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Looking to build an efficient accounting team so you can focus on strategy and business growth? As the role of the CFO changes to include long-term performance-driver, all-knowing technology expert and full-company strategic guide, more and more accounting leaders are left overwhelmed. Join us as we talk to CFOs, Controllers and other industry veterans who share their expertise on how to streamline accounting processes, create established efficiency and move to a data-driven model, allowing you to tackle what matters. CFO Weekly is brought to you by Personiv, a high-quality, people-powered solution to all of your accounting needs. From procure-to-pay and order-to-cash to record-to-report, and from transactional to Controller-level support and more. Personiv goes above and beyond to get results with a team as small as one in our offshore, cost-saving model.


How Modern Technology Solutions Uplevel the Finance and Investment Space with Fraser Armstrong-Watters
Technology has created numerous opportunities for the finance and investment space, some of which include automation, access to data, AI, online investing, and more. It has transformed the finance and investment space, improving efficiency while challenging traditional business models. But more on the topic will be shared today by Fraser Armstrong-Watters. Fraser is the Chief Financial Officer of The Palisades Group, an alternative asset manager in the global residential credit markets that has managed more than twenty-one billion in loans and real estate. His role involves partnering with CEOs to determine their company's corporate and financial goals, objectives, and timelines. Fraser is also on the Advisory Board at The CFO Leadership Council and Texas McCombs School of Business and is a mentor at Techstars. In this episode, we discuss: -How can CFOs balance risk-taking with risk mitigation? -How has technology changed how the Palisades Group approaches to finance and investment management? -What opportunities has technology created for the finance and investment space? -What is the importance of digital assurance and transparency in the finance industry? Presented by Personiv
23:08 3/28/23
A Smarter Way to Manage Your Bookkeeping: Switching to Accounting Automation with Jason Richelson
Automation has been a buzzword in the business world for the past decade. But it's still surprising to see how prevalent manual accounting is, with some companies relying on spreadsheets and paper-based systems to manage their finances. If your business is one of them, do not worry – Jason Richelson will walk you through some of the best automation tools and strategies you can implement to improve your accounting practices. Jason is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bookkeep, an accounting automation platform for independent bookkeepers, accounting firms, and growing businesses. He is also currently the Owner of Simply Wine and was an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2015 Finalist New York Region. Before Bookkeep, Jason was the Founder and Board Member at ShopKeep, Co-Founder of The Greene Grape, and Assistant Trader at Bluefin Trading. In this episode, we discuss: -How does Bookkeep help businesses automate their accounting function? -Revolutionizing the accounting industry -The benefits of automation for small business owners -How does Bookkeep handle sales tax calculations and reporting for businesses operating in multiple states? -Overcoming accounting and sales tax compliance mistakes Presented by Personiv
35:43 3/21/23
Reducing Indirect Spending Through Effective Procurement Management with Matthew Smith
Indirect spending might include everything from office supplies and utilities to marketing and IT services. Managing it is a vital part of the procurement process, as it accounts for a significant share of your company's overall spending. Though it sounds simple, managing indirect spend and procurement processes is challenging. That is why we asked for help from Matthew Smith, Executive Vice President and CFO of Fine Tune. Matt has over twenty years of extensive executive experience outside of Fine Tune as CFO of Soteria Imaging Services, Executive Vice President and CFO at Cobalt Ventures & Blue, and Executive Vice President at indiGO Auto Group. During those years, Matt was instrumental in helping these companies grow from promising startups to successful businesses. In this episode, we discuss: -Why should CFOs care about the "good contract bad deal" phenomenon? -How do collaboration and communication between procurement, finance, and other departments play a role in achieving true expense management? -What role do software, data, and analytics play in decision-making and optimizing procurement processes? -What does the future of procurement look like? Presented by Personiv
26:34 3/14/23
Enhancing Business Efficiency and Competitiveness in the Constant-Changing Finance World with Anupam Satyasheel
"The only constant thing is change" is a familiar adage, and the pandemic has exemplified this statement. Businesses worldwide have faced devastating impacts due to the pandemic, leading many companies to make significant operational changes to survive. However, even now, many businesses continue to struggle to remain afloat. As we transition into a post-COVID world, you should explore ways to enhance efficiency and maintain competitiveness. To help us in this pursuit, we discussed with Anupam Satyasheel, the Founder and CEO of Occams Advisory. Anupam has twenty years of international experience in entrepreneurship, financial and risk management, M&As, due diligence, operational efficiency, and creating and implementing strategic structures and roadmaps. Besides Occams Advisory, he is also the Co-Founder of Child Literacy, EquiPay, and eCheck.Money and the Head Of Operations at Vitruvia Consulting Corporation. In this episode, we discuss: -Redefining advisory services for SMBs -Why do most clients of Occams Advisory are under the billion dollars mark? -What is the difference between owner-operated versus professional management companies? -Staying on top of the industry trends and developments -How will the finance world change ten to fifteen years from now? Presented by Personiv
50:43 3/7/23
Financial Decision-Making Frameworks for High-Growth Businesses with Emil Vasilev
Finance leaders often face a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing risk and making informed financial decisions in high-growth businesses. With the potential for rapid expansion, they must be able to identify the winning strategies to maximize their chances of success. To learn the art of effective risk management and informed financial decisions, we invited Emil Vasilev. Emil is the VP of Finance at Hero, a digital in-home healthcare company that helps members manage their daily medication needs. Prior to that, he held several financial roles at companies such as Total Brain,, Corsair, and Barclays Capital. Emil also sits on the board of SKY Schools USA and is a meditation instructor for The Art of Living. In this episode, we discuss: -How can finance professionals effectively manage risks and make informed decisions? -Balancing the necessary risk in a startup environment with the controls finance needs to succeed -What is the role of self-reflection and continuous improvement in achieving peak finance performance? -How can you adapt and evolve strategies as your company grows to stay relevant? -Fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and collaboration within your team -Ensuring the company has the right resources and personnel to effectively manage finance Presented by Personiv
41:28 2/28/23
Top Skills and Strategies for Standing Out in Finance with Stephen Newland
Winning at the finance game requires a specific set of skills. It's not just about financial literacy or accounting; soft skills are equally important. You might wonder what these skills are and how to learn them, but don't worry. Stephen Newland, Director of FP&A at GrowthLab Finance-as-a-Service, got you covered. Stephen has worked in a finance role at various organizations, including startups, early-stage companies, nonprofits, and Fortune 500s. He earned the Certified Management Accountant designation in July 2022 and has an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Cincinnati. Before GrowthLab, Stephen held finance roles in organizations like Gravy, Qoins, North Point Community Church, Buckhead Church, Delta Air Lines, and GE. In this episode, we discuss: -How does GrowthLab help businesses optimize their finances for growth? -The importance of learning from mistakes -What skills are essential in helping finance professionals stand out and advance more quickly within their organizations? -How can finance professionals develop soft skills early on? -How can you build relationships and win over the trust of leadership? -Creating a plan for personal growth Presented by Personiv
34:38 2/21/23
Transforming the Four FP&A Key Pillars for Business Success with Carl Seidman
In this episode of CFO Weekly, Carl Seidman, Interim CFO and Finance Director at Seidman Financial joins Megan Weis to discuss the importance of integrating finance into the overall business and operations, how to transform your FP&A, and the four pillars of success for companies. He also shares his approach to helping companies develop financial professionals into more powerful performers and build FP&A functions so that financial intelligence drives organizational success. Carl is a trusted business advisor specializing in FP&A, business strategy, and finance transformation. He advises Fortune 500 and middle market companies, helping establish effective FP&A practices, processes, and teams. At the same time, Carl supports financial professionals, positioning them for greater control over their careers by helping build their confidence while eliminating time-wasting activities and mistakes. He is also an Adjunct Faculty Member of the American Management Association and a Senior FP&A Instructor at Wall Street Prep. In this episode, we discuss: -What does transforming FP&A look like? -What are the four key pillars of FP&A? -What's the difference between the FP&A function in small versus large organizations? -Why is there a need for FP&A professionals to be entrenched in other business functions' operations? -How does technology make finance a seamless part of a company's operations? -How can finance leaders promote financial responsibility and accountability cultures? Presented by Personiv
47:31 2/14/23
How CFOs Can Master Change and Build the Future with Heidi Crane
If you've been following CFO Weekly for some time, you've probably noticed that some of the most popular words we encounter during our conversations are: change, adaptability, and agility. That's the new reality of finance, and the most successful finance professionals are the ones who can adapt to an ever-changing business world. And to help you thrive in this new reality, we speak to the best finance leaders, like Heidi Crane. Heidi has extensive experience in financial planning, strategy, and fundraising; she has over fifteen years of experience in various consumer product companies in beauty, fashion, travel, and fitness. Currently, she serves as the CFO at FightCamp, a fast-growing connected fitness company delivering at-home boxing fitness. Before FightCamp, Heidi held several financial roles at companies like BH Cosmetics, Surf Air, TechStyle Fashion Group, Leiner Health Products, 99 Cents Only Stores, Netsmart, and Diageo. In this episode, we discuss: -What is FightCamp? -Investing for immediate return and cash flow management -Similarities and differences in the role of a finance leader across various industries -How can modern CFOs thrive in an ever-changing marketplace? -Working in entrepreneurial startups versus large corporations -How can CFOs create successful company cultures? Presented by Personiv
39:56 2/7/23
From NBA to Tech-Enabled Mental Health Services with Zac Makin
Finance professionals should only focus on profit, budget, and ROI. That's what most of them think. Undoubtedly, a CFO should be good at everything related to numbers. But the role goes beyond that, and the most successful CFOs are the ones who manifest empathy, can build strong finance teams, and take on strategic business decisions. To learn more about the CFO role in the modern business environment, we invited Zac Makin. Zac is an experienced finance manager with a demonstrated history of working in the tech and sports industries. He is the CFO at eLuma, the premier provider of live, online therapy services and software solutions for K-12 and special education. Before eLuma, Zac was the VP of FP&A at Degreed, Senior Director of Finance at Utah Jazz, and Controller at MasteryConnect, Curve Dental Software, BackOps, and Wavelink. In this episode, we discuss: -The CFO versus VP of FP&A role -Tech-enabled services for mental health -Navigating turbulent times as a finance professional -The role of a modern CFO -How does the CFO role contribute to a company's culture and values? -How can CFOs ensure that they contribute to defining a company's strategy? Presented by Personiv
40:32 1/31/23
How Technology Influences the Modern CFO with Dan Fletcher
The role of the contemporary Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is one of the most important functions in any organization. In today's ever-changing business environment, CFOs need to possess a unique set of skills and abilities that will enable them to effectively lead their organizations through times of uncertainty. For that reason, Dan Fletcher joins the show to share what these skills are. Dan is the CFO of Planful, an FP&A platform that empowers businesses to plan confidently, close faster, and report accurately. He is a C-suite executive investor and board member with deep experience in high-growth SaaS companies. Dan also serves as an Advisory Board Member at Gappify and is a Certified Public Accountant. In this episode, we discuss: -Relationship building and perseverance for career pivots -The FP&A platform for continuous planning -The role of technology for CFOs -What makes a great CFO? -What makes a good independent director? Presented by Personiv
40:42 1/24/23
The Role of a CFO in a Construction Company with Samantha Cook
There are plenty of non-traditional paths that CFOs have taken to get where they are today. We’ve spoken with financial leaders who came from marketing, sales, and even psychology. Today, we dive into a story shared by Samantha Cook, who started as an architect and became a CFO in the construction industry. Samantha is the CFO of Brinkmann Constructors and the President and Founder of Third Entity Group, a private consulting firm focused on delivering strategic business, finance, technology, and supply chain direction to SMBs. Before Brinkmann, she held several roles in finance and operations leadership at companies like Clayco, Brown Smith Wallace, and Escala. Samantha was named a 2019 influential woman in real estate by the REJournals and won the 2019 Inclusion Award from SLCCC. In this episode, we discuss: -Construction and finance -What should first-time CFOs focus on when taking the role? -CFO versus Senior Director of Finance -Supporting SMBs -The CFO role in the construction industry Presented by Personiv
42:25 1/17/23
Preparing the Next Generation of Finance Leaders with Wassia Kamon
Becoming a successful finance leader requires a good balance of soft and technical skills. Besides accounting and FP&A, you need to learn how to leverage branding strategies, talent acquisition, relationship building and networking. Even the best learners need guidance to advance their careers in the right direction, so we invited Wassia Kamon onto the podcast to mentor you on that journey. Wassia is the VP of Finance and Accounting at ACM Chemistries. Before this role, she accumulated thirteen-plus years working for international manufacturing companies in various accounting and FP&A leadership roles. Wassia also serves as a Board Member and Treasurer of H.O.P.E, a nonprofit organization that helps low-income single parents obtain college degrees and become financially independent. In 2022 she was selected as one of 40 Under 40 Accounting Professionals by CPA Practice Advisor. In this episode, we discuss: -How can you leverage soft skills for career success? -Leadership skills finance executives should master -How do you ensure that you're hiring the right people? -Mentoring entrepreneurs -Building relationships to advance your career Presented by Personiv
28:57 1/10/23
Training FP&A Skills to Finance Teams and Business Leaders with Christian Wattig
Learning FP&A is difficult, especially if you try to master it yourself. Ideally, you need skillful and experienced mentors to guide you along the journey. But finding great mentors who can teach you the science behind FP&A is a challenge. Luckily, we found one. His name is Christian Wattig. Christian is an FP&A leader with twelve-plus years of experience in multinational consumer goods companies and fast-growing tech startups. He is the Head of FP&A Training at Datarails and teaches FP&A skills to finance teams and business leaders via his live online course, FP&A Bootcamp. Christian is also the Founder of FP&A Prep and was previously Financial Planning and Analysis Lead at Squarespace, Senior Finance Manager of FP&A at Unilever, and FP&A Financial Analyst at Procter & Gamble. In this episode, we discuss: -What is FP&A Bootcamp? -How to enhance and automate FP&A processes -FP&A essential skills -What makes a great CFO? -How can CFOs ensure they have a seat at the table when big strategic decisions are made? -Building trust with cross-functional teams Presented by Personiv
36:00 1/3/23
What Makes a Great CFO with Chris Ortega
As CFO, you are responsible for managing the organization's financial operations. You’ve got to be able to develop and implement strategies that will help your company achieve its financial goals. You might think your only role is dealing with the numbers, but that’s far from the truth. For Chris Ortega, the role of a modern CFO expands beyond finance and accounting. He joins Megan to share what makes a great finance leader. Chris is the CEO of Fresh FP&A, a consultancy organization focused on finance transformation and scale solutions for businesses. He is a dynamic and empathetic financial leader with extensive experience in finance, accounting, FP&A, strategic planning and financial leadership. Before starting Fresh FP&A, Chris was the VP of Finance at Unsupervised and Emarsys, FP&A Manager at WebLink International, Senior Financial Analyst at Covance, Accounting Manager at ChaCha and Senior Auditor at Ernst & Young. In this episode, we discuss: -A fresh perspective on FP&A -Understanding financial transformation -The six key pillars of financial transformation -How can finance play a part in the decision-making process? -The benefits of getting a fractional CFO on board -What makes a great financial leader? -Tactical mistakes CFOs should be aware of Presented by Personiv
36:57 12/27/22
The Benefits of a Fractional CFO for Women-Owned Businesses with Kathy Svetina
Business owners often struggle to understand their finances. But what if someone could help them understand and give advice tailored specifically to their needs? Kathy Svetina knows the importance of financial data and has seen firsthand how it can make or break a company. She joins Megan Weis to discuss the benefits of fractional CFO services for women-owned businesses and gives advice on making great financial decisions. Kathy has nearly twenty years of experience in senior-level financial planning and analysis for Fortune 500 companies. She started NewCastle Finance to offer those same powerful financial insights to small businesses and help female business owners make financial decisions that result in healthy, sustainable, and thriving companies. Some of her previous roles include Finance Lead of Consumer Banking, Student Loans at Discover Financial Services, Finance (FP&A) - Global Shared Services at Wolters Kluwer, and Financial Analyst at Aon. In this episode, we discuss: -Finances for women-owned businesses -The benefits of a fractional CFO for businesses -Fractional versus full-time CFOs -Advice for small business owners looking for a fractional CFO -Women-owned business challenges -Insights into finance leadership in global corporations versus early-stage high-growth companies Presented by Personiv
28:46 12/20/22
Exploring the CFO Trifecta: Finance, Strategy, and Leadership with Kapil Mehta
The CFO role has evolved dramatically over the last twenty years. It's no longer just about finance, accounting, and FP&A, modern CFOs are also strategic partners with decision-making responsibilities. To get a deep understanding of what the profile of a modern CFO looks like, we invited on Kapil Mehta, the CFO and COO of Allied Digital Services. Kapil talks to us about cybersecurity risks, education for CFOs, and the challenges of managing a large team. Kapil is a certified Chartered Accountant in India, and achieved his CPA, CGMA, and MBA from the United States. Before joining Allied Digital, he worked in the pharmaceuticals, textile, manufacturing and hospitality industries. Kapil has over twenty-five years of experience in business finance, corporate governance, strategic matters, M&A, risk management, measurement and operations, and is passionate about adapting the latest technologies to generate business efficiencies. In this episode, we discuss: -How to combine and manage finance, strategy, and leadership roles -How has the CFO role evolved over time? -Transitioning from finance to operations and strategy roles -Financial leadership in various industries -The importance of prioritizing cybersecurity -Managing a large team to develop a culture for success -Cash flow and accounting for business growth opportunities Presented by Personiv
42:58 12/13/22
The Evolving Role of CFOs and Negotiating Market Volatility with Misha Mikhaylov
The role of a CFO is evolving to include an operational focus as an increasing number of CFOs are crossing over to COO roles. This trend is gaining traction in the startup space, where CFOs, especially those with cross-functional exposure, are at the CEOs right-hand. They are skilled at funding the company vision while driving fiscal prudence in a landscape of business volatility. Misha is the CFO and Board Director at Strive, a SaaS startup in the sports and fitness space. He has been instrumental in building and guiding the team at Strive. Misha followed his passion for health and fitness when he moved to Strive from his role as COO at Union Square Park Capital Management. He is a qualified CFA with a bachelor's degree in Finance and Investment from Baruch College. In this episode, we discuss the following: -Follow your passion - pivoting from a large investment fund to a SaaS startup -Funding strategies for startups -CFO role evolution - CFO and COO can be two faces of the same coin -Building high-performing teams -Challenges for 2023 Presented by Personiv
27:32 12/6/22
How On-Demand Payroll Can Upgrade Your Business with Brian Radin
As the business world is changing ever faster, you have to stay ahead of the game or suddenly you’ll wake up at the back of the pack. Companies that can't adapt lose both money and their best people,and without good people, businesses fail. Brian Radin proposes a clever solution for you to innovate, keep pace with the change, and retain your best talent. It might not sound that juicy, but it focuses on your payroll. Brian is the President of Comdata Prepaid/Payroll at FLEETCOR. In his career, he has proven success with market leaders and startups across software, business services, human capital management, and finance. Brian has been recognized for identifying and securing key partners and sales channels, raising capital, building strategic C-level relationships with the investment community, and developing highly-engaged leadership teams that have increased revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction. He is also a Board Observer at Instant Financial and Advisor at Runway Venture Partners. In this episode, we discuss: -How can you innovate your payroll process? -What is a pay card and how is it more financially inclusive? -How does on-demand payroll work? -How might on-demand pay help you attract and retain talent? Presented by Personiv
47:14 11/29/22
Unmasking the Experience of a Healthcare CFO with Mike Grover
Healthcare is a capital-intensive industry that takes more money to operate and grow than other industries. With that in mind, you’d assume that financial leaders in healthcare have a hard time managing all of the financial operations, teams, and responsibilities involved. Interested? We invited Mike Grover to come and either confirm or debunk these perceptions for us. Mike is the Chief Financial Officer at Greater Good Health, a company looking to expand primary care access and build a new system that supports the needs of both nurse practitioners and patients. He has over a decade of progressive finance experience, including six years working with risk-bearing primary care groups at DaVita Medical Group and Optum. Mike also has deep expertise in value-based payment mechanisms and partnership models. In this episode, we discuss: -Empowering nurse practitioners -What is a risk-bearing provider? -The four roles of a healthcare CFO -What healthcare CFOs should focus on -Value-based versus traditional care Presented by Personiv
32:32 11/22/22
How Great Sales and Marketing Can Level Up Your Accounting Business with Tyler Clark
An accounting firm deals with the client's numbers only, right? So reaching new clients and retaining them shouldn't be that much of a problem. After all, they need your services to keep everything in order. Though that’s partially true, even in the accounting space, the competition is high, and you need to cut through the noise and get in front of your dream customers to succeed. Funnily enough, Tyler Clark believes accounting businesses can do just that with the help of a well-established sales and marketing strategy. Tyler Clark is the Co-Founder of DreamFirms, a company that works with entrepreneurial accountants to build the accounting firms of their dreams. After working with thousands of accountants, Tyler knows what works and what doesn’t in today's fast-paced digital age. Before DreamFirms, Tyler was the Co-Founder of America’s Choice Bookkeeping, and Tax and Digital Marketing Strategist at New Clients Incorporated. In this episode, we discuss: -The first-ever marketing and sales consulting firm for accounting professionals -How DreamFirms help accounting firms build their dream businesses -Traditional versus modern marketing methods -How to ensure the timing is right for your marketing strategy -What good content looks like in the accounting space Presented by Personiv
35:41 11/15/22
The Art and Science of Sourcing and Procurement in 2022 with David Pennino
How much do you spend on marketing, IT, distribution, logistics, and corporate services? If you're a consumer packaged goods company, a retailer, or an e-tailer, it's probably about twenty percent of revenue. For a one-billion-dollar business, that means 200 million dollars, which is a lot. But David Pennino states that you should be able to save between five and fourteen percent on that by doing sourcing and procurement efficiently. David is the Founder, CEO, and Director of LogicSource, a business consulting and services company that focuses exclusively on the sourcing and procurement of indirect expenditures. He has spent the last twenty years advising and helping companies buy better. David’s experience includes a mix of early-stage and established businesses. Before LogicSource, he held senior and executive leadership roles at Williams Lea, Gartner, and Scient. In this episode, we discuss: -What is LogicSource -How organizations can buy better -Reinventing sourcing and procurement -The advantage of doing sourcing and procurement well -How companies can buy better in 2022 -The value of indirect procurement to a CEO and CFO -Misconceptions about procurement Presented by Personiv
32:43 11/8/22
The Role of CFO and Storytelling in Managing High-Growth Businesses with Matt Wolf
Working across the entire organization and collaborating effectively with other teams represents a leading factor in the evolution of the CFO. But that’s just one aspect of a CFO’s job. There is so much more to being a great CFO, like being able to tell the company’s story in a compelling way to investors, managing finance teams, ensuring successful M&As, and so much more. So let's dive in and see what it takes to nail each of these functions with our guest, Matt Wolf. As the CFO of ChartHop, Matt spearheads communicating the company's story in a compelling way to investors and the broader market. Before ChartHop, he served as the CFO at Roadster, where he gained experience leading financial services, implementing effective fundraising, and guiding operational improvement. In this episode, we discuss: -How can CFOs manage high-growing organizations? -What is the key to being able to tell a company story in a compelling way to investors in the broader market? -How can CFOs ensure a successful acquisition integration? -How can you maintain the entrepreneurial spirit while still managing risks? -What is the key to cultivating an environment that ensures employees have the right resources to succeed, particularly remotely? Presented by Personiv
31:56 11/1/22
Why a High-Growth Company Needs a Top-Class CFO with Valerie Bauer Gore
Valerie Bauer Gore of Loop thinks that a modern CFO's responsibilities differentiate from those of ten or twenty years ago. Would you agree with her? Let's see what Valerie has to say on the topic and understand what makes a great CFO today. In this episode, we discuss: -Maintaining a company's culture remotely -Growing profits through returns -The role of a modern CFO Presented by Personiv
23:50 10/25/22
The Role of a CFO and ESG in the Public Sector with Hughey Newsome
What does the role of a CFO look like in the public sector? We asked ourselves the same question. To find the answer, Hughey Newsome, the Chief Financial Officer at Wayne County Michigan, joins Megan Weis to share the benefits and challenges associated with working for a governmental entity and the importance of emerging ESG initiatives in this space. In this episode, we discuss: -Government CFO responsibilities and challenges -What makes the government CFO role unique -Why is ESG important for a CFO? Presented by Personiv
55:59 10/18/22
How to Prepare Your Business for Growth and Success with Tony Tiscornia
If there's one thing we know for sure about where the economy is headed, it's that we don't know. The current uncertainty level and macroeconomic challenges are too high to make any accurate predictions. But that doesn't have to stop your plans. If you are on the way to growing your business, do it. And Tony Tiscornia, the Chief Financial Officer at Coupa Software, will share what you need to be fully prepared for that. In this episode, we discuss: -What makes a successful IPO -Navigating through macroeconomic storms -The importance of unifying systems -What an effective finance team looks like Presented by Personiv
40:04 10/11/22
The Holy Grail of Growth with Chad Gold
As amazing as it might sound some companies do find the Holy Grail of growth! In doing so their sales and revenues increase by astonishing numbers. But growth is just the beginning, the real challenge is sustaining it and managing it successfully. Chad Gold, the Chief Financial Officer at Salesloft, shares his strategies and wisdom on how CFOs can manage fast-growing companies. In this episode, we discuss: -What factors make a business grow fast? -What is the key to managing fast-growing companies successfully? -Why should CFOs build cross-functional partnerships with all business teams? -How to establish and manage the right processes in a high-growing company? -What are the main functions of finance? Presented by Personiv
36:27 10/4/22
From Teaching to Finance: An Unconventional CFO Journey with Amy Huerta
Many CFOs these days come from fields unrelated to finance and accounting. You may encounter former marketers, salespeople, and even psychologists or teachers. Their unconventional paths grab lots of attention, and people want to know how they succeed. After all, if it worked for them, it might work for you too. For that reason, we invited Amy Huerta, a former teacher who became the CFO at Amherst H. Wilder Foundation. In this episode of CFO Weekly, Amy joins Megan Weis to discuss the benefits and challenges of taking what could be considered an unconventional route to the role of the CFO. In this episode, we discuss: -Amy’s path from teaching to finance -What is compassionate grit? -How to manage cross-functional teams effectively? Advice for future CFOs coming from unconventional backgrounds Presented by Personiv
45:39 9/27/22
Why Credit Unions Should Benefit and Drive Communities with Steve Arbaugh
We are thrilled to welcome Steve Arbaugh, Senior VP of Finance and Chief Financial Officer at SECU Maryland, on to the podcast. Before joining SECU, Steve spent thirty years in commercial banking, developing leadership skills in various financial sectors. In this episode of CFO Weekly, Steve joins Megan Weis to discuss challenges associated with working for a credit union and the importance of making a positive impact on the community. In this episode, we discuss: -The differences between a credit union and a commercial bank -Digitalization of the financial sector -Why it’s more beneficial to invest in retaining an employee than hiring a new one -Why it is absolutely vital for businesses to have good relations with their communities Presented by Personiv
50:05 9/20/22
Winning Practices for CFOs Leading M&A Transactions and the Role of ESG for Modern Businesses with Simone Grimes
Mergers and Acquisitions are some of the best strategies companies employ to scale or diversify their businesses. M&As can take various forms, sizes, shapes, and goals. Regarding the planning and managing sides of an M&A, CFOs are responsible for leading efforts toward a successful deal. So how can you ensure that will happen? Simone Grimes, Chief Financial Officer at Acadia Insurance, joins the next episode of the CFO Weekly podcast to discuss challenges associated with M&A integration, how CFOs can manage businesses across multiple M&A stages, and the importance of ESG initiatives. In this episode, we discuss:: -What role do CFOs play in an M&A? -Post-acquisition integration challenges -How should CFOs prepare themselves for M&As? -How should businesses square the cost-benefit equation of ESG? Presented by Personiv
40:01 9/13/22
How Can CFOs Support Business Growth Through an M&A with Charles Freund
As challenging as it sounds, M&As bring significant opportunities that most companies never have the chance to experience. CFOs have substantial responsibilities in leading successful acquisition and integration processes. To better prepare for a potential M&A, Charles Freund, Chief Financial Officer at FLEETCOR, joins the next episode of the CFO Weekly podcast. He shares the challenges and benefits of an M&A growth strategy and the importance of ESG initiatives. In this episode, we discuss: -Why should CFOs work close to HR -International growth strategies -The science behind M&As -How to lead a successful integration process Presented by Personiv
41:56 9/6/22