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Hi! Welcome to the A Little R & R Podcast Channel. This is a companion channel to my blog you can find at the link below. For some time I have been wanting to start a podcast and vlog channel, but knew if I did, it would have to work with my blog. And so here's what you will find at my weekly podcast. Each Friday I will upload videos about my weight loss journey on a Ketogenic and Fasting lifestyle; as well as what I'm doing to beat adrenal fatigue. Also, I will share about homeschooling two MERLD boys, let them talk about their YouTube channels....and I will sometimes share my thought about how Scripture fits with current events. Followers of my blog know that I don't shy away from tough issues we face in our culture. I look forward to exploring them with you here on my podcast. I live in a small village in Croatia, just outside of Zagreb with my husband and 2 boys. My kitchen window overlooks our neighbors sheep, and I hope one day to successfully start a garden. Support this podcast:


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