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Dishin' Dirt with Gary Pickren

In Dishin' Dirt with Gary Pickren, South Carolina Real Estate Attorney/Broker/Instructor- Gary Pickren discusses important, timely and relevant topics for South Carolina real estate agents. He covers topics such as "wholesaling", seller disclosure, video marketing, repair addendum, RESPA and much more. All topics are either related to real estate or agency law, marketing or real estate agent best practices. Gary also brings a touch of humor to each podcast with his funny Corona Closing Craziness stories and his hugely popular Gary's Good News Only series where he discusses good real estate, economic and corona virus news. This is a podcast for every real estate agent in South Carolina regardless how long you have been in the business.Disclaimer: Our site does not create an attorney-client relationship and it is not intended for detailed legal advice. We are licensed in South Carolina. Any result we achieve on a client’s behalf does not necessarily mean similar results for other clients.Copyright © Blair | Cato | Pickren | Casterline LLC – All Rights Reserved


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