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Explore the process of reinvention in the digital age as it relates to career, creativity and technology impact on daily life. Interview with professionals, entrepreneurs and creatives who have reimagined success and are making a pivot. Hear insights about their inspiration, turning point and how the new digital world has inspired or forced a new outlook. Subscribe for weekly interviews about Reinvention, Creative Inspiration, Motivation, Breaking Through, Digital Landscape and Entrepreneurship. Reinvention, Reimagine, Turning Point, Re-brand, Technology Impact, Entrepreneur, Digital Age, Creativity Join the Revolution today.


JJRR 99 Tech scene in Serbia: next hot spot? - Video automation made easy - Fear setting for success - with Nebojsa Sevicic
#serbia #videoautomation #videoeditor #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Nebojsa Savicic is a freelancer turned startup founder who’s bringing custom video automation to the masses.  Listen to JJRR 99 as Nebosja shares how a chance interaction with a teacher early on started a freelance journey into video production techniques while Neb was still in his teens.  Now just a few years later, Nebojsa is a co-founder of Plainly Videos whose mission is bringing automated video production to entrepreneurs / creatives and small to medium sized businesses of all kinds; at scale.  Listen to the end to hear Neb’s take on fear setting, a technique he credits for part of his success.  Plainly - Automate video creation ( Buy JimJim a Coffee. - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page. 06:50s Shout out to Jordan Carroll, Tech scene in Serbia (Eastern Europe) 13:16s Automating high volumes of custom videos – Plainly videos 21:06s Going deep with a demo – looking at database applications / APIs 29:02s Starting to freelance on in high school, strategic approaches 40:55s Developing general business skills to evolve from freelancing to startup 44:03s A huge mistake: starting from a solution instead of a problem 46:10s Fear setting: what’s the worst that can happen? 52:08s Fun facts about Serbia Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts! jimjim99 | Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook | Linktree Buy JimJim a Coffee. - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page.
54:26 09/28/2022
JJRR 98 Strategic creativity - History of brainstorming - Ballroom dancing online with Robin Landa
#robinlanda #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #brainstorming Robin Landa is a professor and author who’s passionate about staying nimble, remaining open to change and fostering creativity.  Listen to JJRR 98 as we discuss Robin’s two new book releases Strategic Creativity and the New Art of Ideas.  Building on the history of brainstorming, a term coined years ago by an ad man, Robin shares her 3 G’s of Goal, Gap and Gain to reframe the creative process into a customer / client focused method she calls Strategic Creativity.  And listen to the end for the debut of the Reinvention Game! How else would you know Robin is reinventing ballroom dancing for herself.  Robin Landa Robin Landa | Kean University International Services | American Red Cross 06:28s History of the term and process of BRAINSTORMING 07:48s Impact of brainstorming on advertising industry 09:54s Updating brainstorming – using the 3 g’s: Goal, Gap and Gain 14:17s Using the 3 G’s within a group or corporation, daughter example 17:53s Strategic creativity – focusing on your customer: empathy for the end user 24:42s Build your brand – personal branding / professional promise in the digital age 29:03s Using traditional publishers and the changing landscape of digital publishing 31:15s The role of publishers pre internet and post internet 36:07s Wants and aspirations – great ways to think about creating new works 39:31s Playing the reinvention game: Understanding Tik Tok and communicating it to students 42:14s Playing the reinvention game: Becoming a book marketer 46:17s Ballroom dancing online Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts!
48:50 09/02/2022
JJRR 97 Saxophone social media, Jazz Improv: Violence on your brain?, On tour with Steve Kortyka & Ryan Devlin
#stevekortyka #ryandevlin #saxophone #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Steve Kortyka and Ryan Devlin are leading saxophone improvisers who have leaned into social media content creation the past few years, spawing their new release “A Series of Circumstances.”  The guys stopped by the updated JJRR studios in person while on tour to discuss how they ended up recording with jazz legends and how learning jazz improv can sometimes be, as Steve describes, a “violent process.” This episode goes FSN (full sax nerd) but is illuminating to hear how 3 generations of saxophonists (including JimJim) think about and approach training the mind and body for jazz improv.  Jazz Musician | Steve Kortyka Ryan Devlin ( M. Records ~ "Where Jazz Is Supposed To Be" ( 09:32s Remembering 2020 covid shutdown – Steve’s prior episode 11:03s Silver lining of pandemic: great time to build online presence 13:34s Learning about Youtube algorithm pay generation 14:56s Connecting with Ryan Devlin through social media 18:06s Ryan’s journey into social media – starting with random posts 25:30s Violence process of learning jazz improv 30:14s Ryan’s early experience learning music – asking Dad for lessons 36:42s Despair that creeps in when tackling a big challenge 38:45s Cold showers – a training for your mind 43:01s Putting together a new record with jazz legends Nussbaum and Perla 47:48s Booking the tour 49:52s Organically ending up on PM Records label, “where jazz is supposed to be” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts!
57:56 08/12/2022
JJRR 96 Technology Mindfulness: Humans First - Escaping Wallstreet with "career ADD" - with Rob Krecak
#technologymindfulness #humansfirst #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Rob Krecak’s latest passion is technology mindfulness and he’s on a mission to positively impact 1 Billion people by tackling the negative effects technology can have on daily life.  Listen to JJRR 96 as this former Wallstreeter turned tech repair shop franchisee describes how repeated challenging encounters in communicating with his youthful smartphone repair customers inspired him to begin researching effects of technology on the mind and body.  Now the founder of Humans First, Rob is trumpeting technology mindfulness and bringing solutions to battle potential negative effects.     Humans First by Rob Krecak | Technology Mindfulness and Behavioral Change Unsubscribe from emails, instantly - Unroll.Me Resources - JimJim'sReinventionRevolution ( 04:58s Technology mindfulness – using technology to serve you; not being enslaved by it 07:35s Getting addicted to video games as a by product of low self esteem 09:46s Business model of social media – capturing attention 13:02s Stats on screentime and the isolating reality of metaverse 16:12s Physiological effects of tech isolation: hugs make a difference!   19:35s Humans First – A technology mindfulness consultancy 22:22s Techniques / reasons to reduce smartphone time / email 27:21s, Tool to help unsubscribe from email lists 28:51s Having “career ADD” and escaping from Wall Street 31:45s No entrepreneurial family background, wanting to have a bigger impact 36:20s Getting in and out of UBREAKIFIX franchises during Covid 37:45s Breaking down the vision of Humans First: impacting 1 billion people 42:22s Staying open: standing firm in your beliefs but open to change 47:08s Mindset and grit – work ethic as a superpower: grind it out Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts!
52:13 06/16/2022
JJRR 95 Candle maker to tech founder - Social Marketplaces - IN-N-OUT Burger rules! - with Inbal Claudio
#inbalclaudio #likemindedcollective #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Candle maker turned tech founder Inbal Claudio loves IN-N-OUT Burger.  Who doesn’t? Listen to JJRR 95 as Inbal shares how an early work experience gave her all-star customer service training which serves her to this today as Founder of Like Minded Collective.  A new social marketplace focused on female entrepreneurs, LMC provides an affordable and inclusive community that connects business owners with influencers, service providers, mentors and experiences such as webinars and masterminds. Resources - JimJim'sReinventionRevolution ( 04:55s Like Minded Collective – influencer marketing meets FB groups 07:09s Business model of Like Minded – targeted to entry level overlooked by other platforms 10:11s Founding a candle company and discovering influencer marketing economics 13:06s Attracting both sides of a marketplace – tactical tips: Clubhouse rocks! 16:23s A reluctant entrepreneur: Inn and Out Burger as a training ground 20:14s Starting a candle company with no experience; learning on Youtube 22:59s Learning about influencers and candle marketing 26:18s Diving into tech development for custom website / software solution 33:01s Embracing management role as a skill – communication is foundation 36:55s Diving in headfirst the best way to go.  Be ok with making mistakes 38:54s Realizing you can handle more that you think Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts!
41:40 05/30/2022
JJRR 94 - From FBI agent to entrepreneur - Bitcoin Evangelism - Light Therapy - with Brian De Mint
#briandemint #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #bitcoinevangelism Brian De Mint is an entrepreneur who’s passionate about spreading the word about Bitcoin.  Listen to JJRR 94 as Brian describes how his dream of being an FBI agent shifted to entrepreneurship when he jumped into, of all things, the sun tanning business.  Having incorporated new tech and turning traditional tanning into light therapy and wellness, his business is now flourishing, providing time for his new passion of digital finance.  His new book, Bitcoin Evangelism, intends to educate and inspire his peers and anyone new to bitcoin.  $1000 Bitcoin wallet giveaway included in first edition! Resources - JimJim'sReinventionRevolution ( 07:16s Why are bitcoiners so annoying?  What about bitcoin fundamentals? 11:02s Centralization, decentralization and the Federal Reserve 19:09s Shifted trust vs. trustless, verified trust of algorithms 25:13s Less concentration of rich and powerful 27:37s Bitcoin Evangelism – the book 34:50s Internet nerds of 1995  38:06s Pivoting from FBI Agent to entrepreneur 41:28s Long term time horizons 46:55s Leadership and creating incentive structures with entrepreneurship 51:00s Leaning into technology and wellness benefits of light therapy 55:18s Learning to be open and transparent as a benefit in business “The way my mind works, and it’s served me well through Bitcoin and business, I’ve always had long term time horizons.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts!
60:22 05/20/2022
JJRR 93 Not a Guru - Resilience thru pandemic - Designing change - with Jem Fuller
#resilience #jemfuller #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Jem Fuller is a leadership coach / speaker / author who, after losing it all, has roared back into abundance helping others create habitual perspectives that bring flow and success.  Listen to JJRR 93 as Jem shares how being disillusioned with corporate life and losing his job was just the tip of the iceberg that led to a failed marriage and losing his home.   Relying on FB surf groups to help rebuild his life, Jem chose entrepreneurship founding his coaching  practice and has been thriving online through the pandemic.   As Jem says only two things are a given in life “death and change.” Resources - JimJim'sReinventionRevolution ( 07:33s Not a Guru: leftover echoes of hippie days / lost souls 10:41 4 stages of learning: Un / Conscious incompetence, Un / Conscious competence 13:48s Struggling with paramedic resilience, building a course 16:52s Resilience: bouncing back and/or thriving  19:30s Pivoting offerings online by being the brand personally, how to scale  24:14s Inspired to write a book about communication for men during lockdown 27:45s Being caught in the ego in regard to communication 31:37s Being conscious about creating safe communication environments 35:06s Suffering the trauma of losing a close friend while in high school 41:38s Leaving home at 18 and having an identity crisis 44:25s Becoming a Dad and leaving the travel lifestyle behind 47:27s Getting fired, divorced and losing everything 51:10s Using Facebook groups to help get back on your feet as a single father 54:40s Going all in on coaching and dealing with imposter syndrome 01:02:32s Only two things that are definite: Death and Change (not taxes 😊) 01:03:45s Resist, Embrace or Design Change 01:08:01s Finding your mission drives resilience 01:11:01s Deepest sense of self: Identifying core values as self “I somehow came upon writing about communication when we were locked down and communication was hard for people.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts!
79:04 04/06/2022
JJRR 92 Million Dollar Body - Drink alcohol without getting fat - Nutrition now - with Nate Palmer
#natepalmer #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #milliondollarbody Nate Palmer is a fitness and nutrition expert who’s into getting reps.  Repetition is Nate’s way to learn and master anything new whether related to the body or the mind.  Listen to JJRR 92 as Nate describes how putting in reps took him from being a trainer to coach by pumping up his knowledge of nutrition and bringing his business online.  Captured in his 2nd book Million Dollar Body Method, Nate focuses on the entrepreneur’s diet.  Listen to the end as we dig into the book, hear Nate’s favorite time to start anything new and learn how to drink alcohol without getting fat (seriously, Nate drops a great insight here 😊) Resources - JimJim'sReinventionRevolution ( 11:31s Genesis of Passport Fitness: how to stay fit while on the road 13:13s Blogging since 2011 and setting a goal or writing a book 14:28s How to drink alcohol and not get fat: lifestyle gains 17:43s How your body digests / deals with ethanol (alcohol) 20:22s Million Dollar Body Method Book: focus on nutrition, taking business online 28:49s Starting out in inside sales and hating it, finding a mentor 31:26s Quitting the job cold turkey and going all in on entrepreneurship 33:00s Growing up developing a millionaire mindset 34:54s Takeaway: Learning I can do anything 36:32s Now is a good time if you can’t start yesterday 40:14s Getting reps with technology; no fear of sucking 43:44s Let me google that for you 45:07s Reinventing from Nate the trainer to Nate the coach 47:40s There’s a lot of growth on the other side of stupid “You gotta figure out situations that are gonna work for your life.  Because fitness gains are great, making progress is great, but lifestyle gains; those are important too.” “I will always go and do things and get reps while I figure out what are the next steps.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts!
49:19 03/17/2022
JJRR 91 Helping architects make it rain $$$ going digital - Skydiving in Barcelona - with Sara Kolata
#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #sarakolata #digitaltransformation Sara Kolata is an architect and entrepreneur whose passion is raising the financial well being of architects through digital transformation.  Listen to JJRR 91 as Sara shares how her discovery of humanitarian design initially brought her to Guatemala and inspired her to start a charity there.  Yet after a few hard years managing razor thin budgets and not being able to pay herself, Sara knew the only way to grow and prosper for her was through entrepreneurship.  Taking time out to self-educate on business and digital marketing, Sara now helps other architects with their own digital transformations. MGS Global Group – Built Environment and Architecture Support Services Resources - JimJim'sReinventionRevolution ( 06:31s Moving to Barcelona Spain to skydive through the Winter 09:40s Taking on the challenge of raising the financial well being of Architects 15:05s Lack of business education at design schools 16:59s How architecture industry structurally  makes it hard to start your  own business 20:14s Ideal client profile to be entrepreneur 23:55s Early experience as an architect in London / Shanghai 31:08s Discovering humanitarian design and starting a non-profit in Guatemala 35:12s Starting out in Guatemala working for a charity 37:41s Starting a charity on her own to build out projects 39:25s The fading dream of charity work and turning to marketing and business 42:15s Studying online business and sharing it with architects 46:17s I kept telling myself I am really old was the hardest thing 51:04s Discovering skydiving in Orlando while attending Tony Robbins event 53:15s Training to solo jump: yikes! And moving to Barcelona to jump during Winter 58:33s Give yourself a chance “I discovered that not knowing about business or marketing I need to really deep dive into a topic which is gigantic.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts!
65:00 01/24/2022
JJRR 90 A most uncomfortable 2021? - Mastering mantras to break out in 2022! - with JimJim
#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #mantras #tanaazchubb JimJim's kicking off the year with mantras that will help you break out in 2022. Listen to JJRR 90 as JimJim describes how 2021 was possibly his most uncomfortable year ever and why digging back into saxophone lessons after a 25 yr gap was the lightbulb moment that will likely make you dive in deep into mantras this year with him. Remember JJRR's greatest mantra: Reinvention is greater than resolution! (repeat slowly...again...again...again...again...again) Let's go 2022! Resources - JimJim'sReinventionRevolution ( My Pocket Mantras: Powerful Words to Connect, Comfort, and Protect: Chubb, Tanaaz: 9781507205785: Books 02:28s Kicking off 2022 by digging into Mantras 03:58s Looking back at 2021 – most uncomfortable year ever? 08:45s Taking saxophone lessons Steve Kortyka again after 25yrs off 10:20s Music practice process informs the power of mantras, slow and repeat 12:20s Saxophone example of learning diminished patterns 15:40s Mantras: definition and impact 19:10s Morning mantra: today I feel energized and invigorated by life 21:44s Success mantra: when I am true to myself, I align with my purpose 24:01s Success mantra: I give myself permission to succeed 25:49s Abundance mantra: I make room in my life to receive blessings of abundance 28:49 Transformation mantra: I know that the universe will guide me to clarity 31:10s Transformation mantra: I’m ready to make changes in life that are for my highest good 33:30s Transformation mantra: I am transforming my mind and body in miraculous ways 36:20s Bedtime mantra: I release the event of the  day and forgive myself and others 38:14s JJRR mantra: Reinvention is greater than resolution!
41:01 01/06/2022
JJRR 89 Miami's tech scene - Legal tech / apps - State bar association challenges
#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #lawzy #legaltech Jillian Baronoff is a lawyer turned entrepreneur who's passion is providing easily accessible, low cost legal service to the public. Listen to JJRR 89 as Jillian describes how frustrations she experienced in her law firm's model, with respect to charging clients and the lifestyle it required of her, provided the push to found Lawzy. Buoyed by the growing tech scene in her homebase of Miami, FL, Lawzy is spearheading much needed tech into law, providing contemporary connection for clients and lawyers. 07:51s Weather in Miami, Florida 09:27s Tech wave / scene in Miami accelerating during pandemic 11:38s Lawzy, the app: ask a lawyer a question 14:44s Law; an industry of gatekeepers 18:27s Challenges of state bar association regulations, preventing innovation 20:27s Lawzy approved by Florida bar, going state to state 21:56s Privacy advantages of app / cell phone versus laptop 24:41s Choosing entrepreneurship having parental role models 26:56s Stressed out at the law firm and dreaming of better lifestyle 31:20s Getting started with savings and raising funding with crowdfunding 34:02s Hiring the right tech expertise to fill in gaps vs like minded people 36:40s Reinvention revelation: you do not need to be perfect 39:12s Looking for feedback: the good, the bad and the ugly “With law we’ve been very late to catch on to technology, arguably one of the latest industries.” “I think to me the magic word of how to describe law is it’s really been an industry of gatekeepers.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts!
40:35 12/20/2021
JJRR 88 Creating an SEO Cohort - Post covid digital agency burnout - with Ryan Morgan
#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #theseocohort #ryanmorgan Ryan Morgan is an SEO expert and family man who's passionate about sharing his digital marketing skills with others. Listen to JJRR 88 as Ryan shares how a post covid world effected digital marketing agencies so severely that it led him to "career burnout." Discovering entrepreneurship as a remedy, Ryan is now founder of The SEO Cohort, a peer based SEO training program which is fueling his passion for teaching and supporting his family lifestyle. 06:49s SEO - search engine optimization: constantly evolving 11:27s How search engines have changed over time – from text to multimedia / structured data 15:50s Where to start with SEO – High quality content: original, unique, valuable 17:45s Focus on high value pages 20:08s After quality content 2nd most important thing for SEO is user experience 22:25s Biggest mistake business owners make is writing from their perspective, not customers 26:27s Google autofill technique for discovering highly searched inquirys 29:01s The SEO Cohort: mentorship and peer based learning 32:46s Ryan’s entrepreneurial journey  - post Covid agency burnout 39:02s Joining a new agency thinking it would be different this time 41:12s Founding his own digital marketing agency 43:21s The importance of lifestyle design that comes with entrepreneurship 48:50s Ryan’s discovery of tech early on through his father’s teaching passion 55:14s The power of following your passion, how to do more of what makes you happy “The words that I would suggest are original content, unique content, valuable content…If you can do that you’re already going to be ahead of the game.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts!
60:59 11/18/2021
JJRR 87 Loving Life After Loss - 5 stages of grief: what you didn't know - with Marie Alessi
#jimjimsreinventionrevolution #mariealessi #grief  Marie Alessi is an influencer / speaker / coach who's growing movement around grief is helping others love life after loss. Listen to JJRR 87 as Marie shares how her life changed instantly when she got the call her husband Rob had suddenly passed (age 45). In her "prime" of life and with 2 kids, Marie was able to turn her grief journey into a healing journey in contrast to common societal norms. Now author / founder of Loving Life After Loss, her book and movement are helping others heal. update Marie Alessi - Loving Life after Loss - Marie Alessi 08:08s Having your husband die from an aneurism away on a business trip 10:16s Needing peace and quite and having a nervous breakdown 13:01s What does grief mean to you?  Empowerment! 14:56s People need empathy not sympathy 16:45s Closing the doors on her coaching business, without clarity for what’s next 19:04s Traveling around the world for 2 months with her boys 19:48s Loving Life After Loss book spawns a movement 22:50s Loving Life After Loss grief consulting, the business 26:05s Building a movement on her own experience 32:40s The 5 stages of grief and who they’re for 36:48s Grief as a natural process, body response vs mind, healing vs. grieving 44:01s Building a global movement with tech in different markets 47:35s Separating what you’ve lost from whom you’ve lost 50:55s Putting yourself in a state of creation to battle despair “Sympathy keeps people stuck.  Empathy helps them to heal.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts!
53:14 10/08/2021
JJRR 86 Future angst - Innovation outposts in silicon valley - Self driving EVs
#marioherger #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #futureangst  Mario Herger is a chemical engineer turned software engineer turned entrepreneur who's found his niche in innovation consulting and research. Listen to JJRR 86 as Mario describes how working with software while earning his PhD in chemical engineering spawned a career with SAP and brought him to silicon valley USA from his home in Vienna Austria. Now founder of Enterprise Garage, Mario spends his time infusing the culture of innovation into corporate businesses and governments around the world. Enterprise Garage - Bringing the Spirit of Silicon Valley to Your Company – Mario Herger, Author of Silicon-Valley-Mindset The Last Driver License Holder… – …has already been born. How Google, Tesla, Apple, Uber & Co will change our lives, cities and destroy jobs. And why this is good this way. 07:14s Future angst: being afraid of the tech future, odd for an engineering country (Germany) 12:45s Enterprise garage consulting: inspired by silicon valley startup culture 14:58s Starting a career with SAP in Germany and driving on the autobahn! 18:10s Learning how to manipulate diesel emissions (don’t tell anybody 😊) 21:50s Innovation Outposts: Co-locating facilities near technology and innovation culture 26:16s Leaving SAP to start Enterprise Garage Consulting 30:50s Find the title: “The last driver’s license holder has already been born” 38:14s Changing from ICE to EV to autonomous driving cars 45:25s The current electric vehicle landscape 49:25s Secondary effects of pandemic driving electric vehicle conversion 55:58s New electric vehicle competition expanding rapidly 01:03:52s Tackling your own future angst and staying open to new tech 01:09:32s Spend time with other disciplines / groups of people for discovery 01:12:12s Realizing that reinvention happens during turbulent times “You wanna try to understand what is this mindset that a startup brings on the  road and bring it into a big corporation.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts!
81:52 08/20/2021
JJRR 85 Building a global social safety net - Secondary effects of remote work - with Sondre Rasch
#safetywing  #jimjimsreinventionrevolution  #digitalnomad Sondre Rasch is a former government policy advisor turned tech founder who's latest passion is building a global social safety net for the growing legion of freelancers, digital nomads and global startups working remotely. Listen to JJRR 85 as Sondre describes how the frustratingly slow pace of change working in government inspired his first startup. Now Co-Founder and CEO of Safetywing, Sondre is building product on the borderline of government and insurance to benefit today's remote work lifestyle. Get 5% off Safetywing Products with my link Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off 12:34s Frustration working for the Norwegian government as the impetus for reinvention 15:57s Being a techie as a teenager gave insight into entrepreneurship 18:47s Wanting to provide benefits for worldwide team at first company leads to Safetywing 20:19s Why traditional insurance and health providers haven’t filled the niche 25:01s Use cases of a global social safety net 30:08s Where should a social safety net reside?  Within governments or the private sector? 32:34s Geographical countries need to move to competition model for internet companies 37:06s Evolution vs revolution, why Safetwing was not built on blockchain/cryptocurrency 40:47s Looking to add home country coverage for intracountry Nomads 43:18s Competition vs cooperation with governments and large corporations 48:27s Transition to internet and digital infrastructures 50:01s Secondary effects of remote work, specialized cities 54:22s The big choice: focusing on opportunities vs preventing change 56:38s Challenged by new technologies: crypto and machine learning 01:01:15s  Slow fundament knowledge vs fast changing knowledge “We’re on the borderline between insurance and government. In many countries the product we’re making is applied by the government.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
65:07 07/06/2021
JJRR 84 Piloting through Covid to entrepreneurship - Stress management and wellness from the cockpit - with Paul Green
#thecockpitmethod #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #paulgreenld Paul Green is an airline pilot turned entrepreneur that discovered through the pandemic how his cockpit skills are needed now more than ever, even when he's not flying. Listen to JJRR 84 as Paul describes his personal turbulence at the start of the pandemic when his airline went belly up as the world shutdown. Not able to fly, a volunteering encounter provided the lightbulb moment Paul discovered his pilot training could be repurposed to stress management and wellness, spawning his new journey. Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below. 06:40s The cockpit method – taking lessons from the cockpit and applying it business 08:20s Flight school requirements and having  the right aptitude 10:45s Volunteering during lockdown in the UK and meeting stressed out healthcare workers 14:27s Getting picked up by the BBC world service and making a splash in the media 16:56s Dreaming of being a pilot as a child and being told you’re not good enough 20:15s Chasing what you want but mitigating risk 21:31s Becoming a pilot and moving to Europe 23:10s Getting laid off in 2019 and then again during pandemic in 2020 26:00s Getting kicked to the curb without severance and losing last months wages 27:04s Going into lockdown and finding something to do 29:49s Defining transferrable skills and thinking ways to sell yourself 31:38s Researching / developing business skills 37:11s Flying with Covid, mask vs no mask 40:37s Boeing 737 Max, relying on automation vs flying the plane 45:05s Balancing continuing to fly with running the business 47:18s Embracing technology for streamlining processes 51:34s Leveraging Formula 1pit stop techniques for medical transport 53:20s  Paul’s biggest take away - It doesn’t matter “It was almost like a rite of passage, that if I’m going to set up my business I need to experience every single step of this entrepreneurs journey.” “Imagine being a pilot at 38,000ft halfway over the Atlantic when there’s an emergency.  You’re not gonna take the yoga mat out and start meditating.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
57:19 06/22/2021
JJRR 83 - The power of pivoting - Mental health toolkits - On camera tips - with Monica Ortega
#monicagoes #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #travel Monica Ortega is a host, actress, singer and line dance instructor who's passion for travel has helped her understand the power of pivoting. Listen to JJRR 83 as Monica describes how her travel channel was born and why her divorce and the pandemic provided clarity and inspiration for her new book The Power of Pivoting which shares her journey. Now helping others pivot with a purpose, Monica is creating masterminds and outdoor adventure experiences that embrace change and tackle facing fears. Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below. 06:27s Ideating a book on pivoting and embracing change 08:05s Growing up fearing change, facing fears with travel 10:28s Dealing with change and realizing we’re continuously pivoting 11:36s Building out a mental health toolkit and setting goals 15:34s Pivoting with a Purpose Mastermind 6-week program 19:34s Being a type A person and combining it with woo woo LA / entertainment culture 23:01s Creating your dream show as an audition -  hosting a youtube travel show 26:48s Pivoting the travel channel to adventure vs travel 29:09s Facing fears on camera, white water rafting yikes! 31:50s Tips for being on camera 36:19s Building in time to your schedule to research and learn about technology 37:35s If you don’t like something you can leave, change is inevitable    “You kinda just gotta go with the flow. And let everything else go and see what happens.  I have way more fun in my life now.” “2020 was interesting because everybody is dealing with change and loss and pivoting became this really big word but the truth is we’re always pivoting.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
39:58 06/04/2021
JJRR 82 Innovating arts and entertainment education - Touring with Styx - Non-profit entrepreneurship - with Liza Grossman
#kaboomcollective #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #artseducation Liza Grossman is a visionary conductor who's passion is creating performance and production opportunities for students and contemporary artists. Listen to JJRR 82 as Liza describes how her new non-profit, Kaboom Collective, is innovating arts and entertainment education online. Focusing on producing creative marketable works, Liza has developed a collective of industry professionals and a multi-disciplinary curriculum making up the education you need to make it in today's digital A & E world. Kaboom Collective – The Education You Need to Make it Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off  click here >> 06:08s Setting up home studio for Kaboom Collective, reconfiguring our lives 07:26s Leaning into your art, the education you need to make it ™ 09:04s Kaboom Collective: students to creating marketable product with industry leaders 11:50s Building real world productions and artistic discovery 16:17s For ages 15 to 25 instrumentalists and composers, working with Brave Snow video games 18:15s Opening up multi-disciplinary projects / collaborations including animation 21:40s Digitally based, national reach collective for industry classes and productions 23:40s Industry classes on acoustics, video game scoring, producer 101, yoga and more 28:18s What’s needed now, Liza’s integrated approach to the arts 31:14s Starting out as a violaist, playing with the stars, and discovering productions 36:08s Working with the band Styx as production manager / tour director 37:18s Reaching out to Tommy Shaw’s manager 41:02s Styx with Colorado Symphony at Red Rocks 43:10s Working with partner Joe Weagraff 44:45s Advice for starting non-profits and origin story of naming Kaboom Collective 47:51s Funding Kaboom Collective with donors and student tuition 51:59s Realizing there is continued growth in everyone and to let it happen       “The idea of it is to provide an opportunity for our students to network with, learn from, work with and create marketable product with industry leaders from around the country.” “The collective is the online thinktank and everyone is the educator, and everyone is a contributor and everyone is an artist.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.    
55:17 05/11/2021
JJRR 81 Going in on Cryptocurrency - CBD on Vechain, Coinbase direct listing, NFTs, Dogecoin - with Dan Borovik
  #danborovik #bitcoin #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Cryptocurrency trading wizard Dan Borovik returns for an update on all things crypto. Listen to JJRR 81 as Dan shares why Crypto Cleveland came to a halt shortly after the 2018 Bitcoin bull run and how he pivoted through the ensuing crypto winter, doubling down on trading, developing his Lotus alert trading algorithm and founding a CBD company employing VeChain. We also touch on Coinbase going public, NFTs, Defi vs Cefi, and Elon Musk's obsession with Dogecoin as Dan's crypto views gain influence. Real Items Company blockchain verification anti-counterfeit labeling for enterprise product serialization 06:24s Flashing back to 2018 Bitcoin bullrun 08:14s Splitting up Crypto Cleveland and discovering algorithms, doubling down on trading 12:35s Lotus alerts -self sustaining now through social media 14:44s Building a CBD company on Vechain, Livecanna 19:03s 2019 scare for vapors getting sick from flavored e-cigs 23:40s Minting Livecanna on VeChain to prevent counterfits 27:03s Working with brands on social media and trading equities  29:22s Coinbase going public – centralization vs decentralization 37:50s Central vs decentralized economies growing  Defi vs Deci 45:31s Stable coins > Fiat currency for money transfer 51:04s Pros and cons of a “Fed Coin” 57:00s Non-fungible tokens: equity in authentication 1:10:03s Elon Musk and Doge Coin 1:14:26s Michael Saylor, Microstrategy and Tesla buying Bitcoin for balance sheets 1:19:06s How a bubble forms 1:23:30s Is Bitcoin slowing down inflation? “It’s gonna co-exist. It’s gonna co-exist centralization and decentralization.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
88:22 04/14/2021
JJRR 80 Impact billionaires - Getting real, not right - Clarity for 2021 - with David Taylor-Klaus
David Taylor-Klaus is an entrepreneur and executive coach who helps clients rewire their thinking and unleash their capacity to become impact billionaires. Listen to JJRR 80 as David describes how hurricane Katrina was the catalyst for him hitting rock bottom and how through his own reinvention went from the "should life" to the "could life". Leaving his tech business behind and pivoting into coaching, David now helps his clients transform their own lives and the lives of others on a grand scale. David’s book Mindset Mondays The Four Agreements 07:49s Impact billionaires, having a positive impact on a billion people 10:23s A coaching approach to raising children 13:34s Unleashing massive contributions through coaching / why have a coach? 17:50s Writing the book you need to read Mindset Mondays with DTK 19:36s Linking personal success to your business and failing hitting rock bottom 21:28s Pulling back from the brink of suicide and reinventing life and business 23:03s Waking up to the storm inside you 24:16s Clarity and cataloging missed opportunities 28:14s Getting into coaching from FOMO and to stay in synch in his relationship 33:17s The explosion of coaching and the screaming need for leadership 37:01s Buyer beware when it comes to coaches or any service provider 39:02s The silicon should be serving the carbon, not the other way around 43:07s Real not right, don’t get caught up trying to do the right thing: make it real 45:45s Recipe for pivot: Read the Four Agreements 48:11s Clarity: Most important to clear your mind for 2021 as things open up “The idea is looking for your impact cascade; doing the work that doesn’t just impact the folks you can touch directly, but cascades to the folks they touch.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
51:49 03/18/2021
JJRR 79 Quarter life crisis to life coach - Kajabi for knowledge based businesses - with Lindsay Hanson
  #linsdayhanson #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #kajabi  Lindsay Hanson is a life and business coach who's committed to serving others while living a life of freedom and doing work she loves. Listen to JJRR 79 as she describes how she knew on day ONE that her corporate career as a CPA would never be fulfilling and how she quit her job to start fitness coaching online without any experience. Pivoting to life coaching within a year, Lindsay is now aligned and thriving helping others unleash their passions and developing their lives and businesses. Lindsay Hanson Inc 07:02s Starting in tax accounting and not enjoying it on day one! 11:31s Having her quarter life crisis a year into her corporate career 13:05s Planning a path as a fitness trainer 17:02s Getting the idea to just start coaching fitness clients online without experience 19:48s Taking time over Thanksgiving and deciding to quit, realizing fear is the only block 23:26s Quitting is not for everyone 25:08s Switching to life coaching after 9 months 28:54s Coaching older clients and being coached by younger coaches 36:04s Hiring a business coach after quitting her job, not needing a website 41:18s The value of using Kajabi for online business, consolidating applications 46:26s Technology being integrated easily into her life, embracing it for business 51:40s Realizing that the easiest and most effective way to make money was being herself 54:15s Quit your job sis podcast, an authentic way to get your message out “It only took me about a year to realize I can’t do this for the next 40 years of my life, or I will never feel fulfilled.” – Lindsay Hanson Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
59:15 02/17/2021
JJRR 78 Researching radical change - Killing sacred cows - German autos going electric - with Dr. Stephan Meyer
  #changemanagement #sacredcow #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Stephan Meyer found his passion for digital transformation early in his corporate consulting career, yet always felt little was known about the radical change businesses now need. Listen to JJRR 78 as Stephan describes how, after recently receiving his PHD in radical organizational change, he's now a bona fide Sacred Cow Exterminator. Change now his mission, Stephan shares his views on whether every organization needs radical change and how to identify it. (NOTE: no animals were harmed in this episode). Start - Stephan Meyer @stephen_meyer on Twitter 05:50s Metaphor of the sacred cow, two kinds of change 09:06s Finding an interdisciplinary Doctorate program in England 13:25s Does every organization need radical change? 18:40s Looking at the Cow Canvas, how do you if you need change? 25:55s Choosing entrepreneurship to evangelize about radical change 27:41 Thomas Kuhn and paradigm shifts 33:14s Electric vehicles and the change challenge for German auto industry 36:45s Impact of Corona crisis, discovering virtual capabilities of business 41:18s Lessons from German railways ticketing shift to internet “I also saw this kind of change I call radical change which is the change where the rules of the game are changing.”  - Dr. Stephan Meyer Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
45:37 02/03/2021
JJRR 77 21 Points of Positivity for 2021 - Priming Guide for Reinvention - JJRR website update - with JimJim
It's 2021 and a hopeful time for the new year! Listen to JJRR 77 as JimJim breaks down his 21 points of positivity for 2021 and drops the release of the new JJRR website and Priming Guide. A first ever digital download for JJRR, JimJim describes what priming is and why he thinks it's the necessary first step for reinvention. Listen to the end for book references and health tips building immune system to fight Covid 19. 01 Thanks for listening, listener reviews! 02 New JJRR website released, thanks Rachel. 03 Priming Guide for Reinvention released, thanks Rachel 04 Thank you MGS Global Group, Architect My Life released 05 This is Temporary, thanks for Elizabeth Pampalone 06 Endurance mindset, thanks to Marie Fill / Adair  07 Billions, Billions, Billions! Thanks Bobby Axelrod 08 Investment coaching, thanks friends 09 DoorDash, need I say may? 10 Sax lessons and Musescore with Steve Kortyka 11 EHM water pitcher, alkaline water 12 FB streams and Fiona’s Den – Ricky Exton 13 DuraFlame logs, the best! 14 New client – reinvention coaching 15 Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance 16 Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza 17 House hunting with Melodie from Progressive Urban 18 Fight Covid 19 with Melatonin by Dr. Richard Hansler 19 Pre / Pro biotics and Vitamin D3 and K2 with Dr Irena 20 First time portfolio goal setting 21 Vornado humidifier for you sinus health “Remember reinvention is better than resolution.” - JimJim Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
38:50 01/07/2021
JJRR 76 Angel investing: the kiss of life - Israel, startup / scaleup nation - Covid impact - with Shelly Hod Moyal
#angelinvestor #telaviv #iangels #jimjimsreinventionrevolution Shelly Hod Moyal is an international finance and investment expert who's bringing Angel investing to the masses. Listen to JJRR 76 as this former investment banker / research analyst describes how she and a partner founded a new type of angel investing platform with direct access to one of the world's hottest tech centers, the startup nation of Israel. Democratizing angel investing, Shelly shares her entrepreneurial journey and the latest trends unleashing value for international investors. 06:36s The kiss of life: Angel Investing 10:34s Israel, the startup / scaleup nation and entrepreneurial culture 14:28s Big tech presence in Tel Aviv 16:34s Qualifying as an accredited investor and why 19:00s Starting to create a vehicle to invest in Israeli high tech companies 22:04s Investor makeup from over 60 countries around the world 24:01s Investing with iAngels through Delaware partnership as US citizen   26:06s iAngels offerings in engr / tech and blockchain / crypto niches 27:38s Shelly’s early career in traditional finance 30:48s Partnering with Mor Assia and the genesis of iAngels 34:41s You don’t know what you don’t know; humbled by entrepreneurship 38:14s Impact of Covid on Angel investing: K recovery, current trends 43:47s Now’s the time for technology investing “It’s now or never. This is the time for technology investments.  We’re living in a time where technology and software is taking over the world.” “Our idea as young entrepreneurs and young investors; we wanted to invest in some of the tech companies in Israel, so we built a vehicle.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
48:07 12/01/2020
JJRR 75 Rediscover your play - Your future is where your fun is - Positive psychology - with Jeff Harry
#jeffharry #discoveryourplay #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #positivepsychology Jeff Harry is a positive psychology coach and play mentor who helps top businesses and entrepreneurs rediscover their play. Listen to JJRR 75 as Jeff shares how he quit the corporate toy world because he wasn't having any fun and dove into building businesses around his passion for play. Now an expert in play / positive psychology, Jeff trains businesses and entrepreneurs how the power of play unleashes creativity and innovation. When's the last time you hit the playground? @jeffharryplays 09:41s Jeff’s Lego bowtie and why he wears it 12:56s Your future is where your fun is and Kevin Carroll 16:06s Creating Rediscover your Play to combine positive psychology and play 18:39s The brain science behind the state of play / flow 26:07s Why don’t adults play / play enough?  148,000 No’s, Getting should on! 29:40s Hanging out in different worlds that challenge the status quo 32:37s Defining play as a joyful act in the moment, not connected to outcomes 34:10s Affluent deadness 40:02s What was the core part of you that gave up to become an adult? 40:46s Jeff’s personal embarrassing story of being cool / wanting to belong vs playing 48:01s Building connection and rapport with play, discovering your own value 50:46s Breaking down reinvention, letting go of 2020 53:53s Getting inspired to play for a living and quitting the toy industry 56:48s Playing with Legos and getting paid to play / STEM 1:00:46s Learning to be in touch with your creativity at a winery 1:04:50s Sending out positivity on social media, embracing connections through tech 1:07:27s Pivoting into online speaking and video content creation “What’s powerful about the quote of ‘Your future is where your fun is’ is whichever organizations or people are having the most fun, they’re the most adaptable.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.  
72:54 11/09/2020
JJRR 74 Create 1 year of marketing in 5 days - This Is Temporary - with Elizabeth Pampalone
Elizabeth Pampalone loves libraries, computers and old people. Following these passions, she's gone from tech geek to marketing maven founding Absolute Marketing. Listen to JJRR 74 as Elizabeth explains how discovering HTML as a teenager at her local library led her down the tech path and how out of necessity she developed her signature marketing system. Evolving her own entrepreneurship skills, Creating 1 year of marketing in 5 days now helps other businesses leverage the scalability of digital. 05:29s The right fit for absolute marketing;  5 marketing solutions in 5 days for 1 year 08:18s Working with established companies 12:46s Day 1: Creating / updating a brand and creating ebook 15:36s Day 2: Creating a new website, info / membership / ecommerce, scalable for growth 19:01s Day 3: Social media – defining target audiences and platforms 22:55s Evergreen content and understanding touches and frequency 26:49s Day 4: Blogging: who needs a blog?  SEO reasons and techniques 31:04s Day 5: Email marketing, not transactional funnels! Funnels for audience lifestyle 36:27s Discovering HTML at the library as a teenager 40:38s Starting out programming access databases and hating cube life 41:30s Getting divorced, moving back, moving to Florida 42:30s Making a job because her mom told her 43:41s Old people, computers and the start of entrepreneurship 46:02s Marketing herself and developing her own marketing systems 48:56s Evolution and reinventing 20 times over the last 15 years 52:34s This is temporary, Elizabeth’s mantra 56:50s Relying on instincts: New stuff is rarely good 01:00:52s Wanting to be Audrey Hepburn “My next urgent thing was to be on more stages… and that’s why I really turned to podcasting.”       Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
65:19 10/26/2020
JJRR 73 Breaking through with breathwork - Nomad to digital nomad - Selina hostel hotels - with Andrea Sofia
#digitalnomad #laptoplifestyle #locationindependent Andrea Sofia Alemany is a former international school teacher who enjoyed nomading around the world yet was somehow unfulfilled. Listen to JJRR 73 as Andrea describes how she discovered her passion teaching breathwork as an entrepreneur and now has embraced the digital nomad lifestyle of location independence. Kicking off her new journey, Andrea was selected to join other digital nomads / influencers for a roadtrip experience to promote Selina's new digital nomad friendly hostels / hotels. 08:25s Nomad vs. expat vs. digital nomad 10:12s Discovering Selina hostel hotels and applying to digital nomad road trip 17:31s Adding her breathwork classes to the Nomad Summit Cancun conference 19:18s How to relax and manage stress and anxiety with your breath 22:11s Repeating a breathing pattern and mantra and processing / releasing emotion 27:01s Andrea’s memory of me releasing during my first breathwork session 31:10s Take caution with breathwork for medical issues 34:04s Yoga teacher training and hating the breathing / mediation part 36:30s The cost of staying the same 40:54s Finding you way to be happy and reinventing yourself 45:17s Breathwork’s effect on meditation 47:55s Setting boundaries around using tech and practicing self-care 52:38s Making decisions, keeping going, learning lessons and getting aligned “It’s about trusting the process, right? And following that inner voice that’s telling you it’s that way…It’s been a scary year, but it’s that way, just keep going.” “Everything changed this year.  That’s the reality… You have to learn to be able to reinvent yourself over and over and over again.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
63:46 09/17/2020
JJRR 72 Food truck first in South Lake Tahoe - Killing it with Kickstarter - with Nick and Eric
Nick and Eric are lifelong friends who are pioneering the food truck scene in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Listen to JJRR 72 as Nick describes how culture / regulations have until recently outlawed food trucks in SLT but now have changed providing opportunity. Kicking off their concept with a Kickstarter, Nick and Eric are now poised to open the first food truck ever in South Lake Tahoe. Crepes and Craft, their creative collaboration, will serve gourmet crepes, grilled cheeses and health focused mocktails. 07:05s Why no food trucks in Lake Tahoe, a national tourist destination? 11:46s The winds of change opening to food trucks vs. fear of outsiders 14:29s Pioneering the first food truck in South Lake Tahoe, rules and regulations 21:46s Choosing to kick off with a $15,000 Kickstarter 25:01s Raising funds, building community and hitting the goal! 27:40s Crepes and Craft (mocktails), the new food truck concept (a baklava crepe, wow!) 33:33s Craft mocktails, healthy ingredients and creative flavors (probiotics, spirulina etc..) 38:51s Small business owner mindset, there are no bad markets.  It’s all about pivoting. 41:03s Targeting September 3 for grand opening at South Lake Brewing Company 45:43s Shoutout to Dropship Lifestyle and Nick’s new yoga certification 49:20s Exploring entrepreneurship / ecommerce 54:30s Eric’s return to cooking professionally 57:30s Shifting dining behavior and leveraging new take out / delivery tech  1:03:31s Urgency to get started, overcoming hurry up and wait and unknowns of Covid 1:07:39s Reinvention is the way of the world right now  1:12:55s Get 50% at Crepes and Craft if you mention JJRR Podcast!! “My Dad was also a small business owner and he always told me that there’s no such thing as a bad market, there’s just different markets.  It’s all about how you look at it.” Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
75:12 08/27/2020
JJRR 71 Top 10 Reinventions for 2020 mid year update - BONUS meditation included - with JimJim
JimJim's top 10 Reinventions for 2020 - mid year update and BONUS meditation.  Listen to JJRR 71 as JimJim reviews his top 10 ways he's reinventing himself this year.  "It's been such a crazy year with the unexpected Covid-19 that I'm checking in on myself.  This episode will grade how I'm doing; if I'm succeeding, failing and need to pivot, or just need to get my butt in gear."  And listen to the end to discover a BONUS meditation JimJim has included for the first time.  Listen and discover. 05:01s 6 month grading myself on top 10 ways I’m reinventing myself in 2020 07:40s 1) Solo Podcast success 08:55s 2) Growing my hair out success, first ponytail! 12:55s 3) Extended / Slow travel success and pivot 16:15 4) Attend a new conference (business, passion, investing) Fail! Need to pivot online. 17:47s 5) Expand new venture / angel investing success 23:46s 6) Generate a new revenue opportunity – mild success and pivot required 26:21s 7) Recording original music success 30:50s 8) Purging – Simplifying Life success with stereo gear and CDs 34:46s 9) Learn more / expand meditation practice – success, pivot, and get my ass in gear! 40:01s 10) Read / Finish more books – what a fail!! Need to get my ass in gear. “Listen to the Universe, Find out who you are. Listen and discover.” – JimJim Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below. Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
58:26 07/30/2020
JJRR 70 Brothers in business - Escaping corporate America - How to Build Assets Online - with Joe & Mike Brusca
Joe and Mike Brusca are brothers in business with a passion for figuring out the online world and designing a lifestyle of their choice. Listen to JJRR 70 as they describe how Joe got started with retail arbitrage using Amazon FBA which led to their first major success creating ebooks for the Kindle platform. Having built many assets online, Joe and Mike are now focused on building community with coaching and online classes to help others prosper while keeping their lifestyle in focus. 07:18s Amazon FBA and flipping stuff on Ebay doing retail arbitrage 10:12s Getting suspended from Kindle Publishing, being forced to diversify 12:22s Effect of Covid on online business models 17:28s Multuple online business models that tie together 20:19s Business model of Kindle publishing, how to produce a new title 22:25s Noticing trends / top genres to develop better conversion rates 25:44s Discovering online business and understanding its scalability 29:18s Being frustrated by the day job and not being in control over your schedule 33:14s Mike’s journey, going to Chiang Mai Thailand early on and its impact 36:05s Equity of building assets online, flipping websites and blogs 38:36s Addressing why to move into coaching and teaching business 44:22s Dealing with the overwhelming technology world step by step 47:22s You need to reinvent yourself to do online business 49:08s Managing your mental energy  “It was just a process of doing different business models and realizing that they’re really scalable.” – Joe Brusca “Online business forces you to work on all aspects of yourself… You need to reinvent yourself coming from the regular conditioning of working a job…” – Mike Busca Enjoy the episode? Share with friends! Subscribe in Apple or Google Podcasts! Thanks to our Sponsor MGS Graphics. Reach out for 15% off with link below.  Now that’s revolutionary! Reinventing graphics support services.
54:40 07/02/2020