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Hot tick buns, child birth devices and driving through floods
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35:30 3/29/24
Lippy has an announcement, more midnight moans, stealing DVDs and Lippy's new feature that she's forgotten the name of
Plus, old Navy terms, midnight (again), parking on other people's driveways, rolling restorations, gig etiquette (again) and Nigerian fancy dress partiesLippy has a very important announcement and you will need to listen to find out!We have some old Navy terms that have found their way into common parlance.Grumpy is back on his midnight rant and has a confession about when he schedules this podcast.Thinking of parking on someone else's driveway? Listen to this story of the perfect revenge.Grumpy has taken on yet another car as a rolling restoration, a bit like The Donkey Sanctuary but for old unwanted vehicles.We have a bit of a moan about gig etiquette and gasp at the cost of tickets.Attending a Nigerian fancy dress party in scuba gear.We reveal how ASDA were loosing so many DVDs from some of their stores. Grumpy has been buying DVDs of very old films.Lippy's new feature with no name starts in this episode and Grumpy has a fun fact about a bus and Tower Bridge
43:52 3/15/24
Farwell to Steve Wright, new fences, incorrect postage and soup or sauce
Plus, gentle podcasts, Apprentice winners, fun with Senior Rail Cards, Spinna d'Plates, Alan Partridge and Thames WaterHaving faffed around on a cheaper recording platform, we're back on Riverside, proving you get what you pay for.We bid a sad farewell to radio genius Steve Wright.Grumpy has found a kindred spirit for his annoyance for gentle podcasts that advertise loud podcasts waking night time listeners with a jolt.We fans of the "The Rest is Entertainment" podcast with Richard Osman and Marina Hyde, well worth a listening.Lippy had a Christmas card with the incorrect postage. Having paid the £1.20 fine, she was horrified to find out the culprit.Grumpy Towers has a new fence after ten years of propping up and general concern that the whole lot was going to be blown down in a storm.We've picked our Apprentice winners after the first episode, however Grumpy is a long way behind as he doesn't have the strength to watch in the evening.Turning 60 has a benefit in being able to buy a Senior Rail Card giving you money off train tickets. Grumpy has used his twice and has managed to spend £2 more than he would of done without the card and has narrowly avoided a fine.Orange marshal 2 has morphed into Spinna d'Plates and we look forward to hear more about his adventures.Partridge is back on the BBC!What is the difference between soup and a sauce? You probably won't find the answer here.Grumpy has a rant at Thames Water.Lippy has an ick and Grumpy a fun fact.
33:28 3/1/24
Radio terms, new TV and cutting sandwiches
Plus restoring old buildings, the development of Threads, Lippy's utility room and Tunnock biscuitsOne of Grumpy's favourite topics, the use of over and out in films gets a upgrade to include the terms roger and wilco.Another of Grumpy's favourites, the definition of midnight, will not be discussed by Wife of Grumpy. Wise woman.Restoring the Old Cottage Hospital building in Cranleigh.Grumpy has been strong armed into replacing the 16 year old plasma screen at Grumpy Towers despite him maintaining the old one was perfect. Grumpy has a bit of a moan about setting up the new TV and for once Lippy agrees.Thanks to Elon Musk (aka Space Karen)'s management of Twitter, Facebook accelerated the development of Threads and the way they achieved this is a good example of software development.Lippy's downstairs bathroom has been turned into an excellent utility room. Surprisingly Lippy is quite particular about washing and it turns out both Grumpy and Duckboy are discouraged from operating washing machines.Following a van road trip where many were consumed, Grumpy is delighted to report that Tunnock Caramel biscuits are the same size they have always been.We look at a brilliant line from Enemy of the State and a mystery about dead letter drops.Grumpy has been shunned by one of his heroes, Mr Alan Partridge who has a different view of sandwich cutting. We both horrified by the arrangement of bread in a sandwich recently made by Wife of Grumpy.No top tip from Lippy this week, and a rather old fun fact from Grumpy
29:06 2/16/24
Where have we been the last four months?
Plus, leadership traits, Floyd the puppy, The Apprentice, dyslexia and a fair bit of waffle.Excuses aplenty as to why we have been off air for four months.Some very old messages from The Screaming Tomato and Davros.Floyd the puppy has grown, almost into a full dog and is enjoying life, particularly used tissues.The Apprentice is back and we're going to back a contestant based on the first episode.A previous contestant being fired triggers a discussion about dyslexia
27:43 2/2/24
Outrageous refunds, slow supermarket lanes, buying Stonehenge and is it an ick?
Plus, when did the 20th century start, McDonalds' opening times, F1, munge, Doom, lap custard and bus routes. The Screaming Tomato has picked us up on a fun fact a few months ago where a boat was apparently in two different months, years and centuries at thee same time.Grumpy get road rage every time he goes through Guildford due to the sign outside McDonalds.Private Eye's Funny Old World has details of an outrageous refund claim that caught Grumpy's eye and made Lippy speechless.A Dutch supermarket has opened a slow lane at supermarkets aimed at elderly people that would like a chat at they pack their shopping. A minor vocal interruption by Floyd leads to a quick pupdate.Grumpy has another of his top ideas to make Formula 1 a bit less dull.We've both re-watched Fresh Meat, a brilliant series about freshers at University, due to Grumpy using the name munge to describe a hash up of food when camping. Duckboy wasn't taken by the name, however enjoyed the end result.Doom is running on a McDonald's kiosk, but not a hairdryer.Otters, one of our favourite creatures, have been reintroduced in Oregon and California to support the eco-system and doing a fine job.Grumpy gets quite crossed about talking during concerts and is horrified by reports of items thrown at musicians on the stage.Lippy has been listening to "Is it just me?" on Radio 1 and there's a lot of unusual family traditions out there. Grumpy explains the origin of the "lap custard".Grumpy has uncovered some information about Stonehenge and the gifting of the monument to the public. Shouldn't cost more than a shilling to visit it.Lippy has a new feature, is it an ick? Grumpy didn't know what an ick was either.Grumpy has a fun fact, that is immediately scuppered.
31:43 9/14/23
What we got up to over the summer
Including, Floyd has landed, Le Mans Classic, Festival of Speed, camping in Swanage, building a pergola, redundancy, classic car shows, Weyfest, Christmas dinner in August and a wine trip to NorfolkWe've had quite a summer and have a new addition to the family. No, Lippy's not pregnant, we have an eight week old Australian Labradoodle called Floyd.Grumpy had an almost incident free trip to Le Mans Classic in July, which turned out to be even better than he expected. In a motorsport filled month Grumpy went to the Festival of Speed at Goodwood, which included a private tour of group B rally cars.The annual Swanage trip had mixed weather and resulted in Lippy's brand new tent blowing down in a storm. Fortunately, Lippy and Dick Boy had bailed before the storm struck leaving Grumpy to put the tent away when the weather improved. The collapse may have been down to some poor pegging!Lippy and Duck Boy build a pergola for their back garden from base materials, no kit was involved. A couple of incidents, however, the structure is square and secure. More DIY is anticipated.Grumpy's been made redundant after 14 years at the same company. He's pretty happy!Whilst the pergola project was on the go, Grumpy was commentating at the Cranleigh Lions Classic Car Show. What a day! Enjoyed by all and raised a stack of cash for the Cranleigh Lions.We had a family trip to Weyfest near Farnham, mostly to see Scouting for Girls, the best festival band in the world! We saw many other bands, some previously unknown.The summer was rounded off with Christmas dinner (actually a BBQ) with some very old friends all of our children, their partners and children's children and a trip to Chet Valley Vineyards in Norfolk.We're back next week with some a more usual mix of odd stories facts and a new section from Lippy.
32:08 9/7/23
Life lessons from Bond villains, can a spoon stop prosecco going flat, short naps and swallowing Lego
Plus, fessing up, the names of John Melloncamp, Cranleigh Carnival, time travel, Lippy's DIY project, pandas, Le Mans Classic and pointing out mistakesWe start with the sad news that Mother of Grumpy has passed away the day before her 91st birthday. Sad, nevertheless a relief as she was very ill.We fess up to a couple of mistakes, Lippy claiming you can see memories older than today on Facebook and Grumpy thinking airlines were charging more if you printed your ticket.Grumpy has the found the various names of John Melloncamp and Lippy is in awe of anyone that changes their name more than once.Cranleigh Carnival was a hot and successful day and whilst we cancelled the fun dog show due to heat, some people were out in the middle of the day with their dogs. Not good.Grumpy has a list of life lessons from Bond villains, and Lippy uses it as a tick list to see if she matches up.If you could travel forwards or backwards in time, where would you go?Lippy and Duckboy are planning a DIY project in the garden. Grumpy's advice is to measure twice and cut once, and to take your time.Following an afternoon of Aperol Spritz at Grumpy Towers and putting a spoon in the open bottle of prosecco, Grumpy investigates whether this keeps the bubbles in.M&S are at it again with legal action over Percy Pigs.Following a chance viewing of a video on The Gram of a panda falling out of a chair in a similar fashion to Lippy many years ago, Grumpy's favourite animal is the panda. Somehow this leads to Grumpy demonstrating his Roy Kent impression.Grumpy's very excited about his trip to Le Mans Classic after initial booking three years ago.Brief day time naps keep the brain healthy. What constitutes brief though? We find out why the iPhone has a nine minute snooze.We're impressed with Thomas de Mahy, who in 1790 pointed out and allegedly corrected, three spelling mistakes in his death warrant.Six Australian A&E doctors, faced with many panicking parents or children that have swallowed Lego, decided to time how long it takes for the small bricks to pass through the body by swallowing bricks themselves. 2 days, is the answer.Lippy has a baking top tip and Grumpy has a completely fun, fun fact
38:05 6/29/23
Twotter spotting, turbo irons, cheese chasing and a fish finger recommendation
Plus airless tyres, the Betteridge Law of Headlines, high-jacking social media, Facebook memories, where Lidl and Aldi combine, toy car photos, talking at concerts, force fields, taking the Swiss out of Toblerone and computer printersOur dedicated Twotter spotters have been spotting Twotters (Twin Otter aircraft) in Scotland again, always good to see.Grumpy thinks the term AI is being used similarly to the way turbo was in the 1980s. Whether we get an AI iron remains to be seen.Significant tyre replacer Lippy has found airless tyres, which would save her a fortune. Grumpy has a important message about the life of tyres.Grumpy has discovered the Betteridge law of headlines: "Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no." probably due to a poorly researched news story.We talk about high-jacking social media threads with marketing messages and wonder whether they are clever responses or desperate marketing smarty-pants posts hoping to go viral?Grumpy had a memory appear on Facebook that he had no recollection of and can't find the memory. Lippy assures him that you can look back through the memories that Facebook presents.We discuss the cheese rolling at Cooper Hill, which Lippy fancies a go at. Given her accident-proneness, it really isn't a good idea.Wife of Grumpy continually confuses Aldi and Lidl, and for this there is the term Lidaldi.Grumpy was shocked to see a customer review on a packet of fish fingers and suspects it was misunderstood.Sister of Grumpy has found an article about a Dad's lockdown project taking photos of toy cars in interesting locations and has clocked up 1,000.It turns out John Melloncamp has similar views to Grumpy about talking during concerts. Somehow we talk about Lippy changing to her married name.Grumpy has a story about a force field that was created by accident in a 3M factory, however, can't understand it sufficiently to explain it. Lippy thinks that maybe the magician she saw in Vegas (bebe) was using something similar.Toblerone has moved production of some of their famous bars away from Switzerland and have been instructed to remove the image of the Matterhorn as not enough of the product is being made in Switzerland.Computer printers are the bane of many peoples lives, however, it appears that gen-z have little experience of them and effectively shun them. Grumpy demonstrates his brand new second-hand printer and Lippy has a story about scanning and how she helped a colleague's productivity.Lippy has a work-related top tip and Grumpy has a nature related fun fact.
38:35 6/8/23
Lippy and Duck Boy get Married
In this episode Lippy and Grumpy reflect on a fantastic day and Lippy talks about some of her honeymoon adventures, including scuba diving, an helicopter ride and winning $26 in Vegas
37:53 5/18/23
Lippy & Duckboy get married tomorrow
Lippy and guest star Duckboy amble from courting through proposal to planning their big day.Duckboy has a wedding themed quiz that one of us nails, although more luck than judgement.All of us at Lippy & Grumpy wish them a fantastic future.
34:53 4/20/23
The Benner Cycle, 3D food printing, human arrows and vending machines
Plus, finding new music with Spotify, Lippy's first aid kit, can you cook a chicken by slapping it, UK emergency alert and squeaky shoesThe Screaming Tomato has been in touch with information about Spotify suggesting new music to listen to and Grumpy find the playlist enhance button does what it says.Orange Marshal 2 has some sensible suggestions for Lippy's first aid kit, Davros, not so much.Grumpy likes predictive analysis and is rather taken by the Brenner Cycle created in 1875. The cycle predicts years of panic and has hit some dates on the head. He's going to do homework on the other dates.We're pretty excited about the prospect of printing food, now a possibility, not a dream.Grumpy found an excellent story about some children laying down in the shape of an arrow to help a police search. The story made a lot more sense when Grumpy remembered to mention that a police helicopter was involved.We love Penguin books and are excited to see a Penguin book vending machine has been installed. On the flip side the Japanese have been deploying bear meat vending machines. Lippy is going on a Japanese trip next year and will report back.Ever wondered whether it's possible to cook a chicken by slapping it? If so, we have the answer.We're quite intrigued about the UK emergency alert test on 23 April and get into a protracted conversation about mobile phone masts before moving on to the conspiracy theorists.Grumpy narrowly avoids buying squeaky shoes for Lippy & Duckboy's wedding, which wouldn't have gone down well.Lippy has a very specific top-tip and Grumpy has a geographical fun fact.
34:03 4/13/23
Space, lions and code words, Lippy's first aid kit, creepy Tesco advert and making a mint from plastic bottles
Plus, talking at concerts, cost of seeing Stonehenge, headbutting a horse, the spring equinox and ChatGPT cornerComments from the Screaming Tomato about reused churches and cars left idling.Grumpy had an amazing trip to the Mullard Space Laboratory where they were showing their PanCam camera to be used on the next Mars Rover. Grumpy quite fancies working there, however no jobs to be had.Following going to a tribute band at a local venue, Grumpy has a rant about people talking during concerts at a small venue. He's not the only one and there doesn't seem to be an answer.Grumpy and Wife of Grumpy had a fabulous trip to Longleat and found the code word for taking a short cut through the estate from the pub to the campsite. On the way home, we were then shocked by the cost of entry at Stonehenge.For Lippy's honeymoon, which isn't far away now, she's packing a comprehensive first aid kit. Grumpy is very proud!The Horse Whisperer had an incident with a horse and nobody was brave enough to tell Lippy following her "no accidents" diktat.We're both freaked out by the Tesco advert with the "happy" face. Please. no more.Scotland are planning to apply a 20p deposit on plastic bottles, which can be refunded when deposited in a special bottle bank. Someone has worked out that you can tie string to the bottle and continually put the bottle in, collect 20p and retrieve it.We didn't know that the equinox meant that most or the world had the same length day and night.Grumpy has started ChatGPT corner, which is a thinly disguised rant.Lippy has a good top tip, albeit recycled. Grumpy has a fun fact from the Mullard Space Laboratory.
40:24 3/24/23
More midnight malarkey, lots about aliens and where have all the social media posts gone?
Plus, medical good news, Australia vs UK car insurance, tabloids getting the law wrong, sewer powered lamps, fantasy F1, Middle of Lidl, giving up on The Apprentice and Lippy's New SkillGrumpy has some very good news regarding his treatment for prostate cancer.Following a conversation with The Screaming Tomato, we've discovered that it's much cheaper to insure the same car in the UK than in Australia.We've discovered incorrect details about 3D and 4D numberplates in the tabloid press. We're not surprised.In changing car insurers Grumpy has discovered a two minute gap between the two insurance policies where technically you are not insured.Duck boy has a request for the Lippy & Grumpy take on aliens and UFOs. We go on a rambling journey through does life exist on other planets, aliens living on Earth, what space tastes like, faked moon landings and as there isn't a right way up in space, can navigation be confusing?In excuse corner, Grumpy explains why there haven't been any social media posts since December and doesn't really explain why he hasn't updated the Lippy & Grumpy website in over a year.After a sten do in Bournemouth, Lippy's poses the question "how do you feel about a church being turned into a nightclub".Did you know street lamps used to run on the gas produced in a sewer? Not a pleasant thought, nevertheless a great use of something we don't really want to have to deal with.Lippy's entered a fantasy F1 team and busy swapping drivers and teams around. Grumpy finds it far too complicated!Grumpy's took a mate who has never experience the middle of Lidl on a shopping trip to buy a plasma cutter. They were there a long time.We've pretty much given up with The Apprentice, the format is tired and needs retiring after a final episode that sees the expert business people completing a task in the same conditions as the contestants.For this episode, Lippy has replaced her top tip with Lippy's New Skill and it's a corker.Grumpy has a navigation themed fun fact.
40:20 3/10/23
An extra episode because we waffled too much last week, life rules, the word "row" and is Ireland an island?
We waffled on so much last week we had to cut some out and publish an extra episode for this week.Grumpy has found a list of 140 life rules in, some resonate with Lippy & Grumpy and many confuse.Grumpy has mixed feeling about the phrase "walked out in a row over pay", it's the word row, which has several meanings.After some wedding planning we were pondering the definition of an island, leading us to wonder whether Ireland is an island.
11:30 2/24/23
Invisible fire, train announcements, top selling films and infectious adverts
Plus pronunciation lesson, parking charges, 3D number plates, concrete, hemp batteries, distributing physical music, M&M gladiators and evil pranksWe've had a pronunciation lesson from Davros and will try harder.Grumpy is terrified by the concept of a methanol fire, which burns with an invisible flame and no smoke.Lippy had some parking charges for various reasons and 3D car number plates may be the solution, albeit nefarious.We love the report of a train station announcer whose aim is to entertain the passengers. Grumpy has a story for years ago and the train announcer at a small station on a bad day.We have some alternative views of record box office takings for films. If you measure the percentage of box office takings against the cost of making the film, the film on top is a surprise.Grumpy's found an advance in the manufacturing of concrete that traps CO2 in the concrete rather than releasing into the atmosphere. Also batteries made using hemp. Yes, hemp.Grumpy's been infected by the McDonald's advert, after it was explained to him, whilst Lippy worked it out in a few seconds. We digressed into a conversation about old Cadbury's adverts.Whilst Grumpy was cleaning and cataloging his old record collection he was amazed to realise the effort that went into distributing physical music.We've discovered the game of M&M gladiators and it's a corker.In a new feature we have a computer related evil prank.Lippy has a DIY top tip and Grumpy has a James Bond fun fact.
36:51 2/17/23
Bi-weekly minefield, frozen locks, demolition and which way is the Earth's core spinning today?
Plus numbering chaos, the over and out list, is Hustle a business programme, Dr Zamboni, amateur astronomers, guest presenter, turntable rebuild, candle over-purchase and a crashed bicycle.We've found another ambiguous term, bi-weekly, no wonder we are confused.Grumpy has further information on the Juliane Koepcke story from last week and good news about Popmaster.We spent a day successfully demolishing Lippy bathroom, with Duckboy crossing the line into DIY fandom.Grumpy owns up to episode numbering chaos, although he suspects it's Lippy's fault.The recent cold snap caused car locks and doors to ice up, in one case trapping someone in their car.One of Grumpy's bugbears is the use of "over and out" in films and tv series. Sadly Sheldon Cooper has joined James Bond on the list of offenders.Having watched one episode of The Apprentice, Grumpy thinks and Lippy agrees that the tv series Hustle is a better business programme.Dr Zamboni is alive and well!Lippy read a story about the Earth's core spinning in the opposite direction to the Earth's surface. Scientists disagree with one another and our minds have been blown. Lippy owns up that she's been spreading untruths about the amount of caffeine in tea.Is astronomy the only science that has so much amateur input? Lippy speaks total nonsense about NASA and the oceans.We're lining up The Screaming Tomato to fill in for Lippy when she is away on her honeymoon. Goodness only knows what will happen.Grumpy has managed to rebuild his 30-year-old turntable and is now hunting down vinyl in charity shops. Amazingly Grumpy found a mobile phone app that measures the speed of a turntable.Lippy has an over-purchasing incident with candles for the tables on her wedding day, resulting in a return trip to Ikea. Is it possible to return items and not buy anything more?Wife of Grumpy has had a pothole-induced bicycle accident, resulting in a face plant in mud and a broken fork.Lippy has a bride-based top tip and Grumpy has another aviation-based fun fact.
44:19 2/3/23
A look back on 2022, Lippy's trouser incident, film timelines, Uggs are back and more Grumpy moans
Plus, new man office upgrades, rounding errors, laughing at jokes, The Apprentice, Radio 2, where is Popmaster going and new episode scheduleWe're back after an extended break due to hanging on lurgy.We looked back on some highlights in 2022, including the "when is midnight" discussion, which is still rumbling on.December was a good month at Grumpy towers, with a new carpet for the man office and resurrection of Grumpy's 1980's hi-fi, although the record deck is in one hundred pieces.We morn the loss of driver extraordinaire Ken Block and are amazed that Jeremy Renner survived an accident with a snow plough.Lippy had a clothing failure and in the middle of the story Grumpy foolishly asks what OKRs are. Somewhat predictably Grumpy suggests gaffer tape as a fix.Office Space, one of Grumpy's favourite films, has inspired a real life crime, except that this perpetrator has been caught.Oh no, Uggs, the booted flip-flop, are back in fashion. Lippy explains how to put Crocs in sports mode.Grumpy and wife of Grumpy went to see The Lavender Hill Mob at the theatre with some split opinions on which jokes to groan or laugh at.Grumpy laments the trend in films and TV series to have a thing at the beginning, with the rest of the film or episode leading up to the thing. Grumpy has the chronological order to watch Netflix's Kaleidoscope. Lippy and Duckboy binged watched Traitors in 24 hours. How?Grumpy missed the start of The Apprentice and having caught up was distressed by the arguing in the first episode. He's also bemused about the contestants not researching before the task.Jeremy Clarkson is a polarising character, nevertheless we're bothered that people complaining about the contents of his newspaper column results in the offensive section being reported across the media for weeks on end.Lippy confesses to listening to Radio 2, whilst Grumpy is perturbed about what is going to happen to Popmaster with Ken Bruce leaving Radio 2.Lippy has a sat nav related top tip and Grumpy has a air crash survival fact.Due to an impending wedding and a record deck in pieces, Lippy & Grumpy will be released every fortnight until Lippy is back from honeymoon.
40:46 1/20/23
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 24
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:33 12/24/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 23
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:28 12/23/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 22
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:40 12/22/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 21
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:34 12/21/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 20
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:19 12/20/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 19
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:36 12/19/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 18
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:13 12/18/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 17
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:37 12/17/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 16
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:24 12/16/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 15
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:47 12/15/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 14
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
01:43 12/14/22
Lippy and Grumpy Advent Calendar 2022 Door 13
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
02:09 12/13/22

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