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The Rick H. Show is an Award-winning podcast that produces weekly episodes. Each week features a guest interview from different industries like sports, comedy, music, entertainment, art, fashion and more. Good people, dope conversations and a great time. We look to inspire future generations with true life stories from our guests. For one hour out of your week, tune in and zone out with us!   2020 Latin Podcast Award Winner for Comedy Interviews.  6 Nominations for the 2021 Latin Podcast Awards. 3 Nominations for the 2021 People's Choice Podcast Awards. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TheRickHShow and Click Subscribe on our YouTube channel.


The Pilot Episode (Season One Episode 1) 47:24 09/08/2018
I'm not Impressed with special guest Robbie Rob (Season One Episode 2) 61:34 09/12/2018
The Show about the Show (Season One Episode 3) 82:03 09/19/2018
Easily Impressed Rick with special guest Robbie Rob (Season One Episode 4) 61:38 09/27/2018
Who’s the New Guy? (Season One Episode 5) 67:03 10/03/2018
The Aftermath! What Now? ( Season One Episode 6) 30:05 10/08/2018
MLB Postseason Preview with special guest E-Man (Season One Episode 7) 60:08 10/09/2018
For The Love with special guest E-Man (Season One Episode 8) 84:14 10/24/2018
Quiet on the Set! with special guest AJ Hierro (Season One Episode 9) 88:28 10/30/2018
Behind the Scenes with special guest Justin Triest (Season One Episode 10) 86:51 11/08/2018
Who's the G.O.A.T? with special guest Robbie Rob (Season One Episode 11) 55:38 11/09/2018
A Hoppy Banksgiving (Season One Episode 13) 67:32 11/21/2018
Do you feel Lucky? with special guest That Boy Lucky (Season One Episode 14) 74:28 11/30/2018
Holloway Vs Ortega (Season One Episode 15) 60:10 12/07/2018
Changing the Culture with special guest Da Mayor DP (Season One Episode 16) 84:57 12/31/2018
It’s Just Different! with special guest O ( Season Deuce Episode 1) 60:06 01/11/2019
Will the Dream be Realized? with special guest Luis Alejandro (Season Deuce Episode 2) 73:50 01/21/2019
Juan and A Million with special guest Juan Bago (Season Deuce Episode 3) 66:40 01/27/2019
Papi wanna Toking with special guest Mr. Nueva Yol (Season Deuce Episode 4) 73:51 02/07/2019
Beats and Canvas with special guest DeX! (Season Deuce Episode 5) 89:04 02/20/2019
Live and In Color with special guest Andy Deaza (Season Deuce Episode 6) 98:37 02/21/2019
De Lo Mio with special guest Ceze P. (Season Deuce Episode 7) 72:35 03/05/2019
Pardon my Swag! with special guest BB Inc. (Season Deuce Episode 8) 60:11 03/12/2019
Inside Jokes with special guest Andy Haynes (Season Deuce Episode 9) 52:58 03/19/2019
Bumps, Chair Shots and The Road with special guest Colossal Mike Law (Season Deuce Episode 10) 62:31 03/20/2019
The Doubleheader (Opening Day Special) Season Deuce Episode 11 98:46 03/22/2019
Jesu Santisimo! with Special Guest Radel Ortiz (Season Trés Episode 1) 89:27 04/17/2019
This is Who I Am with Special Guest Jay Ramirez (Season Trés Episode 2) 66:12 05/01/2019
The Hemincuff Drip with Noel Veloz (Season Trés Episode 3) 114:28 05/08/2019
Por el Amor de las Risas with special guest Tommy 5K and Ivan Manito (Season Trés Episode 4) 85:30 05/16/2019