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"Untold Radio AM covers, Interesting new science, genomic studies, odd wildlife research, strange disappearances, cryptids, mysteries, life after death, interesting celebrities, UFOs and other unexplained events and occurrences plus whatever topic we feel is UNTOLD.


Sasquatch & Bigfoot Boulder Attack ─ You Won't Believe It! 125:52 05/19/2022
Crystal Skulls & Human Heads ─ The Mystical History of Glass and the Extinction of the World ─ Ft: Author Mark Olly 120:36 05/16/2022
What Secrets Has This Man Uncovered About The Universe? Ft: Best Selling Author Paul Wallis 72:02 05/12/2022
This Man's SHADOW PEOPLE stories are INSANE! Ft: Ancient Aliens Presenter Mike Ricksecker 122:20 05/06/2022
Untold Radio AM: What Can This Historian Teach You About the Paranormal? Ft: Historian Charles Kader 119:34 04/28/2022
Untold Radio AM: What is the Bigfoot Mapping Project? Ft: Scott Tompkins 120:56 04/21/2022
Untold Radio AM: What Can This Pterosaur Eyewitness Teach You About the Paranormal? 123:40 04/14/2022
Untold Radio AM: What Can This Biologist Teach You About the Sasquatch Mystery? 123:15 04/07/2022
Untold Radio AM: Matt Pruitt – What Does This Bigfoot Field Researcher Know About Sasquatch? 123:35 03/31/2022
Untold Radio AM: Levi Machovec – Author of The Sasquatch Paradox_ The Scientific Defiance to the Recognition of Relic 120:51 03/24/2022
Untold Radio AM: Todd Neiss – Bigfoot Investigator for Over 27 Years and Beechfoot Founder 115:18 03/21/2022
Untold Radio AM: Brian King-Sharp – Host of Sasquatch Odyssey 119:38 03/10/2022
Untold Radio AM: Jay Vernon – Author of Adams County Bigfoot - Friend or Beast? 117:07 03/03/2022
Untold Radio AM: Kevin Randle - Levelland UFO Incident 118:57 02/24/2022
Untold Radio AM Peter Robbins – Anomalous UFO Investigative Writer, Author, and Lecturer 120:21 02/17/2022
Untold Radio AM MG Stephens – Author, Neurodivergent Medium, and Empath 122:02 02/10/2022
Untold Radio AM Josh Wolf Turner – Podcaster of the Popular Paranormal Round Table Podcast 104:24 02/03/2022
Untold Radio AM Tony Gerard – Naturalist and Biologist Who Is a Famed Crypto Creature Field Hunter 120:30 01/27/2022
Untold Radio AM Tim Halloran – Author of the Upcoming Book - The Bigfoot Influencers 120:11 01/20/2022
Untold Radio AM Jeff Meldrum – Author of Legend Meets Science and Professor of Anatomy & Anthropology 120:43 01/13/2022
Untold Radio AM Mike Clelland – Discusses a Connection of Owls as Messengers and the UFO Abduction Phenomena 121:02 01/06/2022
Untold Radio AM Ryan Musgrave-Evans – Author of Children of Orion Finding the Cryptoterrestrials 121:51 12/30/2021
Untold Radio AM Bruce Maccabee – Legendary UFO Researcher and Navy Physicist 121:34 12/23/2021
Untold Radio AM Dale Boswell – Bigfoot Researcher and Country Singer Whose Worked With Big Stars 121:46 12/16/2021
Untold Radio AM Richard Freeman – Monster Hunter, Author, Cryptozoologist Discusses Strange Creature Sightings 120:10 12/09/2021
Untold Radio Dr. Bob Wenzel Gross – Skilled Research Scientist Who Discusses UFOs and Other Anomalous Phenomena 122:27 12/02/2021
Untold Radio AM Tobe Johnson – Author of the Owl Moon Lab Experiment and Paranormal Researcher 118:48 11/18/2021
Untold Radio AM Paul Wallis – Uncovering the World's Mythologies for Their Insights 123:47 11/11/2021
Untold Radio AM More paranormal fun with Mr. David Weatherly 128:21 11/04/2021
Untold Radio AM Dave Emmons, UFO / ET Experiencer With a Past Military Background and Top Secret Clearance 120:59 10/28/2021