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The green movement is growing. Women are realizing that toxins harm their health and the planet but misleading information makes it overwhelming and confusing. Join me, Kelly Bonanno, Eco Wellness Coach & creator of The Body Harmony Method as I help clear the confusion, bring you tips, trends & advice to help you green your beauty routine & elevate health without giving up glamour or going ecofreako. Clean beauty & wellness for the real world with exclusive interviews with industry leaders & inspiring experts sharing wellness, nutrition, intermittent fasting & skincare methods & secrets.


55. How To Calm Your Food Cravings Naturally With Holistic Health Coach, Brianna Wilkerson 24:36 10/05/2021
54. Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics & Biohacking For Better Health With BiOptimizers Co-Founder & President, Wade Lightheart 70:33 09/21/2021
53. How To Easily Get In 10,000 Steps A Day & Why It's So Beneficial 19:05 09/08/2021
52. My Struggle With Postpartum Anxiety & Breastfeeding & How I Finally Got My Baby To Sleep Through The Night 41:03 08/24/2021
51. How To Live A Low Tox Life & Thrive With International Bestseller & Health Coach, Cheryl Meyer 40:32 08/10/2021
50. 5 Life Lessons I've Learned From 50 Episodes Of Podcasting 15:17 07/28/2021
Bonus Episode! Did You Hear About This Recall? 04:20 07/24/2021
49. Living A Life Less Plastic: Reduce Plastic Use Without Going Eco Freako For Plastic Free July & Every Month! 16:00 07/20/2021
48. Cultivating A Healthy Mindset To Reach Your Health And Weight Loss Goals 21:22 07/13/2021
47. How To Choose Safe Sunscreen: What To Use & What To Avoid 15:48 07/06/2021
46. Can Cinnamon Essential Oil Really Plump Your Lips? 15:48 06/29/2021
45. The Crucial Connection Between Clean Beauty & Holistic Health With Julia Edgely, Practitioner of Homeopathy 54:23 06/22/2021
44. The Easiest And Most Surprising Thing You Can Do To Look And Feel Beautiful With Laurie Lewis of Fast Forward Wellness 67:52 06/15/2021
43. Q & A: I'm Answering Your Questions! 20:36 06/08/2021
42. Black-Owned Beauty Brand's Mission To Empower African Communities Through Gender Equality & Sustainability With Alaffia CEO & Founder, Olowo-n’djo Tchala 45:43 06/01/2021
41. Quick Tip To Calm Your Food Cravings 09:02 05/25/2021
Bonus Episode! 03:25 05/24/2021
40. Essential Oils And Autoimmunity: How They Can Help With Your Healing Journey 32:22 05/18/2021
39. How To Naturally Relieve Eczema And Transform Your Skin With Pure & Coco CEO, Rene' Bartosh 27:50 05/11/2021
38. What Is Intermittent Fasting And Should You Give It A Try? 26:00 05/04/2021
37. Lifestyle Habits That Keep People In The Blue Zones Healthy, Youthful And living Longer 32:31 04/27/2021
36. Happy Earth Day! How To Go Green With Ease For Earth Day And Every Day 17:52 04/20/2021
35. Decluttering Strategies That Reduce Stress And Overwhelm With Lisa Zawrotny, Founder, Positively Productive Systems 52:44 04/13/2021
34. The Health & Beauty Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting And How To Determine If It’s Right For You 21:40 04/06/2021
33. The Correlation Between Protein Intake And Weight Loss 15:30 03/30/2021
32. Beware of #cleanbeauty 14:15 03/23/2021
31. How To Treat And Prevent Maskne And Take Care Of Your Skin With Dr. Alpa Patel, CEO & Founder Of Luvanya 48:04 03/16/2021
30. The Importance Of Clean Beauty, How To Recognize What It Is And How To Clean Your Beauty Routine 35:02 03/09/2021
29. How To Naturally Relieve PMS And Balance Your Hormones With Kristen Lee, RN, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Practitioner & Women’s Wellness Coach 26:34 03/02/2021
28. Heart Health Tips And Surprising Symptoms Women Should Not Ignore 19:26 02/23/2021