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Conversations at the Washington Library

Conversations at the Washington Library is the premier podcast about George Washington and his Early American world. Join host Jim Ambuske as he talks with scholars, digital humanists, librarians, and other guests about Washington's era and the way we tell stories about the past.


Introducing Intertwined Stories: Finding Hercules Posey 19:33 04/06/2022
222. Winning a "Compleat Victory" at Saratoga with Dr. Kevin Weddle 48:13 03/25/2022
221. Reading the Political Poetry of Hannah Lawrence Schieffelin with Dr. Kait Tonti 55:47 03/09/2022
220. Educating Early Americans with Drs. Mark Boonshoft and Andrew O'Shaughnessy 64:15 02/18/2022
219. Negotiating Federal-State Relations with Dr. Grace Mallon 44:38 02/02/2022
218. Finding Washington at the Plow with Dr. Bruce Ragsdale 45:03 01/20/2022
217. Exploring Star Territory with Dr. Gordon Fraser 51:08 01/06/2022
216. Digitally Deconstructing the Constitution with Dr. Nicholas Cole 47:37 12/23/2021
215. Reading Thomas Paine's Rights of Man with Dr. Frances Chiu 27:24 12/02/2021
Previewing Episode 1 of Intertwined: The Enslaved Community at George Washington's Mount Vernon 42:15 11/17/2021
Intertwined: The Enslaved Community at George Washington's Mount Vernon (Coming November 15, 2021) 01:21 11/10/2021
214. Weaponizing Settlement in Nova Scotia with Dr. Alexandra Montgomery 47:05 11/04/2021
213. Sailing to Freedom with Dr. Timothy D. Walker 42:43 10/23/2021
212. Recruiting the Hero of Two Worlds with Mike Duncan 56:42 10/06/2021
211. Revitalizing Myaamia Language and Culture with George Ironstrack (Summer Repeat) 71:44 09/22/2021
210. Winning a Consolation Prize with Dr. Abby Mullen (Summer Repeat) 50:39 09/15/2021
209. Reading Letters by Early American Women with Kathryn Gehred (Summer Repeat) 65:10 09/01/2021
208. Harnessing Harmony in the Early Republic with Billy Coleman (Summer Repeat) 65:37 08/18/2021
207. Offering George Washington a Royal Gift with Professor José Emilio Yanes (Summer Repeat) 40:28 08/04/2021
206. Promoting Joseph Smith for President with Dr. Spencer W. McBride 45:03 07/22/2021
205. Grieving with the Widow Washington with Dr. Martha Saxton 40:33 07/12/2021
204. Raising Liberty Poles in the Early Republic with Dr. Shira Lurie 38:23 06/24/2021
203. Planting the World of Plymouth Plantation with Dr. Carla Gardina Pestana 44:48 06/10/2021
202. Digitizing the Maryland Loyalist Experience with Dr. Kyle Roberts and Dr. Benjamin Bankhurst 49:49 05/27/2021
201. Uncovering the Virginia Loyalists with Drs. Stephanie Seal Walters and Alexi Garrett 50:16 05/13/2021
200. Transcribing From The Page with Sara and Ben Brumfield 50:47 04/29/2021
199. Unravelling the Strange Genius of Mr. O. with Dr. Carolyn Eastman 52:51 04/15/2021
198. Contesting Monuments and Memory in South Carolina with Dr. Lydia Brandt 54:37 04/02/2021
197. Stumbling Upon the Journal of Johann Peter Oettinger with Craig Koslofsky and Roberto Zaugg 56:35 03/18/2021
196. Reconstructing the Life of a German Barber-Surgeon in the Atlantic Slave Trade with Craig Koslofsky and Roberto Zaugg 60:22 03/04/2021