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Inside Out Health with Coach Tara Garrison

The answers are inside you!! Join experts in the biohacking, nutrition, training and self development fields on a deep dive inside of ourselves to bring out the next level of human health.


FIA FORSSTRÖM Building a Legacy of Light with Inspirational Swedish Singer & Songwriter 39:32 10/15/2021
SARA BANTA Biohacking with Silver, Gold, Frequency Patches and More 56:03 10/08/2021
ALEX THEBERGE Psychedelic Integration with Therapist and Ayahuasca Facilitator 55:10 10/01/2021
DR. ALISON KAY: Upgrade Your Vibration with Globally Recognized Energy Medicine Practitioner 56:09 09/24/2021
DANNY VEGA All Things Keto, Carnivore and Training Optimization 54:28 09/17/2021
JAKE KOCHERHANS Optimizing Your Health & Life After Bodybuilding 44:43 09/10/2021
CHRISTIAN THIBAUDEAU Understanding Your Neurochemistry with The Neurotyping System 109:02 09/03/2021
JARROD HANING The MINDSCAN with Tara's New Mindset Coach 51:36 08/24/2021
TONY CHILD Tara's Mindset Coach on Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind 51:34 08/20/2021
JEFF CHILTON: Mycology (Mushroom) Expert on Psychedelic and Health Properties of Mushrooms! 72:05 08/13/2021
LINDSEY MATHEWS Online Health Coaching Journey with Trainer Lindsey 62:08 08/06/2021
CATHARINE ARNSTON The Incredible Benefits of Algae with Energy Bits Founder 46:27 07/30/2021
DR. RENEE WELLENSTEIN Libido & Adrenal Dysfunction with OBGYN Turned Holistic Healer 62:46 07/23/2021
MICHELLE & KEITH NORRIS: Primal Uprising 69:05 07/16/2021
KRISTINA HURRELL: Igniting Your Adventuring Soul with Seasoned Exploration Guide 41:37 07/09/2021
LISA EASTON: How To Manifest & Build a Millionaire Mindset 46:47 07/02/2021
RYAN EVANS: Fecal Transplants, Plant Medicines & More with Bodybuilder Turned Holistic Healer 61:10 06/25/2021
DR. CANDICE SETI The Weight Loss Therapist 55:55 06/18/2021
MADHUR-NAIN WEBSTER: The Stressless Brain 51:03 06/11/2021
DR. AMY LEE: Solving the Obesity Problem with Highly Credentialed Internal Medicine Doc and Nutrition Expert 43:48 06/04/2021
HAZEL ORTEGA: From Bounced Checks to Private Jets - Hazel's Incredible Story! 49:30 05/28/2021
DR. ELIZABETH RODGERS: Blending Western Medicine with Spirituality for True Healing 63:11 05/20/2021
ERIN BLEVINS: Talking the Carnivore Diet with Superman's Chef! 49:52 05/14/2021
TERRI COLE: How to Be a Boundary Boss! 59:05 05/04/2021
The Real, Raw Truth About My Bikini Competition Experience 33:34 04/30/2021
RANDY HAVESON: The Ego Cleanse - How to Become Your Own Best Friend 54:27 04/23/2021
Charlie Johnson: Europe’s Top Online Trainer Shares the Reality of Transformation 60:41 04/16/2021
DR. JOHN JAQUISH, PhD: What Does it Actually Take to Create Strong Muscles & Bones 54:54 04/09/2021
BRAD JENSEN: "The Sober Bodybuilder" Shares Path to Recovery & Health Optimization After a Decade of Drug Addiction 72:12 04/02/2021
BARTON SCOTT: My Mineral Ratios & Why You Want to Know Yours 65:29 03/26/2021