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The Entrepreneur Exchange is a lively conversation between small business owners, entrepreneurs, and business experts sharing tools and tips to assist new businesses get up and running and existing small business grow and prosper in this challenging economy. Topics include small business funding issues, economical ways to market and promote your business, and resources available to entrepreneurs. And more!


Starting a Software Business with Brandon Lee, Terra Dotta 45:14 11/01/2021
Avoiding Common Mistakes with Tim Reynolds, DHW CPAs and Strategic Advisors 46:26 09/27/2021
Non-Profit Consulting and Funding with Mandy Pearce, Funding for Good 39:31 08/30/2021
Government Contracts with Mark Mills, NC Military Business Center 43:29 08/02/2021
Want to Start a Sports Bra Company? Call the NASA Engineer! with Jen Paulson 41:42 06/28/2021
Starting Your FinTech Company…and Gnawing on a Turkey Leg! 43:32 05/31/2021
Hoan Do, Motivational Speaker and American Ninja Warrior 42:33 04/26/2021
Franchising: Fran Paradine, Incredible Edibles 37:32 03/29/2021
Brooklyn Dellinger, North Carolina Procurement Technical Assistance Center 30:23 03/01/2021
Jeff Isenhour, Moonshine Mountain Soap Co. 44:14 02/01/2021
Todd Lyden, Director of the Bladen Community College Small Business Center 38:13 01/11/2021
8th Annual Business Lessons from the Movies 57:21 12/07/2020
Byron Hicks, NC Small Business and Technology Development Center 46:02 10/26/2020
Nick Hawks, the eBay Guy and Mr. MeCommerce 40:08 09/30/2020
Building Your Network at a Social Distance 45:09 08/31/2020
Case Lane, Ready Entrepreneur 53:40 07/27/2020
Entrepreneur Exchange: Thomas Stith III, North Carolina SBA District Director 49:17 06/29/2020
Entrepreneur Exchange: Open & Safe 52:44 05/22/2020
Entrepreneur Exchange: Staying Calm in the Coronavirus Storm 45:52 04/24/2020
Entrepreneur Exchange: (No) Escape from New York 43:04 03/27/2020
Entrepreneur Exchange: Mountain Biz Works 44:17 03/05/2020
Entrepreneur Exchange: Brian Hamilton 32:35 01/29/2020
Entrepreneur Exchange: Productivity and Resolutions 44:40 01/08/2020
Entrepreneur Exchange: 7th Annual Business Lessons from the Movies 55:34 11/27/2019
Entrepreneur Exchange: Let's Start a Food Business! 52:18 10/25/2019
Entrepreneur Exchange: Ron Elmore - Regional Director, NC Small Business Technology Development Center 47:46 10/02/2019
Entrepreneur Exchange: (Data) Safety First 42:49 08/28/2019
Entrepreneur Exchange: EE Mailbag 47:21 08/01/2019
Entrepreneur Exchange: The Pitch 44:22 06/25/2019
Entrepreneur Exchange: To Worry or Not To Worry about CRO 46:02 05/29/2019