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The Caregiver Community

In “The Caregiver Community", hosted by Jane Everson and Frances Hall, we are holding conversations about the challenges and joys of caring for our aging parents and for ourselves. Jane and Frances talk about the “graying of America’ and “the silver tsunami” and how our nation’s changing demographics are impacting families, adult child caregivers, and businesses. We also talk about our our personal experiences as adult child caregivers - what we need to know in order to be balanced and informed caregivers, what we are learning from our journey with our parents about aging and about ourselves, and advice we wish someone had told us when we began our journeys. If you are juggling the needs of spouses, children, step-children, pets, work, volunteer activities with the needs of parents and in-laws, this show is for you!


Alphabet Soup For Caring for an Aging Adult 60:37 11/29/2021
Imperfect Parent/Adult-Child Relationships with Dr. Jane Everson Ph.D., Project Principal Investigator, University of South Carolina Medical School 27:05 10/18/2021
Dementia and Music with Dr. Cassandra Germain, NC A&T 33:34 09/27/2021
"What’s Fueling You...?" with Mary Remmes Caregiver Coach 34:06 08/23/2021
Religiosity and Spirituality Among Caregivers with Ashley Tate, PSU 44:58 07/26/2021
Finding the Joy in Caregiving with Dr. Corinne Auman 37:03 06/14/2021
Leisure Experiences: Helping us Connect, Learn and Be Happy with Dr. Amy Lorek 52:09 05/10/2021
Social Support Networks: Providing Care with Style While Facing New Challenges and Opportunities 46:11 04/12/2021
The Financial Cost of Caregiving 45:16 03/15/2021
Downsizing Dilemmas: When Stuff is in the Way 45:07 02/26/2021
Medication Management with Susan Young 41:26 01/28/2021
Family Dynamics with Alyssa Szymanski Botte 41:23 12/07/2020
Technology for Seniors with January Brown 48:05 11/23/2020
Dr. Mary Berge - "How to Stay Sane During COVID-19" 24:59 10/19/2020
Mary Mitchell, Area Agency on Aging (Hickory, NC) 60:09 09/29/2020
Difficult Conversations 53:31 03/12/2020
Cultural Perspectives in Caregiving 42:23 02/27/2019
Community Resources & Support 20:03 10/11/2018
When a Loved One Goes to the Hospital 40:00 12/28/2017
When Mom & Dad Leave Home 27:50 09/26/2017
The Alzheimer’s Medical Advisor 38:39 08/31/2017
Partnering for Mom’s & Dad’s Best Care 44:42 08/15/2017
Medicare ABCs (and D!) 44:21 05/02/2017
Technology & Aging 33:12 08/25/2016
Investment Fraud, Scams & Seniors 41:03 06/16/2016
Living Confidently with Vision & Hearing Loss 52:38 03/10/2016
Strategies When Parents Experience Alzheimer’s 35:43 02/18/2016
Setting Boundaries & Balancing Family 32:43 11/24/2015
Housing Options for Seniors 48:29 10/15/2015
Journeying With a Loved One With Dementia 50:20 08/20/2015