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We explore the relationship between International arts and the class struggle. Interviews, Commentary and audio art. We are Outa-space because artists often lack the place to make and create work. We are Outa-space because the street, the squares, online and all the common places we mix in are where we need to decide our future. We are Outa-space because we need to take our minds above the clouds to look down on our planet, to dream, to wonder, but also to see everything in the context of everything else.


From Punk to Choirs - the power of song 31:49 12/30/2021
Organising with a 30 person megaphone 32:46 12/28/2021
Accessing your freedom 41:48 12/27/2021
Organising under the banner of Solidarity in the contemporary art economy 55:39 12/23/2021
Historic memory, spanish civil war, contemporary struggles and the experience of a woman 45:47 12/22/2021
Self reflection in the artistic process and its importance in allowing creativity 40:12 12/21/2021
Prepared and unprepared, the rythm of art and politics 50:10 12/19/2021
Turning negatives into positives in the fight against the far right 49:25 12/18/2021
The struggle for Art in Israel (Ep 3.7) 41:58 04/30/2021
Brazil - The power of art movements from the street (Ep.3.6) 61:01 04/17/2021
Collaboration, Process, Inspiration and writing the script of Art (Ep3.5) 62:29 04/03/2021
Creative productivity in modern life (ep.3.4) 80:20 03/27/2021
Going deep into the process - Games Part 3 (Ep 3.3) 69:50 03/20/2021
Class and Art - Part 2 “from aesthetics to action” (Ep.3.2) 69:26 03/13/2021
Art and Class (EP. 3.1) Part 1 59:52 03/06/2021
Dyslexia and Art - One word space-station special 68:01 01/16/2021
The struggle for the Breonna Talyor graffiti sculpture. (Ep 2.12) 43:04 01/07/2021
Unionising Artists! - Roses for all... and bread too. (Ep. 2.11) 70:22 12/12/2020
Cyprus theatre - New struggles from Ancient places (Ep. 2.10) 58:58 12/05/2020
Gamification, Can we win? (Ep. 2.9) 62:08 11/28/2020
Politics of the comedy road (Ep 2.8) 56:32 11/21/2020
Food, Art and some Marxist theory (Ep2.7) 61:20 11/14/2020
Catalonia and the role of art in the struggle. (Ep 2.6) 61:24 11/07/2020
Radical Chicago theatre and political struggle in the USA (Ep. 2.5) 59:09 10/31/2020
International culture sector unions join forces, Can cultural workers of the world unite? (Ep. 2.4) 47:25 10/28/2020
What is “truth” in the modern media? (ep 2.3) 55:42 10/24/2020
Games, creativity and human society (Ep 2.2) 61:23 10/17/2020
Theatre and the class struggle (Ep 2.1) 67:04 10/10/2020
What have we done and where are we going (Ep 10) 49:51 10/01/2020
Black lives matter, the legacy of the Panthers and arts role in the struggle (Ep 9) 64:01 10/01/2020