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iDigress with Troy Sandidge

The iDigress Podcast simplifies how to grow your business. From go-to-market and sales enablement strategies to demand generation, business optimization and marketing execution, the Webby nominated podcast hosted by Troy Sandidge, aka the Strategy Hacker®, provides actionable takeaways, insights, and proven methodologies to achieve sustainable and scalable growth in under 30 minutes! Follow Troy on Twitter @FindTroy. Get in touch with Troy at iDigress is a part of the HubSpot Podcast Network.


Ep 59. How We Think Determines Our Success: How To Master Being Agile Like Water To Think, Act, & Grow! 29:53 07/01/2022
Ep 58. The Four Currencies You Must Have In Order To Achieve In Business And In Life 28:53 06/20/2022
Ep 57. The Secrets To Growth And The Game Changing Approach To Conquering Your Sales Pipeline 24:53 06/14/2022
Ep 56. State Of The Business Marketplace: Are The Odds In Your Favor For You To Scale Or For Your Business To Fail? [A Masterclass On Achieving Sustainable Growth] 29:03 05/27/2022
Ep 55. Are You Focusing On The Wrong ICP To Increase Sales? When Should You Use Inbound & Outbound Marketing In Your Business & Are You Depending Too Much On Social Media? 28:58 05/19/2022
Ep 54. The Blame Game: Marketing vs Sales, Which Is Really Responsible For Growth? 29:23 05/06/2022
Ep 53. You're Tracking The Wrong Data, Your MarTech Stack Is Probably Abysmal, & Your Business Could Use Some S.O.A.P. If You Want To Scale This Year! 23:36 04/25/2022
Ep 52. iDigress Is Nominated For A Webby Award! Going Back To My Roots. 5 Critical Growth Strategies That Will Increase Any Business. 29:57 04/14/2022
Ep 51. Want To Skyrocket Your Business? Ask Yourself: Are You In The Right Space? How To Attract Your Ideal Customer In An Oversaturated Market. 24:33 04/01/2022
Ep 50. The Big 5-0! My Reflection On The iDigress Podcast & How To Create Space In Order To Reach Your Future Success! 29:39 03/30/2022
Ep 49. Ask The Strategy Hacker: How To Decode The Right Sales Tactics To Generate Consistent Content, Conversations, & Conversions 29:58 03/21/2022
Ep 48. Four Lessons To Reach A Billion Dollars In ARR And How To Create The Catalyst For Business Sustainability & Growth Scalability! 28:10 03/11/2022
Ep 47. Real Money Moves Requires You To Position Your Business With A Growth Mindset Using The Right Language, Relationship Marketing, & Psychology To Get Those Money Bags! 29:44 02/22/2022
Ep 46. How To Become A Better Ally For Black Businesses, Professionals, Creators, All Black Everything! 29:52 02/07/2022
Ep 45. Business Is A Mind Game Pt 2. How To Apply Behavioral Science To Eliminate Friction Costs & Optimize Mode Of Payment To Persuade The Customer To Say Yes And Trust You. 25:19 01/30/2022
Ep 44. Business Is A Mind Game Pt 1. How To Apply Behavioral Science To Head E.A.S.T. In The Minds Of Your Customers To Increase Your Profit Margins. 26:19 01/21/2022
Ep 43. Do You Know Your Number? Hold Yourself Accountable To Achieve Your Business Goals In 2022! 23:58 01/12/2022
Ep 42. Hourly Rates vs Project Pricing: Charge For Value For Results Instead For Time. How To Position Your Price For Exponential Growth Next Year. 29:58 12/27/2021
Ep 41. Create A R.O.W.E. To Victory! How To Approach Your Sales Journey Like Olympians To Win Gold In Business. 29:45 12/10/2021
Ep 40. The 7 Stages To Unlimited Growth By Applying The C.L.O.V.E.R. Business Frameworkâ„¢ To Unlock Your Growth Mindset To The Next Level 29:19 11/23/2021
Ep 39. Quality vs Quantity. Content Creation vs Content Distribution. Value vs Volume. Which Combination Will Get You The Best Results For Your Business? 29:28 11/10/2021
Ep 38. Jack Of All Trades vs Master Of One: What Really Drives Business Performance Forward? 23:23 10/27/2021
Ep 37. How To Build Trust Currency: A Masterclass On Increasing Brand Equity To Maximize Your Business Growth Potential 24:23 10/21/2021
Ep 36. Learn From A Door To Door Salesman. Successful Sales, Marketing, & Growth Is A Methodology You Can Only Develop By Knocking. 22:00 10/14/2021
Ep 35. Do You Have Swagger? Why Your Presentation & Positioning Will Determine Your Level Of Success. 23:43 10/01/2021
Ep 34. Optimize Your Customer Journey! Rebuild Your Marketing & Sales Infrastructure For Sustainable Business Growth. 26:04 09/28/2021
Ep 33. Are You A Pain Reliever Or Pleasure Provider? How You Position Your Brand Messaging Matters! 20:02 08/23/2021
Ep 32. You Have The Potential. How To Achieve Your Full Business Potential When Others Don't See It. 27:15 08/19/2021
Ep 31. Aladdin Gave Us The Formula To Sell Better. Give Your Customer "A Whole New World" Experience! 22:14 08/18/2021
Ep 30. Creating Content Consistently Is The Bare Minimum. Creating Content That Converts Consistently Is The Goal. 22:13 08/17/2021