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Closers Are Losers with Jeremy Miner

In 2020, Closers are going to lose sales if they are still using “old-school,” out-dated closing techniques. We help Closers level up and achieve extraordinary results by learning from elite Sales Influencers who are featured Guests on my show.


What Type of Culture Are You Creating for Your Sales Teams? 22:25 12/02/2021
Proven Advice on How to Become a Top Salesperson In Your Industry 30:31 11/30/2021
What to Do When Asked for More Information? 02:40 11/29/2021
Discover How to Close High-Ticket Deals the Kickass Way 44:56 11/25/2021
Sales Veteran Spills the Beans On Why NEPQ is the Perfect Sales Method 38:54 11/23/2021
What to Do When Asked for References? 02:25 11/22/2021
Ask Us Any Sales Questions You’ve Ever Had 43:16 11/18/2021
The Only Strategy You Need to Increase Your Sales Income Fast 38:49 11/16/2021
How to Ask for Referrals and Actually Get Them 04:26 11/15/2021
What ALL Salespeople Need to Know to Get Better at Sales Conversations 26:27 11/11/2021
Why Learning Advanced Sales Methods Helps You Overcome Sales Frustrations 39:55 11/09/2021
How to Get Our Prospects to Open Up 02:52 11/08/2021
5 Little Known Secrets to Become a Top 1% Salesperson 30:26 11/04/2021
A Former Chef’s Secret Sauce to Earning $20K+ Monthly Commissions in Sales 34:35 11/02/2021
How to Avoid Sales Resistance 03:42 11/01/2021
How NEPQ Is Revolutionizing the Sales Process for Today’s Salespeople 36:53 10/28/2021
Are You Thinking About Quitting Sales? Here’s What You Can Do! 29:08 10/26/2021
How Salespeople Can Position Themselves for Success Any Time, Anywhere 33:28 10/21/2021
How Advanced NEPQ Training Helped Angelo Reach $80,000 in Monthly Commissions 37:23 10/19/2021
What Questions to Ask that Build Massive Urgency in the Sale 30:34 10/14/2021
How to Take the Mental Drain Out of Sales and Experience Amazing Results 33:05 10/12/2021
Master the Art of Sales: From Unskilled to Pro with Bill Walsh 31:27 10/07/2021
Remote Selling: How to Crush Your Sales From Anywhere 35:22 10/05/2021
Daily Habits For Successful Salespeople: Time Blocking 23:48 09/30/2021
Supercharge Your Commissions with Killer Sales Questions Backed By Science 34:58 09/28/2021
The Secret To Become A Successful Sales Professional 22:09 09/23/2021
Improving Your Sales & Marketing Process And Increase Business with Jason Wojo 30:08 09/21/2021
Be Careful who you Learn From! 28:49 09/16/2021
Building Brands And Dominating The Market with Jim Markham 31:48 09/14/2021
How A Better Way To Sell Led To $320K/Year with Gina Tang 20:42 09/09/2021