spoke about the end of March 2021 where an Emergency Petition was filed by her own father, John Walsh on her eldest daughter. Then on April 1st, 2021 she was followed by an unmarked car with her three children. They had pulled her over and the three children were taken by the police.    We spoke of perjury on the witness stand, CPS retaliation and collusion amongst the court actors.To Reach Meghan Walsh:                                                                                                        Hearts Undivided INC Florida Division-Posts-FacebookSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
99:06 10/05/2022
Jeffrey Morgan, Advocate, Speaks Out On Protective Orders, Perjury And Other Malfeasance In Texas
    Slam the Gavel welcomes Jeffrey Morgan from Dallas, TX. He is an Information Technology Examiner at Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Jeff is also an Advocate for Justice, Children, Civil Rights and Social Action, Economic Empowerment, Health and Human Rights, Politics, Poverty Alleviation, Science and Technology.     We had an excellent conversation regarding Protective Orders, Perjury and No-Fault Divorce and the ramifications of this. We also discussed his YouTube Channel.     Jeff talked about driving to Austin, TX to listen to testimony before the Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee regarding how to make protective orders easier to obtain and enforce and also to give testimony on the issue of protective orders. Jeff himself has experienced the threat of a Protective Order but also had to spend $20,000.00 to protect himself against a false and frivolous Protective Order. Jeff also explains what could have happened to him had the order been granted......To reach Jeffrey Morgan: and YouTube Jeff MorganSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
71:11 10/04/2022
Shurouk Mansour, Mind Adjustment, Life Coach Discusses the importance of Mental Health Taught at School At An Early Age: Learn The RED FLAGS EARLY
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Shurouk Mansour, Entrepreneur, Mind Adjustment/Life Coach and Counselor to the show. Coach Shurouk's main purpose is to work hand in hand with her client and to bring out the hidden potential and strength so they can view things from a positive perspective as well as seeing the beauty and power of where positive thinking can take her client.      Shurouk loves her job because  it goes deeper than what the eye can see and when the soul begins to feel a change, a person's energy begins to move mountains and Shurouk is ready to build a whole new world with her client.    Receiving her BA in Psychology along with her graduate certificate in counselor education from NC State University, Shurouk also received her MS in psychology with an emphasis in general psychology and life coaching at GCU.      We discussed that it is important that Mental Health is to be taught to kids at an elementary school level. The importance to teach children to have self confidence and autonomy at an early age will help them when in adulthood. We also talked about the Projection Theory, Near Exposure Theory and the Chameleon Theory. The Empathic personalities become the Chameleon. Personality disorders are attracted to the Empath/Chameleon. Much discussion on these topics really was highly informative. It is so important to teach our young people the value of Mental Health Issues and the Red Flags to watch out for.     Shurouk Mansour wants to bring out the best version of YOU while YOU enjoy each and every bit of the experience.Email:invigoratewithpower@gmail.comWebsite: www.invigorateyourinnerstrength.comPhone number: 9802642108Instagram : inner_beauty001Facebook: by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
62:57 10/03/2022
Amy Palacios , Mother, Speaks Out On Mecklenburg and Cabarrus County's EXTREME Corruption
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Amy Palacios, a Mother of six children. There are two ex-husbands fighting in court with the SAME lawyer, Attorney Jay White to perpetuate 14 years of corruption. Her first ex-husband paid the second ex-husband $50,000.00 to be a false witness against her.  Her case started in Mecklenburg County and has now moved to Cabarrus County, NC.     Both abusers have now teamed up to claim SHE is the abuser. They are making her pay $2,800.00/per month in Child Support and $85,000.00 to the man that has two criminal convictions of assault and was in jail for six months for attacking her.      Judge Christy Wilhem ordered that Amy did not have to pay child support on her four children. Judge Nathaniel Knust is also involved in her case. The judges haven't been too much of an issue, just the MONOPOLY going on behind the scenes.      We discussed seven exparte orders, numerous psychological evaluations only on Amy that showed no mental illness other than Legal Abuse/PTSD, though being called mentally ill, they expect her to pay a hefty amount of child support from her nursing job. A useless Guardian Ad Litem who has involvement in two different counties, as well as a false CPS report is also added into the mix.     Amy's next court dates are October 3rd for the issue of the $85,000.00 and October 25th, 2022 to discuss child custody. Slam the Gavel will have Amy Palacios back on for updates. Amy encourages to have everything on a PDF file and send to multiple people so the court won't destroy the evidence and remember that your own lawyer is against you as Amy has paid out $250,000.00 and RECORD DSS (CPS) at all times due to fake DSS cases.To Reach Amy: Facebook Amy Hendricks Urban, (Urban)/PalaciosSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
54:57 09/29/2022
Michael Watson, Director at Family Court Coaching, Author Discusses The Advantages A Barrister Has When Cross-Examining
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Michael Watson, Director at Family Court Coaching from South Croydon, England to the show.  Michael is a professionally qualified social worker and author of two books.  With over thirty-three years experience of working with children and families. He worked as a self-employed Children's Guardian for eighteen years and for over twenty years as an Independent Social Worker.     Michael is an expert in the family court at assessing parenting, relationships and the various needs of children. Due to his own personal experiences and his unique position as a child care and parenting expert within the family court, Michael is in a key position to assist, advise, support and coach parents through their private law family proceedings and provide them with the information and skills to represent themselves successfully at court.    In 2014, Michael wrote his book, "How to Represent Yourself In Family Court," available on Amazon, provides invaluable insight, information, education support and guidance to assist parents in navigating their way through the court process. He also informs parent/readers in an honest, open, conversational style about how vital it is for parents to learn the parenting skills they need not only for court but for the rest of their lives. Offering parents relevant knowledge of the Children Act legislation; practical examples of what "good parenting" entails, including how to present or give evidence, dress and behave while in court and throughout the proceedings.    Michael has finished his second book, "FAMILY COURT: Giving Evidence in Family Court," available on Amazon. This book identifies how difficult it is to try to compete with advocates, lawyers and barristers without receiving a considerable amount of support and training centered on giving evidence and managing cross-examination and focuses on the knowledge, skills, insights, strategies and tips needed to be perceived as a credible witness.    Excellent conversation on being put on the witness stand and how to behave and answer questions with evidence to back up all statements made. Michael will soon be starting his own podcast, "Incredible Witness Podcast," very soon.To reach Michael  Watson: familycourtcoaching@gmail.com by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
56:10 09/27/2022
Lisa Breece Linke, Director of Operations at PAS Family Advocacy, BT, CDC, Discusses The Corrupt Family Court And Judge's Insurance Policies
    Slam the Gavel welcomes Lisa Breece Linke, Director Of Operations at PAS Family Advocacy, BT, CDC.  Lisa is a Mental Health professional driven to help others overcome personal obstacles. She is a responsible self-starter who communicates well and is dedicated to improving the well-being of her clients.    Team-oriented Behavioral Specialist with a strong track record of establishing solid relationships with her clients, co-workers and administration and local agencies, Lisa has successfully worked with diverse client population in one-on-one and group settings. Lisa is also a skilled Behavioral Specialist with an expertise in the identification and management of mental illnesses.    We discussed her work at San Diego Center for Children and Residential Care, from there she went into Behavior Therapy which included the Autism community. Our discussion also included the lack of training in Social Workers, Case Workers and Guardian Ad Litem who have very little Child Development background.     Fascinating discussion included 1997 ASFA, Child Trafficking with over 800,000 children gone missing. The fictitious Family Courts and that the judges are a corporate entity, a registered agent and is insured with indemnity insurance is something all litigants should explore when finding malfeasance in their case.    Advice was given if CPS comes to your door as well and that caseworkers also have their own insurances.      We discussed that all litigants Pro Se or otherwise get the Black's Law Dictionary which Lisa has a free PDF for parents on her web-site.To Reach Lisa: mailto:Admin@PASFamilyAdvocacy.commailto:CFAlawsuit@activist.comPAS Family Advocacy: 858-260-8458Supportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
49:41 09/26/2022
Penny L.A. Shepard And Host Discussed Repressed Memories And False Memory Syndrome
    Slam the Gavel welcomes back Penny L.A. Shepard back to the show. Penny was last on the show August 23rd, 2022, Season 3, Episode 92 where we discussed the importance of doing your own research on the Deep State And the Legal Arena.    We discussed  repressed memory which  are memories that we try to unconsciously avoid thinking about, because it is usually caused from a traumatic experience from our past history. These memories are not thought of for several years and recovered later usually from a trigger response.    However in Psychology, a false memory is a grey area where someone remembers something that did not happen at all and remembers it differently from the way it really happened. Elizabeth Loftus developed a theory after running an experiment involving 150 subjects from the University of Washington and noticed that when a preconceived idea was one of false information it could only be explained by the "assumption hypothesis" and not the "strength hypothesis," Loftus explained that a theory needed to be devised for complex visual experiences where the main hypothesis plays a significantly more important role than a situational "strength."    We discussed Ted Gunderson, head of the Los Angeles FBI and an American author and conspiracy theorist. He did leave the FBI and became a PI as well as his involvement in the McMartin Case. The false memory syndrome was discussed in this case.      Great discussion on Slam the Gavel with Penny L.A. Shepard.To Reach Penny: To reach Penny: Telegram Signal MKULTRA SEE ME NOW AG, OR MKULTRA, SERFacebook MKULTRA: Stranger ThingsMKULTRA: SEE ME NOWAGENTX:11619-779-9771Supportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
61:28 09/25/2022
Karielee Barrere And Julie Reeder Discuss Karielee’s Case Where A Judge Sent A Fraudulent Document To The DA To Investigate...Radio Silence
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Karielee Barrere, a single mother with an autistic son with special needs to the show as well as her reporter, Julie Reeder, publisher for 25 years of three papers and magazines. Julie runs the Village News and has one woman of the year in 2021.      There has been malfeasance reported in "sunny San Diego," California within the Family Court system. The issue at hand is a fraudulent document. However, when there are two judges, one being Michael T. Smyth who is the Presiding Judge in SanDiego along with the commissioner Ratekin and a Clerk of the Court, Kim Stucker as well as two prominent San Diego attorneys, Jim Fox and Amy Lass who have written declarations that state they were never in court and the fake judgement was filed by Mr. McEwen which gave himself everything in the divorce never happened and was false.     The judge whose name is on the fraudulent document is Judge Michael Washington said to the"victim" that he was aware of the fake document and admitted he never saw McEwen in his courtroom room. The Register of action has no record of this Judgement. However, the clerk of the court also found a fraudulent wage assignment that Mr. McEwn filed with his employer giving himself back his money to avoid paying a garnishment he had against him from monies owed to another person. The monies being sent to M. McEwen's own personal mailbox only HE had access to. The clerk of the Court, Kim Stucker called his employer to stop this fraudulent document and told his workplace that it was not real.     This individual has been allowed to hide behind the skirt of the DA. The family Court has to be made accountable to the length of time they hold someone to a fake judgment. Making this the perfect storm as well as a crime and showing how broken the Family Court is, they must be held accountable.     If you have been a victim of San Diego Family Court, please contact a group of San Deigns who have said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to the corrupt DA and the fractured system of Family Court.  To Reach: clowncourtsandiego@gmx.comSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
57:21 09/23/2022
Augustus Vaughn, Author, Discusses The System Of Child Support, Debtor's Prison And Arranged Marriages
  Slam the Gavel Podcast welcomes Augustus Vaughn from Beverly Hills California. Augustus was featured at every "open mic" poetry venue he could find until the state of Oklahoma was no longer a task to the young poet. So Augustus was once more drawn back to the state of California where he would do charity work and discover what issues needed close attention in his area. Eventually he realized that these issues were not just in his area, but nationwide, so he decided to write his first book, "The Bad Boy."      Now he runs an organization based on dealing with common issues through literature, features on well-renowned book sites like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Audible, iTunes. He has also given full access to a free library on his own site.   One may not be superstitious, but considering that Augustus was born on the same day that Caesar Augustus died (August 19th), this might be the continuation of a great empire.    We discussed several topics from the disaster of child support, Debtor's Prison and the effects it has on children, the ACE'S Scores and how money drags children into the system. Fascinating discussion regarding the benefits to arranged marriages and how it is close to impossible to do in this day and age. Great conversation in all avenues of child support, the judiciary and relationships.To Reach Augustus Vaughn: LinkedIn Augustus VaughnSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
58:57 09/22/2022
     Slam the Gavel welcomes back Patriot Parents to discuss their update to their march  against CPS corruption. DFPS has failed the families of Texas. The Texas Special Committee on DFPS has also failed to hear the parents and their children.     TIME TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH THOSE ON THE SAME MISSION AS YOU! Patriot Mom and Dad wants others to join them on the MARCH FOR OUR CHILDREN SEPTEMBER 21, 2022 starting at 1:00pm at 701 West 51st Street, Austin TX 78751.       Martin Luther stated, "The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people, but the SILENCE over that by the good people."You can contact Patriot Mom and Dad on their YouTube channel, Patriot Against CPSSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
32:09 09/20/2022
Mary Kovacs Gives Updates On Her Recent Court Case And The Effects Parental Alienation Has On Children
  Slam the Gavel welcomes back Mary Kovacs to the show. She is a retired Department of National Defense NATO Dispatch/Base Security employee overseas for the Military Police and has  41 years of experience with the Canadian Armed Forces.     After a 27 year marriage  and while seeking a divorce, Mary was falsely arrested twice. She then became alienated from her three children due to severe Parental Alienation. Now, Mary has become involved in advocating for others and helping others as a parent coordinator, assisting in supervised visits and educating others with Vernon Beck of Canada Court Watch.    Mary is also strongly involved in Equal Shared Parenting and has become involved in multiple alienated family groups on and off of Facebook.     "Parental Alienation Is Child Abuse," found on Facebook,  is a solution to problem solving group founded by Mary Kovacs which educates alienated parents, grandparents, children and all members involved as an educational tool.     As an Executive Producer of REAL TALK on Parental Alienation and Narcissistic Abuse and on the Andy Marten's Show. Mary is a 45 year survivor. She has interviewed Dr. Jennifer Harmon Ph.D., Dr. Mark Roseman of the Toby Center, Brian Ludmer Law and many others. With Mary's knowledge and expertise she has been a great asset for not others but for her own health which has taken toll while enduring a court battle that has dragged out for 17 years since her divorce.     Mary gave us updates on her recent court case and how her children reacted as well as her ex. Mary sent out a beautiful words to her children and wanted them to know that they are much loved.To Reach Mary Kovacs:                                            (for alienated grandparents and parents)                                                     Parent Alienation Is Child Abuse on Facebook                                                     YouTube                                                     Mary_kovacs@hotmail.comSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
84:23 09/20/2022
James Schoch Speaks Out On Civil Rights, 2A Rights, The TRUTH And DON'T TREAD ON ME
   Slam the Gavel welcomes James Schoch to the show to discuss updates to his case.  He was last on the show Season 3 Episodes, 3 and 37. He freely discussed his court appearance on this past Thursday and Friday and how he was glad that he spoke the TRUTH and had his say in the courtroom via Zoom. James stated, "Silent No More." He had to say what needed to be said in that courtroom on Friday as his attorney Tricia S. Lindsay supported his words fiercely.     A formidable attorney, Attorney Tricia S. Lindsay specializes in  Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Family and Matrimonial Law, Personal Injury as well as Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning. She has also been on several YouTube videos championing Civil Rights.    James feels Family Court is truly a trap for parents and does a great disservice to the public. He also pointed out there was a false accusation however, not in writing. James was also disappointed in the AFC (Wellness Attorney that speaks on behalf of the child), David Peck who excused himself from the Zoom meeting.      James feels that there is hope and, "when you have gone the distance of 3.5 years, $150,000.00, seven attorneys and multiple states, I am not going to be bullied anymore." Friday was a small victory James feels and it makes him feel empowered to go on and continue to fight for his son's best interests.You can reach James Schoch on Facebook/Messenger.You can reach Tricia S. Lindsay at 347-386-4604, www.tricialindsaylaw.comSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
66:20 09/18/2022
EXCLUSIVE: Jay Rosenthal, Of Discusses The Future Of Child Welfare And It's Implications For Parental Rights
     Slam the Gavel welcomes back Jay Rosenthal. He was last on the show Season 3, Episode 87.  Mr. Rosenthal is a Child Welfare Consultant and a former Child Protective Services (CPS) Investigator. On our last podcast he explained how he founded CPSprotect Consulting Services, a first of its kind consulting firm designed to help families prepare for and navigate CPS investigations in a strategic manner.    "The Alternative Response," is being pitched as Child Welfare's way of addressing the disparities in the Child Welfare system. On a case by case basis, cases can be assigned to this alternate method of CPS involvement.      The alternative response tends to have no determination of allegations, no court involvement and focuses on putting in place a CPS-contracted in-home prevention services to address safety concerns. When put like that, it sounds like a great idea! The truth however, is that it's not what it seems. The Alternative Response is ALREADY present in MOST states and is expected to become the MOST common type of CPS involvement in America within the NEXT FIVE YEARS. CPS could be visiting a family 2 to 3 times a week, spending several hours at a time, for example.     Excellent conversation that we all should be aware of because in 2019, 4.4 million calls were put into CPS and only 2.2 million met criteria. We discussed the disastrous Arizona DCS case where caseworkers wearing bright pink t-shirts that said on the back, "do you know where your children are?" Removals of children from the home are becoming politically incorrect and VERY serious. Jay Rosenthal has given families a HEADS UP to what is coming in our future and the future of our children.To reach Jay M. Rosenthal, Owner/Child Welfare Consultant, CPSprotect Consulting Services:        Phone: (844) 633-KIDS (5437)        E-Mail:        Web: www.cpsprotect.comSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
57:53 09/16/2022
Angel Law Discusses COURT 101: Recusing Judges And How To Fill Out A Judicial Complaint
     Slam the Gavel welcomes a new guest, Angel Law. She is a long time, 9 year survivor of Family Court. She is a grateful Mother of three. Angel is a paralegal and assists on cases of extreme corruption, violence and sexual assault.      Having learned from legal greats, she became a paralegal in an effort to help many families across the country being systematically destroyed by these corrupt, illegitimate  courts.      Today, we will explore the topic of her journey to successfully file a judicial complaint  and a motion to remove a very deranged judge from her own case, where she automatically faced more retaliation.      Angel suggested doing a spread sheet of the Judicial Canons that are applied to your own case while keeping track of the break down of numerous violations in the judge conduct.    When a courtroom becomes its own legislative body and negates the codes that exist, then they are not a judge. Discretion within the law; they don't have the right to legislate from the bench. Going into family court you lose all faith in the Judicial system.  Use a statement and how it violates a Canon.     Discussing Family Court Law in the state of California, Angel explains that the 730 Custody Evaluations is the biggest sham ever, a racketeering syndicate and they give kickbacks to each other, a referral relationship and give attorneys a specified outcome.     On recusing a judge, you file your complaints to an oversight board. The Commission on Judicial performance cannot take action on a judge who is presently acting on your case and you must show how the presiding judge is derelict of duty and let the CJP know as well.    Angel Law hopes to share her experience and help others advance in their own cases. There will be more to say in the next podcast with Angel Law.Supportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
64:35 09/16/2022
Judge Anthony Bompiani Talks About The Ideals Of Family Court, Criminal Court And Instagram Videos
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Judge Anthony Bompiani to the show. Anthony Bompiani, Esq. graduated from Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in the field of Psychology. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the Thomas R. Kline School of Law of Duquesne University, and is licensed to practice law in the state of Pennsylvania.     Mr. Bompiani was elected Magisterial District Judge in January 2016 to January 2021 in Westmoreland County,  district 10-2-01 and began his term in January 2016 that would last five years.    He has previously been named to the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Criminal Trial Attorneys and the National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 three years in a row.  Also he was recently featured in Forbes magazine and Mensjournal.    Great conversation regarding family court and criminal court as well as coercive control and Parental Alienation. We talked about his very insightful, helpful and informative Instagram videos. Great guest, Judge Anthony Bompiani!To reach Judge Anthony Bompiani; anthony@judgeanthony.comSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
39:53 09/15/2022
Former Attorney, Talks About Courts Forgetting That The Parent Is Advocating For Their Child And The Taxpayer's Expense
    Slam the Gavel welcomes a former attorney who was  actually a family law attorney from 1999-2003, when she left practice to be a full-time homemaker and mother of two.     Her experience as a litigant from 2017 to present in Georgia has given her a first hand experience from the other side of the "perfect storm" of family court corruption and all the players in government and the legal profession supporting it.      Questioning the bias of some judges who may possibly dislike Family Law Litigants while getting angry at the litigant seeking relief was only one of the topics of discussion. Family Court is supposed to be there to protect families, not destroy the family relationships/bond.   However it appears that Family Court is there to defame the to use Guardian Ad Litems at their discretion, only speaking to a child for one hour yet the parent is billed thousands.      Families are destroyed every day through the courts due to the false allegations coming from Personality Disorders that completely run the show.    She discussed that the GAL need to take their job seriously and judges do not take harsh actions on people for lying in Family Court, as the Guardian Ad Litem helps to drag the case out. The judges nor GAL are not held accountable in the best interest of the child.      Target parents are losing their children because the GAL reports are not done correctly and submitted six months late. The problem is that everyone has a right to be heard but there is much to be said about the behaviors in the three-ring family court circus and the taxpayer needs to be aware of where their monies are going. Please sign petition in the podcast notes.To reach : by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
69:44 09/15/2022
Marineka Bowman And Her Family Speak Out On Her DFS Complaints/Evidence That Is Ignored By Family Court And The Disaster Of Co-Parenting
     Slam the Gavel welcomes new guest, Marineka Bowman and her family members to the podcast. She is a wonderful Mother of a five year old daughter. Mother explained that her ex-husband left the house when their daughter was only two months old. However she did not go to the courts looking for child support as she tried to work it out with him. There was barely a response.      Now, when her daughter was a happy three year old, the father came back into their lives  and went before the courts saying that he wanted to only see his daughter two hours a week. Judge Natalie Haskins made a comment that, 'it would make it harder for you in the future to get full custody if you do this.' But there really was no problem in obtaining custody.     At present time, the Father has complete custody and when Marineka does see her daughter on a scheduled basis, her child's head is shaved as we'll as an eyebrow. There are alleged reports on child sexual abuse that have gone unnoticed from DFS (CPS). The school system is doing nothing to help her, even though they are mandated reporters.      Now father would like Marineka to visit with their daughter at a visitation center, costing $60.00 a visit and eventually would like to see mother completely erased out of their lives and even calls his child by a different name.     What Marineka has learned is that the opposing counsel has a hand in this abuse of her daughter as Judge Haskins addresses Attorney Laura Brooks as "Laura," while in the courtroom. Very unprofessional.  From there they were ordered co-parent counseling which proved disastrous. The counselor yelled and used expletives and didn't care.     Marineka is being watched very closely as she explains in this podcast. Being a Targeted parent and being penalized for protecting her daughter has gone to the extreme so much so that they now are blaming Marineka for the abuse.     Please tune in to a future podcast with Marineka and her family for updates.Supportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
69:58 09/13/2022
Laurie Smith, LMSW, Speaks Out On Getting Clear About The Chaos In The Family Courts, Problems And Solutions
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Laurie Smith, LMSW back on the show. Laurie Smith has been practicing social work for 18 years and is well versed in multiple modalities, theories and evidence-based practices. Her work has continuously involved working with marginalized populations. Her passion is working with Trauma Survivors (individuals, providers and systems ), through offering self-guided, self-paced journeys that point towards Harnessing the Power of Our Own Internal GPS, Wielding Our Survival Skills and Building Armor Strategically to improve Quality of Life, Effectiveness and Sustainability for all and dig into our Birthright to Our Power and Joy.    What has impacted her work the most is her own Trauma Transformations and Utilization of Universal Laws in everyday life.     We discussed how the family court system impacts parents and how children are treated as property; how this evolved into the system developed in the Colonial Era. This adversarial system  is set up to ruin families and it is a system of "pay to play."    It is time to be vocal about how many people this is affecting. It is people that are trying to survive every day or have been diagnosed with mental illness that is now being used against them in the courts. The world will say whatever about us but we always have a choice and we get to decide how we will relate what is happening to us. This pathological system, it is chaos and the most effective way through it is to go inside and gain your own resources in terms of a support system and empowerment.     Live a life that means something to you. Moving forward we are not under such naive illusions that life is fair, it is not. Don't put your faith in what is happening in the outside world and people are not alone. Laurie encourages to enjoy every day, do a gratitude practice, no matter what is happening around you. Focus on positive things, because they can't take that away from you.To reach Laurie:<sid=091d2af8-748e-4677-b464-5cad5d280515 by:    Support the show
70:52 09/12/2022
Antonella Giovanna Speaks Out About The Corruption Not Only In Her Appellate Case, But What's Really Going On In Rockland, NY
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Antonella Giovanna to the podcast. She is a mother and dental hygienist and suddenly called Mentally Ill by an extremely corrupt family court. Judge Sherri Eisenpress doesn't have very good press herself. There was an article written on July 6th, 2016, by Lee Higgins and Jonathan Bandler in The Journal News, "Rockland Judge Tied To FBI Sting." Apparently in this article, "an FBI informant at the center of a political corruption probe that brought down the former state Senate majority leader says he helped elect Rockland Family Court Judge Sherri Eisenpress by using her money to bankroll an illegal campaign finance scheme and by bribing a public official, an investigation by The Journal News found."  However, this judge still is on the bench abusing families and their children. This judge is also active in the Supreme Court.    Now Antonella has been assigned a "gatekeeper." and has to go through that individual to file motion.  She can't file a motion without the judge's permission.There is a lot of control in this courtroom. After a court hearing was over, the judge said in a loud voice to the ex, "I give you permission to tell the kids their Mother doesn't want to see them." When Antonella asked several people around her they acted like they didn't want to get involved.     Another incident was when her 13 year-old was in the courtroom and asked the judge if she could see her mother, the judge stated to her, "you are starting to sound like your Mother."     Antonella does not need supervised visits. She has been through eight different supervisors and all their reports are good on Mother, however the ex is trying to find one bad thing they are saying about her. The children do not want supervisors.    This is the state of disrepair in this courtroom. Children are being psychologically abused by this judge and attorneys. Antonella states she will not give up as her case is now at the Appellate level.To reach Antonella: On Facebook  Antonella GiovannaSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
55:26 09/08/2022
George Roche Discusses The Major Roles That Shame, Abandonment And Emotions Play In The Self-Esteem Of Children
     Slam the Gavel welcomes George Roche to the show. He was last on the show Season 3, Episode 68, 76. George Roche has a Masters in Clinical Psychology with a focus on Family Systems, Child Development, and the various forms of abuse related to Parental Alienation.     He also brings a BA in Business Administration to the Presidency of Canadian and American Rights Watch, both of which function as Human Rights defense organizations. The team's skillsets range from various business, mental health, and legal disciplines, providing various educational, logistical, legal referral consultation, healing modalities, relocation, and mental health services to citizens.     George Roche states that we are experiencing Parental Alienation on a grand level. The "Master Emotion" is SHAME, George explained that toxic shame is a form of de-selfment resulting from the dysfunctional rules which are passed on in a multigenerational manner. Parents who do not critically question or update their own rule books are destined to unknowingly perpetuate these abusive-shaming rules which work to destroy the self-esteem of children, who become more compliant as opposed to challengers of these rules since questioning them is forbidden. This is where children begin to internalize shame. Kids are not allowed to know what's going onmaking it difficult for them to confront matters. It is the parent's job to defend and protect the budding self-esteem of our children.      Shame is a psychic numbing. A child experiencing depression, self-doubt, splitting of the self, and perfectionism all result from shaming rules that people thought were normal.     Internalized shame is characterized by a psychic numbing, a person no longer feels what they feel because they are so ashamed to feel anything, and their emotions are bound for shame. Anger and sadness are buried alive, but they will return later on as a reminder of the harsh treatment they have received. The adult-child will have it all to pay back to society down the road.     Parental Alienation doesn't start in adulthood, it starts in a dysfunctional "family" which serves to condition all other subsequent relationships. This is how the shame cycle continues to destroy self-esteem throughout the person's life. because The recycling of the scenarios acquired functions like governing scenes being replayed throughout a person's life unconsciously.      Parental Alienation is a severe form of ABANDONMENT, where the parents impart to their children a role in the conflict that should be kept between the parents. The most dangerous place for a child is the un-lived lives of their parents in that environment because the parents will set the children up to be carriers of a disease that they have unknowingly internalized from their families. The consequences are devastating.      Beyond an excellent podcast about the damage these rules do to self-esteem via Parental Alienation.  To Reach George Roche: WatchTwitter: crw_rightsmediaRumble:    Supportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
55:12 09/07/2022
Lorraine Nilon, Author, Discusses Her Book, "Breaking Free," And The Abuse Of The Soul Regarding Child Abuse
    Slam the Gavel welcomes Lorraine Nilon, book author of "Breaking Free From the Chains of Silence," A Respectful Exploration into the Ramifications of Abuse Hidden Behind Closed Doors.     Lorraine is a spiritual tour guide/life coach, with over20 years experience researching and navigating what impedes our soul maturity and emotional growth. Teaching others about the importance of being self-reflective and to value their uniqueness, Lorraine is an advocate for feet-on-the-ground spirituality, meaning absolutely no by-passing a client's emotional baggage. Lorraine has a realistic and engaging way of explaining how to explore life and develop healthy self-awareness.     In her book Lorraine explains childhood trauma in adults, now so prevalent, it has become a silent epidemic and the lasting scars are more than difficult to heal. "Breaking Free," is such an important book that contains valuable insights into the thought processes and emotional impact that the abused deal with on a daily basis for the rest of their lives.     "Abuse is never contained to a present moment, it lingers across a person's lifetime and has pervasive long-term ramifications," Lorraine states. There are long term effects such as confusion, shame and people pleasing which is a constant emotional battle.      We discussed how silencing the victim is the pedophile's manipulation tool and how Soul Abuse destroys the victim's awareness of the strength of their own soul and causes the victim to be aware of.To Reach Lorraine: To find Lorraine’s book: course 7 Essential Key for Honest Self-Reflection by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
67:01 09/06/2022
Darlene Orvieto Discusses The Victim To Hero Interview With A Judicial Child Abuser And National President Of The AFCC
     Slam the Gavel welcomes back Darlene Orvieto, Advocate of Massachusetts Corruption Exposed on Facebook.  Darlene was last on the show Season 2, Episode 74, 129 and Season 3, Episode 82. There was much discussion on how Judge Fidnick, National President of the AFCC, caused Darlene Orvieto's situation.      The Judge removed the children away from a loving, fit parent, violating her rights and has allowed the abuse to continue. Also, she showed bias and had no idea of what ADA rights are. Darlene has filed grievances with no response.    In the interview the Judge is quoted stating, "family court is a 60 billion a year business, Family Law Attorneys are doing well..." Fidnick also stated that the Family Resolution program, would not be held against parents who were substance abusers, yet removed the children from Darlene with not even so much as a traffic ticket. Also referring parents to reach out to CPS for help.      We also discussed The Family Wizard program and found that it was a Platinum Sponsor to the AFCC.     Darlene Orvieto has a 175 page GAL report that stated Darlene should have full custody, but still was treated like a criminal.      Apparently there are 22 million alienated children in the USA and judges think they can tell a parent who is in charge of Moral Development. Darlene discussed what her kids have gone through and now the fourth false accusation of sexual abuse through coaching of one of the children. If a Child comes out with a coached accusation such as this, it is generally coming from the opposition.     What has to be taken into consideration is that some parents are not alienating, but protecting their children and it gets twisted around in the courtroom. This happens quite often.  Great discussion with a wealth of information on this podcast.  PLEASE CHECK OUT DARLENE'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL IN THE PODCAST NOTES.To Reach Darlene Orvieto:   MACorruptionExposed@protonmail.comYouTube:                                                     by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
62:52 09/04/2022
Kenneth Gottfried, Author Discusses His Website And How The FBI Responded To His Pleas For Help
     Slam the Gavel welcomes back author Kenneth Gottfried (Season 2, Episode108, 122 and 148). He discussed his book, VICTIM How the American Psychological Association Kills Parents, Abuses Children & Grows Their Base and his website      When a child/teen is kept from the other parent, they end up hating half of themselves with a shared persecutory delusion, Depression and Anxiety. This issue at hand is that psychologists are not reporting child psychological abuse V995.51 in the DSM nor V61.20 Parent-Child Relational Problem, 309.4 Mixed Disturbance Of Emotions And Conduct to the proper authorities, which makes these psychologists a big part of the problem.    Ken spoke about the recorded phone conversation with the FBI and when discussing Child Psychological Abuse and reporting perpetrators—these issues that are so greatly affecting the psychological health of our youth today that will haunt them for the rest of their lives, they HUNG UP ON HIM..    A child should just be living the best time of their lives of being a child or teen, not placed under the pressure of being lied to about the Target parent by a vengeful parent/grandparents.     Ken talks about discussing all of this with the FBI with no response.     Excellent informative podcast not to be missed when it comes to standing up for your children and the psychological abuse they are enduring at the hands of their abuser, judges and attorneys. More to come.....How to reach Kenneth Gottfried: by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
61:00 09/03/2022
Michael Volpe, Investigative Journalist Discusses The Intriguing Cases Of Wrongful Convictions And Evidence Never Admitted
     Slam the Gavel welcomes back Michael Volpe, Investigative Journalist back to the show to discuss cases of wrongful convictions of individuals that have been suffering though incarceration for decades. Prosecutors have the power to provide or withhold evidence at will. This is a podcast not to be missed with so much information. Please see the Go-funding for the wrongfully convicted at the end of the podcast notes. HELP: reach Michael Volpe: Michael Volpemvolpe998@gmail.comSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
54:53 09/03/2022
Anonymous Mom Comes Forward To Share Her EXTREMELY POSITIVE Experiences With Dr. Stephanie Russell
     Slam the Gavel welcomes ANOTHER Mother on to the show to discuss all her positive experiences regarding Dr. Stephanie Russell (Season 3, Episodes 56, 85, 86, 88 and 92).     This Mother received such excellent care for her child from Dr. Russell so much so that she drove ONE hour both ways to the physician's office. And Dr. Stephanie Russell was so worth the drive Mother states.  Even though it has been reiterated in other previous podcasts, Mother describes Dr. Stephanie's excellent care, kind demeanor and tenacity in caring for ALL her patients and treated everyone the same.     Mother said that you can't believe everything you hear in the bad press regarding Dr. Stephanie Russell and that she was so much more than an EXCELLENT Pediatrician, but a devout MOTHER as well.Supportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
25:54 09/02/2022
Jacque Kent Speaks Out On The Judge Who Wrongfully Removed Her Baby And The Malfeasance In Mecklenburg, NC
   Slam the Gavel Podcast welcomes Jacque Kent to the show to discuss her egregious case that is taking place in Mecklenburg, NC. We discussed the triangle of the bad actors involved in this collusion that has ripped Jacque's family apart: Judge Sean Smith, Matt Arnold Law Firm and Attorney Steven DeCillis.      Judge Sean Smith wrongfully removed her special needs child, deliberately refused to look at the evidence of drug levels in her child's system and gave him to her ex who has addiction issues. Then Smith recused himself with barely a reason. But he has ulterior motives and doesn't answer to anyone.....because he is up for re-election in November/December.     What played out next was Judge Paige McThenia continuing the false narrative as well as not looking at the evidence that Sean Smith set into motion whilst he arrogantly sat in the courtroom next to a FOX  News reporter. However, he would not take his eyes off McThenia. When questioned as to why he sat in the court room he had barely a comment and that he was not connected to the case.     FOX reporter chased Attorney DeCillis down the street asking him for a comment, however he feels he doesn't have to answer to anybody.      This narrative is playing out in Mecklenburg, NC FAR TOO OFTEN to loving, fit parents, especially Mothers. Smith even sent a mother to jail for baptizing a baby as well as sending Jacque to jail for refusing to return her baby to a man using drugs.      An investigation must take place sooner than later. Children's lives are at stake and at the hands of Personality Disorders with ego's the size of North Carolina that rule the bench.     Jacque will return to Slam the Gavel Podcast with updates soon to come.Supportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
59:23 09/01/2022
Marta Bryceland Discusses The Systemic Abuse Of The Family Courts And The Effects Of Parental Alienation On Children
     Slam the Gavel welcomes Marta Bryceland, a Nurse Practitioner in the field of Psychiatry and Mother of a legally kidnapped child through the family court system. She has filed for Full Custody against the father based on documented neglect and alienation, which has lasted so long that it has been determined by the forensic psychologist to be an abuse.      Like with many other court cases, her evidence of the abuse of her child has been long ignored by Staten Island Family Court Judges beginning with Judge Janet Mc Farland, through Judge Peter DeLizzo and Supervising Judge of Staten Island Court Helene Sacco.      Marta's child was legally kidnapped from my NJ Court on Jan 6th, 2021 without any evidence or facts of her ever harming her child, having any serious health issues, any criminal convictions or addictions.      All of the afore mentioned judges including Supervising Judge of NY Family Courts Janet Di Fiored have ignored her pleads.      However, Marta is not the only parent in this situation in NY state and in other States. There is a major SYSTEMIC PROBLEM in the United States of children being kidnapped from loving, fit parents by government appointed officials. It is very difficult to fight against these organized crimes as the Courts protect themselves. Most parents become too exhausted to keep fighting while losing all their finances, health, sanity and often their lives by suicide. Marta personally battles depression, PTSD and anxiety.        Attorneys that are supposed to help to fight for justice are actually feeding into injustice. Many parents have gone through 5 or 6 attorneys who are quick to collect retainers but barely put up a fight. They are not fighting for children's best interests. They are feeding into the food chain of the Family Court System.     Finally, if the attorneys make a real attempt to stop this injustice they will not have as much business (and this means less vulnerable customers).      Marta has created non-profit called PARENTS FOR CHILDREN'S BEST INTERESTS. It should be fully running in about a month and Marta is planning, along with other parents whose children were kidnapped, to support those less fortunate.       Family Courts are destroying the target parent's mental health and her goal is to teach other parents to protect their mental health and get appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Marta has recorded a few informational videos on YouTube about how to preserve your mental health during the custody battle and how to file a lawsuit in Federal Court against the judge that kidnaps your children. To Reach Marta: forchildrenbestinterests@gmail.comSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
54:54 08/31/2022
Bridgette Elizondo Speaks Out On Her Case With CYFD (CPS) And How She Was Lied To As They Absconded With Her Children
    Slam the Gavel welcomes Bridgette Elizondo to the podcast. Bridgette's story needs to be told. Her story contains Drug Addiction,  caused to become homelessness, domestic violence and poverty. She explains her journey through the lies of CYFD (CPS).    She had no voice or support system. Perhaps by telling her story more woman will come forward and get the help they need WITHOUT CPS involvement.     Finally adjusting to life without her Ex-husband and working full time while maintaining her recovery. Her  STORY DESERVES to be heard. Bridgette knows that by spreading the word, she can save families by educating them on CYFD modus operandi. Her concern as well is that children are put into Foster Care, a billion dollar business puts children in foster care and they eventually end up in prison. Robbing parents of their children is generational genocide. Bridgette wants it to stop.    Also, Bridgette has put together a protest that will take place outside her  local CYFD and will never give up. To contact Bridgette Elizondo: Queen Boss Bitches Ending CPS Forever. The Ximena MovementSupportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
44:32 08/30/2022
Anonymous Mother Shares Her Experiences Of Dr. Stephanie Russell And The Compassion She Has For All Her Patients
     Slam the Gavel welcomes ANOTHER Anonymous Mother onto the show to discuss her feelings about taking her children to see Dr. Stephanie Russell for the last ten years. She recollects the kindness Dr. Stephanie showed  and cared not only for her children but for this mother as well.       Dr. Stephanie (Season 3, Episode 56) Russell is a well-known physician/pediatrician to the Louisville, KY area.  Other Mothers are continuing to praise this pediatrician that worked so hard and so diligently  for her patients holistically as well as her very own children.     Another excellent interview with a mother that speaks to the loss of an admirable and much loved pediatrician.     Other interviews on Slam the Gavel Podcast are Season 3, Episodes 56,  85, 86 and 88.Supportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
27:11 08/25/2022
Penny L A Shepard Speaks Out On The Importance Of Doing Your Own Research On The Deep State And The Legal Arena
      Slam the Gavel welcomes Penny L.A. Shepard to the podcast. She was born intoMKULTRA, Project Genesis, subproject Eve in Hollywood, Florida, and used as an asset, agent for her deep state CIA family, who is Joseph Mengele.    Her entire story can be found on her web and she worked in the entertainment industry since she was a child. Penny was trained as an actress, singer and writer. She was tortured by her deep state family of Hitlers, Mengeles and Speers, in their program of MKULTRA, and sex trafficked to the elite, throughout the country and in Hollywood.     In March of 2016 she left her handler husband who was a retired Carlsbad PD officer,freemason and deep state CIA, working with her brother and the CABAL.  She then beganresearching and breaking the MKULTRA that her handlers held her under for 58 years.     What happened next was Penny was declared enemy of the state, under James Clapper and made homeless, arrested and thrown into a crazy house for a year. her brother David was murdered in 2007, by order of the CABAL after writing an unpublished book entitled the Whistleblower about Bush, the Vatican and my evil family.       Currently, Penny speaks on behalf of David and all targeted individuals and MKULTRA enslaved. She is an independentinvestigative journalist and whistlebloweron MKULTRA, sex trafficking, CIA blackops and SRA and Satanic Hollywood.To reach Penny: Telegram Signal MKULTRA SEE ME NOW AG, OR MKULTRA, SERFacebook MKULTRA: Stranger ThingsMKULTRA: SEE ME NOWAGENTX:11Supportshow( by: mictechmusic@yahoo.comSupport the show
63:11 08/23/2022