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On The Trail With Kevin and Scott

Kevin and Scott talk about the Jeeps and the Jeeping lifestyle in the Tampa bay area. New shows come out on the 1st and the 15th. We hope you enjoy the show!!


Introduction for The Show and the Hosts
Just a quick hello to introduce ourselves. A show about jeeps, Off Roading, Jeep Modifications and the Jeeping Lifestyle.
02:41 8/6/16
Show #1 - Why a Jeep?
First off thanks for listening. This is our first show and lets just say we were a little nervous. We talked about what makes the Jeep so popular today. And its our first ever trip into the garage with Kevin to talk about the ever important "first mod". So turn up the volume, try to see where the 13MM socket rolled off to and enjoy our first show!!
49:00 8/23/16
Show number 2 what to bring on the trail.
Another episode of your favorite Jeep podcast. On todays show we talk Kevins favorite subject, TOOLS! Scott tries to derail his train of thought (as always). Hopefully the guys give you ideas on what to pack and how to fit it all in the Jeep. So enjoy another fun filled audio adventure with the guys, and as always please drop us a line and say hello.
63:38 8/24/16
Show #3 Jeeping with your pets. And how to tow your Jeep.
On this episode the guys talk about jeeping with your pets. they have ideas on how to make it less stressful for both you and your fur family members. We stop by Kevins Garage to learn how to safely tow our Jeeps. So sit back grab a ice tea and enjoy this episode of O.T.T.
50:16 8/24/16
Show #4 community outreach and electrical wiring basics.
Hello and thanks for downloading your favorite Jeep podcast. on this episode Kevin and Scott talk about doing good in the neighborhood. They give ideas on how to reach out and help those in need. Kevin also dives deep into world of electrical wiring. hopefully helping you the fellow Jeeper to clean up any wiring mess you may have. so turn up the volume, grab a zip tie and enjoy. oh and as always drop us a line at and tell us how we're doing.
63:32 9/1/16
Show # 5 Speciality show with Bonnie
This is a Very special show. This episode features our own Bonnie Brock from Specialty powder Coating. She shares her Knowledge about powder coating and tells us about her story. She's a inspiration to us all. We talk about GDZJEEP and other projects her and Kenny are currently working on. It wouldn't be a show with out a stop by the garage to get some advice on wheel adapters. As always thanks for checking us out and we hope to hear your feedback.
50:05 9/1/16
Not So Live Show from Sheriffs JeepFest GA, Part -1
Scott and Kevin are at Pickens County Sheriff's JeepFest.  We give you an update of the Night Ride and first day's trail ride jeep adventures.  Shout Outs to Sheriff Donnie Craig and to Captain Kris Stancil.  We also let you know what's behind this event.  We want all of ya'll to make plans to join us here next year!
25:56 9/3/16
Jeepfest wrapup bonus show#2
Hello Jeeples, on this bonus show the guys wrap up their Jeepfest experience. Its also the first time the guys get a chance to take a live phone call from Chrissy Johnson to talk about the Krawl'n for the Fallen event. So enjoy the show, and as always let them know how they are doing.
40:08 9/11/16
Show # 6 Post trail maintenance and vents
On this show the guys chat on how to keep your Jeep in tip top shape after a ride. in Kevins garage he talks about venting drivetrain components. we hope you enjoy this show and remember new shows upload on the 1st and the 15th. As always thanks for listening and send us a email on how we're doing.
44:46 9/16/16
Show # 7 transfer case talk and phone call with Kurt Eades
Well Jeeples this show was a fun one, lots of laughs to be had. Kevin and Scott shead some light on the mysterious transfer case. They talk about what it does and why its important. The guys also speak with Kurt Eades. He's on a country wide adventure with his JKU named Jake. OTT also would like to give a special acknowledgement to Dirty Jeep Girl and the Southern Jeep Society for their work on the Back the Blue event that gained some national attention supporting LEOs, that's something we all should do now more than ever. As always thanks for listening and please tell your friends. Just a quick FYI open the FILL plug first. we were tired....
72:17 10/1/16
Halloween Extravaganza with the Zombie Garage and a story
Where to start? Well first off Kevin and I hope you enjoy our little Spooky story. It's Called A Trail Nightmare with Moonpie and Cheezewiz. Kevin and i are big fans of old radio shorts. This show is not our normal format, we did a remote show at the Zombie Garage. Eric and Dave were kind enough to let us do a Halloween themed show. They really are a great group of Jeepers. Madonna, Melanie, Tracey, and John (aka JK) were a treat to chat with. please share this show, and like always thanks for sharing and listening.
78:58 10/14/16
A trail Nightmare
We made this little Jeep story a separate download by popular demand. So it would be easier to share. 
12:50 10/28/16
Show # 8 Jeeptoberfest wrap up
First off thank you to my Nephew Caleb for the intro. Also a big thanks to Chrissy Johnson for giving us a update on KFTF. It's a great event and we hope top see you there. Show # 8 Is being released early as a treat to our loyal listeners. Without you guys and gals supporting us we wouldn't be here. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Ocala Jeep Club did a awesome job with this years event. It's always one of our favorites. We talk about some side projects and Kevins Garage has a special Jeep hack. If you have a Jeep hack send it to us and if we read it we'll send you a little gift. Thanks again for checking us out and listening. s
60:50 10/28/16
Show # 9 Will Powell interview about Jeeps
Shows with guests are always fun for Kevin and Myself. This one was no different. We had Will Powell from Southwest Florida 4X4. He's great guy that is a go to source for Jeep information in the Tampa Bay Area. We're going to miss him for sure. Don't forget to send us Jeep hack ideas, if we use your idea we'll send you a prize from the trail bag. Thanks for listening and please tell a friend. So enjoy the show and send us a email letting us know how Kevin and I are doing. 
67:44 11/16/16
Baa Baa Black Jeep interview
We had a chance to talk with John from Baa Baa black Jeep for our first national club spotlight. We got a chance to ask him about his page and group. So please check out his page and enjoy this "peeling back the curtain" so to speak. So enjoy and if you want us to spotlight your group or club send us a email and we'll be in touch.
46:45 11/22/16
Twas the night before Jeepmas Bonus gift
Kevin and I would like to say thank you to all of you who have shared and downloaded our show. we want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We were at it again and made a little "gift" for you all to enjoy and share. So please have a safe and happy holiday and thanks for listening.
05:50 11/24/16
Tennessee Relief
Just a quick announcement on how to help those affected by the wild fires in the Tennessee area. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who lost everything.
04:42 12/1/16
Show # 10 Rubicon or not? and Hardware
Welcome to our 10th official show. Thanks for making us your favorite Jeep podcast. We decided to debate if one should start with a Rubicon or not. Each of us said our peace and if you have a comment please email us your thoughts. Kevin also brakes down the "nuts and bolts" of hardware. Thanks again for every download and share. you guys and gals really are the best fans we could ever ask for.
64:03 12/1/16
Bonus call with Cindy
Just a quick phone interview with Cindy from The Jeep Mafia. We talk about the weather and the Naked Jeep cruise Hosted by The Tread Head Garage. Check it out if you are in that neck of the woods.
08:51 12/9/16
TJK Wreaths Across America
Just a quick Phone call with Harvard from Tampa Jeep Krewe about their upcoming event with Wreaths Across America. We covered the basic information to make it easier for you to get out there and help a great cause.
04:24 12/15/16
Show # 11 Interview with Tampa Jeep Krewe
This show Kevin and I sit down and Talk with Rob and Gabriel from Tampa Jeep Krewe. We talk about the humble beginnings to the success that they are now. And of course we talk Jeeps and wheeling trips. Don't forget to listen to our Christmas story (Twas the night before Jeepmas). as always thank you for listening and please share with a friend.
66:46 12/15/16
Jeepin' with Judd promo spot
Just a quick little show about the upcoming Jeepin' with Judd event February 17th through the 19th. Updates will follow as information becomes available. So check out their website at 
16:39 12/20/16
Show # 12 Front ends part 1 and The Jeep Mafia
Hello Jeepers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We hope you had a safe one. On this episode we take a close look at Jeep front suspension systems Part 1, and look at possible causes of the dreaded "death wobble". we also had a phone interview with Kurt from The Jeep Mafia and learn about their group. It wouldn't be a show without stopping by Kevins Garage to learn all about winter prep for your Jeep. So push play and enjoy the guys as they talk philosophy on Jeeps.
66:27 1/1/17
Show #13 suspension part 2
You Jeepers wanted more suspension talk so here you go. Kevin dives right into part 2 of our suspension show and gives even more ideas on how to look for Jeep suspension problems. He also explains why torque specs are so important. Thanks for checking out our little Jeep podcast. Please review and rate us 5 stars on iTunes. Also remember Jeepin with Judd is coming up so check it out and Jeep wave.
70:10 1/16/17
Show # 14 SYE install and Trail Chow hot sauce.
First things first We hope you registered for Jeepin with Judd Because the price goes up at the gate. Check out for all the information about this event. on this episode of your favorite Jeep podcast we talk about installing a SYE and why you need it. And then I talk about hot sauce, so enjoy the show and we'll see you at JWJ!
53:38 2/1/17
Show # 15 Jeepin with Judd and U-joint tool
Well gang this is a very short show because we will be Podcasting from the Jeepin with Judd event. Keep checking back here for new shows over the next few days. we did have time to talk with Kevin in the garage about a handy tool he found. Thanks again as always for listening and telling your friends about this Jeep podcast. and don't forget to rate us 5 stars on iTunes. *Disclamer Kevin bought this tool so this is not a paid advertisement*
25:03 2/15/17
Happy Friday from Jeepin' with Judd (kinda live)
Stop by and say hi, We will be recording until 1:00. This is a fun event. more uploads to follow.
02:06 2/17/17
Friday #2
09:09 2/17/17
Jeep with Judd Saturday wrap up and Local 390 podcast interview
Just a quick show to wrap up day 2 of Jeepin with Judd. And we had a special guest Joe from the Local 390 podcast Based out of Orlando. We talk beer and Jeeps for a little bit. And with that We'll see you on the next show. The JWJ wrap up show.
34:29 2/19/17
Jeepin' with Judd wrap up and U-joint repair
Well We're tired, sunburnt, and dehydrated. But Kevin and I would do it again in a heart beat. Sorry we missed some of you at the Vendor section. We were spotting the trails. Well Jeepers its been a long day. Enjoy this Wrap up show and video about the U-joint replacement. Thanks again, You guys and gals really are the best listeners. and hearing you say ( I love the podcast) really lets us know We're on the right track.  check out our uTube channel for the Video of the tool in action.
14:16 2/20/17

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