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Baby Break + Bloody Muscle Body Builder In Hell (Japan, 1995)
Imported Horror is on a baby break. We're taking a few months off and will return on or before July 6, 2023. In the meantime, do you like the Evil Dead? Do you like shameless unofficial Japanese fanfic? If so - good news! Bloody Muscle Body Builder In Hell is a great way to spend 63 minutes. It took years to film, edit and release but it's well worth the groovy wait. Watch it. Articles mentioned in this episode: "The Japanese Evil Dead – ‘Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell’ Is a Must-Watch for Sam Raimi Fans," by Alex DiVincenzo for Bloody Disgusting "AN INTERVIEW WITH DIRECTOR SHINICHI FUKAZAWA, BLOODY MUSCLE BODY BUILDER IN HELL" by Ken Wynne for Attack From Planet B
46:38 12/23/22
Blooper Reel!
Thanksgiving is hard. There's travel, traffic, awkwardness and drama. Sometimes, there's also saddness and other unpleasant feelings. Stick a fork in tradition by listening to our wacky blooper reel! Relax with our sophomoric humor, feline complaints and baffling confusion. When you're done, watch indigenous horror - Prey, The Dead Lands, Slash/Back and Blood Quantum are all fantastic. It's not horror, but Resident Alien has strong indigenous representation and it's great.
37:13 11/24/22
The Doll & Subspecies
You've seen Annabelle and the Conjuring movies, but have you seen the Indonesian creepy doll trilogy that's obviously set in the same universe? And did you know The Nun was shot in Romania by a studio that got started with ultra-campy "finger demons" at a time when the whole country was recovering from a violent revolution? Light some candles with us as we get spooky with "The Doll" (Indonesia, 2016) and "Subspecies" (Romania & The United States, 1991). Also - sylvan folk horror, mind-bending boat trips and Scandanavian kaiju are all coming soon. Articles mentioned in this episode: "Ted Nicolaou on the Austin diaspora, Romanian vampires and TV terror visions" in Video Fugue "Subspecies (1991) (Obscurus Lupa Presents) (FROM THE ARCHIVES)" by Allison Pregler on YouTube "The Romanian Orphans Are Adults Now," by Melissa Fay Greene in The Atlantic  
59:01 11/10/22
PG: Psycho Goreman (Canada, 2020) & Trese (Singapore & The Philippines, 2021)
Do you care for hunky boys? Do you fear the spirits of the Earth, or do you greet them with candy? This week, we play Crazy Ball with the zany horror comedy spoof "Psycho Goreman" and dive into Filipino folklore with "Trese," a fantastic graphic novel with a condensed but artistic Netflix adaptation. Also - a creepy sequel to "Satan's Slaves" and the "Japanese Evil Dead" both hit Shudder this week.
59:01 11/3/22
Slash/Back (Canada, 2022)
When aliens attack, an Indigenous hamlet just beneath the arctic circle seems like the perfect place to body snatch. But nestled between the stunning mountains and frigid waters are a rag-tag squad of teen girls armed with weapons and killer gateway horror knowledge. This week, we're joined by a special 14-year-old guest to review a film made by, of and for the native tribes of Nunavut. Also - an upcoming cannibal movie features the worst phony American accent of all time and Anna and The Apocalypse makes drops on Shudder. Articles mentioned in this episode: "Slash/Back shows how Indigenous creators get things done despite 'unlimited barriers'" by Jackson Weaver for CBC News "Slash/Back’s debut in the otherworldly hamlet of Pangnirtung, Nunavut, was its most important yet, director says," by Kelly Grant for The Globe and Mail "‘I can’t die, I haven’t made this movie yet!’: Nyla Innuksuk’s life-or-death fight to make Slash/Back," by Johanna Schneller for The Globe and Mail
59:40 10/27/22
Zombie Plastic Bags!
This week, we're eaten alive by bizarre undead plastic from "The Night of the Plastic Bags." Melissa catches fire with her love of "She Will," Grady torches "Exception" while demanding a third season of "Dead End: Paranormal Park," and Marcus soaks in the pulpy giallo of "Dark Glasses." Also, we cannot get the theme from "Bloodthirsty" unstuck from our heads and the indigenous alien horror comedy Slash/Back hits VOD this week. Link: "Night of the Plastic Bags" on YouTube
63:52 10/20/22
Do you like bats? Have you ever been scared at a gay bar? This week, we get groovy with two offbeat 80s horror flicks, Siege (Canada, 1983) and I Like Bats (Poland, 1986). It's also a good week for anthologies with the chilling Midnight Club (Canada & USA, 2022) and the spooky Ghost Stories (India, 2020). Plus - monstrous anime, smoldering witches and bloody neo-giallo are all dropping on Netflix and Shudder this week.
59:59 10/13/22
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)
A lonesome vampire with a skateboard wanders the streets of Bad City late at night. She is also a vampire. This week, we unspool a spooky, emotional noire with a killer soundtrack, an adorable cat and a wholly original vampire. Also - the most visually offensive movie of the year hits Shudder this week. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2.34. Quality: 4.66. Enjoyment: 4.34 Articles mentioned in this episode: "A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT: INTERVIEW WITH ANA LILY AMIRPOUR," by Virginie Selavy for Electric Sheep Magazine "Ana Lily Amirpour on her Iranian vampire Western," by Jamie Dunn for The Skinny "A VAMPIRE FALLS IN LOVE IN IRAN IN ‘A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT’" by Jon Lisi for Pop Matters  
67:08 10/6/22
Raven's Hollow (Latvia & The United Kingdom, 2022)
You've read Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." You know it's a metaphor for grief and loss. What if it had more sinister origins? This week, we get spooky with stylish gothic fanfic that's fun despite some flaws. Also, we chat about the best vampire title ever - "I like bats" - and the triumphant return of the Ghoul Log. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2. Quality: 3.33. Enjoyment: 4
54:53 9/29/22
Perfect Blue (Japan, 1997)
Sometimes, you've seen all the references to a classic before you watch the original - and when you see it, it blows your mind. That was our experience this week as we plug into the more prescient, influential anime horror of the 90s. Also, get ready for deliciously gotchic fanfic and Wayne Brady's horror debut. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2.67. Quality: 5. Enjoyment: 5.
55:23 9/22/22
Gothic mercenary witch traps
This week, the crew finds scary, underrated footage from Dachra, Tunisia's first horror film. Grady and Edgar Allan Poe's ghost tell Extraordinary Tales about killer voice acting but lackluster animation. Melissa gets trapped in a Japanese maze with Alice in Borderland and Marcus geeks out about "southern" genre blending and drone shots in Saloum. Also: Los Espookys makes its triumphant return and the American remake of Goodnight Mommy drops.
66:02 9/15/22
We Are What We Are (Mexico, 2010)
Is society collapsing into competing tribes? Are you hungry for forbidden cuisine? Maybe. This week, we dive into a socially conscious cannibal flick that leaves its crunchiest bits to the imagination. We also chat about the artsy suicide horror "The Forest of Lost Souls" and learn about the "red book game" and the "Southern" movie genre. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2. Quality: 3.33. Enjoyment: 3.66 Articles mentioned in this episode: "Interview: Jorge Michel Grau Talks ‘We Are What We Are’" by Kimber Myers for The Playlist
68:41 9/8/22
Yokai Monsters Trilogy (Japan, 1968 & 1969)
There are strange things in this world beyond our understanding - including the finer plot details of the trippy Yokai Monsters trilogy. "100 Monsters," "Spook Warfare" and "Along With Ghosts" don't always explain their colorful creatures, but the meticulously detailed costumes and puppets are impressive all the same. Also - a ton of international horror movies are dropping on Shudder this month, including a mindbending trio of animated horrors and a sympathetic shapeshifter that brings cult Austin flick "Slacker" to mind. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 1. Quality: 3.33 Enjoyment: 4
76:39 9/1/22
Watcher (United Arab Emirates, 2022)
How well do you know your neighbors? What about your vintage horror history? This week, the crew investigates the throwback noire "Watcher," marvels at brutalist architecture and debates how slow they like their burns. Also, is the upcoming "I Came By" on Netflix a dark thriller, or dark enough to call it horror? Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2.5. Quality: 4. Enjoyment: 3.5 Articles mentioned in this episode: "Chloe Okuno Interview: Watcher," by Graeme Guttmann in Screen Rant "Watcher Director Chloe Okuno And Star Maika Monroe On Making A Cold European Thriller [Interview]," by Jack Giroux in /Film  
45:30 8/25/22
Horror Express (Spain & The United Kingdom, 1972)
Modern science fiction is shocking, gory and gooey. Vintage sci-fi horror is all about mystery and bleeding eyes. This week, the crew takes a wild train ride with late greats Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee. They also dive into the twisty "Marionette," get excited about a trilogy of old-school Japanese yokai dropping on Shudder and drop a four-legged warning about "The Innocents." Motion Picture Terror Scale: 1. Quality: 4. Enjoyment: 4.33 Articles mentioned in this episode: "Hammer Films: A History Of British Horror Movies Explained," by Debopriyaa Dutta for Screen Rant "All 24 Movies Featuring Christopher Lee & Peter Cushing," by Joe Simpson for Screen Rant
51:05 8/18/22
Cannibal Demon Folk Shark!
Imported Horror is back after an impromptu summer break. Is everyone healthy? No. Are we prepared? Not really, no. But when life gets weird we're glad to make it horrifying, so we're testing out a new format anyway. Melissa opens an al dente discussion of Raw (France, Belgium & USA, 2016), Grady puts on a happy fez with Dead End: Paranormal Park (UK & USA, 2022), Marcus wanders into the foggy bogs of Moloch (Netherlands, 2022) and the Wheel of Misfortune demands we swim with shark flick extraordinaire The Meg (USA & China, 2018). Articles mentioned in this episode: DeadEndia - Hamish Steele "The Chilling Mystery Of The Yde Girl, The World’s Most Infamous Bog Mummy," by Marco Margaritoff for All That's Interesting "Europe’s Famed Bog Bodies Are Starting to Reveal Their Secrets," by Joshua Levine for Smithsonian Magazine "No Ghost Land: Chinese Horror Growing Under Strict Censorship," by Xinyan Fu for The Independent "This Year, Hollywood’s China Relationship Finally Unraveled," by Titiana Siegel & Patrick Brzeski for The Hollywood Reporter
72:52 8/11/22
Vicious Fun (Canada, 2020)
Everybody needs a support group sometimes - even serial killers. This week, we get dangerously bodacious discussing a killer 80s throwback with all the right moves. Were clowns always this creepy? Also, we've got a big week coming up for international horror drops, including Good Madam, Bloody Hell and She Will. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2.33. Quality: 5. Enjoyment: 5.
59:08 7/14/22
The Windmill (Netherlands, 2016)
Your sins follow you everywhere - even to historic tourists traps like Holland's windmills. Get ready for spiked klogs, throwback vengeance and a fun but uneven slasher. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2.33. Quality: 2.67. Enjoyment: 2.33 Articles mentioned in this episode: "Interview: Nick Jongerius (“The Windmill”)" by Joseph Perry for Gruesome Magazine "Filmmaker Nick Jongerius Talks THE WINDMILL MASSACRE!" in Monster Fest "THN talk windmills & accents with The Windmill Massacre’s Nick Jongerius & Charlotte Beaumont" by Kat Hughes for THN
48:24 7/7/22
Last Night in Soho (United Kingdom & China, 2021)
We like to remember the swinging sixties fondly - the music and the fashion and the dancing. The exploitation, murder and neon-soaked blood splatter? Ehh, maybe not so much. This week, the crew geeks out about the Texas switches in Edgar Wright's glamourous neo-giallo. Also, Taiwan's biggest horror movie is headed to Netflix and Laotian ghosts are dropping soon on Shudder. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 3. Quality: 5. Enjoyment: 5. Articles mentioned in this episode: "For Diana: Last Night In Soho's Opening Tribute Message Explained," by Sarah Moran for Screen Rant "What Is a Texas Switch and How Can You Use It In Movies?" by Jason Hellerman for No Film School "What is giallo, really?" by Noel Murray for Polygon "Last Night in Soho’s Edgar Wright doesn’t want to give you homework… but he will," by Tasha Robinson for Polygon "Inside Last Night in Soho’s breathtaking trick dance sequence," by Tasha Robinson for Polygon "LAST NIGHT IN SOHO (2021) | Behind the Scenes of Anya Taylor-Joy & Thomasin McKenzie Horror Movie," on YouTube
46:58 6/30/22
Hatching (Finland & Sweden, 2022)
Quoth the raven: Stop obsessing about appearances. This week, the crew dives into a gooey bird horror with spectacular practical effects and a compelling allegory. Also, we get confused by The Children (2008), which is underwhelming but highly rated, and get excited about another vicious flying monster coming soon to Netflix. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 3.67. Quality: 5. Enjoyment: 4. Articles mentioned in this episode: "‘Hatching’: How Animatronics Designer Gustav Hoegen Brought the Creature to Life [Interview]," by Meagan Navarro for Bloody Disgusting "Hanna Bergholm Interview: Hatching," by Tatiana Hullender for ScreenRant
64:21 6/23/22
The Guardian (Vietnam, 2021)
Some dolls have spirits. Others have secrets. This week, the crew dives into a twisty Vietnamese take on Thai folklore. Also, we break down the international announcements from Netflix's "Geeked Week" and get excited about watching "Prey" in the Comanche language.  Motion Picture Terror Scale: 1.67. Quality: 3. Enjoyment: 2.67 Articles mentioned in this episode: "Netflix Takes Global Rights to Taiwanese Horror Blockbuster ‘Incantation’ (Exclusive)," by Karen Chu for The Hollywood Reporter "Prey Will Give Viewers The Option To Watch The Film In The Comanche Language," by BJ Colangelo in /Film "Thailand's Intriguing Luk Thep Doll Culture," by Kenneth Bachor for Time Magazine "Big in Thailand: Fake Kids," by Audrey Wilson for The Atlantic
93:20 6/16/22
Censor (United Kingdom, 2021)
You might think you've got a great memory. How could you know for sure? This week, the crew goes on a neo-giallo throwback to the "video nasty" era for a trippy look at self-censorship and tech scapegoats. Also, why is "Dashcam" so much more polarizing than "Crimes of the Future?" Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2.67 Quality: 4.33. Enjoyment: 4.33 Articles mentioned in this episode: "Breaking Down All 72 Video Nasties!" by Meagan Navarro for Bloody Disgusting "‘We’re so scared of ourselves’: How a moral panic over video nasties swept the nation," by Nick Hasted for The Independent "Director Prano Bailey-Bond on 'Censor'" on IMDbPro "Neo-Giallo: A Beginner's Guide," by Isaac Feldberg for Paste Magazine
53:13 6/9/22
Choose or Die (United Kingdom, 2022)
Retro video games are a pixelated gold mine for horror ... and for disappointing movies that don't understand them. This week, the crew unpacks a Nightmare On Elm Street-esque dream horror movie masquerading as a video game tribute. Also - two classic genres reemerge with gusto in new releases this week and there's a confession about walking out of a David Cronenberg picture. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2. Quality: 2. Enjoyment: 2.67
72:14 6/2/22
Minisode: Night of the Mini Dead
Mini zombies! Stop motion sex! The Occult! Penguins! The end is nigh!
01:33 5/26/22
The Sadness (Taiwan, 2021)
You've heard the rumors. You've seen the social media posts and you've scrolled past it on Shudder. You gots to know. Is "The Sadness" as depraved and transgressive as the legends say? Yes. Very much yes. This week, the crew unpacks the ultra-violent zombie flick and looks forward to Spanish giallo (amarillo?) flicks hitting Shudder for Pride Month. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 4. Quality: 4.33. Enjoyment: 4. Articles mentioned in this episode:  "Shudder June 2022 Schedule Announced," on Vital Thrills "Flashback: Bob Saget Tells Possibly the Filthiest Joke in History," by Kory Grow in Rolling Stone "Fantasia 2021 Interview: ‘The Sadness’ Writer/Director Rob Jabbaz," by Kelly McNeely for iHorror "Taiwan-made zombie movie creeps into theaters Friday," by Keoni Everington for the Taiwan News "Rob Jabbaz Brings THE SADNESS To The Zombie Apocalypse," by Dolores Quintana for Fangoria
68:04 5/26/22
Relic (Australia, United States & China, 2020)
Dementia is horrifying. So is Cronenbergian body horror. What happens if you mash them together? This week, the crew heads down under for a creative metaphoric horror film. Also: The real Iron Man is coming to Shudder next week, it's still not clear when (or if) Hatching will hit Hulu, and the crew gets psyched to watch The Sadness next week. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 3.33. Quality: 4.67. Enjoyment: 3.33 Articles mentioned in this episode: "Interview: Natalie Erika James Discusses The Inspirations Behind ‘Relic’, One Of The Year’s Best Horror Films," by Jeff Ewing for Forbes "‘Relic’ Director Natalie Erika James Talks Personal, Gothic, and Asian Horror Influences on Debut Film [Interview]," by Meagan Navarro for Bloody Disgusting "horror_chronicles" on TikTok
67:15 5/19/22
Shadow in the Cloud (New Zealand & USA, 2020)
Gremlins aren't just cuddly, aquaphobic Christmas monsters - they're also winged monsters that bedeviled allied aircraft in WW2. This week, the crew heads to the South Pacific for a pulpy, girl-power-bottle-action-creature feature mashup that breaks all the laws of physics. Also, just how depraved is "The Sadness?" Is it ultra-violent smut? Maybe. We discuss the new Taiwanese release on Shudder. Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2. Quality: 3.5. Enjoyment: 4 Articles mentioned in this episode: "‘Shadow in the Cloud’ Filmmaker Roseanne Liang Sets the Record Straight on Her Film’s Writing Credits," by Brian Davids for The Hollywood Reporter "Shadow in the Cloud's Gremlins, Explained," by Kevin Shirka for CBR "Director Roseanne Liang Spoke With Actual WW2 Pilots For Her Gremlin Thriller ‘Shadow In The Cloud’" by Josh Weiss for Forbes "Big Deal -- My Dad Was A Ball Turret Gunner In World War II," by Iris Ruth Pastor for HuffPost
62:46 5/12/22
The Cellar (Ireland, 2022)
Is math scary? What about ancient, demonic math? This week, the crew digs deep into "The Cellar," a calculating gateway horror that adds up to an agreeable film. Also, they discuss a pair of Finnish films streaming this weekend with "The Twin" and "Hatching." Motion Picture Terror Scale: 2. Quality: 3. Enjoyment: 3.67 Media mentioned in this episode: "The Ten Steps," the short film version, on YouTube "The Cellar Was Originally Envisioned As A 'Full-Blown Monster Mash-Up' With No Adults [Spoiler Interview]" by Jack Giroux in SlashFilm "Interview: Elisha Cuthbert on returning to horror in The Cellar," by Kyle Milner in Scare Magazine
75:26 5/5/22
House by the Cemetery (Italy, 1981)
Some older horror movies are classics. Others ... not so much. This week, we endure awful dubbing and jarring editing in a clumsy Italian tribute to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. We'll give one of Lucio Fulci's better works a shot later - maybe "The Beyond" - but in the meantime, we also argue about Shudder's recent Irish original, "The Cellar." Motion Picture Terror Scale: 1. Quality: 1.7. Enjoyment: 1.3
60:04 4/21/22
Black Sunday (Italy, 1960)
There are classic horror movies, and there are classic horror movies. "Black Sunday" is the latter. Even after 62 years, its gothic chills and trend-setting cinematography still chill and thrill. Also, we highlight inbound Shudder drops "See For Me" and "Subspecies." Motion Picture Terror Scale: 3 (Marcus & Grady) / 2 (Melissa). Quality: 5 (Marcus) / 4 (Melissa & Grady). Enjoyment: 5 / 4 / 3 Articles mentione in this episode: "Black Sunday," by Scott Tobias for the AV Club
53:32 4/7/22