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JusMusic is a podcast that invites artists, music lovers, and fans of entertainment to engage in virtual and in-person discussions about the art of music, the music industry, and other subtopics.


Ep 62: Is 2022 a mid year for albums?
The JusMusic Podcast discuss and review 3 albums from this year. The albums reviewed are: "Funk Waves Vol.2". by Calvin Harris,"RENAISSANCE" by Beyoncé , and "Gemini Rights" by Steve Lacey.Listen on all platforms!IG: @jusmusicpodcastjusmusicpodcast.comSupport the show
34:43 10/04/2022
Ep 61: Interview with Mike L!ve
The JusMusic Podcast interviews rapper, producer and entrepreneur, Mike L!ve! Topics discussed include Mike L!ve's career, upcoming shows and the state of hip-hop.Follow Mike L!ve on IG: @mikelivelihoodFollow JusMusic Podcast on IG: @jusmusicpodcastTix to Mike L!ve's next show: on*This episode was recorded September 24th, 2022*Support the show
55:47 09/26/2022
Ep 60: Interview with DJ Soto
The JusMusic Podcast interviewed James Soto, aka DJ Soto, he's the entertainment director at Trio and resident DJ.  Topics include his beginnings, opening for big named DJs and relationship with Trio.Follow DJ Soto on IG: @dj_soto_Follow JusMusic Podcast on IG: @jusmusicpodcastCheck out our website: jusmusicpodcast.comAvailable on all streaming platforms*This episode was recorded September 14th, 2022*Support the show
46:52 09/19/2022
Ep 59: Shades of You (feat. Kayshawn)
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes back singer/songwriter Kayshawn to talk about his new EP!Stream Shades of You! Available on all music platforms!'s IG: @kayshawnmccoyJusMusic IG:*This episode was recorded on September 7th, 2022*Support the show
54:03 09/12/2022
Ep 58: Interview with DJ Scrib
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes DJ Scrib! Topics include Scrib's DJ career, interest in music and other topics.Follow DJ Scrib on Instagram: @djscrib06Check out his website: JusMusic on Instagram: @jusmusicpodcast This episode is the finale of season 5. We will be back for a new season of episodes in September! (2 Year Anniversary of JusMusic)*This episode was recorded July 20th, 2022*Support the show
91:48 08/01/2022
Ep 57: Interview with Strawberry Squad (feat. JerryFeelsGood & Currysauce)
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes the Strawberry Squad co-founders JerryFeelsGood and Currysauce. The podcast discusses both of the DJ's origins and musical production career as well as other topicsFollow on IG: @strawberrysquadchs @jerryfeelsgood @currysauceofficialListen to this episode via our website*This episode was recorded July 18th, 2022*Support the show
54:32 07/25/2022
Ep 56: Interview with Disco Teepee
The JusMusic podcast welcomes Meggie Hulsey, the founder of Disco Teepee Media. The group discusses her brand, other projects she's working on and exchanging music.Follow Disco Teepee on IG: @discoteepeeCheck out our website:*This episode was recorded June 29th, 2022*Support the show
67:48 07/04/2022
Ep 55: Interview with DJ Dollamenu
The JusMusic Podcast talks with DJ Dollamenu about his career in music and djing. Dollamenu goes onto explain how he became a Bud Light artist, wild crowd interactions and avoiding burnout.Follow DJ Dollamenu on IG: @djdollamenuFollow JusMusic on IG: @jusmusicpodcastCheck out our website!*This episode was recorded June 22nd, 2022*Support the show
61:02 06/27/2022
Ep 54: Interview with Holy City Sinner
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes Christian Senger, the founder behind Holy City Sinner, the most popular blog in Charleston. Follow on IG: @holycitysinnerCheck out Holy City Sinner's website: www.holycitysinner.comCheck out JusMusic's website:*This episode was recorded June 15th, 2022*Support the show
57:39 06/20/2022
Ep 53: The Free Chamber Concert
The JusMusic Podcast discusses their music pie chart trend via Spotify.  Jailan talks about how he got free Spoleto chamber music concert tickets. Marco discusses his take on the new Jack Harlow album.*This episode was recorded June 7th, 2022*Follow on IG @jusmusicpodcastSupport the show
57:36 06/13/2022
Ep 52: Interview with Caroline Miller
The JusMusic Podcast interviews singer/songwriter Caroline Miller.Follow Caroline on Instagram @___carolinemiller___Follow JusMusic on Instagram @Jusmusicpodcast*This episode was recorded June 2nd, 2022*Support the show
32:20 06/06/2022
Ep 51: Major Bag Alert for Justin Timberlake
The JusMusic Podcast discusses Justin Timberlake selling his music catalogue as well as other pop stars. Later in the episode, Marco shares how CLB has aged for him.*This episode was recorded June 1st, 2022*Follow the JusMusic Podcast @JusMusicPodcastSupport the show
36:54 06/03/2022
Ep 50: Return of King Kendrick!
 The JusMusic Podcast gives their takes on the new Kendrick Lamar album, Mr.Morale and The Big Steppers .*This episode was recorded May 22nd, 2022*Support the show
65:54 05/23/2022
Ep 49: Interview with KRich
The Jus Music Podcast interviews artist, producer and musician, Krich!Follow his Instagram @krichiam*This episode was recorded May 4th, 2022*Support the show
51:08 05/09/2022
Ep 48: Interview with Lafaye
The JusMusic podcast interviews singer/songwriter and popular performer in the Lowcountry, Lafaye.Follow her on Instagram @lafayesingsIf you didn’t catch Ep 47, subscribe to our YouTube Channel @JusMusic Channel to watch the episode!*This episode was recorded April 27th, 2022*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
49:29 05/02/2022
Ep 46: Marijuana Music
The JusMusic Podcast discusses albums and songs to enhance the 4/20 experience.*This episode was recorded April 13th, 2022*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
47:26 04/18/2022
Ep 45: Interview with Koz Films
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes Jake Kozmor, founder of Koz Films, a film/video company based in Charleston. Topics discussed include music and video as well as copyrights.Follow Koz Films on Instagram @kozfilms*This episode was recorded  April 6th, 2022*Support the show
46:39 04/11/2022
Ep 44: The DRAKE DEBATE with Weight of the 8
The JusMusic Podcast discusses Drake's discography with Weight of the 8. We’ll be taking a break from episodes the rest of this month but we’ll be back April 11th with a new season!*This episode was recorded March 9th, 2022*Support the show
68:12 03/21/2022
Ep 43: Interview with Weightofthe8
The Jusmusic Podcast welcomes fellow podcast/ culture platform Weightofthe8.Follow their Instagram here.*This episode was recorded March 9th, 2022*Support the show
35:14 03/14/2022
Ep 42: HOT MUSIC TAKES with Nick and Bryce
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes friends of the podcast, Nick Jeffcoat and Bryce Warner. The group discusses hot music takes that leaves Bryce and Jailan fuming.Follow Nick's Instagram here: Bryce's Instagram here:*This episode was recorded March 2nd, 2022*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
91:46 03/07/2022
Ep 41: Chillin with Apple Juice For 2 (Pt.1)
The JusMusic Podcast collabs with other Charleston based podcast "Apple Juice For 2"Check out Apple Juice For 2 on IG @ ajf2.podcastDJ ALX name is pronounced “ALX” not “Alex”.*This episode was recorded February 16th, 2022*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)Support the show
54:16 02/21/2022
Ep 40: Interview with DJ ALX
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes DJ and producer, ALX. She talks about her career and what its like being a female DJ in a predominantly male industryFollow ALX on IG @alexandradougherty*This episode was recorded February 9th, 2022*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
68:14 02/14/2022
Ep 39: Interview with Slim Finesse
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes singer, rapper and friend Slim Finesse on the podcast.Follow him on IG: @slimfinesse15*This episode was recorded February 2nd, 2022*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
75:11 02/07/2022
Ep 38: Interview with Kelly2Face
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes producer, rapper and entrepreneur, Kelly2Face! Follow him on Instagram @kelly2face*This episode was recorded January 26th, 2022*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
68:38 01/31/2022
Ep 37: Tuning into Dawn FM
The JusMusic Podcast reviews the new Weeknd album "Dawn FM". They also talk about the crazy Drake story and react to Coachella's new lineup*This episode was recorded January 13th, 2022*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
38:44 01/17/2022
Ep 36: Interview with MAR1ASOL
The JusMusic Podcast welcomes Argentinian singer/songwriter MAR1ASOL. She talks about her music career and future music endeavors.Follow her on Instagram here.*Please excuse the audio quality**This episode was recorded January 7th, 2022*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
58:08 01/10/2022
Ep 35: The Bob Marley House Tour
The JusMusic podcast discusses Marco's recent trip to Jamaica and visit to the Bob Marley museum. Jailan talks about reggae, dancehall and upcoming concerts he wants to see.*This episode was recorded December 29th, 2021*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
45:58 01/03/2022
Ep 34: Hamartia with Macy Crawford
The JusMusic Podcast discuss Macy Crawford's new EP Hamartia.*This episode was recorded December 17th, 2021*There won’t be a new episode next Monday as we’re taking a break to celebrate Christmas and New Years but we’ll be back January 3rd, 2022 with a new season and new episode!Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
75:15 12/22/2021
Ep 33: Milli Mania in Charlotte
The JusMusic Podcast discuss their Spotify wraps, Marco's DJ gig in Charlotte and Jailan's latest achievement.*To give clarification, Jailan's achievement as a Fellow for the Charleston Symphony is a position not only reserved for people of color but for any demographic that is misrepresented or marginalized in the industry of classical music.**This episode was recorded December 9th, 2021*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
45:38 12/13/2021
Ep 32: Drinking Wine with Adele
The JusMusic Podcast reviews Adele's new album 30 and discuss potential picks for album of the year.*This episode was recorded November 30th*Support the show ($Jusmusicpodcast)
36:30 12/02/2021