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Jupiter Farms, YOUR community has its very own podcast. The Jupiter Farms Residents PODCAST! Of course, JFR has monthly community meetings, and we regularly interact on our Facebook page and there's also our e-Newsletter. Yet we keep hearing from people wanting to hear MORE about our community. To answer that, we’ve decided to do a monthly podcast to keep you even more informed about what’s going on in "The Farms." Sure, we’ll hit all the basics, “When is the hoedown?” “When do the Christmas Trees go on pre-sale?” “When is the next meeting?” – but we hope to bring you a lot more. Many times, an email or a post can get missed – our messages have a lot of competition out there, so we want to meet you where YOU are - and for most of us that’s on our mobile phones.So, whether you’re an experienced podcaster or not quite sure where to get them – don’t worry. If you’re reading this, you’re in the right spot. Just hit the subscribe button wherever you got this podcast and you’re good. Every episode we release will come to you absolutely free.Thanks for listening! And please don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and tell your friends and neighbors about this exciting new addition to our community.


Hurricane Season 2022 - Are you ready?
Okay, okay, last year's hurricane episode was for the old timers but this year we have many, many new residents (even new folks from other places in Florida) that might not know what to expect in terms of how the Farms reacts to major hurricane forces. This is the episode for you because we have our local treasure Janet Burfield the President of C.E.R.T. the Jupiter Farms Community Emergency Response Team to tell us what we need to know as hurricane season 2022 is upon us. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is in partnership between Homeland Security and the public.  CERT became a national program in 1993.  CERT prepares volunteers for disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact our area.Jupiter Farms CERT is a 501 © (3) not for profit organization.  We meet 3 times per year with no dues.  Our next meeting is June 14th at 7 pm at the Jupiter Farms Park Pavilion.  We are active at sharing information about storms developing and those that may strike our area with pertinent information before and after a storm.  Hurricane Season runs from June 1st to November 30th.  This may change as storms have been developing earlier in May for the past 6 years.Email C.E.R.T.  jfcert@yahoo.comNext Meeting – June 14th (Tuesday) @ 7 p.m. at the Jupiter Farms Park PavilionHurricane Tracking Information WebsitesNational Hurricane Center (NHC) http://nhc.noaa.govWeather Predication Center (WPC) http://wpc.ncep.noaa.govWeather Underground Radio Information: Bert Moreschi – JTRG President Email - Aug77@att.netHam Radio testing is available throughout the year.  Please contact Bert for more information and testing dates. Governor DeSantis signed a tax relief bill in early May.  Be sure to research these tax holidays for their limitations.  Some of the upcoming tax relief programs are:The Disaster Preparedness tax holiday runs from May 14 until August 14th.  Reinforce Your Home tax break on impact resistant doors, windows, and garage doors for a 2 year period beginning July 1st.The Atlantic Hurricane Season is projected to be above normal season similar to the 2021 Hurricane Season.  This will be the 7th year in a row for a more active season.  We are under a La Nina influence as far as water temperatures.  After a storm passes our area, please use extreme caution when going out in your yard.  There most likely will be standing water which could have live power lines, snakes, red ant piles and other things that you won’t want to step on.  More deaths are caused after storms than during a storm from careless actions.  So be prepared ahead of the storm season, stay inside during the storm, and be extremely careful venturing outside of your house after a storm.  If you feel safe, please check on your neighbors to make sure they weathered the storm safely.Be weather wise and alert!Support the Show.
32:47 6/1/22
Rainy Season 2022: What YOU need to Know
New land owners, this one is for you!If you’re new to the area, haven’t experienced a heavy rainy season before and aren’t sure what to expect in a reclaimed swamp area with no sewer system, do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast.On this month’s edition of the Jupiter Farms Resident Podcast, Matty, Jillian, Kristen and producer David sit down with Mike Dillon, manager of operations of SIRWCD. What is this group? Who is this guy? Before you call him when you discover your shed has flooded, we’ve got you covered.The daily operations of the South Indian River Water Control District are overseen by the Manager of Operations who manages a crew of ten skilled operators that maintain the roads, canals and swales with graders, back hoes and other heavy equipment.Michael Dillon has worked for the South Indian River Water Control District for twenty years and was named Manager of Operations in March of 2011. He moved to Florida from Chesapeake, Virginia, in 1991 and was Supervisor of Field Operations for C&L Hawthorne from 1991-1996. In 1996, Mr. Dillon came to work for SIRWCD and in 2000 was promoted to Shop Supervisor. Three years later, he advanced to Operations Superintendent and worked closely with the General Manager on the day-to-day operations of the District.Mr. Dillon was instrumental in establishing the District Safety Program and headed the Program from 1998-2011. In 2000, he was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to sit on the Board of Supervisors of the North Palm Beach Heights Water Control District and was then elected for a two-year term through 2003. Mr. Dillon completed the Florida Institute of Government Management Development Program in 2002. He has been a board member of the Loxahatchee River Management Coordinating Council since 2010.Mr. Dillon maintains a working relationship with South Florida Water Management District, the Safety Council of Palm Beach County, FEMA, and the National Resources Conservation Service, as well as various departments of Palm Beach County, including the Sheriff's Office, Road and Bridge, and the Department of Environmental Resources Management.ONLINE: The District is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Landowners are welcome to visit or call 561-747-0550 during office hours or email: Support the Show.
31:56 5/1/22
Jupiter Farms’ Commissioner Maria Marino
Welcome to Season 4 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This month we have a very special guest, Palm Beach County District 1 Commissioner Maria Marino! Maria joins, Matty, Jillian, Kristen and producer David Charles Guggenheim as we discuss how Jupiter Farms fits into Commissioner Marino’s district and we learn all about her vision for our area as well as the County as a whole.Please feel free to reach out to Commissioner Marino at: Support the Show.
25:22 2/1/22
2021 Hero of the YEAR: Graham Huls
Holy cow, it’s been another year of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast!!! We conclude Season 3 with a VERY special episode featuring the grand marshal of the 29th Annual Jupiter Farms Community Christmas Parade! This year’s honoree is none other than Graham Huls, Jupiter Farms Resident and noted local historian. So, join Matty, Jillian, Susan and Producer David as they dive into the life and times of the one and only Graham Huls - and we find out quite a bit about Jupiter Farms history (did you know about the hidden Mammoth? — you will!!!!)Support the Show.
34:46 12/1/21
HORSE EDITION: Jupiter Horseman's Association
Looking for a really expensive alternative to Video Games? We have one! Welcome to Season 3, episode 5 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast: this month Matty, Jillian, Kristen and Susan are making horse jokes (or are they dad jokes?)Anne DuPont, President of the Jupiter Horseman Association joins us this month to talk all things horses. Did you know JHA is the oldest Jupiter Farms organization? They sure are!If you have a horse in Jupiter Farms or even if you’re horse-curious or interested - this is the podcast for you? Trade secret: You can enjoy the horse hijinks even if you don’t have a horse.Did someone say community service hours and scholarships? Yes we did.Next JHA shows are Sunday, October 10th & Sunday, October 24th Watch out for the Spring Events we talked about during the show. Meet the new JHA board!!!! On Wednesday, September 15th from 6:30 - 7:00pm (milk & cookies and brownies)WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: Buy our Christmas Trees before they sell out: Support the Show.
28:30 9/1/21
2021 Scholarship Winners!
Welcome to Season 3, Episode 4 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! We have a supersized show for you this month with Matty, Jill, Kristen, Tara and producer David. Our VERY special guests are the 2021 JFR Scholarship winners: Grace, Carly and Hana. Find out who they are, what they've done in the Farms and where their dreams and ambitions are taking them. Support the Show.
32:10 6/1/21
Hurricane Prep: What You DON'T Need to Know
Stock up on snacks, fuel up the generators and clear out those lawn gargoyles because this is going to be one for the books. Welcome to season 3, episode 3 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast. This month we have a full crew for you with Matty, Jill, Kristen and David. With hurricane season approaching we decided to take a light hearted view of the very serious season and give you some insider tips on hurricane prep. Support the Show.
38:24 4/1/21
How We Got Here
Welcome to Season 3, Episode 2 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast. We have no guest this month and we’re running with a skeleton crew – but guess what? That’s the way we like it. So, join Matty, Jillian and David as we discuss the crazy confluence of events that brought us to Jupiter Farms, Jupiter Farms Residents AND this odd little community podcast that has been downloaded more than 7,000 times. You won’t want to miss this podcast… and make sure to listen to the end to witness the birth of Chimpy our new mascot. Support the Show.
36:50 2/1/21
Looking Back on 2020
Happy New Year! And welcome to our first episode of our 3rd season!As we welcome 2021, we decided to look back on all the real differences we as Jupiter Farms Residents made with our community. So, sit back and enjoy a very different episode as we review 2020 with Matty, Jill, Kristen and Susan in our first in-person (but socially distant) episode since the Quarantine.  It was a year like no other…Support the Show.
52:01 1/1/21
Mosquitos: What to Know
Welcome to Season 2 Episode 12 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This is our final episode of the season but you’ll be happy to know… it has some bite!This month we have two very special guests, Gary Goode, the Mosquito Control Director at Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management/Mosquito Control Division and his trusty cohort and a returning guest to the show, Benji Studt, the public outreach supervisor for the Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management, commonly called ERM.So, when you’ve got the guy in charge of controlling the mosquito population in the Farms, what do you ask? Will a chopper be out tonight spraying for mosquitos? What’s the best way to control mosquitos on my property? Do all mosquitos carry disease? Those questions and much, much more answered on this edition of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast!Support the Show.
43:08 12/1/20
Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is Moving to the Farms!
Welcome to season 2, episode 11 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This month we have a very special guest, sharing with us some amazing news. The Busch Wildlife Sanctuary is moving to Jupiter Farms!Busch Executive Director Amy Kight joins us to discuss everything that comes with moving her incredible Sanctuary from its current location in Jupiter to right here off Rocky Pines and Indiantown Road. Looking to support the Sanctuary while enjoying some COVID-safe hijinks? Then check out “Wine in the Wild” an evening of virtual wine tastings, animal encounters and more! To reserve your spot go to: also talks about the Sanctuary’s new podcast “Inside Busch Wildlife Sanctuary”, which drops the first Monday of each month. You can subscribe to their podcast right here: For more information on the Sanctuary, just visit their website: or you can call them 24/7 at: 561-575-3399Support the Show.
39:05 11/1/20
Meet Jupiter Inlet District Commissioner Mike Martinez!
Welcome to season 2, episode 10 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This month we have Matt, Jillian, Kristen and... Susan on deck. Our very special guest is Mike Martinez one of the three commissioners of the Jupiter Inlet District. Believe it or not Mike represents YOU and if you're not sure what the Jupiter Inlet District is or what it does, you're in for a real treat (no tricks, we promise)!But seriously, if you're interested in boating, environmental health of the beach and the rivers - this podcast is for you. Support the Show.
23:08 10/1/20
Grow What You Eat - The Dirt Academy
Welcome to Season 2, Episode 9 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcasts. This month we have Matt, Jillian, Kristen and Susan in the mix with our very special guest Nina Shirley. Not only is Nina a Jupiter native and a current Farmer, she is also the proprietor of an amazing service, And she knows what she’s talking about having studied environmental science and sustainability. If you want to start your vegetable garden here in the Farms but are dealing with poor soil, veggie-hungry critters, or not knowing where to start or anything else, don’t worry, with Nina here we’ve got you covered.You can also follow Nina and The Dirt Academy on Instagram and Facebook.Support the Show.
48:38 9/1/20
Soccer Complex DEAD
The Soccer Complex proposal is dead. It’s a time to celebrate this win, ponder the future and learn from the past (because we as a community did a kick-ass job of blocking this massive, completely inappropriate complex from being built in our rural residential area).So, the podcast crew of, Matt, Jillian, Kristen and our fourth leg of the stool, Susan Kennedy are here to break down everything that happened from the beginning of the proposal to now (August 2020). Support the Show.
31:29 8/1/20
Save the Water/Save the Land with Karen Marcus & Rob Robbins
Welcome to Season 2, episode 7 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast. This month, joining Matt, Jillian and Kristen is the unstoppable Susan Kennedy. She guides us through all the history surrounding, saving and protecting the environmental resources with our amazing guests Commissioner Karen Marcus and Rob Robbins the former director of the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management (ERM). We wanted them to come on to discuss some of Jupiter Farms environmental resource issues. In all of Susan’s time fighting for the land protections to keep Jupiter Farms’ character she realized that all those issues were tied to water management issues. You can’t separate the two. 04:49 – Rob and Karen explain some of the protections they have historically (in the 2000’s) worked on and the current issues that demand our attention and efforts. 12:50 – We get into how people like Karen, Susan and Rob were able to communicate the problem to local officials and to actually get the funding to solve the issues of the day.  17:37 – While the work 20 years ago was significant, there is a lot more to do. 23:20 – The wet season is getting wetter and the dry season is getting drier – what needs to be done to make sure we have fresh drinking water all year long (and protections against sea level rise). 33:49 – Where does the 20-year, $150-million bond to support environmental projects stand as of now?38:29 – Why it’s important to have a county-wide perspective on water/land issues even if you care mostly about what happens in Jupiter Farms. 42:21 – If we want to improve our water quality, we can’t rely on the Federal Government – we have to act locally. Support the Show.
50:24 7/1/20
Commissioner Karen Marcus Returns!
Welcome to another episode of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast! This week the marvelous Susan Kennedy joins the regular group of Matt, Jillian and Kristen and we have a very special guest, former Palm Beach County Commissioner of District 1 Karen Marcus.  02:06 – If you appreciate all the natural wildlands and accessible beaches near the Farms, Karen is one of the main people you should thank for protecting them. Karen was originally elected to the commission in 1984.05:31 – The bond program and the comprehensive plan were two key elements Karen helped implement to protect The Farms. Many of the lands we take for granted that are protected were purchased by the county under Karen’s watch. Places including Loxahatchee Slough were protected instead of putting Florida Atlantic University out there. 11:44 – How “protected” are the wildlands surrounding Jupiter Farms? Can development still threaten the character of our area? 18:56 – Is there anything that can be done to educate County Commissioners on the unique nature and characteristics of Jupiter Farms? 20:35 -   Karen is proud to be a part of getting Scripps Research in the Jupiter area.22:33 – The greatest challenges facing the North County right now are… 24:12- Karen explains why Jupiter Farms was designated as a “rural tier” 25:12 – Karen weighs in on the Soccer Complex battle and what must be done to protect against it.28:28 – Karen has decided to come out of retirement and run for her old seat for a very good reason. The election is August 18th.  34:39 – Karen talks about the importance of going out and experiencing the lands the county considers purchasing. 38:16 – Beach preservation has been a major issue for Karen and she sees it as a big issue going forward.Support the Show.
42:32 6/1/20
Meet Your 2020 Scholarship Winners...
This month we're again maintaining social distancing so please excuse the sub-par sound quality of the podcast. Once again we're recording from our homes using Zoom. The good news is, we're able to virtually connect with most of the winners of the 2020 Jupiter Farms Residents Scholarship contest. We received a record number of applicants this year, so choosing the top five was more than difficult, but here they are! Joining us for the podcast are four of the five winners: Kylie Ilhardt, Mia Brunson, Walker Bensch and Rebekah Stamos.Congratulations to all and remember to stay safe out there!Support the Show.
18:07 5/1/20
COVID-19 Edition (April)
We discuss what's going on in Jupiter Farms during this pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus. For suggestions on what we should talk about next month, email us at safe and be well!Support the Show.
32:44 4/1/20
Be in the Know with eFirstAlert
This month we’re happy to welcome Jim Kovalsky of   When an emergency strikes, there’s nothing more comforting than having the support of your friends and family. eFirstAlert’s single address notifications can automatically notify anyone you want if there is an emergency at a specific address.  Once you register an address with their service, they monitor every fire rescue dispatch, and if emergency responders are sent they'll alert you before the responders even arrive at the door.00:30 – Jim explains what eFirstAlert is and what events you’ll be alerted to (within a 2-mile radius) of what type of first responders are being dispatched. 05:36 – Jim tells us eFirstAlert was a passion project that came from his knowledge of computer science and his work as a volunteer firefighter 07:52 – You no longer need to call the fire department or turn to Facebook to figure out what’s going on around you. Your alert will be sent directly to your inbox. 09:30 – There is a business-tier version of eFirstAlert that many news reporting outlets utilize. 10:43 - Jim Kovalsky is also the guy behind Honestware tech support.11:08 – When using eFirstAlert, be aware that the address associated with the event may not be where the actual issue is. And just because units have been dispatched doesn’t mean there is an actual issue – could be a false alarm.12:57 – PLEASE, make sure your written address is visible – especially at night! Those with reflective numbers will save crucial seconds when it really counts.15:03 – If you have an emergency in your home, now your neighbors can be alerted (and may be able to help). This is all public information, no one’s privacy is being compromised. 17:07 – Sign up now – this is a FREE service because its supported by local business sponsorship. And new features are in the works.20:57 – Jim goes through some of the stations that dispatch in different areas. 22:29 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR:   Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting Tuesday, March 10th at 7pm, March 14th SIRWCD Land Owners Day BBQ at 11:30am at the District Office, March 19th SIRWCD Monthly Board of Supervisors Meeting at 7pm at the Pavilion, March 21st Talkin’ Trash Community Cleanup at 8am at the Pavilion, on April 4th TWO EVENTS IN ONE – Spring Family Fun Day at 11am and at 4pm the Music Festival kicks off, both at the Pavilion.Support the Show.
26:41 3/1/20
Soccer Complex & JF Land Use Regs
We take a deep dive into the Soccer Complex being proposed at the corner of Indiantown and Rocky Pines. With us to share her institutional knowledge is Susan Kennedy of the Jupiter Farms Environmental Council and the JFR Advisory Board. This Soccer complex is massive folks, way denser than any other “park” in the county. We go through the proposed complex, break down the land use and zoning code and explain why this particular proposal has no business being developed in Jupiter Farms. THANK YOU, to the over 350 residents who came out last month to voice your opinion on the proposal. It was needed then and will be needed again in April, culminating at the Board of County Commissioners meeting on April 29th.We also get into the history of Jupiter Farms development and explain why our land use and zoning rules are in place and why it is so important that we not allow our RR10 [Rural Residential 10 (1 housing unit per 10 acres)] and Ag RSA status to be altered. That’s not even mentioning how our work is intended to preserve the natural lands and parks surrounding Jupiter Farms. 10:05 – This area has historically always been an agricultural-based community and since the 1980’s we’ve fought to keep it that way.19:02 – A Commercial Recreational proposal has come to town that would require major land use rule changes for it to be built. Unlike everything else in JF this proposal does not have an agricultural intent behind it. 24:24 – What if the County Commission okays the Soccer Complex proposal? What would happen next? What if it is actually built, would that open the flood gates of commercial construction on Indiantown Road?39:49 – Other projects have gotten in that JFR opposed – we fought them tooth and nail but sometimes, especially if the community hasn’t come out in force inappropriate things get through. 42:45 - Thanks to Susan Kennedy and others who came out using their institutional knowledge to benefit and preserve Jupiter Farms. 45:00 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: JFR’s Monthly Meeting happens February 11th , 2 Talkin’ Trash Cleanups this leap month on February 1st and February 29th both at 8am, SIRWCD Meeting on February 20thand remember our third annual JFR Shootout is on February 8thSupport the Show.
48:08 2/1/20
All Things Permits with Doug Wise
We have with us a very special guest, Doug Wise, the Director of Palm Beach County’s Division of Building. There is a huge amount of information and a huge amount of misinformation regarding the Building Division and what needs a permit and why permitting is important. Don’t get your information from some guy or gal on Facebook – let’s go straight to the source. The Division of Building is where you get your permits when building on or changing your property.For any additional information, questions, concerns go to  or  Or EMAIL: pzb-building@pbcgov.org01:58 – What needs to get permitted and what can I do without a permit? Like fences, sheds, driveway paving, pond filling, patio paving, pool decks and much, much more. 08:39 – Getting a permit is not optional. It’s the law (even in Jupiter Farms) and you wouldn’t want something to come back to haunt you.10:15 – What does County do if they discover something on my land that wasn’t permitted or that has expired permits? When is it possible to get a variance? 16:32 – What you should do to protect yourself when buying a home. Here’s an example of an ideal way to go about buying a home. 19:07 – What do you do if you are aware of unpermitted work going on? 20:07 – What are my setbacks based on and how do I know what mine are? 22:08 – Why can’t I fill my pond or bring in fill to prevent yard flooding without a permit? 27:47 – What do you do if you witness illegal filling, especially on the weekend? 30:38 – Why is permitting important. Spoiler alert – it saves lives & increases home value. Insurance also won’t cover some work without it being permitted. 32:44 – Guess what, water heater replacement needs a permit.33:44 – Some items like water heaters, burglar alarm and electric fences have stickers as “pre-permits” to get the permit faster and for less money. 35:32 – Are “Mother-in-Law” dwellings legal, and do they need to be attached to the main home?36:50 – Doug shares some of the scariest things he’s ever encountered. 43:28 – Email Doug if you think you’re getting bad information from regular channels: dwise@pbcgov.org44:00 -  COMMUNITY CALENDAR: JFR Meeting January 13th at 7pm, Talking Trash Saturday January 11th at 8am at the pavilion, and tickets to the 3rd Annual JFR Shootout tickets for February 8th are ON SALE NOW on the website www.jupiterfarmsresidents.comSupport the Show.
47:36 1/1/20
Keep Jupiter Farms Clean
This month we have a very special Holiday edition of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast… well sort of. If you’re looking to give the gift of environmental friendliness, litter activism and reusable gift ideas then you’re in the right place. We’re very fortunate to have as guests this month Kathy Moore of Talking Trash and Elana Smith and Stephen Smith of One World – Zero Waste in Tequesta. You can find more or visit their store located at:One World Zero Waste354 S. Cypress Drive Unit 1Tequesta, Florida 33469Or call them at: 561-285-8511 TALKING TRASH does trash cleanup around the Farms once a month, most of the year. To get involved and get community service hours call 561-523-755000:34 – We’re looking at polar opposites of trash in the Farms this month. Removing trash in the Farms with Kathy Moore and Talking Trash, which goes out there each month picking up trash around town and preventing trash from being created talking to Stephen and Elana of the retail store, One World – Zero Waste. 01:24 – Stephen & Elana explain what One World – Zero Waste is all about – providing the community with alternative products to stop using single use plastic products that create so many problems in our environment (and end up getting picked up by Kathy). Items like reusable un-paper towels, and cloth diapers are some popular items in the store. 08:45 – Kathy Moore cleans up the plastic and trash thrown out on the roads in Jupiter Farms. Where is this trash coming from? Is the problem getting worse? And thanks to Kathy’s sponsors she offers great prizes and rewards to the kids and adults taking part in her monthly clean-ups. And boy do they find some crazy things when doing the clean-ups. And for kids needing community service hours it’s a great way to get those accomplished as well. 17:23 – Elana and Stephen have attempted to live their lives at zero waste – here are some of the hardest things to give up. For instance, they don’t have a garbage can in their house – how do they survive?!? You don’t have to go zero waste – just start with a few things and see how much less you can waste.20:02 – We can all get a few bags and use them when shopping at the super market. 22:28 – Can we go towards zero waste because it’s the right thing to do or do we need government intervention? 25:07 – Going zero-waste ends up saving you potentially hundreds of dollars annually. 30:02 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: NO JFR Meeting in December, Sat. Dec. 7th JFR Christmas Tree sale goes on at 9am, Dec. 15th Jupiter Farms Christmas Parade at 1pm with craft fair, Dec. 19th SIRWCD Board Meeting at 7pm in the pavilion, watch out for JF Shootout tickets going on sale (we’re also looking for more sponsors for this amazing event).Support the Show.
33:24 12/1/19
All Things Water with SIRWCD's John Meyer
On this month’s edition of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast we feature John Meyer, from the South Indian River Water Control District (SIRWCD). We talk all things John, his background in government and his tenure on the Board. We also discuss… 00:40 – John takes us through his life & times as a government employee and a sitting Board Member of SIRWCD03:54 – John is focusing most of his energy on Jupiter Farms’ water infrastructure 04:45 – The amount of water events happening in JF has been a big change for John06:00 – Here’s a quick refresher on our water management system in the Farms08:55 – Water is supposed to gather in your yards – that’s how the system is designed 10:53 – SIRWCD works closely with South Florida Water Management District 13:18 – Think of Jupiter Farms as a Golf Ball with dimples    14:41 – Exciting projects coming from SIRWCD15:12 – The Driveway Culvert Replacement Program 16:42 – SIRWCD changed the rules pertaining to bringing in inordinate amount of fill 20:47 – But where will the water go? SIRWCD looked into building a man-made lake and other ways to retain water25:49 – SIRWICD has a major initiative to revitalize Jupiter Farms aging and, in some places, broken drainage system29:55 – Keeping our water quality high may help pay for in part some of the major work that needs to be done. 32:39 – They are working on a comprehensive plan at how ALL the water is being managed in this area – biggest upgrade since 192336:02 – If you’re having an issue with water drainage on your property – call SIRWCD before you do anything (could end up saving you thousands of dollars in savings) The District is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. Landowners are welcome to visit or call 561-747-0550 during office hours.37:15 – Send Kristen cookie cutters if at all possible – she really needs them38:45 – Any concerns or questions about SIRWCD – think about attending a Board meeting!39:49 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: Nov. 9th Talking Trash Community Cleanup at 8am, Nov. 12th JFR Meeting 7pm at the Pavilion, November 16th don’t miss the JFR Hoedown from noon-5pm, Nov. 21stSIRWCD Monthly Meeting at 7pm at the Pavilion, Dec. 7th the Christmas Trees go on sale! Support the Show.
43:13 11/1/19
Trash Talk (Everything You Need to Know)
Welcome to Episode 10 of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast and we are lucky to have Becky Robinson and Willie Puz from the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) on the show to be pelted by all our questions about the new solid waste collection contract. There are some changes to the way things have traditionally been done so this is one of our more necessary and helpful podcasts to date. We specifically focus how things change in our area so listen closely – you will be quizzed on your knowledge of the new rules! For any other questions, concerns call SWA at 561-697-2700 or find them online at www.SWA.org01:16 – RECYCLING isn’t changing but we get into all the do’s and don’ts of this Thursday tradition 02:36 – What goes in the blue bin? Lids on or off?11:30 – What goes in the yellow bin? Does your Pizza box get recycled?14:19 – What numbers 1-7 are recyclable and what about Styrofoam and plastic bags.16:30 – What to do with Batteries? 17:22 – More things you should NOT recycle19:49 – THE NEW TRASH RECEPTACLE is mandatory to use for trash24:07 – What if the 96 Gallon cart doesn’t work for your family?27:52 – What about BULK items? What are the changes, what can I put out? 30:10 – YARD VEGETATION WASTE – How much can I put out at a time?35:07 – 6 cubic yards of yard waste is the maximum that can be put out at any one time37:21 – What if my waste isn’t being picked up? 561-697-2700 or www.SWA.org40:22 – How should my vegetation be cut to conform to SWA rules? 42:17 – What about empty lots or land clearing an area? 44:24 – What about illegal dumping? 50:19 – Lots with secondary structures may be entitled to additional benefits 51:21 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: 10/8 JFR Meeting at 7pm, 10/12 Talking Trash at the Pavilion, 10/23 SIRWCD Board Meeting, Until 10/15 you can pre-order your Christmas Trees, Support the Show.
59:07 10/1/19
Great Places & Activities to Know About w/ Benji Studt of ERM
This month we’re speaking with Benji Studtof Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management, or ERM. Benji has been with the ERM since 2006. He is currently an Environmental Program Supervisor in ERM’s Outreach Section.  In addition to outreach activities and public education, his experience includes wetland mitigation administration, and designing, permitting and managing restoration projects on County natural areas.  He also assists with biological monitoring and prescribed fire activities.00:27 – What is ERM? What do they do?01:53 – Why the prescribed burns out here? Are they really needed? 06:17 – Benji tells us about the exciting things happening at the Loxahatchee Slough10:40 – Benji reminds Jupiter Farmers about all the great things around us (including Cyprus Creek North and South)13:03 – ERM and Busch Wildlife Sanctuaryhave teamed up in some cool and amazing ways14:02 – They’ve also partnered with the Palm Beach Zoo& the Avian Research & Conservation Institute17:06 – They also have many more creative partners in their adopt a natural area program18:04 – Adventure Awaitsis an awesome program with tons of activities and they are FREE (including a Scary Trail for Halloween on October 25th) 21:39 – Benji talks about some of the benchmarks he’s seen in the wildlife areas since 2006 (Pine Glades is great for a memorable sunset) 24:16 – The Loxahatchee River is being restored by ERM and other land management agencies which in turn helps Jupiter Farms 28:19 – Here are the questions Matt should have asked but didn’t (Benji is apart of an amazing team at ERM)… 30:42 – Now it’s YOUR turn. Let your government officials know how appreciative you are of ERM’s work and the importance of the land. 33:23 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR: Jupiter Farms Residents Meeting September 10that 7pm at the Pavilion, SIRWCD Annual Land Owners Meeting September 19th in the Jupiter High School Auditorium, Pre-Order your Christmas Trees from September 15th– October 15thCheck out ERM online at @PBCERM and @BenjiStudtPhoto on InstagramSupport the Show.
37:42 9/1/19
Decision 2019: Meet the SIRWCD Candidates
Welcome to another episode of the Jupiter Farms Residents Podcast, this is number eight! This month we have with us three candidates for the South Indian River Water Control District (SIRWCD) Board of Supervisors.  Thom Fredrick, Michael Howard and John Jones join us to discuss their candidacy, why they’re running and what they would like to do if elected. 01:05 – Why do you want to serve on the Board? 03:52 – Discuss how you will handle the differing needs of the different areas under SIRWCD’s control?06:49 – What are your own assessments?09:21 – How would you reconcile decisions that could affect different assessments in dramatically different ways (like paving roads)?12:05 – What are some of the biggest challenges facing SIRWCD?18:40 – What issue matters to you most?25:20 – We in Jupiter Farms vet our candidates rigorously. 32:01 – Water quality & water control is a huge issue – Where are we headed on this issue?38:58 – Closing statements 41:22 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR – JFR August 13th, Candidates Night at 7pm at the Pavilion. SIRWCD Meeting August 15that 6pm at the Pavilion. Support the Show.
43:58 8/1/19
If Nobody Cared...
This month we discuss what it would be like if nobody cared.  If you go to the Jupiter Farms Residents website, you can find a slider picture that says “If Nobody Cared” and it has information about all of the different projects that over the last couple of decades were proposed and either fought against or mitigated by JFR.  If not for actions taken, Jupiter Farms would closely resemble the likes of PGA or Northlake Blvd.  So, this month we discuss many of the current and former battles the current board has waged to keep Jupiter Farms the community you know and love.01:30 – Surf Ranch – Why can’t I drop my kid off at this gigantic pool this (or any) Summer?07:51 – Soccer Club - Why can’t I drop my kid off at this gigantic field this (or any) Summer?12:15 - Sober Living Home – What’s up with this place and its proposed expansion?14:04 – Reynolds Ranch – Why wasn’t that turned into a Jupiter Farms High School or Park?19:59 – The Bears Club – Is that project dead?22:02 – Will we ever get another signal near the Shopping Center to help prevent accidents?27:38 – Community Calendar– Not much happening folks – enjoy the Summer!Support the Show.
30:27 7/1/19
When Water Rises SIRWCD is Our Knight
With rainy season upon us we thought it prudent to do an episode on all things water.  So, who is responsible when the swales overflow, culverts collapse and drainage backs up? Thankfully our friend Mike Dillon stopped by to answer all our questions. Mike has worked for the South Indian River Water Control District (SIRWCD) for twenty years and was named Manager of Operations in March of 2011. 00:40 – Who is Sir Wicked and why is he so Wicked?  (aka - What is SIRWCD?)01:53 – With rainy season at hand we wanted to understand our drainage systems a bit better – Mike explains the difference between primary and secondary systems – and what’s up with our swales! For those unaware: A swale is a shallow channel with gently sloping sides. Artificial swales are often infiltration basins, designed to manage water runoff, filter pollutants, and increase rainwater infiltration. You have one surrounding your property!05:01 – Are swales breeding grounds for mosquitos? 05:31 – What is a culvert, what do they do and why do they need to be maintained?07:12 – SIRWCD has a culvert replacement program – Call to get yours replaced: 561-747-055012:17 – How do I make sure my vegetative debris doesn’t impact my swale? 16:00 – How should we expect the drainage systems to react after a heavy rain event? 25:54 – Tales of SIRWCD vs. Wildlife 31:37 – COMMUNITY CALENDAR-      Residents Meeting, Tuesday, June 11that 7:00pm at the Jupiter Farms Pavilion -      For more information on SIRWCD go to or call 561-747-0550Support the Show.
33:50 6/1/19
The Grande Dames of the Farms
This month we have a very special episode for you.  Two Grande Dames of the Farms, Kathryn Fleming and Sandra Mellen-Wakefield.  They share memories from the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s of the Farms; what it was like living here, and how they helped shape the place we know and love today.  From the Burt Reynolds Ranch, to the shopping center and I95 fights, secret buried treasure (still somewhere waiting to be fully excavated) to nudist firefighters – come join us for a revealing discussion of what it used to be like here. 00:48 – What brought them to the Farms? 04:38 – They compare the Jupiter Farms of today to that of yesteryear 06:16 – How Burt Reynolds coming to the Farms changed everything (Kathryn’s husband managed the Ranch for several years)08:08 – Okay… let’s talk about the Nudist Colony that was here since the 60’s where the campground is today. 11:19 – How some of the roads were named were often literally family affairs (Do we settle the Alexander Run controversy?)12:58 – What it was like to be in some of Burt’s movies that were filmed here 13:53 – The Shopping Center was supposed to be 3 times the size it is today – didn’t happen because of people like Sandra15:37 – Kathryn was part of the fight that prevented I95 from cutting the Farms in half17:22 – Talk about wild animals – the Farms used to be a regular snake pit 20:06 – The origins of the Jupiter Farmer (Hint: Sandra founded it) 23:25 – They share their fondest memories (one including hidden buried Treasure!)28:44 – Some of the development made life in the Farms better and more community-oriented 30:31 – The Nudist Colony was a pillar of the community 31:35 – The Farms was a very free and open place to grow up in33:16 – What was it like when someone moved into town?  Good or bad thing? 34:10 – THE COMMUNITY CALENDAR-      SPECIAL SUNDAY, MAY 5TH EDITION OF ‘TALKING TRASH’ 8AM-      TUESDAY, MAY 14TH JFR MEETING AT 7PM-      THURSDAY, MAY 16TH SIRWCD BOARD OF SUPERVISORS MEETING – 7PM Don’t forget, you can still nominate yourself to for one of the four open slots on the JFR Board of Directors!Support the Show.
37:30 5/1/19
The Organizations in the Farms You Should Know AND Support
Today we’re talking about all the great organizations out here in Jupiter Farms you can take part in and you can support.  00:29 - Jupiter Farms Residents02:12 – Jupiter Horseman’s Association - Purpose is to promote knowledge and skill in horsemanship, participate in public functions, parades, horsemanship contests and shows, and develop in the community the interest of the general public in the field of horsemanship.www.jupiterhorsemens.org03:03 - Gaited Trail Riders - The purpose of gaited trail riders of south Florida is to provide an enjoyable, social, safe and responsible platform in horsemanship for our club members. April 5-7thPoker Run www.Gaitedtrailriders.com04:45 - Pet Connection by Melanie Willey - If your Pet is Lost or if you have Found a Pet call and leave a message at Pet Connection 561-743-8511. FB Group Jupiter Farms Lost and Found Pets06:57 – The ​Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) - A volunteer unit of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office. The program is comprised of over 80 individual COP units from neighborhoods much like your own. The phone number is 561-433-2003. If you apply drop Lt. Frances Mullane an email to inform her you are in the process ( – North Everglades Trail Association (NETA) -  Goal is to get people out into the natural areas. Annual OTL Last full weekend in February Fundraiser www.evergladestrails.org12:49 - PBCE Hike and Bike Facebook group13:15 – CERT- Jupiter Farms Community Emergency Response Team, is a community based non-profit organization consisting of volunteers whose focus is on disaster preparation, mitigation, recovery, and communications for the communityHurricane safety day April 6 at the park 16:25 - TALKING TRASH by Kathy Moore – Our group to do trash cleanup around the farms once or twice a month most of the year. To get involved and get community service hours call 561-523-755018:07 – The Community Calendar!   The next JFR Meetingis April 9that 7:00pm at the Pavilion at the JF Park. On April 13ththe annual Spring Family Fun Day at the JF Park from 11-3pm. Support the Show.
21:57 4/1/19