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Welcome to the Current ECG Podcast! You listen to this podcast because you want to advance your ECG Interpretation skills and deliver a higher quality of patient care as a practitioner of Emergency Medicine. This content has been crafted for students and practicing Paramedics, Nurses, Physician Assistants, Physicians, Medical Students at all levels and scopes of practice and Emergency Medicine Educators. You will learn the basics to build a strong ECG foundation and more advanced topics like the importance of understanding Morphology as well as currents of injury and their impact on what you see on an ECG tracing. If you're a student who wants to breakthrough in Emergency Medicine, learn how to work the trucks in the streets, this is for you! If you're a seasoned veteran who wants to brush up on your skills and stay up to date on the most current ECG information, this is for you!


Ep.40 - Let’s Get Hyper about T Waves 12:55 11/03/2021
Ep.39 - ST Elevation is NOT Infarction 57:58 10/06/2021
Ep.38 - Can You Keep Up with the Pace?...Pacemakers and ICD's with Dr. Hedayati 43:50 09/01/2021
Ep.37 - De Winter's T Waves: OMI vs STEMI 12:29 08/04/2021
Ep.36 - Capnography...Smoke from the Flames of Cellular Metabolism! 29:15 07/07/2021
Ep.35 - Don't Look Here, Look Over There, That's Where the Problem Is! - Reciprocal Changes with Dr. Jones 45:45 06/02/2021
Ep.34 - All PEA is not the Same: Pseudo PEA vs. True PEA with Tarlan Hedayati, MD, FACEP 26:31 05/05/2021
Ep.33 - The Ultimate Compressor 23:29 04/07/2021
Ep.32 - Feel The Squeeze...Oh No! It's Medical Math 34:38 03/03/2021
Ep.31 - Hyperkalemia with a Cellular Twist You Can't Miss!!! Klein's Version! 25:19 02/03/2021
Ep.30 - STEMI Equivalents You Can't Miss with Tarlan Hedayati, MD, FACEP 41:11 01/03/2021
Ep.29 - Pearls and Tricks when You're Tired 16:16 12/02/2020
Ep.28 - High Risk Arrhythmias with Amal Mattu, MD, FAAEM, FACEP 52:28 11/04/2020
Ep.27 - PH & Oxygen Delivery: An A-HA Moment 07:34 10/07/2020
Ep.26 - Wide Whacky & Tachy with Tarlan Hedayati, MD 47:54 09/02/2020
Ep.25 - Slow your Roll: Bradycardias and Blocks with Tarlan Hedayati, MD 57:04 08/05/2020
Ep.24 - This is going Global! Pericarditis with a twist 13:10 07/01/2020
Ep.23 - aVR - Are You Looking? 13:41 06/03/2020
Ep.22 - What's Up with Q Wave? 08:36 05/06/2020
Ep.21 - COVID-19 Could Break Your Heart 16:17 04/07/2020
Ep.20 - VTACH 08:10 04/01/2020
Ep.19 - Current ECG + Master Your Medics | TCA Overdose Case Study 37:57 03/22/2020
Ep.18 - Sensitivity and Specificity 12:10 03/04/2020
Ep.17 - Understanding Collateral Circulation and the Lateral Wall - Audio 10:09 02/05/2020
Ep.16 - Cancellation of Electrical Forces 14:58 01/01/2020
Ep.15 - Calling Dr. Jones...ECG cases with an ECG Guru 61:57 12/04/2019
Ep.14 - Who Cares About Millimetres! 06:20 11/06/2019
Ep.13 - Don't Miss The QT Interval! 13:27 10/02/2019
Ep.12 - AV Block with a Major Twist You Don't Want To Miss 17:27 09/04/2019
Ep.11 - Lateral MI Electrical Silence 11:11 08/07/2019