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Everyone has things they believe in. Somethings we hold dear and will fight for and other things we are really rather flippant about because we think they do really matter. We live in a world where truth and belief are often confused, for instance, some suggest strongly that we are to value the beliefs of others. While I would admit that we ought to listen to others to understand their given belief and do this with respect for those whose beliefs may differ from our own. This shouldn't suggest that just because one holds a belief there is value (or what Stephen Colbert has called "truthiness") in that belief. The fact is many people have and still do belief things that are wrong and even dangerous. A radical example of this would be the belief system of Hitler and how his ideas where realized in Nazi Germany. Most people would agree that Hitler was wrong and the beliefs he had were wrong and dangerous. We often, however, do not place beliefs that some hold about God and the gospel on this level -- of actually being dangerous. God is Truth. What God has said about Himself and who we are is of radical importance -- not because these things are believed but because of who declared them to be True. Our mission at is to be one resource (among many greater ones) in helping to ground your belief on Truth that is revealed to us by God Himself in Scripture.


Roman Catholicism with guest Mike Gendron 817-379-5300
37:29 11/23/2022
Union, Justification and Sanctification with Guest David VanDrunen
How the benefits of Christ relate to one another
23:50 11/12/2022
Jesus Secures and Sustains a Great Salvation -- E.D. Burns
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43:51 11/06/2022
The Chalcedonian Definition with Guest Donald Donald Fairbairn
Resources Mentioned:
39:03 10/28/2022
Missions with Guest E.D. Burns (Rewind)
49:04 10/20/2022
Christology with Guest James Dolezal (Part 2)
Want to read more on this subject -- Check out this link!
30:58 10/13/2022
RenewalCast Rewind: R. Scott Clark on the Law and Gospel Clark was educated at the University of Nebraska (BA), Westminster Seminary California (MDiv), and St Anne’s College, Oxford University (DPhil). He was a minister in the Reformed Church in the United States (1988–1998) and has been a minister in the United Reformed Churches in North America since 1998.He has taught church history and historical theology since 1995 at Wheaton College, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Concordia University, Irvine, and Westminster Seminary California.
43:41 10/07/2022
Christological Heresies with Guest James Dolezal (Part 1)
James Dolezal on Amazon: is a link to what Dr. Dolezal has written on Christology:
44:01 09/21/2022
Is 'Lordship Salvation' Arminian? With Guest Mike Abendroth
Check these blogs out from Mike Abendroth for more information:
09:56 09/14/2022
The Creeds of the Church with Guest Craig Carter
Check out more from Craig Carter Here:
51:28 09/09/2022
Biblical Theology with Guest Zach Keele
Check out some of the books mentioned here:
29:40 09/01/2022
Is "Homosexuality" a Gospel Issue? (Rewind)
We had to dig down deep for this one -- back from September 2019 (when we hadn't heard of COVID yet!) -- we recorded this episode because we thought it was timely then -- and it turns out -- it still is today!
39:21 08/25/2022
The New Reformation on Human Sexuality with Guest Christopher Gordon
Resources Mentioned:Christopher Yuan: Butterfield: Trueman:
41:48 08/19/2022
What is Saving Faith? with Sam Waldron
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51:59 08/10/2022
Theology and Worship with Kenny Hilliard
Today we are talking about Worship and Theology with Kenny Hilliard -- Enjoy!
36:11 08/03/2022
Covenant Theology with Michael Beck
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46:22 07/13/2022
Bonus with James Renihan
How has the Confession impacted the ministry of James Renihan?
11:24 07/05/2022
Adhering to the Confession with James Renihan
What does it mean to subscribe to a confession? Does that mean that the Pope is the Antichrist? We look at these issues and much more today on ReNEWalCast!
36:26 06/30/2022
What about Self-Esteem?
We hear a lot about self-esteem these days -- how should this be understood from a Christian perspective?
32:08 06/24/2022
Authority in the Church: A Conversation
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39:03 06/16/2022
A Conversation about the Lord's Day
John and Coalt have an unscripted conversation about the Lord's Day and how they are dealing with increasing activities planned on Sundays.
33:05 06/07/2022
Bonus: Rob Clay
Technical Difficulty Solution: Bonus Episode!!
12:19 05/25/2022
Church Planting with Nathan White
We talk Church Planting with our new friend Nathan White -- this is such a helpful conversation!!
30:59 05/25/2022
Missions and the Transcultural Gospel with E.D. Burns
Find the book here:
49:04 05/11/2022
Reprobation and God's Sovereignty with Peter Sammons
Check out the book:
57:28 05/04/2022
The Church of God in Christ Mennonites with Jacob Litchfield
Jacob's YouTube Channel:
41:40 04/25/2022
Divine Simplicity (Part 2) With James Dolezel
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40:18 04/13/2022
Classical Christian Theism Part 1 With James Dolezal
Check out the book "All that is in God" by James DolezalIn part 2 we will focus on divine simplicity
28:18 04/06/2022
Pilgrim's Progress: The Cross and the Sepulcher
John and I continue to visit about the Pilgrim's Progress and today we see Christian's burden finally fall off!
30:36 03/31/2022
The Temple with Drew Grumbles
Today we think about Ezekiel 40-48 and the vision of the templeFind Drew's book here:
39:23 03/23/2022